Elastic Top Support Hosiery

There are a number of compression garments used to treat a variety of leg disorders. Most compression hosiery is made from nylon, cotton or lycra fabric which is interwoven into microfibers. To maintain the effectiveness and firmness of the compression garments, some of the hosiery has been reinforced with elastic tops.

The elastic tops or bands prevent the hosiery from falling down or slipping down the leg. Occasionally the top is reinforced with spandex material. Despite the extra elasticity, the garments are attractive and elegantly made.

Elastic top hosiery is common with pantyhose and thigh-high compression stockings. The elastic bands are not too tight as to cause discomfort but just firm enough to maintain the effectiveness of the garments. The majority of elastic top hosiery is for venous disorders where more compression is required.

Today, elastic top hosiery is also available for both compression socks and knee high stockings. The design of these garments is such that the reinforced top is not visible to the naked eye and is not too constricting. The elastic top hosiery do not leave marks on the body when the garment is removed.

Elastic top support hosiery are manufactured by a number of companies and easily available over the internet.

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