Will Compression Stockings Help Me?

Individuals suffering from varicose veins in the Boca Raton, Florida area or other parts of the nation have found relief from the venous condition through compression stockings, a conservative approach to treatment that involves the use of stockings that are tighter around the ankles and decrease pressure as they move up the leg. This helps to 'milk' blood back up the legs towards the heart, as the blood pooling in the legs is often what causes the pain and heaviness that many experience with varicose veins.

Compression stockings are often required before insurance will spring for more advanced treatments such as minimally-invasive treatments like certain laser procedures or surgical options. If compression stockings do not effectively relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, insurance may cover other procedures. Unfortunately, the only way to cure varicose veins is through medical procedures and compression stockings and other conservative approaches such as weight loss or exercise are used to alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

One of the advantages of compression stockings is that they are often much cheaper than other options, and they are non-invasive whereas certain surgical options may be more invasive. Minimally-invasive procedures do exist, however, and have been helpful in relieving varicose veins. In many cases, compression stockings are used as a part of a recovery plan following certain medical procedures to cure varicose veins. They aid in healing and help to promote healthy blood flow following treatment. Patients are encouraged to speak with a vein specialist in the Boca Raton area about whether they should wear compression stockings before they wear them whether after a procedure or not.

There are several styles of compression stockings available, many of which are designed to be worn in everyday situations. Many recoil at the thought of wearing compression stockings, but the reality is that many wear them without anybody really noticing. In some cases, men may be allowed to wear compression socks under dress pants to maintain the common formal look at work. Compression stockings may appear as no different than pantyhose for women. The key is choosing compression stockings that you feel comfortable wearing, as they'll be worn all day long.

They may be taken off at night, but should be put back on in the morning before getting out of bed. Speak with a vein specialist in the Boca Raton area for more specific information about wearing compression stockings and how they may help relieve symptoms of varicose veins.

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