Compression Stockings in Hyannis, Massachusetts (MA)

Compression stockings are used to support the muscles of the calf in circulating blood and lymph fluid through the legs. These stockings or hose are usually made of elastic or rubber fibers that aid in compressing the leg.

Compression stockings have a graduated compression with maximum compression at the ankle and decreasing up the leg.  There are different types of compression available in these stockings, so be sure to check with your doctor about which level of compression would be best for you.

About Southeastern Vein Specialists

Dr. Daniel Gorin is a highly trained vein specialist who has helped many patients overcome Hyannis varicose veins. Southeastern Vein Specialists is a fully equipped facility that provides patients with safe vein treatments in a comfortable environment. A variety of options are available to ensure that patients have ample selection when choosing a treatment to overcome varicose veins or spider veins. Patients interested in receiving Hyannis varicose veins treatment at this facility should discuss their condition and treatment options with Dr. Gorin or a medical professional on staff.

Some of the Hyannis varicose veins treatments available include ambulatory phlebectomy, compression stockings, endovenous laser ablation, foam sclerotherapy, intense pulsed light therapy, laser and light therapy and venous reflux exams. Others may also be available and should be discussed with a trained professional on staff. These venous conditions are often burdensome due to their unappealing appearance and discomfort that varicose veins may cause, making treatment very important to many patients.

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