Compression Stockings in Lavista, Nebraska (NE)

Compression stockings are used to support the muscles of the calf in circulating blood and lymph fluid through the legs. These stockings or hose are usually made of elastic or rubber fibers that aid in compressing the leg.

Compression stockings have a graduated compression with maximum compression at the ankle and decreasing up the leg.  There are different types of compression available in these stockings, so be sure to check with your doctor about which level of compression would be best for you.

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Finding an Omaha varicose veins clinic is simple with Heatland Vein and Vascular Institute. Dr. Thomas B. Whittle, MD and his staff ensure patients are given the best care available and are presented with a vast array of options in treating their venous diseases. An experienced vascular surgeon, Dr. Whittle uses his experience and expertise to provide patients with the best service possible. Treating varicose veins and spider veins effectively is possible with advancements in modern medical research. Combining these advancements with a wealth of experience allows Dr. Whittle to ensure his patients are given the highest success rate possible, leaving patients satisfied with their procedures. The Omaha varicose veins center uses the most advanced equipment and technology in treating patients to ensure safety concerns are addressed while providing the most efficient treatment possible. The Omaha varicose veins center understands the importance of these procedures to their patients, as vein diseases can be very painful and embarrassing conditions to suffer from. Consultation is available to answer questions and concerns patients may have, while also allowing for the doctor and patient to lay out a plan that best serves the patient’s needs. With an interest in non-invasive procedures Dr. Whittle offers patients with treatment options such as compression stockings, endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy.

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