Compression Stockings in Tom's River, New Jersey (NJ)

Compression stockings are used to support the muscles of the calf in circulating blood and lymph fluid through the legs. These stockings or hose are usually made of elastic or rubber fibers that aid in compressing the leg.

Compression stockings have a graduated compression with maximum compression at the ankle and decreasing up the leg.  There are different types of compression available in these stockings, so be sure to check with your doctor about which level of compression would be best for you.

About Jersey Shore Surgery and Vein Center

Individuals throughout the Tom's River, New Jersey area who are suffering from Tom's River varicose veins and spider veins are encouraged to seek consultation with Dr. Subhash C. Ramnauth to discuss possible treatment options. Jersey Shore Surgery & Vein Center is fully equipped to help patients reach their goals safely and effectively. Each individual who receives treatment for Tom's River varicose veins or spider veins is treated in a safe environment using proven equipment and materials to help ensure their safety and well-being throughout the treatment process.

There are several Tom's River varicose veins and spider veins treatments available at this facility including ambulatory phlebectomy, Asclera, compression stockings, ELVeS, endovenous laser ablation, foam sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy, radiofrequency occlusion, stenting, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and venous reflux exams. Many other options are also available and those interested should seek consultation with Dr. Ramnauth to determine which treatment may be best for their condition.

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