Elves (endo Laser Vein System) in Dublin, Ohio (OH)

Biolitec, Inc.’s Endo Laser Vein System, or ELVeS, is a cost-effective, minimally-invasive vein treatment option for men and women suffering from unattractive, painful varicose veins. This non-surgical laser treatment provides immediate relief for varicose vein patients, including a reduction in the unsightly appearance of bulging veins, as well as minimizing or taking away the pain that is often associated with problem veins. In a single appointment, usually lasting less than one hour, patients can experience a significant reduction of, or complete relief from, symptoms related to varicose veins and can resume regular daily activities right after their appointment. ELVeS is an effective option for treating superficial reflux of the greater saphenous vein, and general venous incompetence, and allows patients to experience a non-scarring, non-surgical treatment that involves only minimal discomfort.

To conduct an ELVeS Endo Laser Vein System treatment, a vein specialist uses ultrasound imaging to determine the location of faulty veins. The specialist will then prepare for the procedure by using a local anesthetic for patient comfort prior to the insertion of a laser fiber into the venous system. Ultrasound is used to assist with fiber placement, followed by the delivery of laser energy to cause the problem veins to close.

Costs associated with receiving ELVeS treatments for varicose veins are generally much lower than surgical treatment options and can vary greatly depending on the provider’s fees and geographical location. If this procedure is used to alleviate pain associated with varicose veins it is typically covered by insurance companies.

Schedule a consultation with a vein specialist offering the ELVeS Endo Laser Vein System in your city to learn more about this effective varicose vein treatment and how it can help relieve your varicose vein symptoms.

About Artemis Laser & Vein Center

At Artemis Laser & Vein Center, located in Dublin, Ohio, Dr. Ernest de Bourbon, MD offers the latest in vein dysfunction care caused by varicose and spider veins. To help offer a cure for spider veins, Dr. de Bourbon treats patients with the latest in laser spider vein removal technology, sclerotherapy, and varicose vein surgery. Additionally, the use of the most advanced ultrasound and light technologies make this Dublin varicose vein clinic and advanced and wise option for those seeking an Ohio vein clinic. Dr. de Bourbon is a Dublin varicose vein doctor with the necessary experience to help heal and treat patients suffering from a wide range of vein dysfunction.

Diagnosing and treating patients under one roof, and in minimal time, is what the latest minimally invasive vein technology has to bring to the medical world, as well as patients all over Ohio. The Artemis Laser & Vein Center is a Dublin varicose veins center that is focused on caring for patients in a manner that requires less down time, less recovery time, less treatment time, less discomfort, less scarring, and fewer side effects. The treatment of spider veins has come a long way in the medical world and Dr. de Bourbon is a Columbus OH area varicose vein specalist who sees the value in treating his patients with minimally invasive technology, offering a remedy for spider veins.

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