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Women and men looking for an effective treatment for varicose veins that does not include surgery or scarring may want to consider endovenous laser ablation, an advanced vein therapy that is highly effective in most cases. Endovenous laser ablation is virtually pain free and can be performed in less than an hour and without hospitalization. In this minimally invasive procedure, laser energy is used to seal faulty veins, which results in a reduction or complete closure of the vein. A trained professional administers endovenous laser ablation to patients in a doctor office setting as an outpatient procedure. Ultrasound imaging is used to map the veins of the legs, as well as to direct the insertion and placement of a laser fiber that is used to deliver the laser energy to targeted veins. Once the provider identifies the faulty veins, a local anesthetic will be administered to ensure patient comfort prior to beginning the procedure. This treatment most often is performed in under an hour and recipients can return to regular activities, except strenuous exercise, right after the procedure. Compression stockings should be worn for one week to ensure proper healing and a follow up visit will be scheduled approximately one week after the initial treatment. Geographical location, practitioner fees and the number of veins to be treated influence the cost of receiving endovenous laser ablation. If the endovenous laser ablation procedure is considered medically necessary in order to alleviate the pain that is often associated with varicose veins, this treatment will likely be covered by medical insurance. Contacting a vein specialist in your area is the best way to learn more about endovenous laser ablation and to determine if this is the best option for you.

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