Foam Sclerotherapy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA)

Foam Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective method for treating troublesome varicose veins through injecting a detergent-like agent which has been suspended in foam into the vein. This method is so effective because the foam fills the entire cavity of the vein. This treatment is performed on an outpatient basis by either a physician or a cosmetic technician who has been trained in the procedure.

Though it is less expensive than other more invasive treatments, costs for foam sclerotherapy still range from $200 to $500 in most areas. One treatment often resolves the issue, but sometimes as many as six treatments are needed. These can be scheduled about every two months until the desired results are achieved.

Foam sclerotherapy has few side effects, but compression hose should be worn for a while, and it sometimes takes up to six weeks for the veins to disappear completely. The injection site may be slightly sore and some bruising may occur, but the veins will no longer cause pain. Once they are gone, they will not return.

Calling a local provider of foam sclerotherapy to get all of the facts about this new treatment for varicose veins takes only a few minutes, and could be a relieving solution to venous problems.

About Vein Center of Central Pennsylvania

Vein Center of Central Pennsylvania is a fully equipped facility that is dedicated to helping patients find relief from Harrisburg varicose veins and spider veins. Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Dr. Henry Train is eager to provide patients around the community with expert vein care to help them rid themselves of these venous conditions. Varicose veins may be very troubling due to the unappealing appearance of the vein disease and may also cause pain and heaviness in the legs.

Dr. Train utilizes a variety of treatments designed to help patients find relief from Harrisburg varicose veins. Some of the treatments available include ambulatory phlebectomy, compression stockings, endovenous laser ablation, foam sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerofoam and venous reflux exams. Patients are encouraged to discuss these and other treatments with a member of the medical staff at this Harrisburg varicose veins clinic. All procedures are performed using proven equipment and technology to ensure safety and well-being throughout treatment.

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