Intense Pulse Light Therapy in Boulder, Colorado (CO)

This intense pulse light therapy technique of treating spider veins uses intense pulsed light that can be used to selectively damage or destroy abnormal veins including small spider veins and small vascular birthmarks.

Unlike laser, the intense light therapy is more suited for vascular lesions slightly deeper in the skin. This treatment may be recommended when sclerotherapy or laser therapy does not effectively treat the superficial vein. Two to four treatments may be required depending on the number and size of the lesions.

Pulsed light is a non-invasive form of light therapy that is specifically designed to eliminate undesired blood vessels from all parts of the body. The pulse light generates a pulse of intense, concentrated energy which is directed through a hand piece to the blood vessel underneath the skin.

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Mountain View Dermatology Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center is a multidisciplinary practice established in Boulder by Dr. Richard Levine in 1998. Since our inception, Dr. Levine has had a keen interest in diagnosing and treating vein disorders while offering the latest state of the art technologies. Our highly integrated team is ready to address any and all of your concerns regarding vein treatment. At your initial visit to our vein clinic, a detailed historical and physical exam will be performed followed by a duplex ultrasound. Thereafter a unique treatment program is formulated to meet your individual needs.

We accept most medical insurance including Medicare. Most insurance companies cover treatments for varicose veins. Contact us today to find out about the various vein treatments available.

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