Pelvic Congestion Syndrome in Eagan, Minnesota (MN)

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome is a difficult disorder both in terms of diagnosis and treatment. The vague symptoms and variable intensity of pain do not all respond to one treatment. All types of treatments have been recommended and currently, embolization is the preferred therapy. However, before one embarks on any therapy, read and understand the disorder and talk with a reputable physician or radiologist.

About Vein Center of St. Paul Radiology

The physicians at the Vein Center of St Paul Radiology have been at the forefront of providing minimally invasive treatments for vein disease to the Twin Cities and are recognized nationally as experts in the use of catheter based treatments. The physicans are double boarded in Interventional Radiology and Vascular and Diplomates of the American Board of Phlebology.

The physicians are joined by a team of healthcare experts with over two decades of experience. The staff have sub specialized in the treatment of venous disease for the past 5 years. The vein center team has provided education and training for the past four years to physicians and staff interested in the treatment of vein disease.

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