Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy in Walnut Creek, California (CA)

Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy, or TIPP, is a relatively new procedure developed for the permanent removal of varicose veins. This minimally invasive procedure uses light to accurately locate and target problematic veins, and then again to ensure the entire vein has been completely removed. Prior to the TIPP procedure, your specialist will clearly mark the veins using a special pen and a light anesthetic or sedative.

TIPP uses two small incisions; a special cannula, or hollow tube, with a lighted tip is inserted via the first incision. The cannula helps the specialist visualize the vein to be treated, and also allows the administration of a special fluid to loosen the vein and provide additional anesthesia to the treatment area. A second cannula is inserted in the second small incision. This cannula cuts the vein into smaller sections which can then be easily suctioned out of the body through the same incision. TIPP does not require stitches and generally takes about a 30 minutes to perform.

Following the procedure, your specialist will provide you with compression stockings which must be worn for one or two weeks after the procedure, to aid in healing. In the days following the procedure, you may have some slight swelling, bruising or discoloration which will resolve in a few days. Patients are encouraged to resume most regular activities immediately following the TIPP procedure to help with circulation and healing. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be avoided for two weeks following the procedure.

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