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Ultrasound guided sclerofoam is an endovenous chemical treatment for varicose veins which is performed under local anesthesia. While injecting foam loaded with a sclerosing agent into a troublesome vein, the phlebotomist performing the procedure is able to watch the needle on a monitor. This gives him or her a view of the damaged area and ensures that all of the varicose veins receive treatment. Doctors prefer to use ultrasound guided sclerofoam on patients with small to medium-sized varicose veins, and it produces excellent results in over eighty percent of those treated. The side effects are minimal, but include some swelling and bruising which should disappear over a few days time. No hospitalization is need for those undergoing ultrasound guided sclerofoam, but the procedure should be done by a medical physician. Though treatment with ultrasound guided sclerofoam may cost half of the amount as a surgical procedure, it could be slightly more expensive than laser treatments. It doesn't, however, require time off from work which does save money, and it isn't painful. The results of ultrasound guided sclerofoam should last for years, but, if necessary, additional treatments can be performed. Those considering a procedure to relieve the symptoms of varicose veins should search for a local provider. A simple phone call will help to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

About Vein Center of Louisiana

Established in 1992, the Vein Center of Louisiana was the first clinic in the state dedicated to the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. Although Dr. Ingram had practiced vascularsurgery since 1979, new advances in thetreatment of venousdisease developed inEurope prompted him to study them andbeamong the first in this country to offer theseservices here. In 1992, he was the first in Louisiana to perform the Ambulatory Phlebectomyprocedure for varicose veins using the sutureless European microsurgery technique. In 2001, Dr. Ingram was the first in Louisiana to perform the Endovenous Ablation procedures for varicose veins, both the RF Closure device and the Laser. The Vein Center of Louisiana has also been on the cutting edge in the cosmetic treatment of unattractive spider veins using both the latest technology (laser) and the latest techniques (foam sclerotherapy) as well as traditional sclerotherapy.
Many physicians from around the country have visited the Vein Center to learn various techniques from Dr. Ingram, including specialists in the fields of plastic surgery, heart surgery, vascular surgery, dermatology, general surgery, anesthesiology and OB-Gyn.

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