Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy in Eden Prairie, Minnesota (MN)

At one time, surgery and laser treatments were the only options for those wishing to get rid of enlarged varicose veins. Modern technology now provides a third choice called ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. This procedure is performed by a doctor or trained cosmetician who uses an ultrasound machine to pinpoint problem veins. While looking at the vein on a monitor, the provider can then guide a solution filled needle into the vein. This fluid disturbs the lining of the vein, causing the vein to contract and close.

Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, performed using a local anesthesia, can be performed in a short time period, but it may require several sessions to get results that are satisfactory. These sessions range in cost from roughly $200-$500, but the results are permanent.

One of the benefits of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is the short recovery period. Although they may have to limit exercise and wear compression hosiery for several days after the surgery, most patients can return to their normal activities very quickly.

A quick call to a provider of ultrasound guided sclerotherapy will enable you to schedule a consultation, during which a specialist can answer your questions and help you decide whether this procedure is the right one for you.

About Hogue Vein Institute - Eden Prairie, MN

Hogue Vein Institute- Dakota Dunes/Sioux City is a Sioux City vein clinic equipped with some of the latest treatments and medical equipment in the industry. Among the treatments offered are compression stockings, endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy. Many others are also available and patients should speak with a member of the medical staff for more information regarding these and other treatments. This Sioux City vein clinic understands the plight afflicting many patients suffering from varicose veins and spider veins. The medical team strives to provide excellent care and service to help these patients overcome these conditions.

The medical professionals on staff at this Sioux City vein clinic understand how painful and embarrassing that varicose veins may be for patients. Spider veins, while they do not cause any pain to patients suffering from the condition, may be just as embarrassing as varicose veins. This leads many patients to seek vein treatment at a reputable vein clinic in their area.

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