Varicose Vein Home Treatments in Chicago, Illinois (IL)

While you’ll need to undergo a medical procedure of which there are many to choose in order to eliminate your varicose veins, there are a wide variety of lifestyle changes your doctor may recommend. While home treatments won’t get rid of your varicose veins, the right choices at home and at work can help relieve the symptoms and also decrease the likelihood of developing additional varicose veins. To support healthy circulation, your doctor may recommend the following tips.

Stay healthy and fit: Exercise regularly and watch your diet; staying a healthy weight will reduce the pressure on your veins, especially in the legs and pelvic area. Even light exercise, such as walking, improves blood circulation. Be sure to stay hydrated and choose foods low in fat, sugar, and salt for a healthy circulatory system, and your overall well-being.

Take breaks from standing: If you stand during the majority of the day, make sure to take breaks to stretch, walk, flex, and sit down for brief periods of time. This will keep a healthy level of circulation present and prevent blood from pooling and creating pressure in the legs. If you do experience pressure or swelling in the legs, wear compression stockings to support blood flow back to the heart.

Counteract sitting: If you sit for extended periods of time, take short exercise breaks. While you are sitting down, keep your legs moving with simple exercises, such as pumping your feet up and down alternately. In general, the more activity the calf muscles perform, the better leg circulation will be. Refrain from crossing your legs as this can impede circulation.

Avoid tight-fitting clothes: Avoid wearing tight-fitting, restrictive clothing like tight girdles, belts, panty hose, or skinny jeans that can slow blood flow from the legs to the body and vice-versa, leaving blood to pool and pressurize the veins in the legs.

Wear flats: Wear flat shoes rather than high-heels to exercise your calf muscles better when you walk, encouraging blood flow.

Wear compression stockings: Compression hose are designed to fit more snugly around the foot and ankle area, and gradually fit more loosely going up the leg. This encourages blood to flow upwards towards the heart rather than pooling in the lower legs and feet, and can alleviate the pain associated with varicose veins. Compression hose can also hide the appearance of varicose veins. There are many stylish brands and types of compression stockings available; talk to your doctor for more information.

About Med-Pol S.C.

Dr Pawlowski is the Medical Director and owner of Medpol Vein Center, specializing in minimally invasive procedures to treat venous disease (varicose and spider veins), located in Chicago.

For years, Dr. Pawlowski  has offered the latest state-of-the-art technology and treatments available for varicose and spider veins.  Dr. Pawlowski’s comprehensive, minimally invasive approach includes ultrasound-guided Sclerotherapy, as well as endovenous laser ablation (EVLA). No hospitalization or surgery is required.


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Internal Medicine


Education and Training

Dr Pawlowski graduated with honorable mention from Medical School in Poznan, with in 1987. Awarded with Copernicus Medal in 1987.

Dr. Pawlowski completed a three year residency in Internal Medicine at St Francis Medical Center in Pittsburgh in 1995.   He was awarded by American College of Physicians in 1993 and 1994 for Vignette Presentations.

Since 2007 Dr. Pawlowski's interest in the treatment of vein disorders led him to pursue his passion and desire in serving patients to study with some of the most preeminent leaders in the field of phlebology.


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