Venous Reflux Exams in Paramus, New Jersey (NJ)

A venous reflux exam is a non-invasive test used to evaluate the valves inside the veins of the legs. If a patient requires a venous reflux exam because of vascular problems, both legs should be evaluated. The test is designed to identify problems inside leg veins and arteries, caused by damage inside the blood vessel, which can cause problems with the direction of blood flow, and the velocity of the blood flow in the leg.

Identifying the cause of these problems is important to prevent any further damage caused by poor circulation.
During the test, a small sensor is attached to the leg that monitors blood flow. The patient then pumps their foot up and down several times to help the blood to flow through the leg. The sensor measures the speed of the the blood flow in the leg. From these measurements, the doctor can determine if the valves are working correctly or if there is a problem with circulation. Some tests involve placing blood pressure cuffs along the leg and monitoring the blood flow patterns by ultrasound. The cost of a venous reflux exam can vary depending on the facility where you receive the test.

For more information about venous reflux exams, visit a vascular treatment facility today.

About Chuback Vein Center

Dr. John Chuback, Medical Director of the Chuback Medical Group, is one of the nation’s and Bergen County’s top experts in vein treatment. Dr. Chuback holds top credentials as a vein treatment specialist, and is an expert in the safe and effective treatment of varicose and spider veins — eliminating the appearance of visible veins and restoring healthy, attractive legs. He has extensive experience using advanced minimally invasive, and laser based vein treatment modalities.

Dr. Chuback successfully removes varicose and spider veins with world class results. As a board-certified surgeon, and one of the first surgeons in New Jersey to pioneer the treatment of vein conditions using minimally invasive technologies in the office setting, Dr. Chuback’s experience and proficiency are unmatched. Dr. Chuback expertly treats spider veins using both injection sclerotherapy and laser sclerotherapy. Injection sclerotherapy eliminates smaller spider veins to reveal beautiful, healthy legs. Advanced laser sclerotherapy is effective in the treatment of superficial, fine spider veins. Using both of these treatments in the comfort of his beautiful Paramus office, he delivers exceptional results for patients with a variety of spider vein severity. Patients are able to immediately resume normal activities after leaving the office. We offer consultations that allow us to customize a treatment program that fits your individual needs.

We are passionate about creating an experience that will improve your total well-being and beauty. At the Chuback Medical Group, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a new incredible you! If pain, heaviness, fatigue, itching, burning and cramping are any of the symptoms you feel, then Chuback Vein Center is the answer you seek. We are the vein experts and are dedicated to improving your quality of life.      

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