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Venous reflux disease can cause discomfort, swelling and varicose veins in your legs, it’s superficial, and approximately 25 million Americans suffer from venous reflux. There a procedure called VNUS Closure Fast that is minimally invasive and can treat venous reflux disease.

VNUS Closure Fast Procedure

This procedure utilizes heat to permanently close the problem vein. With VNUS Closure FAST a catheter is threaded into the vein near the knee, through a very small (2 mm to 3 mm) incision. Ultrasound is then used to correctly position the catheter in the vein. Before the catheter is turned on, local anesthesia is injected around the vein. The catheter heats up a 6.5 cm length of the vein for about 20 seconds and is then moved along the length of the vein. The VNUS Closure FAST closes and scars the vein, which is then treated as waste by the body and is removed over time.

Some parts of the treated varicose vein may remain in bulging sections and a few smaller veins may remain after treatment. These remaining veins can later be treated with sclerotherapy (injections which also close smaller veins) or laser treatment.

Because this treatment is minimally invasive, and performed with only local anesthesia, patients are back on their feet the next day. Improvements will be noticed in about one week, with the body taking several months to remove the scarred vein.

About Center for Vein Disease Englewood Hospital and Medical Center

Those in need of a NJ vein treatment center may look no further than the Center for Vein Disease at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. Located in Englewood, New Jersey, Dr. Steven M. Elias, M.D. provides only the most effective and safest treatments to his patients looking to treat their vein diseases. Venous diseases can be very painful and their unsightly appearance on one’s skin can be a social burden to those suffering from these diseases. The treatment of these vein diseases is best left to experienced individuals with a proven track record of caring for patients suffering from spider veins and varicose veins conditions. Dr. Elias possesses the skill and experience required to perform the most effective and least invasive procedures currently made possible by modern medical research in treating spider veins and varicose veins. The NJ vein treatment center provides only the most advanced equipment and instruments available in treating venous diseases. These unpleasant diseases can be a hassle on a person’s life and seeking relief is common and wise. With a commitment to success, this NJ vein treatment center takes extreme care in the safety and effectiveness of the procedures being administered. Only the most minimally invasive and safest procedures are used to ensure a high rate of success while at the same time catering to the patient’s own comfort and peace of mind. Services available include sclerotherapy, laser and light therapy treatments, VNUS and compression stockings. Other services are also utilized in the treatment of both varicose veins and spider veins in patients.

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