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The New Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) and the American Venous Forum (AVF) Guidelines for Venous Ulcer Management
BSN Medical
Wound Care Providers Can Do Better by Practicing Evidenced- Based Medicine
Does Your Website PASS or FAIL?
5 Ways to build Your Email List in 2015
Ten Perspectives on Men and Lymphedema
Getting Started with IAC Vein Center Accreditation
A Look Back and a Look Ahead
Sound Ergonomics LLC is Leading the Way to a Pain-Free Day
AVF 27th Annual Meeting Preview
West Coast Vein Forum
what's Still Here?
Q&A Featured Doctor Incoming AVF President John Blebea, MD, MBA, FACS
SIR Annual Scientific Meeting
5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Website Vendor
F Care Systems US Announces Endo Venous Radio Frequency (EVRF)
Five tangible benefits of EMR
Footprint of a Giant
Improving the Quality of Varicose Vein Treatment
Meissner Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine
Peripheral Venous Aneurysms
Q&A with ACP President
Setting the Standard for Venous Education
Speaking with One Voice
The Inspiration of the Holidays and Every Day at Our Fingertips
The 12th Annual International Vein Congress a Huge Success
SIR Veins at AIMsymposium
New Products
RX: NATURE Sig: Enjoy QD Refills: Unlimited
Pioneering spirit
Where are the men
2014 ACP Annual Congress
ArtAssist Arterial
The Importance of Gait Assessment for Patients with Venous Dysfunction
What Defines You?
Approach it Like a Game of Monopoly
AVF Vein Forum Course Restructured to Emphasize Clinical Relevancy
Search Engine Optimization and the Role of Content
A New Way to Help Patients Understand Vein Disease
ICD-10 & SGR
Vasculera A Recently Approved Diosmin Treatment for the Clinical Dietary Management of CVI
Is it Time to Break Out of Your Shell?
Vascular Specialists Should Create, Participate and Coordinate Wound Centers
Society for Vascular Ultrasound Annual Conference
Quality of Life
Artificial Intelligence
Q&A with New AVF President Fedor Lurie, MD
The American College of Phlebology
On the Hill
Medical Professionals Need to Embrace Health Advocacy as a New Discipline of Medicine
Athletic Compression for the Athlete
Quality of Life
Rotational Thrombectomy of Prosthetic Hemodialysis Arteriovenous Grafts: 29 cases
Therafirm Adds Aha to Compression Innovation
The Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing 2014 Annual National Conference
Is Your Website Keeping Pace with Today?s Patient?
A Visit to Oz
The 40th Annual VEITH Symposium
A Hodgepodge of Issues Surrounding Reimbursement
Venous Patient Outcome Registry
This Moment Matters
Vein Center Accreditation A Process to Demonstrate a Commitment to Quality Vein Care
SIR 2014
Results of an Observational Longitudinal Retrospective Study
The Path To Specialization
What You May Already Know about Varithena
The Key to a Successful Social Strategy Market to Your Target Audience
The ABVLM Focused on Education
RIP Microsoft XP
The Sunshine Act and its Effects on Physicians and Continuing Education
Colony Collapse Disorder
Editor's Note: Red Tape Tango
AVF: Making a Difference Through Collaboration
XVII UIP World Meeting Setting New Standards
2014 International Vein Congress: International Vein Congress Announces Major Changes on the Horizon to Benefit Members, Advance Meeting
News + New Products
Looking For the Perfect Gift
Editor's Note: Welcome to the Fall Edition of VEIN Magazine!
Because They Can
Modern Wound Care Management
Joann Lohr, MD, FACS, RVT
Massachusetts General Hospital's Institute for Heart, Vascular and Stroke Care: Another First for One of America's Great Healthcare Innovators
Understanding the Patient Experience
The 26th Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum Looking Forward to the Big Easy
What Adding a PA or NNP Can Bring to Your Practice
The Importance of Differentiating Leg Edema from Venous Insufficiency versus that of Congestive Heart Failure
UIP An Interview with Nick Morrison
Venous Phys Ed
Innovations & Controversies in Complex Vascular Interventions & Wound Management
Practical Advice on Starting a Vein Practice Candid Perspectives from Two Successful Physicians
The Power of Patient Perception Monitoring and Managing Your Practice's Reputation
HIPPA Changes You Can't Afford to Ignore What you need to know about the HIPAA Omnibus Rule and what you need to do about it
Challenges in Phlebology
Putting the Focus on Consistent Patient Photography FotoFinder Delivers Patient Imaging Solutions Designed for Phlebology
Rocky Mountain Vein Institute's Future Phlebologists: Trained the RMVI Way
Making the Most of Our Lives Use the UIP as your First Experiment!
Editor's Note: American Spirit
Looking for Ruiz
Welcome to the UIP Hosted by the American College of Phlebology!
World Congress
American Venous Forum Foundation Awards Providing research and travel opportunities for promising young researchers Medical Diary
Pelvic Veins and the Lower Extremity
Adding Patient Financing to Your Financial Policy
SIR's 38th Annual Scientific Meeting: Extending Interventional Radiology's Reach
Announcing a Change in the Name of the American Board of Phlebology
SCAI 2013 Opening Session Serves Up Powerful Message on the Challenges Facing Invasive and Interventional Cardiologists
Women in Phlebology Around the World
Treating Facial Reticular Veins with a Dynamically Cooled, Long-Pulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG Laser
HIPAA Privacy Rule Looking Behind the Curtain at the New EMR Requirements
Something For Everyone
The Discovery of God
Looking Forward to Boston 2013 An Invitation to Attend The World Congress of the Union of International Phlebology
Excellence & Innovation in Vascular Care SVS President on the Society's Future
Initial Experience with a New Pharmacomechanical Thrombectomy Device in Deep Venous Thrombosis
Do You Have the Right Tools for Your Practice?
Converting New Patient Leads into Patient Appointments
Is Precision Drug Delivery In Your Future?
ACP Foundation Strengthens Phlebology Through Annual Appeal
The VEINS Symposium Q&A with Dr. Raghu Kolluri
Enrollment Complete for EKOS Corporation SEATTLE II Trial
Third Annual Chicago EndoVascular Conference
Q&A With New AVF President Peter Henke
Management of Chronic Venous Occlusions
The Total Vein Care Approach
2013 Vascular Annual Meeting
Incorporating Phlebology into a Cardiology Practice: A Perfect
5 Minutes with Neil Sadick, MD
Effectiveness of a Novel Static Pneumatic Gradient Compression Therapy Device (SPGC)* for the Treatment of Venous Leg Ulcers (VLU) and Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)
ULTIMA The World's First Pulmonary Embolism Trial Comparing Endovascular Therapy to Standard of Care
Power of People
News + New Products
Editor's Note: 2013
In Search of The Right Life
Q&A with Robert McLafferty, MD Outgoing President of the American Venous Forum
Manage the Unavoidable Avoid the Unmanageable
Sapheon's VenaSeal Differentiates with Innovation
Annual Scientific Meeting Preview SIR 2013: IR Reaches Out, Stresses Inclusiveness with Programming
The Value of a Registry Linking Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Registries: Demonstrating Value in Managing Chronic Venous Disorders (CVD)
Do Medical Practices Really Benefit from Using Social Media?
The American Board of Phlebology Certification Process Valuable or Not?
Merz Aesthetics' STAND AND DELIVER Program Recognizing Women Who Take a Stand
VIVAs Tenth Anniversary Meeting Brings New Learning Opportunities
Does Fiber Tip Affect Treatment with a 1470 nm Diode Laser?
The American College of Phlebology 2012: A Look Back, While Ever Moving Forward
The Journey to Our Destination Often Holds Many Riches
Online vs. Offline Marketing Efforts: Yielding the Best Return for Your Dollar
Why Windows 8 is a Winner for Healthcare
The Value of a Registry Linking Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Registries: Demonstrating Value in Managing Chronic Venous Disorders (CVD)
American Venous Forum Will Celebrate Its Silver Anniversary at Annual Meeting
Covidien Announces Final Results from Landmark DE FINITIVE LE Study in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease
News + New Products
What Direction Is Your Vein Practice Headed? Key Benchmarks Worth Paying Attention To
The Big Question: Four Perspectives on the Question of Whether Phlebology Should Include a Multidisciplinary Approach
The First Five Years
Wild About Harry
Five-Year Plan
Vein: 5 Years Of Offal News?
Summer Sanders & Rethink Varicose Veins
2013 Just Might Be the Year for Some Resolutions
An Open Letter from the American Board of Phlebolog y
The ACP Online Education Center Meeting the Needs of a Growing Community
Doff N'Donner: Overcoming Challenges with Compression Garments
The History and Present State of Phlebology in the USA: A Personal Perspective
Venous Symposium A Success by Every Measure
Is Your Office Manager Limiting the Growth of Your Vein Practice?
American Venous Registry Offers Data On: Venous Disease Treatments
Don't Forget LYMPHEDEMA!
Closing the Loop: An Interview with Featured Doctor Ken Stevens, MD, MS, FACC, FACP, FSCAI, Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology (ABPh)
Try A Little Mindfulness
Do What You Do Well, But Know Everything About What You Do
A Solid Foundation Supports Phlebology's Future
Ultrasound Accelerated Thrombolysis: A Safe and Effective, Low-dose Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Pulmonary Embolism
The Current State of Deep Venous Valve Repair
Applying Technology from the Neuro-Interventional Lab in General Interventional Radiology
IVC Again Brings Together the Venous Community
New Medicare and Insurance Billing Changes
Phlebectomy Horizontal A Novel Approach for the Treatment of Small and Medium Sized Veins
Honduras & Veins: An Adventure I Wouldn't Miss
A Look Towards UIP 2013
SIR's 37th Annual Scientific Meeting: Evidence-based Research and Record-breaking Attendance
News + New Products
Plumb Interesting
One Hundred Percent, One Hundred Percent of the Time or Why Am I Sitting in the Hot Sun Listening to This
Nuts and Bolts
Long Pants: Short Story
The American College of Phlebology Hits the Air with New Documentary on PBS
Marketing Best Practices
Meaningful Use for Phlebologists
Melvin Ros
The American Board of Phlebology Continuing to Evolve
The Opposite Is Also True
The Path to Payment ICAVL, Credentialing and Reimbursement
Helping Today?s Patient Get Treatment and Care
Getting Ahead 5 Ways to Capitalize on Your Time if You Aren't Pursuing Meaningful Use
Social Searches Social Media Marries SEO
The Economics of Nurses and Needles How Nurses + Sclero = More $
Monocusp Autogenous valve correction and four-year results in a patient with aggressive post-thrombotic syndrome
News From the 2012 Meeting Society of International Radiology
Compression Therapy for Post Leg Vein Procedures
VIVA 12 Celebrating 10 Years of Innovative Learning
2012 ACP Annual Congress Preview
News + New Products
Choosing Your CQMs, Who Does What, And How Things Get Measured
Vein Industry Calendar
Covidien A Global Healthcare Leader Bringing Innovative Solutions to the Treatment of Vascular Disease
Meissner, MD A Steward of Healthcare
Canadians Fly South for a Winter Liberation
Hand Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy
Never Too Young
Record Attendance and State-of-the-Art Technology for this Year's VIVA '11 Conference
Core Content in Phlebology A Call for Stakeholder Comments
Physician Governance Implementing the Managing Physician Concept
VSNY The Third Annual Venous Symposium in New York
ACP: Annual Congress Recap
2011 SIR Annual Meeting
ISVS Preview
News + New Products
Asking the Question
Plan B
Hertha's Story
10 Common Medical Practice Security Mistakes
That Guy
Leading Medical Societies Team Up to Encourage the Public to Rethink Varicose Veins
The American College of Phlebology A Vision for Tomorrow
Communication Matters
Dogmas of Compression Therapy Compression therapy of the feet; Yes or No? Why or Why Not?
The ABCs of IVC Filters: IVC Filters Data, Types, Techniques and Retrieval
Effectiveness of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression for the Treatment of Venous Ulcers in Subjects with Secondary (Acquired) Lymphedema
Harnessing the Power of the Electronic Collective
Looking East
Crowdsourcing EMR by Jeff Mongelli
Be Your Own Personal Coach by Helane S. Fronek
BioMedix Improving Care Delivery Through Collaborative Health Information Technology
24th Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum Scheduled for February 8-11, 2012, in Orlando by Eileen Masciale
Pay-Per-Call Marketing Twenty First Century Marketing Programs Impeded by Twentieth Century Rules
Marlin Schul, MD Challenges Us to Push the Boundaries by Jana Acciacca
The Stemmer Library A Comprehensive Online Reference for Compression Therapy
Should Custom Mobile Apps Be Part of Your Practice? by Carl Black, MD, and Tyler Crawford, MD
Visions of Johanna by Steve Elias
The American Board of Phlebology: Announcing a Multispecialty Consensus Core Content Initiative in Phlebology
Veni Vidi Vici Veniti Plans to Conquer the Venous Disease Device Market
Engaging Today's Healthcare Consumer: The Opportunities, Challenges and Dangers of Using Social Networking and Social Media to Market Your Practice.
Implementing Financial Controls within Your Vein Practice
Optimizing Localized Compression for Venous Ulcers Experience with a Novel Air-filled Bolster Foam Dressing (P-fab)
News and New Products
25 Years of Success with a Vision for Tomorrow
Bauerfeind's New Performance Center: Taking Compression and Performance to the Masses
Venous Disease Coalition The Ongoing Challenge to Educate about Venous Disease
Publisher's Note
Welcome to Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of VEIN
Eco-Friendly Medical Office Interiors
Opening a Vein Practice is Easier than You Think!
Incorporating Phlebology Into a Dermatology Practice
BSN Medical Inc. Places Focus on Style and Appeal With JOBST Brand
SEO, Measuring Website Performance and Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Cutting Corners Advice for Practical Practitioners Who Want to Make the Most of Their Marketing Dollars and Sense
EMR Stimulus Money Made Simple
Vendor Roundtable: Preparing Yourself for EMR Systems Compatibility Vendors Provide Their Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing an EMR Provider
IVC 2010: A Preview of the 8th Annual International Vein Congress
American Venous Forum Announces Fellows' Course in Venous Diseases
Eyes Wide Open - Adding Laser Lipolysis and Liposuction to your Vein Practice
A New Wave of Excitement has Brandished the Telangiectatic Therapeutic Market: Veinwave
The ATTRACT Study: Open for Patient Enrollment
Educating One Provider and One Patient at a Time
American Venous Forum's 22nd Annual Meeting
Phase III Clinical Trials of Varisolve - Planned for Q1 2010
The Epidemic of Leg Swelling
Editor's Note | The Season for Growth, Development and Rejuvenation
Cash for EMRs
A Womans Risk CDC Grant Will Help Create Public Awareness About VTE
Sclerotherapy of Minor Varicosities: A Different Story
Asclera Polidocanol Injection Approved by FDA for Treating Small Varicose Veins: Varisolve Endovenous Microfoam Polidocanol Clinical Trials Progress Forward
The Benefits of Offering Payment Options Through Third-Party Financing
The Vein Forum A Comprehensive Hands-On Course for Practicing Physicians October 22-24, 2010
Empowering Doctors at The 8th International Vein Congress
Wounds and Veins at the 37th Annual VEITHsymposium
American College of Phlebologys 24th Annual Congress Orlando, Florida
A Not-For-Profit Organization Dedicated to Multidisciplinary Vascular Education and Research
Improve Your Specialty: Take Part in the Phlebology Benchmarking Survey A Call to Action for Phlebologists!
International Vein Congress
News and New Products
News and New Releases
News And New Releases
News And New Releases
News And New Releases
2011 SVS Vascular Annual Meeting Event Preview
Thrombophilia When to Suspect that Your Patient is Hypercoagulable
Doing it All Under One Roof: Conducting Clinical Research in the Private Practice Setting - A Q&A with Kathleen Gibson, MD
American Venous Forum Fellows Course Provides Critical Training in Vein Disease
Continuing Medical Education: Better Education Through Accreditation
Cardiovascular Credentialing International Launches Phlebology Registry Exam and RPhS Credential
How Are Your Referral Relationships?
SIR Presentation Educates on New Method of Treating PE & DVT
Reflections on Two Years of A Conversation
American Venous Registry Now Has IVC Filter Module Potential to Address Issues About Retrievable vs. Permanent Filters
Compression Therapy in Sports
National Venous Screening Program Reveals Correlation Between BMI and Venous Disease
Compression Stocking Use to Heal Venous Wounds
SNaP Wound Care System A Unique NPWT Product, Seeking a Unique Code for Coverage
Groupon & Other Daily Deal Sites: Old Regulations and New Problems
Your Own Personal Secret to Work Life Balance
The Simulation of Reality: The Reality of Simulation
Endovascular Simulation Training and the Venous System Initial Observations
American College of Phlebology Courses Provide Comprehensive Education for CME Credits
American Board of Phlebology Announces Maintenance of Certification Program(Phleb-MOC)
Does Fiber Tip Affect Treatment with a 1470nm Diode Laser?
Advice for Practical Practitioners Who Want to Make the Most of Their Marketing Dollars and Sense: Part 1
Targeting Intervention in PE & DVT
IVC Increases Focus on Deep Venous Disease Venous Practitioners Dove into the Deep at the 2011 International Vein Congress
Venous Symposium New York Provides Targeted Hands-On Education in Venous Disease Issues Second Annual Event Hits the Mark with Attendees
Ninth Annual VIVA Conference Event Preview
Q&A with Frank Veith The 38th VEITHsymposium: Conversations in Keeping it Fresh
ACP 25th Annual Congress
Practice Building Strategies to Kick Start the Decade
The 23rd Annual Congress Achieves Firsts
The Three 'Rs' Affecting Your Practice: Reform, Regulation, Reimbursement
Sharing a Passion for Teaching, Effective Communication and the Field of Phlebology A Conversation with Helane Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh
American College of Phlebology's 24th Annual Congress
Non-invasive Vascular Testing Technology to Support a Collaborative Care Model for the Diagnosis of Peripheral Arterial Disease
Laser Resolution of Hemosiderin, Staining in Sclerotherapy-Treated Veins
What Will the EHR Incentive Payments Mean to Phlebologists? A Lot if You Do it Right.
Practice Cost Savings with Custom Packs
Phlebology as a Recognized Subspecialty A Perspective On the Road Map to ABMS Certification
Change is Coming
Welcome to the Real World: A Look Inside Network Medical News
23rd Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum Scheduled for February 23-26, 2011, in San Diego
An Approach to Mixed Deep and Superficial Reflux
Catheter Versus Anticoagulation Alone for Acute Primary (ilio) Femoral DVT
Infection Control During Sclerotherapy
A Conversation With Dr. Z Catherine Navarro
EMR Reimbursement: Setting Timelines to Prove Meaningful Use
Welcome to a New Year of Vein Magazine!
Waves of Education: Riding the Next Crest of Phlebology
ACP 2010 24th Annual Congress Wrap Up
VIVA 10 Vascular InterVentional Advances
VEITHsymposium 2010
The Venous Symposium: New York
Improve Your Specialty: Take Part in the Phlebology Benchmarking Survey A Call to Action for Phlebologists!
The Launch of the American Venous Registry: Putting the Pieces Together to Treat Venous Disease
The Venous Symposium New York
International Vein Congress
How Does Industry Valuate New Medical Technology?
American Venous Forum Showcases Advances in the Field at its 23rd Annual Meeting
At the Intersection of Technology and Vein Care
The Multi-Faceted Realities of Present Day Medicine
Integrating EMRs Into a Communication Centric Practice
Welcome to the Mobile World Should Your Marketing Include Mobile Sites and Apps?
New Patient Acquisition through Inbound Marketing
The Digital Doorbell How Online Medical Directories Can Benefit Your Practice
The Evolving Dynamics of Reform
Change is Imminent...How Will You Respond
A Personal Experience that Reinforced My Commitment to You
Opportunities and Options in Venous Education
American Venous Forum's 22nd Annual Meeting
Bringing Vein Care To Rural California / Dr. Stephen Hopkins
Dr. Mark J. Garcia Presents Promising Treatment for Chronic Deep Vein Thrombosis
Exhibition of Unknown Architects
The Sural Nerve: A Target To Miss!
Top Ten Billing Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them
Watching and Waiting: BCBSMA Privileging Changes Keep Industry on High Alert
Early Sunday Morning
Marketing Tips From Southern California's Leading Vein Practices
Is It Time? Phlebology as a Recognized Speciality in the US
Coming to America: ACP hosts the UIP World Congress Boston 2013
Collaborative Care Supporting the Sustainable Vascular Center of the Future
Free Ride Home
Piercing the Surface: Incorporating Aesthetic Injectables Into Your Vein Care Practice
Tips and Tricks for Venous Access: Lessons Learned from 3,000 Procedures
Prediction 2009: Tort Reform Within Reach
Publishers Note
Physician Credentialing
What People Are Hearing About Vein Health - The Buzz
Kelley, San Antonio, TX
Favorite Clinical Research Articles in Phlebology 2008
The Blue Cross/Blue Shield Memo that Vein Care Specialists Cant Afford to Ignore
Q&A - M. Mimi Lee, MD, FACS, RVT
Q&A - Sandra D. Dickerson MBA, MD, RPVI, FACS
ACP Annual Congress Review
The AVF 2009 Annual Meeting: Five Notable Presentations
Australasian College of Phlebology
News and New Products
Palliative Advanced Wound Care
Most Influential Venous Professionals Introduction
25 Most Influential: Jose I. Almeida, MD
25 Most Influential: John J. Bergan, MD, FACS, Hon, FRCS (Eng.), FACPh
25 Most Influential: Ronald G. Bush, MD, FACS
25 Most Influential: Anthony James Comerota, MD, FACS, FRACS (HON.), FACC
25 Most Influential: Steven M. Elias, MD, FACS, FACPH
25 Most Influential: Helane S. Fronek, MD, FACP, FACPh
25 Most Influential: Peter Gloviczki, MD
25 Most Influential: JJ Guex, MD, FACPh
25 Most Influential: Lowell Kabnick, MD, FACS
25 Most Influential: James Theodore King, MD
25 Most Influential: Robert L. Kistner, MD
25 Most Influential: Edward G. Mackay ll, MD
25 Most Influential: Mark H. Meissner, MD
25 Most Influential: Robert J. Min, MD
25 Most Influential: Nick Morrison, MD, FACS, FACPh
25 Most Influential: Hugo Partsch, Univ. Prof., MD
25 Most Influential: Thomas Michael Proebstle, MD, PhD
25 Most Influential: Prof. Eberhard Rabe, MD
25 Most Influential: Pauline Raymond-Martimbeau, MD, FACPh
25 Most Influential: John Mauriello
25 Most Influential: Neil S. Sadick, MD, FACP, FAAD, FAACS, FACPh
25 Most Influential: Suresh Vedantham, MD
25 Most Influential: Frank Veith, MD
25 Most Influential: Steven E. Zimmet, MD, RVT, FACPh
25 Most Influential: Joseph A. Zygmunt, Jr., RVT
Methodology for the Reader Survey
Vein Directory Calendar
Q&A With Dr. Simonian
Education: The Aristocrats
Finding a good EMR for a phlebology practice
Phlebology Pros Embark on Humanitarian Trip to Ecuador
Medical Diary The Sixth International Vein Congress
Identity Theft
New Insight For Treating Vascular Disease
Biosound Esaote releases the all new MyLab25Gold
LifeSource Cryobank Only Company in U.S. to Extract and Store Stem Cells Directly from Bone Marrow
Stark introduces Health-e Information Technology Act
Surgeon General Announces Call to Action at VDC Meeting
Western Reserve Heart Care Opens Vascular Laboratory to Diagnose and Treat Arterial Disease In Hudson
9th Annual Meeting of the European Venous Forum
Publisher's Note
Event Preview- The Veith Symposium
ACPs Advanced Practical Symposium to Feature Specialty Topics, New Format
Q&A Dr. Melanie Murn
Vein Directory Calendar
Q&A Case Study With Joseph Zygmuntf Jr., RVT
Catheter Tips and Tricks: Steven E. Zimmet, MD, RVT, FACPh
Cover Story: Vein Specialist Suresh Vedantham M.D.
Medical Design Corner
Lessons from the Peloton
FEATURED DOCTOR: Deborah L. Manjoney, M.D.
OPINION PAGE--Challenges and Solutions for Incorporating Phlebology into your Interventional Radiology Practice
VNUS: High-Tech Solutions for a Very Old Problem
Phlebology Pros Embark on Humanitarian Trip to Ecuador
The American Board of Phlebology
VEIN Publisher's Note
Society of Interventional Radiology Highlights
Diagnostic device can save time, money and lives
Zonare Debuts Upgrades for
SAVS Calls for Abstracts
Avoiding the Pain of Insurance Denials
Round Ligament Varicosities
ACP Joins AMA Specialty and Service Society
Vein Directory Calendar
Catheter Tips for Beginners
Education in Phlebology: Getting Beyond the Basics
IVC to Hold Clinical Sessions for Vein Surgeons
Medical Diary
Compounded Sclerosing Agents: Risks and Consequences
Medical Design Space: Medical Co-Op Reinvigorates Age-Old Interior
Midwest Vein Center Opens Third Office In Metro-Chicago Area
Vein Associates of America, Inc. Announces Acquisition
Q&A Philip Seaver-IVC
Round Ligament Varicosities
Case Study: Sciatic Nerve Varices
VEIN Publisher's Note
Venous Statis
The American Board of Phlebology
Vein Directory Calendar
Venous Disease Case Study
Phlebology for the Masses
Healthcare 101
Incorporating Phlebology into a Vascular Surgery Practice
Calling Card to a Successful Vein Practice
Medical Diary
Vein News and New Products
Elias Appointed Director of The Center for Vein Disease at Mount Sinai Medical Center
Getting Exposure on Google?
Q&A Case Study Klippel-Trenaunay Syndrome
The Road
Building a Stronger Foundation for Treating Venous Disease
Team Spirit and a Winning Attitude
The Promise of the New

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