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The magazine will present a broad range of topics ranging from interviews with leading phlebologists, industry news, the business of phlebology practice, “hot” topics within the industry, case studies, and a meetings calendar. The creation of VEIN is in response to the tremendous growth and interest in the field.

For many years, physicians didn’t really understand venous insufficiency, most common of venous disorders, and probably didn’t much enjoy applying the limited treatment tools available. Thus it is understandable that venous disorders were considered a “Cinderella” in medicine. Over the last decade a revolution has occurred in the understanding, diagnosis and management of venous insufficiency and other venous disorders. As Dr. Min suggests in his interview, these improvements have been important in stirring the interest and involvement of physicians in the field of phlebology.

The American College of Phlebology (ACP) is by far the largest society in the United States, and one of the largest in the world, devoted to venous disorders. The tremendous growth in membership and the many significant initiatives of the ACP are reflections of the momentum in the field. The ACP’s mission is to improve the standards of practice and patient care of venous conditions. Always an inclusive organization, the ACP has taken a broad approach to the advancement of the field, welcoming physicians from various specialty backgrounds as well as recognizing nurses and ultrasound technology health professionals as valued contributors. In meeting the challenge of educating its diverse membership, the Board commissioned a survey in June of 2005 to identify the most critical priorities. The results focused the Board’s efforts on specialty recognition, board certification, academic fellowship programs, expanded educational meetings and research interests. The American College of Phlebology Foundation, publicly launched at the Annual Congress of the ACP in November 2006, is already underwriting phlebology educational programs and research.

This first issue of VEIN will provide exciting news about recognition of phlebology in the United States. Other achievements of the ACP include the first-ever 12-month ACP Academic Fellowship in Phlebology, now underway at UCSD under the tutelage of Dr. John Bergan. This Fellowship Program is patterned after an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) post-graduate medical training program. The ACP’s first statement regarding content was recently published in Phlebology. 1 Three new ACP Research Awards were announced in July 2007:
• Research-In-Practice Grant ($24,000 for 12 months) for Clinical Phlebologists who wish to initiate a clinical research project of importance to Phlebology.
• Research Trainee Grant ($45,000 for 12 months) for young investigators (in graduate-level medical or research programs) not yet professionally established in the phlebological sciences to gain insight into scientific investigation in the field of Phlebology.
• Junior Faculty Investigator Grant ($70,000 for 12 months) for Junior Faculty, typically at institutions of higher learning, with a career interest in Phlebology research to initiate a basic, pre-clinical, or pilot clinical research project of importance to the field of Phlebology.

Board certification, perhaps the most significant and exciting program, will be unveiled very soon. ACP leadership is extremely pleased with the pace, status and anticipated delivery of a comprehensive, high quality, psychometrically valid exam in phlebology by early spring 2008. The exam will be computer-based and delivered at testing centers throughout both the United States and internationally. ACP will have a public announcement with more details soon.

You may call (510-834-6500) or email (acp@amsinc. org) ACP headquarters or check the ACP website (www. phlebology.org) for updates and information on the many educational and research opportunities available through the ACP.

As John Bergan said, “Cinderella has come to the ball.”

Steven E. Zimmet, M.D., RVT, FACPh

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