Zonare Debuts Upgrades for z.one

Zonare Debuts Upgrades for z.one

Mountain View, Calif.–based Zonare Medical Systems Inc. presented upgrades to its acclaimed z.one Convertible Ultrasound system at the Annual Vascular Meeting, held June 5–7, 2008 in San Diego.

The platform upgrades feature new software, hardware and transducer technology to help vascular surgeons optimize clinical data for more-confident diagnoses and more-efficient workflow.

KLAS, a research firm that specializes in monitoring and reporting the performance of information technology in medical imaging, ranked Zonare and the z.one ultrasound platform as the top hand-carried ultrasound vendor in the “2007 Year-End Top 20 Best in KLAS Report.” Several customer feedback studies were conducted to determine the KLAS ’07 rankings in 20 different categories. Zone Sonography was named No. 1 in image quality, ergonomics and throughput.
“Zone is unique in that it offers physicians optimum image quality, performance and the specialized features that are standard in large, traditional cart-based systems,” said Lars Shaw, vice president of marketing for Zonare. “But its superior convenience, maneuverability and ease-of-use put it in a class by itself.”

Shaw claimed that the z.one’s portability, functionality and excellent image quality result in greater efficiency in the clinic or hospital, more convenience for technicians and physicians, and greater comfort for the patient.

“Our system has a 5.5-pound laptop-sized scan engine, docked on a fully equipped cart, allowing for unit to be brought to the patient instead of having to bring the patient to the unit,” he said. “This is particularly beneficial in clinical and hospital settings where patients may be immobile or transport is difficult or risky.”

Decreased size and increased convenience does not result in inferior performance, according to Shaw.

“The 19-inch monitor provides superior image quality and greater detail, which allows for increased diagnostic confidence for the physician,” he said. “And because it can be used anytime, anywhere, more examinations can be done each day, and there is less need for repeat scanning due to inferior image quality.”

Shaw added that, because Zone Sonography is software-based, it allows for faster data acquisition and greater detail of diagnostic information. Additionally, the z.one is fully upgradeable, resulting in an increased price-to-performance ratio.

“Customers are immediately alerted to any and all product upgrades, and those can be downloaded,” he said. “Because of this, our systems evolve as technology evolves. As we improve image quality and add clinical applications, the upgrades are immediately provided to our customers.”

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