Issue 4 of Volume 4 / 2011

25 Years of Success with a Vision for Tomorrow
Bauerfeind's New Performance Center: Taking Compression and Performance to the Masses
Venous Disease Coalition The Ongoing Challenge to Educate about Venous Disease
Harnessing the Power of the Electronic Collective
Looking East
Crowdsourcing EMR by Jeff Mongelli
Be Your Own Personal Coach by Helane S. Fronek
BioMedix Improving Care Delivery Through Collaborative Health Information Technology
24th Annual Meeting of the American Venous Forum Scheduled for February 8-11, 2012, in Orlando by Eileen Masciale
Pay-Per-Call Marketing Twenty First Century Marketing Programs Impeded by Twentieth Century Rules
Marlin Schul, MD Challenges Us to Push the Boundaries by Jana Acciacca
The Stemmer Library A Comprehensive Online Reference for Compression Therapy
Should Custom Mobile Apps Be Part of Your Practice? by Carl Black, MD, and Tyler Crawford, MD
Visions of Johanna by Steve Elias
The American Board of Phlebology: Announcing a Multispecialty Consensus Core Content Initiative in Phlebology
Veni Vidi Vici Veniti Plans to Conquer the Venous Disease Device Market
Engaging Today's Healthcare Consumer: The Opportunities, Challenges and Dangers of Using Social Networking and Social Media to Market Your Practice.
Implementing Financial Controls within Your Vein Practice
Optimizing Localized Compression for Venous Ulcers Experience with a Novel Air-filled Bolster Foam Dressing (P-fab)
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