Techniques & Technology

What to Avoid When Treating Veins

Taking stimulus from VEIN Magazine’s earlier roundtable on the topic of ethics of venous disease treatment, “Absurd Vein Care: Can We Fix It?,” another topic has arisen. Learn more.

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IVC Filters: Put them In, Take Them Out

How one cardiology and peripheral vascular-based group practice built a comprehensive IVCF program from the ground-up to improve retrieval rates. Read more.

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Options for Non-Venous Wounds

Wound care providers hold people’s lives in their hands. Many times proper offloading is the most important component in healing. Read more.

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Latest Articles About Techniques & Technology
Veni Vidi Vici Veniti Plans to Conquer the Venous Disease Device Market

One of this year’s most anticipated product launches will come from an emerging entity in the field. Veniti, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is poised and ready to stake its claim. Read more.

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BioMedix Improving Care Delivery Through Collaborative Health Information Technology

Since its start in 1997, BioMedix has been dedicated to enabling more efficient and effective patient care by meeting the needs of evolving medical communities. Read more.

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Vendor Roundtable: Preparing Yourself for EMR Systems Compatibility Vendors Provide Their Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing an EMR Provider

Vein Magazine attempts to do just that by providing solid questions and quandaries for your consideration before you start to invite those vendors in for a sales call.

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Targeting Intervention in PE & DVT

With numerous studies under-way, researchers and manufacturers are busy readying for the next wave of procedures and devices to combat the rise in chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). VEIN Magazine recently asked U.S. thrombolysis device manufacturers to provide their latest news, products, research ...

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Does Fiber Tip Affect Treatment with a 1470 nm Diode Laser?

All laser wavelengths are efficacious in endovenous thermal ablation of saphenous veins when used with the optimal energy dosing (LEED) and power. Read more.

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Compression Therapy in Sports

There has recently been growth in compression use in the athletic community. Claims have been made as to the effects of compression stockings on athletic performance or recovery after exercise.

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Compression Stocking Use to Heal Venous Wounds

Venous disease occurs when a vein is not functioning properly causing a disturbance of normal one-way blood flow, usually causing venous insufficiency. Read more.

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