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Drs. Ashutosh Rao and Glenn Kerwin of Georgia Vein Specialists Join!


In Marietta, Georgia, Georgia Vein Specialists has provided many patients with relief from varicose veins and spider veins. Drs. Ashutosh Rao and Glenn Kerwin are highly skilled medical professionals whose expertise in the field has allowed them to help patients in the Marietta area reach their goals an find relief from these troubling conditions. Many feel embarrassed by spider veins and varicose veins due to their unappealing appearance. They often appear purplish in color and appear as bulging. Varicose veins may even cause some discomfort and heaviness in the legs. To treat these conditions, this facility offers ambulatory phlebectomy in Marietta, compression stockings in Marietta and endovenous laser ablation in Marietta. EVLT in Marietta and sclerotherapy in Marietta are also available at this clinic. For more information about these or other treatments, patients should seek consultation with Dr. Rao, Dr. Kerwin or a member of the medical staff at Georgia Vein Specialists.

Also serving the following cities near Marietta GA:
Atlanta | Austell | Kennesaw | Mableton | Marietta | Powder Springs | Smyrna
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