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About Microphlebectomy

Many options exist for correcting painful varicose veins, but some are not as effective if the problem veins are particularly large. A microphlebectomy, however, is an excellent procedure for eliminating these dark, unsightly bulges. A doctor performs a microphlebectomy on an outpatient basis, and it usually takes under an hour. The process involves mapping the problem veins through imaging, numbing the surrounding tissue, and making small vertical incisions from which sections of the problem vein may be removed. Because these incisions are so small, stitches are not used, and bleeding is very limited. Any scarring from these cuts is so tiny that it is difficult to see once healing is completed.

Once the microphlebectomy has been performed, the surgical area is covered with a sterile dressing, and compression stockings are applied. These are used for up to two weeks to apply continued support to the area, which results in less bruising. Because the procedure is less-invasive than traditional varicose vein surgery, most patients can return their daily activities the day after a microphlebectomy has been performed.

A microphlebectomy may be covered by medical insurance if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. Most of these procedures are performed by a certified specialist or phlebotomist, and you can schedule a consultation with this provider before the surgery. Call today to see if this procedure could solve your varicose vein problems.

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