Natural Varicose Vein Remedies in Hamilton, Virginia

If you are suffering from varicose veins but your insurance will not cover surgery for non-medical purposes, you may want to consider trying natural remedies. They are non-invasive, pain-free and very affordable options. One of the keys to healthier veins via natural remedies lies in one key component--oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (or OPCs).

One of the keys to healthier veins via natural remedies is oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (or OPCs).
OPCs act as anti-inflammatory agents because they have properties that strengthen the connective tissues found in blood vessels. Extracts such as grape seed extract contain high levels of this compound and can be consumed (up to 150mg per day) or applied topically via grape seed oil. Since this oil's OPC concentration is just as acceptable as the extract, you may even mix it with other massaging oils to maximize your therapeutic efforts. Pine tree bark is another good source for treating varicose veins, as it also contains a considerable concentration of OPCs. You can get the current extract on the market, pycnogenol, or you can isolate the OPCs in the bark and make your own with warm water and pressure.

Besides grape seeds and pine tree bark, flowers are also known for their healing attributes. Helichrysum contains anticoagulant and anesthetic properties, so applying the oil extract directly over the affected area two to four times a day will greatly improve your symptoms. Alternatively, using paste borne of Marigold petals each night can drastically reduce the symptoms in varicose veins. Marigold flowers have triterpenes, a compound that has anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties as well.

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