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About Vein Ligation And Stripping

Patients with painful or unattractive varicose veins have several treatment options from which to choose. One popular procedure is vein ligation and stripping, which is an outpatient surgical procedure that is normally performed using local anesthesia. This simple procedure involves either tying off damaged veins, removing damaged veins, or a combination of both. Vein ligation, or tying off of veins, can be performed on veins with minimal damage, while more severely damaged veins generally require removal through vein stripping.

Varicose veins are bulging veins near the surface of the skin and can be a symptom of issues in the deep veins of the legs; therefore, when patients seek vein ligation and stripping, or other treatment for varicose veins, vein specialists will generally perform diagnostic testing or use diagnostic imagining, such as ultrasound, to map the vein system in the legs and seek out possible underlying problems. If issues are found, more in depth procedures may be required; however, if no underlying issues are present, the patient may be a good candidate for vein ligation and stripping. This minor surgical procedure does not require lengthy downtime and patients are encouraged to participate in light physical activity immediately after the treatment session. Compression stockings must be worn after the procedure, usually for two to six weeks, but patients are typically able to return to work or normal activities within a few days.

Because varicose veins can indicate other more serious conditions, it is imperative that patients consult with a local vein specialist to determine the extent of vein damage and the appropriate treatment plan. To learn more about vein ligation and stripping, and to determine whether or not this is the right treatment for you, schedule a consultation with a vein specialist in your area.

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