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Read answers provided by doctors to the latest varicose and spider vein treatments. If your question is not answered below, please submit your question to our Ask a Doctor feature.

My husband has pain in both of his legs and the veins in his calves are bulding, what is going on?
(9 answers)
My husband has pain in both legs behind the knees and the veins in his calves are bulging. He has celiac disease, diabetes, & arthritis. The symptoms all happened on Monday. We've tried ice, heat, and meds (oxycontin 20mg), but nothing is working. Do you know what might be wrong?
immediate swelling behind knee on standing
(0 answers)
I had EVLT (including perferator veins) 1week ago. When I stand, there is an immediate swelling behind the knee. It also happens when I raise my leg. Is all of this normal after the procedure?
I still have pain and tenderness 3 weeks post-sclerotherapy, what should I do?
(1 answer)
I had ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy 3 weeks ago. One injection site was my inner calf, about 4-5 inches above ankle near the side of my tibia bone. This area still has pain and is very sensitive to touch, but there is no swelling or bruising. Any idea as to what I should do?
What degree of compression do I need?
(1 answer)
I had total knee replacement surgery one week ago today. I would like to purchase a second pair of compression stockings. What degree of compression do I need? I am a female, 69 years old.
Are my compression socks too tight?
(1 answer)
I purchased my compression stockings from a sports store. I have spider veins and am on my feet many hours at my place of work. I get red marks and indentations at the top of my knee-highs after wearing them for 8 to 10 hours. Are my compression socks too tight?
I have deep vein thrombosis, coupled with a nagging cough and numbing pain in my left arm, could they all be related? What could be wrong?
(0 answers)
I'm a 30-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with DVT. The docs are baffled because I have no risks for this condition. I'm confused because lately my left arm is hard to lift and I have a numbing pain. Also, out of nowhere, I start coughing crap up. Are all of these things related to one another? What could be going on?
My compression stocking is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks, should I continue to wear it?
(8 answers)
The knee-high compression sock is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks (indentations). My job requires me to stand all day. I have spider veins in my ankles and on the side of my outer calf. Should I continue to wear the stocking even though it's uncomfortable?
Why do my legs feel like cold water is rushing through them?
(0 answers)
I was prescribed thigh-high 20-30 mmHg compression stockings that were fitted by a professional. Minutes after putting them on, my legs felt as if cold water was rushing through them, mostly from the knee down. Is this normal? If not, what could be going on?

What kind of compression stockings should I wear after foam sclerotherapy?
(26 answers)
Should they be 20-30mmHg or 30-40mmHg?
Are bruising and darker veins normal sclerotherapy results?
(25 answers)
I have done my first sclerotherapy treatment two weeks ago. I have healed from most bruising but I feel that the veins are now darker and more visible. Is that normal? I had to be in the sun recently, but used a lot of sunscreen and covered my legs with a long skirt.
Is sclerotherapy safe during pregnancy?
(21 answers)
While pregnant with my first child I've developed a large number of spider veins on my legs/thighs. Are spider veins more prevalent during pregnancy? Do they go away after delivery? Can I get sclerotherapy while I'm pregnant?
Can I do yoga after the sclerotherapy?
(21 answers)
I had sclerotherapy on 4.19.12 on both legs. I stopped wearing compressing stockings after 2 weeks as recommended by my doctor. I walk whenever possible but would like to do my yoga also. Will yoga be harmful for the veins?
Are compression stockings contraindicated in my situation?
(19 answers)
I have severe venous reflux in the right greater saphenous vein and a past history of heart attacks. I recently quit smoking and am being treated for high blood pressure. My cardiologist wants me to use compression socks. Is this a good or bad idea?
Can Endovenous Laser Ablation be done after a knee replacement?
(19 answers)
My husband had 2 knee replacements and gets frequent cellulitis in his leg that has poor circulation. Is the Edovenous Laser Ablation procedure safe in these circumstances? Will it help reduce getting cellulitis?
What sensation or feeling should one expect after ELA of the saphenous vein and for how long?
(19 answers)
Three weeks ago I had endovenous laser ablation of the saphenous vein. I have a pulling sensation. Is this normal? How long with the feeling last?
Is there a non-surgical way to manage pain in my legs coming from veins?
(18 answers)
I am 26 and have had premature ovarian failure since the age of 19. Since then I have also felt pain in my veins on the side of my thighs and behind my knees. It gets worse with long periods of sitting or standing. Is there a way to reduce the pain without surgery? What can I do?

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