Can the redness after laser spider vein treatment ever permanent?

How long should it take redness to go away after laser spider vein treatment. Is it ever permanent?

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Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Vein Specialists  |  Joseph G. Magnant, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Fort Myers, FL

You may have a blush staining for many months. There may be other veins
beneath the surface which have not been effectively treated with the laser.
If you press on the red area and it goes away briefly before reappearing
this is a sign of other deeper veins. I personally do not use the laser
much at all for spider veins and find injections to be more effective, less
painful and more economical for the patient.

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Arizona Vein and Laser Institute & Cosmetic Surgery  |  Kulbhushan Sharma, M.D.
Glendale, AZ

It usually should last a few weeks then disappear. It should be
lighter every week.

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