Does wearing high heels result in spider veins around the ankles

I’m worried about my circulation.

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Replied on 8/30/2010

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

There is no proof that high heels contribute to ankle spider veins. Theoretically, high heels may affect the calf muscle pumping action leading to a decrease in its efficiency thus increasing the chance of vein formation.

Replied on 2/24/2010

By: Laser Vein Center  |  Thomas Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P., R.V.T.
O'Fallon, MO

We do recommend to patients to try to minimize the amount or duration of wearing high heels whenever possible. Although high heels do not specifically lead to spider veins at the ankles, their chronic use can lead to overall vein problems. The reason is that high heels minimize the full range of motion of the foot and ankle when walking, and therefore decrease the amount of flow by what is called the "muscle pump" of the calf. This can lead to an increase in venous pooling in the limb, and eventually to vein problems.

Replied on 2/23/2010

By: Miller Vein  |  Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D.
Steven K. Wang, M.D.
Michael E. Lulenski, M.D.
Zoe Deol, M.D.

Novi, MI

No. There is no evidence that high heels causes any problems other than potentially sore feet.

Replied on 2/21/2010

By: Innovative Vein  |  Paul Cheatum, M.D.
Wichita, KS

High heels may contribute some. Difficult to say. But the larger problem is simply a genetic one. You inherit your leg veins.

Replied on 2/18/2010

By: Center for Venous Disease - Glendale  |  David M. Smith, D.O.
Michael A. Herion, M.D.

Glendale, AZ

Please schedule an appointment to discuss with our doctors. If you have numerous spider veins, you'll need an ultrasound to determine whether you have venous disease (valve reflux) or just need sclerotherapy.

Replied on 2/18/2010

By: VeinSolutions - Edina  |  
Edina, MN

Wearing high heels is definitely not good for your venous system. However, spider veins do not have any impact on your circulation.

Replied on 2/17/2010

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

Not that I'm aware of, but it's likely bad for your foot and ankle however (the bones and ligaments).

Replied on 2/17/2010

By: Health Qare Associates of Northern Virginia  |  Murat Sor, M.D.
Arlington, VA

There are no definitive studies to suggest that high heal are the cause of spider veins.

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Can Sclerotherapy make a difference on the spider veins in the ankle area? (14 answers)
My doctor, during the screening, just said I had lots of veins and it would take at least 4 treatments. I specifically asked him about the ankle area and he just said "how afraid of needles are you?" I've read this area is difficult to treat.

can you go in a hot tub after sclerotherapy and how long do you have to wear the stocking for? (14 answers)
Can you go in a hot tub after sclerotherapy and how long do you have to wear the stocking for?

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I've read conflicting answers about how long I should wait before applying fake tanning lotions (self-tanners).

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I have sooo many spider veins around my ankles that from a distance my ankles look purple. Would I not be a good canidate for this procedure?

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Injections (13 answers)
I want to inject some minor veins/spiders, they are branches of a great sph. vein that is now closed; but doctor won't inject ANY veins before closing sph. vein on the calf first,but I prefer not to touch it as it's not symptomatic. Any 2nd opinions?

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Is it all right to shower the day after a Sclerotherapy treatment? (13 answers)
When can I remove the bandages?

How long will it take for me to recover from Sclerotherapy? (13 answers)
Will the length of time be longer then two weeks?

Why is it necessary to wear Compression Stockings after Sclerotherapy? (13 answers)
Why is it necessary to wear Compression Stockings after Sclerotherapy?

How long after the procedure do I have to wait before I can tan? (13 answers)
How long after the procedure do I have to wait before I can tan?

Is there a treatment to diminish the appearance of dark blue veins in the chest and arms? (13 answers)
i have very prominent dark blue veins that appear across my chest and my arms. they do not cause pain but i find them very unsightly and wanted to know if there is any treatment or procedure that can diminish the look of these veins?

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If sclerotherapy is not safe for patients with factor V Leiden, then what what is the most effective way to treat reticular and spider veins on the lateral legs?

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I just had the sclerotherapy procedure today. I would love to cut off the feet of my compression stockings. I feel like it would be much more comfortable. Would that defeat the purpose?

Can you use sclerotherapy to get rid of dark under-eye veins? (13 answers)
I have very dark veins under my eyes and cannot seem to find a doctor who will use sclerotherapy to get rid of them. They either want to do lasers or surgery, which is too expensive! Do you recommend sclerotherapy in the eye area?

When can I expect to see results from sclerotherapy? (13 answers)
I had sclerotherapy for spider veins and reticular veins behind the knees 16 days ago. My spider veins started to fade, but the reticular veins have not. When can I expect to see results?

Should I have been given anticoagulants after sclerotherapy? (12 answers)
I was treated for a large vein that was pressing on the ankle region and causing a chronic ulcer. I have a history of bilateral deep vein thrombosis (DVT), post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) 80% occlusion in thighs, open deep veins with no valves in calves. A week after the procedure, I developed DVT. Should I have been given anticoagulants after sclerotherapy?

How can one avoid varicose and spider veins? (12 answers)

How soon is it safe to have a fat reduction or skin tightening procedure after sclerotherapy? (12 answers)
There are treatments for fat reduction such as i-Lipo or CoolTec and body contouring such as laser rejuvenation body tightening. After one sclerotherapy session, when is it safe to have a fat reduction or body contouring procedure on the same area that was treated?

My varicose and spider veins look worse than they did before sclerotherapy, is this normal? (12 answers)
I had varicose and spider veins treated with sclerotherapy over 6 months ago. I still have dark pigmentation and bruising, and new veins have appeared near the injection sites. It looks so much worse than it did prior to treatment. Is this usual? I'm so disappointed.

Is it OK to use an elastic bandage instead of compression stockings following sclerotherapy? (12 answers)
I had a sclerotherapy treatment, but instead of being prescribed compression stockings, my doctor advised me to use an elastic bandage. Is the bandage just as effective as compression stockings?

I had a VNUS closure, followed by sclerotherapy, but none of the original spider veins are gone. Why wasn't treatment successful? (12 answers)
I had a VNUS closure April 2013, followed by sclerotherapy. I've noticed clustering and that none of the original spider veins are gone. I can press on them and watch the blood flow return. I wore stockings for 2 weeks & followed all instructions. Why wasn't treatment successful? What should I do now?

Can I remove my compression stockings to walk on the treadmill? (12 answers)
It's been 5 day since my 3rd session of sclerotherapy. Can I remove my hose to walk on the treadmill? Otherwise, they keep sagging around my knees. I've been measured for the compression stockings, but always have issues with them staying up.

How long does it take to see results from sclerotherapy? How can I tell if the treatment is working? (12 answers)
Nearly 3 weeks ago I had sclerotherapy performed on the reticular veins in one of my legs. The second leg was treated 1 week ago. How long should it take to see results and how do I tell if is working?

Are the green veins that I have throughout my body normal? (12 answers)
I have a lot of green veins on my legs, calves, even my arms and other parts of my body. Are those on my legs reticular veins, or could they be normal veins? They are very obvious. I never had them until my pregnancy last year. I have delivered 1 year ago.

Should I avoid any specfic vitamins/supplements before or after Sclerotherapy? (12 answers)
Should I avoid any specific vitamins/supplements before or after sclerotherapy?

How long after Sclerotherapy can you get in the sun? (12 answers)
How long after Sclerotherapy can you get in the sun?

Are there any complications involved with Sclerotherapy? (12 answers)
Are there any complications such as skin wounds after Sclerotherapy?

Is blistering around the injection site a side effect of Sclerotherapy? (12 answers)
My friend had sclerotherapy a few days ago, and now she has blisters around the area that was treated. Is this a normal side effect? She said her specialist never mentioned anything about possible blisters.

Will being on birth control pills affect Sclerotherapy treatments? (12 answers)
I've heard that birth control pills can have an effect on the vein walls, softening them and causing problems. Is this true? Could being on the pill then create problems with sclerotherapy?

Can sclerotherapy be used on the wrists? (12 answers)
I have large, purple veins on the underside of my wrists that I'd really like to get rid of because they really show my age. Is there a safe way to do this?

Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area? (12 answers)
Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area? Is there a better procedure for this area of the body?

Is Sclerotherapy safe for people who bruise easily? (12 answers)
I haven't had it evaluated by a doctor, but I do bruise extremely easily and the bruise usually stays for at least three weeks, even for a minor bump. Is this something I should have checked before undergoing sclerotherapy?

Can spider veins cause the feeling of heaviness in the legs? (12 answers)
What options are available for the treatment of spider veins?

What to do to speed up the resorbing of large lumpy sclerosed veins? (12 answers)
A month ago, I had scleropathy of very large varicose veins behind my knee, and am left with hard lumpy veins. My doctor doesn't want to drain them believing it is part of the healing process. Can I do anything else to speed up the healing?

Is it safe to do sclerotherapy in the summer? (12 answers)
Is it safe to do slerotherapy in the summer?

Sclerothrapy during menstrual cycle. (11 answers)
Is it ok to do sclerotherapy during menstrual cycle?

Can I have an alcoholic beverage soon after I had scleortherapy on my spider veins? (11 answers)

Must bandages be used after procedure? (11 answers)
I have had Sclerotherapy done on my spider veins in my legs every year from 2004-2009. This was in AZ. After the procedure I would wear compression pantyhose (my own,support pantyhose) for 24 hrs. I have always had a great result.Is this acceptable?

What should I do if my ankle has been hurting for nearly two months? (11 answers)
Might I need Sclerotherapy?

Should my legs ache 4 weeks after sclerotherapy? (11 answers)
I had sclerotherapy almost 4 weeks ago. My legs now ache and feel heavy as soon as I get up in the morning. I have been wearing support knee highs. How long should this last? Legs didn't feel this way before sclerotherapy.

I have been having foot problems after Sclerotherapy, couldit be related to the procedure? (11 answers)
After having sclerotherapy 6 weeks ago, now I am having intense pain in my foot and am having trouble walking on it. is this normal? The physician says it is not related to the sclerotherapy or vein stripping i had done on same leg.

Will alcohol affect my upcoming sclerotherapy? (11 answers)
I've heard that drinking can dilate blood vessels. Will this affect my sclerotherapy procedure? Should I stay away from alcohol for a certain amount of time? I normally have 1 or 2 drinks 3 or 4 times per week.

Can I take allergy medicine after Sclerotherapy? (11 answers)
I had the procedure 2 days ago. Today my GP prescribed MethylPrednisolne, 4mg for allergies. Is this safe to use?

I have bruising from Sclerotherapy injections that I had 8 weeks ago is this normal? (11 answers)
It has been 8 weeks since I had spider and 1 surface blue vein injected by vein surgeon. I still have black blue spots and the surface vein looks worse, will this correct itself or do i need more treatments/ new doc??

How many months after sclerotherapy is it safe to become pregnant? (11 answers)
How long do sclerotherapy chemicals stay in the bloodstream?

After sclerotherapy treatment more spider veins appeared (11 answers)
It's been 2 weeks since my first sclerotherapy treatment, and the area that was injected has new spider veins?

Why can't I take ibuprofen during treatments? (11 answers)
I am having trouble walking without limping due to the soreness of the injection sites. If I take ibuprofen (400 mg) once or twice a day, it aids me in my walking. Otherwise, I just want to lie down and not move! I am told to walk without limping but it is virtually impossible to do so without at least 400 mg.

An ulcer developed near my ankle 2 wks after laser and sclerotherapy. Will applying a bandage for 2 months help it resolve? Or, what do you suggest? (11 answers)
An ulcer developed near my ankle 2 weeks after laser and sclerotherapy. Here is a picture: The doctor said it would heal by itself if bandaged for 2 months. Is this true? Shouldn't more be done?

I had all of my veins treated with laser and sclerotherapy injections but my spider veins have come back, why is this happening? (11 answers)
I had all of my veins (big and small) treated with laser and sclerotherapy injections, but all of my spider veins have reappeared. Why is this happening? I feel like I spent a lot of money for nothing. I have no real results to show for.

I have large ropey veins in the back of my knee following endovenous laser ablation, should I try sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy? (11 answers)

Are large facial veins treatable with sclerotherapy? (11 answers)
I've been seeking out a laser center and plastic surgeon in Dayton who will treat my large facial veins, but with no success. They've informed me that operating on large veins near the eye socket/cheek bone area is risky. Any thoughts? Can my facial veins be treated?

Have I done any damage to my veins or have I affected the sclerotherapy procedure by being in the sun tanning? (11 answers)
I had my first sclerotherapy session 2 weeks ago. Everything is normal after the procedure; however, I just spent 2 days at the beach. Can tanning damage the treated veins or affect the results of the procedure?

Is it normal to have more veins appear around the area where I had sclerotherapy done? (11 answers)
I had sclerotherapy done five months ago. Now there are two dark dots from shots and more veins appeared around area with some discomfort. Is

Should I still wear a compression stocking 3 weeks after sclerotherapy treatment?? (11 answers)
I was wondering if I should continue to wear my 18-24 mmHg compression stocking 3 weeks after my sclerotherapy treatment. I was told once that even if the condition improves, wearing stockings can prevent varicose veins from coming back again. Is that true?

Can sclerotherapy treated spider veins look pretty much the same after sclerotherapy as they did before treatment and still get absorbed away? (11 answers)
Had 1st sclero appt 6 days ago. When I removed compression after 72hrs, some veins had faded away nicely, but the ones near my knees look no different despite being injected. Is there hope for fading? I'm worried as they are not darker or inflamed. Thank

What could be done if my doctor possibly injected the wrong vein? (10 answers)
My Dr performed ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy on one of my great saphenous veins. It has been months and the vein hurts all the time. It feels like I have pitching inside my leg, and it is like I have a tight rubber band inside near the treated area. Is it possible he treated a good vein?

What size veins are ideal for sclerotherapy? (10 answers)
What are reticular veins and what is meant by grade 2? I know what bulging varicose veins are, and I don't have those. However, I have green/blue veins close to the surface that are causing minimum symptoms. I have red spider veins, too. What size veins are ideal for sclerotherapy?

I had a calf tear 6 weeks after my final sclerotherapy treatment, what precautions should I take? (10 answers)
I had a class 2 calf tear from playing kickball. This happened 6 weeks after my final sclerotherapy treatment. The pumping effect of my calf is important post-varicose vein treatment. I will be seeing a sports medicine doctor soon, but are there any special things to look out for during rest and rehab from this injury? Should I isolate my calf for a while?

I have spider veins and reticular leg veins, is jogging going to make the spider veins worsen or help? (10 answers)

can you tan after having the Sclerotherapy procedure? (10 answers)
I had the procedure done, but I was not told if I could tan.

Will I have to avoid hot or cool water after Sclerotherapy? (10 answers)
Could hot water from a jacuzzi or hot shower, or cold water in a swimming pool, negatively affect my vein treatment results? How long should I refrain from the hot tub and pool?

Is there a way to prevent spider veins? (10 answers)
My mother and sister both have spider veins on their thighs and knees. Is there anything I can to do prevent spider veins as I get older?

How is polidocanol related to Sclerotherapy? (10 answers)
I've heard conflicting accounts. What exactly is polidocanol?

How long does it take for Sclerotherapy to work? (10 answers)
I hade sclerotherapy yesterday, but I can still see a few of the veins that were treated. How long until all the veins disappear?

Is sclerotherapy safe to have while pregnant? (10 answers)
I have a spider vein on my cheek, can I get it treated now or should I wait until I have the baby?

Is sclerotherapy best treatment for a bunch of spider veins? (10 answers)
My thighs are basically covered in a network of spider veins. If I choose sclerotherapy, will each tiny vein have to be injected? Are there any other options?

Does Sclerotherapy have to be repeated? (10 answers)
Will sclerotherapy permanently get rid of spider veins, or will I have to keep getting treatments forever?

What can I do about a small clot of trapped blood after sclerotherapy? (10 answers)
After sclerotherapy, there is a small section that is lumpy and discolored. My treating pysician does not drain these, is there any way to speed up the healing/fading of pigmentation?

What is the difference between sclerosants Used for sclerotherapy? (10 answers)
What is the difference between "Sodium tetradecyl sulfate" (Sotradecol) and Sodium Morrhuate (Scleromate)? Which of these sclerosants would you use, and why?

If there is no visible inflammation, did sclerotherapy work? (10 answers)
I had sclerotherapy in a vein on my calf 3 days ago. I thought the vein was supposed to look worse or that I should have some inflammation, but things have not changed much, except for a tiny dark spot. Does this mean the sclerotherapy did not work?

How much is too much sclerotherapy (10 answers)
I've had laser treatment of my left and right front saphenous veins and my left back saph vein. The follow up to this is Sclerotherpy to close off some branches. I had three injections on the right leg and seven on the left. He wants to do more. Should I ?

How soon after microphlebectomy can sclerotherapy be begin? (10 answers)
How soon can sclerotherapy begin after a microphlebectomy?

What is the difference between Sclerotherapy and Foam Sclerotherapy? (10 answers)
I'm looking to treat my spider veins with Sclerotherapy, but have no idea what the difference between foam and traditional sclerotherapy are.

Treating an open wound from schlerotherapy (9 answers)
The Dr. re-injected a vein, and the solution didn't enter. The next day the injection site had blisters and then later drained onto the stockings. Two weeks later the open wound was treated with antibiotics, and four months later it's still open, ugly, dark, and keloidish. How would you treat the wound & the scar?

How long do the results from sclerotherapy last? (9 answers)

I have lots of veins on my heels and ankles. Are there any treatments that I can do that won't stain brown? (9 answers)
I have thin skin that bruises easily, and I have brown stains from previous sclerotherapy treatments that I did over 7 years ago.

Is sclerotherapy safe for those with Celiac Disease? (9 answers)
Does the sclerotherapy solution contain any gluten? I want to avoid any bad reactions.

How long does it take to show an improvement after the Sclerotherapy is performed? (9 answers)
How long does it take to show an improvement after the Sclerotherapy is performed?

Are there certian medications I should avoid before Sclerotherapy? (9 answers)
I am taking a number of medications for high blood pressure and was wondering if it is safe to have sclerotherapy or if another treatment would be better.

Is it common to need repeat sclerotherapy treatments? (9 answers)
I'm considering sclerotherapy, but want to know if patients typically need more than one treatment to get rid of all of the spider veins in an area.

Can sclerotherapy be performed on hemorrhoids? (9 answers)
Is this a possible treatment method for hemorrhoids?

Is it ok to use moisturizing CREAM/LOTIONS containing Vitamin E on areas treated with Sclerotherapy? (9 answers)
Is it ok to use moisturizing creams or lotions containing Vitamin E on areas treated with Sclerotherapy? I've heard that you shouldn't take vitamin E supplements/internally during sclerotherapy, but I'm unsure about externalproducts..

At home remedies for pain in legs? (9 answers)
I had large veins done and also spider veins with 3 or 4 treatments about 1 year ago.
Now I am having sharp pains in the veins in my legs everyday. My legs are still very tender.
Any at home remedy for this, no money left.

Will the spider veins come back? (9 answers)
Approximately how long after treatment do your legs stay clear of spider veins?

Why can't you get sclerotherapy done when pregnant? (9 answers)
Why can't you get sclerotherapy done when pregnant?

My ankle is slightly puffy and cold after having two sclerotherapy sessions, what should I do? (9 answers)
After my 2nd sclerotherapy session my left ankle has been slightly puffy and feels cold. The cold goes up to the back of my lower calf. I wear compression hose daily, yet it doesn't seem to help the cold feeling. What can I do about this?

Why would cellulite develop after sclerotherapy? What should I do?! (9 answers)
I had one treatment of slerotherapy on both legs (actually I think it was a double treatment in one) about 8 months ago. Right after the procedure, I noticed patchy swelling. I thought it would get better, but now I'm stuck with cellulite! Why did this happen? What can I do about it?

Is it normal to have permanent pain after having extensive sclerotherapy done on all blue surface veins? (9 answers)
I had all my blue surface veins injected October 2012, leaving me in severe pain that caused me to go mental. After the procedure, my foot was severely inflamed. It eventually settled after 4 months but still aches underneath the bridge and ball of my foot. Is this normal? Will the pain last forever?

How soon can I resume physical activities after sclerotherapy? (9 answers)

What are the long-term risks associated with sclerotherapy? (9 answers)
I read an article that stated that sclerotherapy used to treat spider veins could lead to valve incompetence in healthy veins as the sclerosant can leave the treated area and disperse throughout the venous system, thereby damaging healthy valves. Is this really possible? What are the long-term risks associated with sclerotherapy?

Why are there more blue veins on my legs after sclerotherapy? (9 answers)
I recently had a reflux procedure and sclerotherapy a month later. Four weeks after sclerotherapy, I'm noticing many new large blue veins all over my legs and no difference in the veins injected with saline. Why is this happening?

After sclerotherapy, when can I switch to a lower grade compression stocking? (8 answers)
It's been 10 days since I had sclerotherapy. I have been wearing 30-40 mmHg compression stockings. When can I switch to 20-40 mmHg compression?

How many foot veins are safe to inject at one time? Can too much sclerotherapy cause damage? (8 answers)

Can sclerotherapy become toxic if you have too many injections? (8 answers)
Can sclerotherapy become toxic if you have too many injections? What would the side effects be?

Is this signs that Scelerotherapy did not work? (8 answers)
I had sclerotherapy on several reticular veins for the 2nd time about 1 month ago. At times the veins bulge during the day, but other times look flat. Is this part of the healing process or does this mean that the sclerotherapy did not work? Thanks.

How long does it take for the hard spots and bruising to go away after sclerotherapy for spider veins? (8 answers)
How long does it take for the hard spots and bruising to go away after sclerotherapy for spider veins?

I was told there would be minimal bruising and it would go away in six to eight weeks. Is this true and could you have scars afterwards?

Painful spot and hematoma (8 answers)
I had sclerotherapy 1 week ago. Painful, swollen, hematoma(black) is blood trapped? There is also redness and new blue veins around the spot. Went to a dermatologist and he said it would take 2 months to heal. I'm afraid it wont heal nice and there will be pigmentation. Are there alternative treatment options?

What to do for numbness and tingling in calf and ankle after vein stripping? (8 answers)
I have 7 cuts in my leg between knee and ankle from vein stripping and 3 above...I have just awful tingling and numbness esp. at inner ankle, but all cuts and areas are sensitive 6 months after the surgery. What do I do? adductor tenditis too-

When will Asclera, the new Sclerotherapy treatment, be available? (8 answers)
I heard that Asclera (Polidocanol) was recently FDA approved. When can patients expect this sclerant to be widely available in the US?

Is it safe to breast feed while undergoing Sclerotherapy? (8 answers)
How long does the Sclerosing agent remain in bloodstream after procedure? I had it done while breast feeding and was told to just disregard and continue. How long does sclerosing agent remain in bloodstream?

Blood Poisoning/Nerve Damage from sclerotherapy (8 answers)
Following 2 recent sclero treatments for spiders, I have had horrendous backaches and numbness/tingling. This last time I have developed a large, bumpy, red groin rash. Any connection?

bulging calve veins after 2 yrs intense leg workout (8 answers)
I have low body fat,several veins now pop-out in my calves all the time now for the past 2yrs, stopped working-out my legs as well. Will sclerotherapy guarantee me that those exact veins will not bulge or pop-out or do I need a different procedure?

Having big/swollen legs related to varicose veins? (8 answers)
Is the increase in size of my legs, particularly in my calves related to having varicose veins? How will I know? And if sclerotherapy will help?

Veins on my ankles and the back of my legs (8 answers)
About a year ago I have large veins taken care of and the scelerotherapy done on spider veins. Now I have bunch of veins all around my ankles and some back on my legs. Is it because I laid in the sun when I was a teenager all the time?

Veins are still there after having sclerotherapy. (8 answers)
I have had 3 treatments of sclerotherapy at Kaiser because of leg pain associated with 22 years of teaching and standing. The ugly veins are still there and the doctor says to wear compression stockings and live with them. Do I have to?

How long after treatment can I wait to have a second treatment? (8 answers)
My doctor told me not to wait longer than 5 weeks. I am going on vaction during that time and want to relax in the sun. Can I wait longer between treatments?

Bruising and staining after sclerotherapy treatment, will bleaching cream fade this? (8 answers)
Will a bleaching cream used twice daily (hydroquinone) fade the staining left after sclerotherapy ? How long will I have to use it? I have a few areas that are very, very noticeable after 4 months bruising as well.

How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis, run, and dance? (8 answers)
How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis? run? dance?

What solutions are more likely to cause telangiectatic matting and hyperpigmentation? (7 answers)
I cannot tolerate STS due to severe telangiectatic matting that never goes away without treatment. Are there other solutions less likely to cause these problems?

Do I have to wear compression stockings for a week after having poly sclerotherapy? (7 answers)
I have noticed more veins surfacing after wearing these uncomfortable compression stockings for 4 days. I had the poly sclerotherapy done not the foam sclerotherapy.

Is it normal for my leg to look splotchy and purple? The injection bruises have faded but this large splotch is still there. (7 answers)
10 days ago my doctor injected glycerin in my thigh veins. At first it was swollen and now it's a solid pinkish-purple area about 6in wide with the spiders on top - darker and more numerous than before. Is this the healing process or permanent?

How long is the healing time after sclerotherapy? (7 answers)
How soon after sclerotherapy can I have Myofuscial Rolfing and Lympahtic massages?

Is sclerotherapy effective on both spider and varicose veins? (7 answers)
I have both spider veins and varicose veins, and I was hoping to find a treatment that works on both. Is sclerotherapy effective for varicose veins?

What is foam sclerotherapy? (7 answers)
What exactly is foam sclerotherapy, and is it more effective than traditional sclerotherapy?

How soon after sclerotherapy for spider veins can you safely treat those same areas with a laser? (7 answers)
I've had four sclerotherapy treatments for clusters of spider veins that have not improved. I was wondering if laser therapy would be more beneficial, but I did not want to go too soon after my last sclerotherapy session.

I now have brown lines on me from the needle insertion. Why did this happen? (7 answers)
After having scerotherapy, I now have brown lines on me from the needle insertion. Why did this happen?

The brown lines are the length of a needle

I quit with the procedure, I don't know what is causing this?

I developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my great saphenous vein in my calf. (7 answers)
I developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my great saphenous vein in my calf. Why does my leg still ache several months after?

Foam was accidentally injected into my great saphenous vein (calf)causing phlebitis. The vein is shutting down but my leg aches all the time and I have lots of new veins in my foot and ankle that ache. Can my foot and ankle be treated?

Doesn't seem ike the Sclerotherapy process is working lately (7 answers)
I've been to two vein removal places in Dallas for sclerotherapy. Lately, the process is not working.

The area has become darker and used to really only show up during my period. Now it's there all the time. I want to know if laser might work instead. It's becoming embarrassing to show my legs and I wear shorts a lot during the year.

I have cold spots and random aches 13 days after sclerotherapy, is this normal? (7 answers)
I had sclerotherapy 13 days ago. Since then, I've worn the compression hose as recommended, taking them off when I'm sleeping. I keep getting random aches at the ankle & lower calf and have cold spots/chills that happen from time to time. Is this normal?

How do I prevent recanalization of large veins following sclerotherapy? (7 answers)
To treat my varicocele I had sclerotherapy with polidicanol 5% to close the large veins. Days later, I got the flu. I am worried that my heavy cough and anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet will cause the veins to recanalize? Should I be worried? How do I ensure the veins remain closed?

Why does it take so long for Neurotin to take effect? Also, are full panty compression stockings more effective and why? (7 answers)
If it takes about 20 mins for an Aleve to take effect, why does it take up to 6 months for Neurotin to take effect like several of you have mentioned? Also, I like to wear thigh-high compression stockings. Are the full panty compression stockings more effective and if so, why?

I had my first scleropathy session 7 weeks ago, why do I have intermittent leg aches? (7 answers)
I had my first 'minor' scleropathy 7 weeks ago. It was very painful. A salt solution was used. A week after the procedure, I continue to have a dull intermittent ache behind my knees and down my shins. Legs were fine before treatment. Is this normal? Will this pain away? Approximately when?

Will a run/hole in my compression stockings compromise my sclerotherapy results? (7 answers)
I recently had sclerotherapy & have been wearing my compression hose as directed. However, I noticed I got a small run/hole at the bottom of one of the feet (near the heel). Will this ruin the overall compression of the hose and affect my results?

I suddenly have reticular and varicose veins, could it be due to chronic constipation and straining? (7 answers)
In the last year, I had chronic constipation and have strained a lot. I've noticed green reticular & varicose veins on my rt upper inner groin area. It seems as though they appeared overnight. Could constipation be causing them? Would ELA be the appropriate treatment?

Can sclerotherapy for spider veins cause generalized joint pain? (7 answers)
I had spider vein treatment one week ago above the ankles and behind both knees. I now have general feeling of inflammation in my joints, including my upper body such as fingers and wrists. Wondering if treatment triggered something? No clot sx.

I have a spermatocele, which treatment is better and low-risk, spermatocelectomy or sclerotherapy? (6 answers)
I'm a 20-year-old guy who has a spermatocele. I'm uncomfortable having it and am a little bit shy talking about it. Since I haven't had kids yet, what procedure is best and low-risk? I want to have children in the future, so I want to choose a procedure that will not cause me to become infertile.

My skin is bruising following sclerotherapy, will the bruising go away? (6 answers)
I've had one treatment of foam sclerotherapy 6 months ago, and now I have bruising on my skin (purple and brown). Will it go away, or will the bruising remain for life? Any exercises that will help? My leg looks worse than it did before the treatment.

Is it safe to perform sclerotherapy on the arm veins? (6 answers)
My right arm (where IV is taken) has very visible blue veins. They are not bulging but it looks quite unattractive. Most Drs I saw said they can't treat the arm due to the IV need, but my left arm can be used for this. Is it safe to perform sclerotherapy on the arm veins? Why would a doctor refuse to perform the procedure when only one arm is needed for IV?

Can you have sex after sclerotherapy? (6 answers)

Can I do sitting meditation (i.e. sukhasana or burmese) after sclerotherapy? (6 answers)
Will sitting meditation put too much pressure on my veins after treatment, and possibly cause my varicose veins to reoccur after they heal?

After sclerotherapy, how many days does it take before you can go to 15-20mmhg hose? (6 answers)
I had sclerotherapy 5 days ago and have been wearing 20-30mmhg compression hose for the full 5 days, except at night. Would I run into complications, or would the effects of the procedure, be compromised if I dropped down to 15-20mmhg hose at this point?

What exactly is vein mapping? How do I know where the problematic vein originated from? (6 answers)
I have a green/blue reticular vein inside my thigh. It loops sideways. I can see it clearly, and it feels smooth under the skin surface. I've been rated a 2 and am asymptomatic. Is there a way to find out where the reticular vein originated from? Also, what exactly is vein mapping? Will sclerotherapy work temporarily?

Wound care for skin ulcer caused after the sclerotherapy (6 answers)
An ulcer formed after sclerotheraphy and got infected. I took antibiotics and it still wasn't healing right. The Dr. had to get in there and got rid of the bad tissue, but it's still bleeding a day later. It's bleeding through the unna boot and wrap. Is this normal?

Is Sclerotherapy safe while taking Accutane? (6 answers)
Does the drug affect this procedure?

When should I get Sclerotherapy if I also want to do laser hair removal? (6 answers)
I was planning to get laser hair removal on my lower legs but I also wanted to do sclerotherapy. I also previously had a DVT and PE. Do you suggest I have sclerotherapy done and, if so, when before or after the IPL laser hair removal? Thank you!

Post scleratherapy edema (6 answers)
I had 3 sclera sessions over 5 weeks. After the 3rd one, the saph vein in the lower leg was accidentially blocked. Now I am getting a large indentation, just above the ankle where the sock is. Why the swelling? Should saph vein be treated?

Is it ok to have an MRI with contrast injection (for a torn hamstring) 2 weeks after receiving foam Asclera injections for spider veins in same leg? (6 answers)
I am scheduled for an MRI with contrast (by injection) for a hamstring tear and lesion, this will be done 10 days after I have Asclera Sclerotherapy injections in the same leg (thigh and calf). Is there any conflict with these 2 treatments & agents?

Vein Insufficiency and have received 3 different opinions. Is sclerotherapy a reasonable solution? (6 answers)
I was diagnosed with severe vein insufficiency but received 3 different opinions on how to treat it. My legs do not have visible varicose veins but I have a "mild" case of spider veins. Is sclerotherapy a reasonable solution for treatment of pain and appearance?

How long after the Sclerotherapy treatment will I see the results? (6 answers)
Would I see the results right away after Sclerotherapy treatment? If not, when wil the bruises go away? Is it normal to still see all my treated veins after 10 days?

Ulcer treatment options and healing duration to minimize scarring? (6 answers)
I had Sclerotherapy 3 weeks ago, and have an ulcer on the shin. It's closed but has an inflamed red border, uneven edge, dark black deep scab in center, a few mm depth (scab gets moist in shower, rub of danger). I'm treating it with: mepilex silicone bandaid and compression hose. Any other options? How long to heal? Will there be any scarring?

I had 3 scleratherapy treatments over about a 5 weeks time frame. I developed severe leg pain near the inner ankle after the third treatment. (6 answers)
I went back to the doctor and he did an ultrasound. He said the saphenous vein was completely blocked in the lower area. He said some of the small veins that were treated were connected, so that is why. I continue to have intermittent pain in the leg?

can sclerotherapy cause an eye infection? (6 answers)
I hand sclerotherapy on the backs of my hands. A few weeks after I got a really bad eye infection in both of my eyes that I have had for about 3 months and still have. Could it be related? Can the solution travel to my eyes? Thanks!

If am on a birth control pill (Ortho Tri-Cyclen). can I still undergo sclerotherapy? (6 answers)
I have heard that it is not safe to be on birth control pill and get sclerotherapy done, but I need to get this done, and I can't stop taking the pill!

How long after sclerotherapy can tissue necrosis occur? (5 answers)
Can a slough appear 1 week after sclerotherapy treatment, or would you see & feel signs of it sooner?

Is it okay if some of the clotted veins are not drained during sclerotherapy? (5 answers)
The doctor drained them, but there is one on my wrist that is hard and goes up my arm. Even though he meant to do just the wrist, this one is hard to see, but I can feel it. Is that okay?

Muscle Pain, Tendernous, and Spasms after Sclerotherapy (5 answers)
I had my right leg treated 4 days ago & since day 1 I have experienced muscle pain & tenderness in my calf. Occasionally, I have muscle spasms & today my ankle hurts as though it is sprained. It has been difficult to walk. Is this normal or serious?

Trapped blood keep coming back in my varicose veins (5 answers)
I had EVLT followed by sclerotherapy for my variocose veins. I developed large amounts of trapped blood in the treated veins. How many times should you have to keep aspirating the blood. It keeps coming back after 4 attempts relieve hard lumps?

Foam sclerotherapy following EVLT (5 answers)
I've had EVLT performed on both GSV's and both LSV's. How do you know if you need sclerotherapy foam on other veins and tributaries. Do these have to be incompetent to have this done? The EVLT was not performed on the lower portion of any of these veins.

Should I avoid taking Adderall prior and after Sclerotherapy? (5 answers)
Should I avoid taking Adderall prior and after Sclerotherapy?

How will I know if the vein will vanish or fade after sclerotherapy? (5 answers)
It's been two weeks and any bruising that I had has faded. My legs look like they did before sclerotherapy. The vein behind my knee still hurts when i stand. i had sclero before and there were more obvious signs of fading. is there still a chance to improve?

Large veins around eyes making it look like a black eye. (5 answers)
My granddaughter has large veins around that sometimes make her look as if she has a black eye. What is some possible treatments?

What are these gray patches all over my legs where I had injections and where I had telangiectatic matting? (5 answers)
They're not purple. They're not red. They're gray. No visible veins, just kind of cooky looking. Will they go away?

Which veins get injected with sclerotherapy? (4 answers)
Which veins get injected with sclerotherapy for varicose veins treatment? Is it the bulging ones or the ones inside the leg that we don't see that are varicose? Thank you!

I had sclerotherapy treatment in Feb 2011. Despite following directions to the letter, my spider veins are back. Why? (4 answers)
I had sclerotherapy treatment in Feb 2011. Despite following directions to the letter, my spider veins are back. Why?

Is new vein development after sclerotherapy preventable? (4 answers)
After sclerotherapy, I always have a burst of new ones develop. Is this preventable? I used to have spider veins only on my thighs but they disappeared after having treatment only to be replaced by new ones on my lower legs (which looks worse).

Sclerotherapy for labia varices? (4 answers)
I had a radiologist do sclerotherapy with x-ray dye for labia varices. Is it normal to feel hard rounded lumps deep into the labia post procedure. I feel the lumps are NOT LOCATED where the vein was.Will this resolve and how long does it take?

How long does it usually take for the spider veins to go away? (4 answers)
I had injections done and it doesn't look like any of the spiders went away. This was a month ago. When can I expect to see a change. Also, is it safe to have this done while on Accutane?

Worried that removing a spider vein will affect other body functions? (4 answers)
I have big spider vein from the legs to breasts including arms and stomach. Doctors say they can be vanished. But, I'm worrying whether or not removing them will affect the other body functions and cause new problems?

Which antibiotics should be avoided when getting Sclerotherapy? (4 answers)
Which antibiotics should be avoided when getting sclerotherapy? And how long before and after the procedure should they be avoided? Are tetracyclines the only ones that cause staining or do others?

Should I be worried about a dark purple vein that's still active? (4 answers)
I received sclerotherapy from a plastic surgeon's office for spider veins. The lady said a very visible dark purple vein behind my knee could not be treated because it is still an active vein. Should I be worried about underlying vascular problems?

Post sclerotherapy, extreme pain, posterior knees (4 answers)
If there was an untreated, localized ameoba infection, at the time of sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins, could this have caused ameoba cysts in knee, thus reason for ongoing pain still felt after almost two years later?

Visible under eye veins (4 answers)
I have veins below my eyes that are very visible through the skin. Is this type of therapy an option? What would the risks be, and if this is not an option, what treatment do you recommend? It is a hereditary condition I have had all my life.

I have severe pain and a burning sensation in my achilles, could this be nerve damage? (4 answers)
After sclerotherapy, I experienced severe pain near in my achilles. It was sharp and there was a burning sensation. When I got up and walked around it got better. During the day today, however, I am still feeling pain on and off in that area, though not as severe as before. Could this be nerve damage?

Can sclerotherapy cause you to have a transient ischemic attack? (4 answers)
I had sclerotherapy on a Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m, and by the following day I had a transient ischemic attack. Can the procedure caused this to happen?

What, in your experience, is the best syringe for visual cosmetic sclerotherapy? (4 answers)
I've had problems with disposable plastic 3 and 5cc syringes with hard to push plungers, which results in jerking and the needle dislodging. What, in your experience, is the best syringe for visual cosmetic sclerotherapy? Thank you.

What is the difference between reticular veins and varicose veins? (3 answers)
I have greenish veins near the surface of my inner thigh. I can feel them and they bulge a bit at times. Are they reticular or varicose veins? According to tests, the insufficiency of my gsv is greater than 2 per sec. at the junction. I was told that I'm not ready for ablation yet. How do I know when I'll be ready for treatment? Could I have sclerotherapy in the meantime? If so, would it rid these ugly veins?

My physician advised against injecting near the ankle because the lower part of the leg tends to turn brown permanently. Is this true? (3 answers)

I still have pain and tenderness 3 weeks post-sclerotherapy, what should I do? (3 answers)
I had ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy 3 weeks ago. One injection site was my inner calf, about 4-5 inches above ankle near the side of my tibia bone. This area still has pain and is very sensitive to touch, but there is no swelling or bruising. Any idea as to what I should do?

Is vasculitis a possible side effect of sclerotherapy? (3 answers)
Is vasculitis a possible side effect of sclerotherapy?

Medical Data to support repeat ultrasound quided sclerotherapy (3 answers)
My insurance carrier recently changed its policy. It used to grant 3 sclerotherapy sessions, now they state repeat sessions are not medically indicated. However, this is not listed in their policy on varicose veins. I need data to fight this.

Dan sclerotherapy cause numbness in hands? (3 answers)
I had Sclerotherapy done on my hands. The doctor did many viens. My hands look great. But sometimes at night my hands feel numb or during the day one of my fingers feels numb. Is it temporary? Is it okay to have numbness? Thank you!

Can sclerotherapy be used to remove an external hemorrhoid? And can a vein clinic perfom this procedure? (3 answers)
Can sclerotherapy be used to remove an external hemorrhoid? And can a vein clinic perfom this procedure?

Blue visible veins all over my body? (3 answers)
I recently just noticed that all of my veins are visible all over my body, including a few in the chest this normal? I'm currently on Accutane too.

New large veins appeared after sclerotherapy. (3 answers)
I had sclerotherapy a week ago and I noticed that new large veins appeared that weren't there before, and that the treated ones haven't fully disappeared yet. Is it a side effect of sclerotherapy? What seemed to cause the problem? Thanks.

Do I have a blood clot? (2 answers)
I had schlerotherapy on my left upper thigh yesterday and wore my knee-high hose to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible pain in my left heel. It was also red. Got back in bed and it went away. Could this be a blood clot?

Can veins beneath the surface hurt? Will more sclerotherapy help? (2 answers)
I've had two sessions of sclerotherapy. The spider veins look good (gone), but there is still some pain in the area next to the knee on both of my legs. Can veins beneath the surface hurt? Will more sclerotherapy help this?

I have hyperpigmentation after sclerotherapy, when will the discoloration fade away? (2 answers)
I had sclerotherapy one and a half weeks ago. I went in because there was trapped blood a few days ago. How long will it take for the red line to go away? It is still there. Can't ask my doctor because he left the practice. Don't know the replacement dr.

My leg looks worse after sclerotherapy, why is that? (2 answers)
My first sclerotherapy procedure was 2 years ago, and I have VNUS closure prior. I was happy with the results until now. After my last sclerotherapy procedure 2 months ago, one of my legs looks worse than ever. It suddenly got worse. Why is this happening? What can I do? Help!

How long after sclerotherapy is it safe to become pregnant? Will the solution affect my future fetus? (1 answer)
I had an EVLT and phlebectomy 1 year ago, but now there is a branch vein that my doctor wants to take care of with sclerotherapy injections. How long after the procedure is it safe to become pregnant? Will the solution have any impact on the future fetus?

Why would legs still tingle/burn 10 days after spider vein treatment? (1 answer)
I had sclerotherapy behind knees and above my ankles for cosmetic reasons. Wore compression hose for 7 days. Ten days post-treatment, I have continuous tingling/burning in both lower legs and feet. No obvious signs of clots or redness. I did not have any symptoms prior to treatment. Why is this happening?

My treated veins are purple (no skin bruising), will they eventually fade or do they need to be treated a second time? (1 answer)
Two weeks after sclerotherapy, some of my treated veins are purple but the skin is not bruised. Others that were treated disappeared immediately. I followed all recommendations post-treatment. Will these veins fade and eventually disappear or do they need a second treatment?

I wasn't able to get compression hose until 24 hours after my treatment, is it a waste to start wearing compression hose now? (1 answer)

Upper body weight lifting aggravates my legs more than lower body lifting, will sclerotherapy help? (1 answer)
I'm big into weight lifting and find right now (pre-procedure) that upper body weight lifting aggravates my legs most, more than lower body lifting. Why is this? If I get sclerotherapy, will I be able to weight lift without problems?

3 wks after sclerotherapy, I have begun to notice white blotches around the injection sites. There is no pain or inflammation. Is all this normal? (0 answers)

I'm a 38-year-old smoker who has thrombophelbitis and a mirena IUD. Am I at greater risk for DVT after sclerotherapy or varicose vein surgery? (0 answers)
I have thrombophelbitis in my left thigh at the moment. It is very painful; I've had unsightly veins in this area for years. I'm just within my BMI, but apprehensive of surgery due to smoking 15 -20 cigarettes per day. Also, I have had the mirena IUD for four years. Does this put me at greater risk for DVT? Can I fly safely?

My legs burn, ache and are swollen after sclerotherapy, why is this? (0 answers)
I had 3 mini-sclerotherapy treatments 4 weeks apart. Since my last session 8 weeks ago, my legs have been burning and aching. They've also become swollen. Just as bad, the spider veins didn't even disappear. They have multiplied and are bigger, more purple more visible. It feels like pins and needles all over my legs, not just he injection spots. I had no pain in my legs before. Duplex scan is normal. Doctor used VeinLite. Why is this happening?

Should I remove the support pantyhose if my legs are swollen after sclerotherapy? (0 answers)

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