Following a vein stripping performed in 1960, I developed an infection which complicated into a DVT in the left leg. For the years since, I have had poor circulation and accompanying adema. Would it be risky to have RF ablation now for var. veins?

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Replied on 3/31/2012

By: Angelo N. Makris MD   |  Angelo N. Makris, M.D. Interventional Radiology Center
Oak Brook, IL

You would need a complete venous duplex ultrasound of both the deep and superficial veins to determine if anything can be done for your symptoms and the risks/benefits involved.

Replied on 3/29/2012

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

Really depends on your anatomy and what procedure is required. There are precaution that can be taken to avoid DVT however see your MD for advice.

Replied on 3/28/2012

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

Your question is complicated. You must first insure that your arterial circulation is adequate. This can easily be done by several simple noninvasive tests. Next a venous duplex is necessary to evaluate both the deep and superficial systems. If your arterial and deep venous systems are adequate and your varicose veins are due to valvular reflux, then treating the source of the reflux with an ablation procedure is acceptable.

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