How can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome be diagnosed?

How do I know if I have PCS? I have had ultrasounds and bloodwork done and everything has come back normal.

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Replied on 11/22/2010

By: Miller Vein  |  Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D.
Steven K. Wang, M.D.
Michael E. Lulenski, M.D.
Zoe Deol, M.D.

Novi, MI

It's not unusual to have a normal ultrasound with PCS. An MRI would be recommended as the next step if you have the symptoms.

Replied on 7/29/2010

By: VeinCare Centers of Tennessee  |  Stephen F. Daugherty, M.D.,F.A.C.S.
Clarksville, TN

Painful pelvic varicose veins with pelvic congestion symptoms often can be diagnosed with high quality abdominal/pelvic venous color duplex ultrasound. Unfortunately, most abdominal/pelvic venous ultrasound is not performed well and often is misleading. CT or abdominal venograms may be helpful as well. The best thing to do is to find a vascular surgeon or interventional radiologist experienced with pelvic varicose veins/pelvic congestion and have that physician evaluate you.

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Who should I call to treat pelvic varicose veins? (5 answers)
I called a few vascular surgeon offices and they sounded perplexed by my condition, and said they had no idea who I could call for help with my condition. My gynecologist diagnosed me via ultrasound. Is this called pelvic congestion syndrome? Have you encountered varicose veins in the pelvic region and can you recommend which type of specialist I should consult?

What is the best treatment and prognosis for pelvic congestion syndrome? (4 answers)
I have been suffering with severe symptoms which were diagnoised in the emergency room of a local hospital after a CT scan. Internet research is depressing. Please recommend next steps.

My CT scan shows pelvic congestion syndrome but my doc says the scan cannot be used to make the diagnosis, why is that? (4 answers)
My CT scan shows pelvic congestion syndrome. However, my ob/gyn says that although the CT scan shows that, the scan cannot be used to diagnose the syndrome. Why is that? I have been experiencing pelvic/abdominal pain for over two months.

Any advice for someone who has been diagnosed with PCS on the right side of the body? (4 answers)
I recently had a laparoscopy done and was diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. I was told that it does not seem to be affecting any of my reproductive organs, but the congested veins are on the right side of my body and are covering my appendix. What options do I have?

What can I do to feel relief for vulvar/buttock varicose veins? (4 answers)
My MD said it was varicose vein, gyn said nothing can be done and dismissed it. I have pain, pressure, skin burning especially with standing or sitting too long. Should I see a vein specialist or "live with it" as gyn said. affects quality of life.

What are the treatment options for pelvic congestion syndrome? (4 answers)
I think I may have PCS. What are the best treatment options for this?

Is having a Hysterectomy the only way to cure pelvic congestion syndrome? (4 answers)
Or are there other treatments?

Does Pelvic Congestion Syndrome need to be treated by OBGYN or a Vein Specialist? (4 answers)
Which specialist is preferred?

How is the diagnosis of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome made? (4 answers)
I think I may have PCS. How can I get diagnosed?

Is it possible to have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome even if you have never been pregnant? (3 answers)
I have been getting hard pains in my pelvic area for 4-5 years. I'm only 18 and i have never been pregnant. Is it still possible to develop this condition without having been pregnant?

Is Pregnancy dangerous after being diagnosed with PCS? (3 answers)
I may be accidentally pregnant having an IUD in. I am treated round the clock for my pain from PCS. If I am pregnant again (this being my forth child) is it dangerous to me in any way? Could the baby be at risk or can I be at higher risk?

Does Pelvic Congestion Syndrome typically get worse or better with age? (3 answers)
Is age a factor with PCS?

I have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome and I am 27 weeks pregnant, is vaginal delivery safe? (3 answers)
Or should I have a C-section?

What can be used to reduce the cronic pain of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (3 answers)
Are there any pain killers to help with PCS?

Is Pelvic Congestion Symdrome life threatening if left untreated? (3 answers)
Is Pelvic Congestion Symdrome life threatening if left untreated?

Why do I have a tremendous amount of pain the morning after having intercourse? (3 answers)
I am 29 weeks pregnant. I have varicose veins on the right side of my vulva and rear end. Even if my husband is extremely gentle when penetrating, I still experience the pain when I wake up. Is there anything I can do to alleviate the pain?

Diagnosis disputed (3 answers)
After a CT Scan the diagnosis was Pelvic Congestive Syndrom. My doctor sent me to Magee's Womans Hospital to see if they could help me. The doctor said that this disorder has been scientifically disproven. They made me feel like a nut. Is this true?

I had a CT scan and was diagnose of having pelcic congestion syndrome so what doctor do I go for this? (3 answers)
What kind of specialist treats Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? What are some treatments for this condition?

I seem to have more pelvic pain after a bowel movement? (3 answers)
I have had this pelvic pain and have had an ultra sound and ct scan to check for cancer etc...the only thing shown were enlarged veins, i saw a gyno doctor and she said everything is good...should i see a lower GI doctor ? I have had gastric bypass ?

How is pelvic congestion syndrome diagnosed? (3 answers)
What exactly is pelvic congestion syndrome? I have abdominal pain that comes and goes and someone said I might have PCS. How would I find this out?

Can you still get pregnant with pelvic congestion syndrome? (3 answers)
Can you still get pregnant with pelvic congestion syndrome?

I need a second opinion from a PCS specialist. (3 answers)
Before undergoing yet another surgery for suspected Endometriosis, I would feel more comfortable if a specialist could rule in-or-out PCS. No one has ever suggested that it could be anything else and after other failures I'm seeking alternatives.

Do you have information on the use/effectiveness of physical therapy with pelvic congestion syndrome? (3 answers)
Do you have information on the use/effectiveness of physical therapy with pelvic congestion syndrome, which is cited on your website. I am having trouble finding information about this throughout the Internet.

What is a recommended treatment of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (3 answers)
What is your recommended treatment of PCS and do you recommend an OBGYN? Is weight gain typically associated with PCS?

I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome, how painful will delivery be if I get pregnant again? (3 answers)
I was recently diagnosed w/ pelvic congestion syndrome. The varicose veins are in my pelvis, not my ovaries or uterus. Currently, I only feel pain during the first few days of my period. During that time I I can't have a bowel movement without Advil because I have vaginal canal pain. How painful would labor be?

Why do I have a strong pulsating feeling and dull pain in the left vaginal wall after embolization one month ago? (3 answers)
The only thing that relieves it is rolling up a towel and placing it under by left buttock and sitting. It then feels like things are circulating better and the pain goes away. Have you ever heard of this and why does it happen?

Does abdominal pain indicate pelvic congestion syndrome? (3 answers)
After a total hysterectomy in 2001 for polysistic ovaries my doctor said I had pelvic congestion. After years of terrible pelvic lower abdominal and lower back pain, I had a CT scan. The doctor said the scan was "normal." Do you have any advice for next steps?

Does birth control work as treatment for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (3 answers)
I was recently diagnosed with PCS. Its very painful, almost all the time. My doctor put me on birth control for treatment. Is this an effective treatment? And would the surgical procedure work for the veins in my legs if they just embolize the stomach veins?

What should I do if I recently found out I have varicose veins on my uterus? (3 answers)
Ultrasound revealed varicose veins on uterus, but my uterus is normal size. I have never been pregnant. I experience a lot of pelvic pain. If I should become pregnant, would there be complications? Should I seek treatment now?

Can exercise, such as Yoga and Pilates, ease symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome? (3 answers)

Is it safe to have a C-section if you're diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome? (2 answers)

If one ovary has varicose veins, it is possible for pain to occur on the opposite side? (2 answers)
I have had abdominal pain for over 3 years. The pain is severe and cramping primarily occurs on the lower right side. It has gotten worse in the last few months. I've had an appendectomy, and my colonoscopy and EGD were normal. However, a CT scan showed varicose veins in my left ovary. Can pelvic congestion syndrome cause pain on the right side even if the varicose veins are located in the left ovary?

How will pelvic congestion syndrome affect my sex life? (2 answers)
I am 20 years old and recently married the love of my life (a deployed marine). I also learned that I have pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS). How will this effect my sex life? Is sex just a bad idea with this condition? Is having a baby still an option for us? If so, how will PCS affect that?

Is embolization the only option to relieve pelvic congestion sydrome? (2 answers)
I have pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS) and am concerned that the coils might migrate to other parts of my body after embolization. Is embolization my only option?

Could my condition be a symptom of pelvic congestion syndrome? (2 answers)
I get a terrible pain in my upper right thigh, with swelling a week or so prior to my periods. I am 45 years old. Could this be a symptom of pelvic congestion syndrome?

Might I have pelvic congestion syndrome and do I need an emergency check-up? (2 answers)
I am in a lot of pain and scared about a blood clot. Should I go get checked out at hospital? My pelvis, hip and back are hurting severely and it is making it hard to even stand, walk or get up. I am getting leg cramps at night that make my leg go straight out. I am scared. What should I do?

Who treats venous malformations and how are they treated in the labia area? (2 answers)
Can surgery be done to remove Pelvic Congestion Syndrome for good? I have a venous malformation in the labia. A sonographic imaging was done. There is a flow noted within this dilated vein which changes with respiratory. I was told the venous malformations will return if treated. Who treats this and what method is used?

Two weeks after I had and ovarian vein embolization the pain is worse. Is this normal? (2 answers)
My radiologist put coils on the main left ovarian vein. He said the procedure was a success and that was the only varicose vein. I felt great after the procedure but then two weeks later the pain is worse. Why do you think that is?

If you have already had the coil surgery done but had two more babies after, is there a chance that there are more veins? I have varicose veins now. (2 answers)

What causes Venous Malformation? (2 answers)
What causes a Venous Malformation (VM) to develop in the labia area at age 50? Do high or low levels of estrogen & progesterone cause the VM to get bigger? Will the VM shrink or get bigger during menopause? Can the VM be surgically removed forever?

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with #3 and wear a v2 supporter daily, but my symptoms are still worsening. What other compression devices are available? (2 answers)
The veins are continuing to worsen and spread down my inner thigh and throughout my pelvic, buttocks, and groin region. What type of supports are available to use now in addition to the v2 supporter? Are there compression shorts?

What do I do about recurrence after ovarian vein embolization? (2 answers)
Three years ago I had a renal venogram for Nutcracker (4.5mmhg, had planned to stent at 3, but flow looked good). I had ovarian vein embolization - 14mm/19 coils. LLQ pain unbearable again & ultrasound shows prom. venous collaterals l. adnexa. Now what?

I have been diagnosed with pevlic congestion syndrome, should I have an embolization before I get pregnant again? (2 answers)
I am planning for my 2nd child, but was diagnosed this year with pelvic congestion syndrome. I only get pain after long car/plane rides, or during the first few days of my period. I am VERY sore for those first few days. I'm scared I will be in too much pain while pregnant. Should I have an embolization before I get pregnant again?

Could VNUS Closure make PCS worse? (2 answers)
After having a MRI with contrast, I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. I had VNUS closure on my left leg 2 yrs ago. Now, I have horrendous left groin pain, see spots, have strange migraines, heart palpitations, restless leg when I sit, and pain when I lay on my left side. What should I do? Could the VNUS closure make PCS worse?

My radiologist won't treat my pelvic congestion syndrome before pregnancy, is this typical? (2 answers)
I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome five years ago. I am most sore during the first few days of my period. During that time, I can't bowel movement without advil, nor can I take car/plan rides. I[m scared to get pregnant because I'm not sure I can bear the pain, but my radiologist won't treat until I'm done having kids. Is this typical?! Why would my physician rather wait than treat me now?

Should I have another vein embolization done? (2 answers)
I had an ovarian vein embolization done 5 months ago and now the pain is back worse than before. Should I consider having another one done, or is a hysterectomy a better option?

Can varicose veins and pelvic congestion syndrome cause infertility and irregular cycles? (2 answers)

Can I have a natural child birth if I have pelvic congestion syndrome? Or, are C-sections more common? (2 answers)

I just got diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome, will this affect my ability to have children?? (2 answers)
I still want to have children, but now that I have been diagnosed with PCS I'm not sure if it's possible. Will this syndrome affect my ability to get pregnant? What about delivery a baby?

Can ELA correct my varicose veins caused by pelvic congestion syndrome? (2 answers)
Varicose veins just popped up in the top inner, upper thigh. I have also been experiencing constipation. There is nothing mentioned about the origin of my problem, so I am going straight to ELA. Can they guarantee this will solve the problem? I don't want to waste my money.

Pregnancy after ovarian vein ligation? (2 answers)
I had an ovarian vein ligation several years ago. Would it be possible for me to conceive again, & safe to do so?

Is it very common to keep getting yeast infections? (2 answers)
Does having pelvic congestion syndrome make someone more prone to getting yeast infections?

Is there a chance I can still have babies with pelvic congestion? (2 answers)
Is there a chance I can still have babies with pelvic congestion?

Will treatment of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome help minimize future varicose veins in my legs? (2 answers)
Will treatment of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome help minimize future varicose veins in my legs?

Is pregnancy safe after pelvic congestion syndrome is treated? (2 answers)
I had embellisation of bith rt and lt ovarian arteries due to this an i still get pregnant? After embellisation can it still come back? Will it be okay to carry full term if pregnant?

Can a woman have pelvic congestion syndrome after a hysterectomy? (2 answers)
I have had a ct scan that showed I had PCS several years ago and have a hysterectony 3 years ago is it possible to have PCS after the hysterectomy? I am now starting with dull aching pain in the lower abdomen and upper legs.

Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome occur in a woman's sixties long after a hysterectomy and endometriosis? (2 answers)
My symptoms are: feeling of heaviness in lower abdomen, aching pain across my bikini cut hysterectomy scar, aching in both groin areas, pain in lower left quadrant of abdomen, aching and pain level decrease with very little activity .

I have IBS-C with PCS what can I do to alleviate the discomfort? (2 answers)
I have severe IBS-C with PCS after having my son 9 years ago. I go to the gym almost daily. I need relief my abdomen is always swollen, what can I do to alleviate the pressure?

What is Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (2 answers)
How is Pelvic Congestion Syndrome related to varicose veins in the legs?

Have all three Cele's , enterocele , cystocele, rectocele (2 answers)
was 235 pounds so began exercising and over two months my pelvic area was being injured. It was a lot of tests. I have been bed ridden nearly a year. Can an injury cause PCS? I was told there is no cure. If my cele's are fixed will this fix my pcs.?

What would be the best medicine to take, I am currently taking vicoprofen? (2 answers)
My doctor has suggested a total hysterectomy, is this the best treatment? I am very frustrated by the amount of pain that I 'm in and am willing to do anything to get out of this constant pain.

Can I have a baby after the treatment of Pelvic Congestion Syndrom? (2 answers)
Can I have a baby after the treatment?

Can Grapeseed Extract help with the symptoms of Pelvic Congestin Syndrome? (2 answers)
I was told that the herbal supplement Grapeseed Extract can help treat the symptoms of varicose veins. Is this true and is it safe to take?

Is it dangerous being 18 and just having been diagnosed with PCS? (2 answers)
I am 18, and was just diagnosed with PCS, am I facing seious health complications?

I was recently diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion, can I get pregnant right now or after a treatment? (2 answers)
I was recently diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion, can I get pregnant right now or after a treatment?

Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome make women infertile? (2 answers)
I am really worried, can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome make women infertile? Are their infertility options for women with PCS?

Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome cause hip pain and or nausea? (2 answers)
I have low and mid back pain along with nausea. Can this be attributed to Pelvic Congestion Syndrome?

Is pelvic congestion syndrome the same as endometriosis? (2 answers)
They sound kind of the same.

Is is it safe to get pregnant after an ovarian embolization? (1 answer)
I have left ovarian vein reflux and right sided vulvular varices. It was suggested that I have an ovarian vein embolization. Is it safe to get pregnant aftwards or will my condition worsen. Or should I wait to have the procedure until after my pregnancy?

What are the effects of PCS on a baby during pregnancy? (1 answer)
I am pregnant with my 3rd child and the pain is very severe when laying on my left side. The doctors say laying your left side is best for baby. Is this loss of blood flow hurting the baby?

I had a vein procedure and its been a year of pain, is it possible I have Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (1 answer)
I had PCO cauterization performed in July. Still have dull dragging pain and feel exhausted stomach bloats, bowel problems,bleeding and pain for 3/4 of each month also can see pulse on stomach when swollen. Surgeon mentioned veins were varicose?

When you have Pelvic Congestion Sydrome can you still have babies? (1 answer)
I have this syndrome and I am 19 years old. But now I'm afraid that I cannot have baby in the future.

Is pelvic congestion syndrome related to hemorrhoids? (1 answer)
I have had hemorrhoids for a number of years, and now am beginning to feel more pelvic pain than before. What is pelvic congestion syndrome and can hemorrhoids cause it?

How can you tell if you have Pelvic Congestion or Torn Labrum? (1 answer)
I have had one MRI showing a torn labrum, another showing no tear. The later showed a prominence of the deep pelvic veins. I have no abdominal pain or lower back pain. I have groin pain pronounced when dressing or lifting affected leg. Thoughts?

Is pelvic congestion syndrome possible in younger women? (1 answer)
I am in my early 20s and I have pelvic pain. What are the symptoms of PCS and is it common in someone so young?

Prevent or lessen pain for PCS? (1 answer)
Good day! Is there any methods to lessen or prevent pain caused by PCS? Thank you.

Can the veins get bigger with Pelvic Ultrasound (1 answer)
My veins are 11mm. This was diagnosed from a pelvic u/s . Can the veins get bigger?

After pregnancy do most women keep varicose veins in the pelvis? (1 answer)
Do most women with varicose veins in the pelvis, PCS, keep them after pregnancy?

Can May-Thurner Syndrome cause migraines? (1 answer)
Can May-Thurner Syndrome cause migraines?

Does pain need to be constant for pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
Is it consistant with this diagnosis that vaginal pain varies and that concurrent lumps and wrinkles which are painful, can be decreased by finger pressure? Thank you so much for your attention and answer to my aquestion.

Can I try pilates and/or yoga if I have PCS? (1 answer)
I'm in constant pain (mostly on my left side), and I also have an ovarian tumor that will be removed in a month by a gynecologist. Will yoga or Pilates help?

Can PCS cause abdominal bloating and/or palpatations? (1 answer)
Can PCS have symptoms like abdominal bloating or palpitations?

Diagnosed with PCS 30 years ago. Is it possible to shave symptoms at my age? (1 answer)
I am 60 and was diagnosed with pcs when I was about 30. I still have symptoms, is that possible at my age?

Pelvic pain 11 months after giving birth. (1 answer)
I had my baby 11 months ago and I'm still in pain. I think it's pelvic congestion syndrome. I want to get better but I don't know what to do. What are some steps I can take to improve?

child with PCS (1 answer)
my daughter is 9 years old and diagnosed with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. How is this treated in such a young girl?

Are there risks for a 22 year old female with 1 child to get pregnant while having pelviccongestion syndrome? (1 answer)

Can Pevlic Congestion Syndrome effect my blood pressure? (1 answer)
I was diagnosed years ago. I have very large viens. Can it effect my heart and blood pressure?

What happens if I don't treat Pelvic Congestion syndrome and just live with the problem? (1 answer)
Just diagnosed with the syndrome, I'm 40 years old and really don't want to take medications, radiation or surgery.

I am having surgery on Thursday oct 13, 2011 will I still be able to have kids after? (1 answer)
I am trying to get pregnant but I have to have this surgery cause I am always in so much pain and I am tired of being on drugs. The doctor that is doing my surgery can't tell me if I will or won't be able to have kids after. Does anyone have any info?

I still have pain after I had a historcotmy? What can still be the problem? (1 answer)
After sex it hurts, but if I don't have sex I'm ok, and when I ovulate it hurts. I don't have a uterus or cervix, can you help me understand why I'm still having this problem, and is there a cure?

What treatments are available for pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
I was wondering what treatments were available for PCS. Pros? Cons?

Can PCS cause lower back and pelvic pain after urinating and bowel movement? (1 answer)
I do not have a bladder infection but I have the same pain in the back that is in the pelvic region. I have not been formally diagnosed with PCS, but my symptoms suggest it. Should I have my regular doctor schedule an unltrasound to confirm it?

does this condition progessively get worse? and is there a relation to an enlarged urterus with this diagnosis? (1 answer)
I recently had a ct scan that reveled that I may have pelvic congestion syndrome. The doctor is vague about how this should be treated.

Is back pain a common symptom of pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
I went for a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis today for a follow-up for a benign mass I had removed last year. The findings came back that symptoms could be associated with pelvic congestion syndrome. I have a lot of pain in the left side of my back, but none in my pelvic. Is back pain a symptom of PCS?

Would a purple cervix suggest pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
If a young woman's cervix was purple and she was not pregnant, would that suggest pelvic congestion syndrome?

Can I take weight loss supplements if I have just been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)

I'm having surgery for pelvic congestion synodrome, how long after can I begin to have sexual intercourse? (1 answer)

I am 22 with no pregnancies and lots of pain, will my fertility be affected if I do another embolization? (1 answer)
I have had lots of pain and no successful pregnancies since I was diagnosed with PCS at 18 years old. I had an embolization, that didn't fully work. I don't want my fertility to be affected, but I need to find a way to decrease the pain. Would a second embolization decrease my chances of bearing a child?

I had vein embolization for PCS but still have back pain, why? (1 answer)
I had a plug used to seal my large ovarian vein to treat my PCS two weeks ago. I have definite relief in my pelvis/abdomen but I continue to have pain in my mid/lower back and tailbone area. It gets worse when my menstrual cycle occurs. Why is this happening? Is the back pain related to my PCS?

What are the risks associated with pelvic congestion syndrome? Are there things I should avoid? Am I at risk for blood clot? (1 answer)
I was recently dx with PCS from an ultrasound and very obvious enlarged vessels. While I'm seeking additional testing, what should I avoid? Can I run, bend or lift normally? Is there a risk for blood clot?

Is a magnetic resonance venography the best test for me? (1 answer)
Extensive ablations & sclerotherapy in both of my failing legs failing. As a result, the doctor is stopping treatment until I get a magnetic resonance venography w/contrast. Dr. suspects ovarian vein or pelvic congestion syndrome. I had an ultrasound done to top thigh only and the tech said the veins there were bad and suggested pelvic MRV too. Is this the best and most definitive test? Thanks

Varicose veins in the buttocks (1 answer)
I am 60 years of age and have had prominent veins in the buttocks for some years but they are just beginning to trouble me. I've had a pelvic ultrasound scan which showed that I also have prominent veins in the uterus and small fibroids.

Is bloating common with PCS? (1 answer)
I get a lot bloating, pressure in abdomen, sometimes GI upset, and a lot of pain with my period. Is bloating common?

Varicosities on the uterus (1 answer)
I had a ceasarian section to deliver my second baby last 0ct 2006; my doctor said they found varicosities on my it dangerous for me to get pregnant and have another cs delivery at this time? We wish to have one more baby. I'm already 43 yrs.

Is hysterectomy after vein embolization with coils possible? (1 answer)
I am 31-years-old and have to have a complete hysterectomy. I had a vein embolization for PCS in which platinum coils were placed on the left side. My surgeon said that he may not be able to do it laproscopically due to the metal. Is this true?

Is it better to have an embolization before or after pregnancy? (1 answer)
My doctor says that I can either get an embolization or a hysterectomy, but they would leave in my ovaries. He says I need to decide if I want more kids even if I go with embolization because I should do it after pregnancy. Is this correct?

How likely is it for a blood clot to form if you have pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
I am going to see an interventional radiologist to talk about embolization, but I wonder how likely it is for a blood clot to form if you have PCS (pelvic congestion syndrome).

I have all the symptoms of PCS, can I become pregnant if I have an embolization? (1 answer)
I haven't become pregnant yet, but have been trying. My periods are never regular and I suffer from pain when I walk, drive, pass wind, laugh or do just about anything. I have all the symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome. After an embolization, can I become pregnant if I haven't already?

Will pelvic congestion syndrome go away when I begin menopause? (1 answer)

What would be the best treatment for pelvic congestion, considering that I've had a complete hysterectomy? (1 answer)
I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome in 2007. After having a total hysterectomy, I got a second opinion and found out I still have a working ovary, though my med reports say they where both removed. Which treatment should I get for pelvic congestion disorder? I need to get it treated some days I can't function.

What are the typical symptoms of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome? (1 answer)
I have pelvic congestion syndrome. Is discharge one of the symptoms? What are the typical symptoms of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome apart from pain?

Can an ovarian vein embolization cause a woman's period to be irregular? (1 answer)
About 4 weeks ago I had an ovarian vein embolization (10 coils). I haven't had a period since, which is odd because my menstrual was very regular before. However, I have experienced all of the symptoms, such as cramping, acne, and hormonal changes. Could the embolization be the reason why my period stopped? Is this normal?

What are the dangers of pelvic congestion syndrome, particularly after a hysterectomy? (1 answer)
I am 46 years old and had a hysterectomy/endometriosis excision. After the procedures I was told that I also have pelvic congestion syndrome. Should I be concerned about any other health risks associated w PCS? Would it be best to seek any additional treatment, or is the hysterectomy all that really can be done? Thank you.

Does pelvic congestion syndrome affect pregnancy? (1 answer)
I'm 6 weeks pregnant now and suspect that I have pelvic congestion syndrome. Could this condition affect my baby in any way?

Could I possibly have pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
I had a total hysterectomy 10+ years ago. For the past 5 years or so, I've had chronic abdominal pain on the lower right side. A MRI, CT scan and sonograms were performed but the tests came back negative. Could I have pelvic congestion syndrome? If not, what else could be causing this problem?

I have just been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome, will it get worse as I go through menopause? Will having a hysterectomy relieve my pain? (1 answer)
I have been in pain for a long time and finally have a diagnosis for my pain. At 50 years old, I have been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. Will the condition get worse as I go through menopause? Will having a hysterectomy relieve my pain? Are there certain foods I should avoid?

Can you feel pelvic varices? (1 answer)

Can cervical ablation treat pelvic congestion syndrom? (1 answer)
I recently had an emergency c-section and when the doctor cut me open, he found that I have a bad case of varicose veins on my uterus. It is so bad that my OB/GYN is worried I will one day just bleed out. Would a cervical ablation work in this situation?

Do I have pelvic congestion syndrome? (1 answer)
I am a 31 year old with irritable bowel syndrome. On average, I take 20 minutes in the bathroom. At age 25 I had baby and at the end of the pregnancy, I felt pressure inside my canal every time I went to the bathroom. The pain was intensely painful during childbirth. Four years after giving birth, I still have tons of pressure inside my canal and cervix, also during the first 3 days of my period.

Could diet effect PCS (0 answers)
I was just diagnosed with PCS throught Cat scan, could diet help the pain

What is the best treatment for pelvic congestion syndrome? (0 answers)
During a work-up for my leg, varicose veins were found in my pelvic region. I was found to have pelvic congestion syndrome. I have significant regurgitation in my legs and pelvic pain. Is surgery still recommended? What is the treatment of choice?

I went for a long bike ride and am now in a lot of pain, can certain types of exercise aggravate PCS? (0 answers)

Can pelvic congestion syndrome cause lower back pain or hip pain? (0 answers)

My legs swell and the varicose veins in my legs hurt very badly around my mentsrual cycle. Could this be pelvic congestion syndrome? (0 answers)

Pelvic pain prior to menstrual cycle. (0 answers)
After 2 difficult deliveries, I had tubes cut at 35 years old, since then prior to each menstrual cycle, the pain in the pelvic area is unbearable. Is PCS a condition that should be addressed? And treated?

Limited range of motion (0 answers)
I had an MRI for right hip pain. They said they found evidence of PCS. I don't have any other symptoms, and have never been pregnant. Would PCS limit range of motion in my hip and be helped by the cortisone shot I was given?

Can PCS cause severe pain in hip/lower back/thighs? (0 answers)
I have been experiencing pain starting in lower R abd, then R hip, and now lower back/both hips. Recent "possible" DX of PCS. Can PCS cause such pain in these places? The pain started about 1 yr ago. Now the pain is effecting my daily life. Thank you.

Exercise after being diagnosed with PCS (0 answers)
I have just been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome. I am thin, and exercise on a regular basis, but is there any particular exercises that will help relieve the pain such as walking or sit-ups?Thank you, Ann

Bursting veins questions (0 answers)
Could the blood in the veins build up and burst? If so, what would happen? Is this a life time syndrome? And could it became serious enough to warrent surgery?

My doctor said at my 6-week ultrasound that I have varicose veins along my scar from the C-section. I need another C-section. (0 answers)
The ultrasound was transvaginal. I had a placenta previa with my last pregnancy and had a C-section at 36 weeks. I recently switched doctors, and I'm now 28 weeks. I had a regular abdominal ultrasound, and the tech said they didn't see veins. Should I be worried?

PCS without varicose veins? (0 answers)
I went through many years of no diagnosis, and finally after a laperoscopy I was diagnosed with pcs but with no varicose veins. Is that right? And what can be done about it?

Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome effect Pregnancy? (0 answers)
Can Pelvic Congestion Syndrome effect Pregnancy?

Feeling an electrical pulse in my groin. (0 answers)
For a few months I've had stabbing pelvic pain when I stand and climb stairs. My periods are so heavy, gained weight, have stomach cramps, bloating, back ache and can feel an electric pulse in my groin like I can feel my blood in my veins. Is this PCS?

What effects could venous coil embolization have on future pregnancies? (0 answers)
I have read that some people have more pain after the procedure when they are pregnant. I have also read about and increased risk of extra uterine pregnancy and slight risk of early onset of menopause.

How to differentiate between pelvic congestion, vulvodynia, and pelvic floor problems? (0 answers)
I have CFS and FM and have had pelvic pain for years. Now it is traveling to my feet. I have been told I have pelvic floor and vlvodynia but I am wondering if it is really a pelvic congestion problem. How do I get the correct dx? What is Tx?

Do I have pelvic congestion syndrome? I changed doctors and no diagnose yet. (0 answers)
I've been experiencing this horrible pain for 9 years. Lately it became paralyzing. I have pain attacks that lasts for 20minutes each that can get up to 10 attacks per day 10 days each month before my period. I have fibroid but no endo. Primolut worsened it.

What is available to alleviate the pain from PCS besides pain medication? (0 answers)
i was diagnosed in 2003 with pelvic congestion syndrome and I was wondering if there was anything Ii can do to get red of the pain besides using pain medication. I got the ovarian vein embolizaion in 2003 but the pain came back about three years after the procedure

Pelvic Pain after Laproscopic Hysterectomy (0 answers)
Can the symptoms of PCS be menstrual like cramps? I recently had a laproscopic hysterectomy and was having some cramping prior and now 6 weeks later I get menstural like cramping after urination? Cystoscopy normal and I'm on Vesicare for bladder spasms.

I'm 24 and I've been put in menopause and I'm bleeding very heavily (0 answers)
I'm having sever cramps and horrible back pain and migraines what do I need to do? I don't have insurance and can't afford to go see my specialist right now, should I go to the ER or just wait it out. I'm on medicine for the pain and also on antibiotics.

Is there concern for clotting with pelvic congestion syndrome? (0 answers)
Is there concern for blood clotting in this situation? I see no mention of clotting problems or concerns, and if so, the information is brief.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and PCS. (0 answers)
My doctor recommended a hysterectomy to help me with my pain. Should I get it done?

It has taken ten years for me to get a diagnosis and after speaking with my OB/GYN he has suggested a hysterectomy. I'm scared. Will it help with my pain?

Is there a chance I can still have babies? (0 answers)
Is there a chance I can still have babies with pelvic congestion syndrome?

PCS and a mom living FAR away from daughter (0 answers)
My daughter had embolization today for PCS, it didn't go as well as hoped. They found that she has to have a stent in her left renal vein. Dr said that normally the veins are at 3or4 and hers were at 21. Please help me understand what this means.

Is slight bleeding/discharge common in post menopausal with pcs? (0 answers)
Is slight bleeding/discharge common in post menopausal with pelvic congestion syndrome (pcs)?

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