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How long should I wait after the procedure before I start lifting weights and running?
I had the procedure done on one leg 2 weeks ago and the other leg 1 week ago. I usually go to the gym 3 times a week but I haven't gone since I had the 1st procedure done. When is it safe to begin heavy exercising again?

Nice question. We advise approx 10 days from the last procedure. Athletes are very in tune with their bodies. Work gradually into a full work out over 3 weeks avoiding strong abdominals early on. Let your body guide you. Good luck.
Norman Bein MD FACS

Other Answered Questions

How soon after microphlebectomy can I exercise?
How soon after my procedure can I resume body weight exercise, such as pistol squats, planks and pull ups? How soon after can I resume kettle bell practice (swings, snatches, get-ups)? Thank you.

I have pain after taking off compression stockings, is this normal?
After wearing my stockings all day, I come home and take them off after supper. After I remove them, I feel the pain happening right away. Is this normal?

Where does the excess fluids go when wearing compressoin stockings?
I have edmema, most likely caused by my beta blocker. If I wear the compression stockings (knee highs), where does the fluids go? Do they really get rid of fluids, or just spread it more evenly?

How effective are EVLT and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy? What's the chance the vein will reopen?
I am considering EVLT and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy based on my doctor's recommendation. How effective are the procedures? What's the chance the vein will reopen? He will be treating the GS and...Details

Will my saphenous nerve repair itself after damage from EVLA and microphlebectomy?
I had EVLA and microphlebectomy on my right leg 4 wks ago to treat GSV (from SFJ to ankle) and reflux of SV (from SPJ to ankle). I am in a lot of pain from my shin to the inside of my ankle. It hurts ...Details

What is the difference between reticular veins and varicose veins?
I have greenish veins near the surface of my inner thigh. I can feel them and they bulge a bit at times. Are they reticular or varicose veins? According to tests, the insufficiency of my gsv is greate...Details

My vein feels hard after being treated with EVLA, is this normal?
My vein feels hard 10 days after having the endovenous laser ablation to treat a varicose vein. Is hardening a normal complication? When will the area soften and return to normal? I had my 3 day post-...Details

After sclerotherapy, how many days does it take before you can go to 15-20mmhg hose?
I had sclerotherapy 5 days ago and have been wearing 20-30mmhg compression hose for the full 5 days, except at night. Would I run into complications, or would the effects of the procedure, be comprom...Details

Is a blood clot in a gastronemius vein considered a DVT? Is it serious?
Should I be concerned about a blood clot in my gastronemius vein? Is this considered a deep vein thrombosis? Is this something I should be worried about? What should be done about it?

Are severe migraines a known side effect after the endovenous laser ablation procedure?
Right after having endovenous laser ablation, and after the pain medication wore off, I had severe migraines. I suffered from migraines before procedure but now one year after I have severe migraines....Details

Can sclerotherapy cause you to have a transient ischemic attack?
I had sclerotherapy on a Thursday morning around 7:30 a.m, and by the following day I had a transient ischemic attack. Can the procedure caused this to happen?

Where can I get custom fit compression hose?
Where can you have custom compression hose made? When I first get hose, they are fine, but within 3 days they seem to stop fitting right and cause my lower legs to be irritated. I've already checked...Details

4 weeks after endovenous laser ablation, I feel shooting and stinging pain in my treated vein. Is this normal? What to do?

Why is the pain worse 3 months after endovenous laser ablation?
3 months after EVLA on both legs, my right leg is aching and it does not get any better with compression stockings, which worked well before the surgery. No recanalization according to the follow-up u...Details

Can I do sitting meditation (i.e. sukhasana or burmese) after sclerotherapy?
Will sitting meditation put too much pressure on my veins after treatment, and possibly cause my varicose veins to reoccur after they heal?

I have small pieces of tissue coming from the microphlebectomy incision sites, should I be trimming it? What to do about pain?
I have small pieces of tissue coming from several incision sites. I can pull them and trim some, but then they bleed a little. Should I be trimming this tissue? Also, what about the incision site on t...Details

Is it normal to have tingling and tightness 2 months after the endovenous laser ablation procedure?
After riding my lawn mower I have tingling & tightness in my inner thigh & knee area. Is this normal? I had the endovenous laser ablation procedure done about 2 months ago.

What's the difference between ultrasound and vein mapping? Is one better than the other at determining which procedure (and how much) a pt needs?

My skin is bruising following sclerotherapy, will the bruising go away?
I've had one treatment of foam sclerotherapy 6 months ago, and now I have bruising on my skin (purple and brown). Will it go away, or will the bruising remain for life? Any exercises that will help? M...Details

Three months after endovenous ablation, I'm still in pain. Is this normal? When will the pain subside?
I had endovenous ablation 3 months ago. I have just as much (or more) pain now than before my procedure. I've talked to my surgeon, and he seems to think I just need to give it more time. He didn't sa...Details

I have a spermatocele, which treatment is better and low-risk, spermatocelectomy or sclerotherapy?
I'm a 20-year-old guy who has a spermatocele. I'm uncomfortable having it and am a little bit shy talking about it. Since I haven't had kids yet, what procedure is best and low-risk? I want to have ch...Details

How many endovenous laser ablation procedures do I really need to have?
I had the VNUS procedure last June, and then a phlebectomy in Sept. I started to feel pain again so I just got another ultrasound and I was told I need another ablation. Is that normal? I felt my whol...Details

I suddenly have reticular and varicose veins, could it be due to chronic constipation and straining?
In the last year, I had chronic constipation and have strained a lot. I've noticed green reticular & varicose veins on my rt upper inner groin area. It seems as though they appeared overnight. Could c...Details

I had my first scleropathy session 7 weeks ago, why do I have intermittent leg aches?
I had my first 'minor' scleropathy 7 weeks ago. It was very painful. A salt solution was used. A week after the procedure, I continue to have a dull intermittent ache behind my knees and down my shins...Details

Why is my treated leg still very bruised and hard from top to bottom five months after ELA? What can I do?
I had endovenous laser ablation treatment December of 2013. The vein is still very hard from top to bottom, and my treated leg is very darkly bruised over almost the entire length of the original vein...Details

Is it dangerous if your compression stockings are too tight?
I'm a 27-year-old nursing assistant who is on her feet for 7-8 hours. I wear compression stockings due to fatigue and varicose veins I've had since adolescence. I also wear them to delay the progressi...Details

Unbearable itching while wearing compression stockings, what do I do?
My legs are extremely itchy when I wear Medi compression stockings. In fact, it's almost painful. When I apply grease and creams, the discomfort only goes away temporarily (approx. 2-3 hours). I've ev...Details

My ankles started to swelling a week after endovenous laser ablation, is this normal?
I had endovenous laser ablation a week ago on my right GSV. Everything started out fine, until my ankle started to swell when standing. I went to my doctor and he explained that this is normal. Is it?...Details

Can sclerotherapy treated spider veins look pretty much the same after sclerotherapy as they did before treatment and still get absorbed away?
Had 1st sclero appt 6 days ago. When I removed compression after 72hrs, some veins had faded away nicely, but the ones near my knees look no different despite being injected. Is there hope for fading?...Details

Can bladder leakage be a side effect of endovenous laser ablation?

My compression stockings are too tight, how can I stretch the area?
I have worn new compression stockings that are too tight just below my knee. Is there a method to stretch this area?

Can wearing compression stockings do more harm than good or cause more damage?
I feel when I wear compression stockings my legs get worse.

Can sclerotherapy for spider veins cause generalized joint pain?
I had spider vein treatment one week ago above the ankles and behind both knees. I now have general feeling of inflammation in my joints, including my upper body such as fingers and wrists. Wondering...Details

Which compression grade should I wear?
I am 27 weeks pregnant and am suffering from moderate varicose veins in my right leg and minor ones in the left. Which grade of compression stocking should I wear?

I am a flight attendant, should I wear full-length or knee-high compression stockings?
As an international flight attendant, I'm on my feet at high altitudes for 8 to 16 hours. Although I have no vein problems I know that compression stockings help my aching legs. Is there a difference ...Details

Could poorly fitting compression socks cause me to develop a clot on a plane ride?
I'm 8wks pregnant & wore compression stockings for my 9.5 hr plane ride to Italy. I took them off 2/3 into the flight b/c the top band was cutting into my legs & it hurt. Now my calf muscle has been s...Details

I have immediate swelling behind my knee when I stand, is this normal after EVLT?
I had EVLT (including perferator veins) 1week ago. When I stand, there is an immediate swelling behind the knee. It also happens when I raise my leg. Is all of this normal after the procedure?

My compression stocking is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks, should I continue to wear it?
The knee-high compression sock is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks (indentations). My job requires me to stand all day. I have spider veins in my ankles and on the side of my outer c...Details

What could be done if my doctor possibly injected the wrong vein?
My Dr performed ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy on one of my great saphenous veins. It has been months and the vein hurts all the time. It feels like I have pitching inside my leg, and it is like I ...Details

Had a pulmonary embolism, should I wear compression stockings?
I had a pulmonary embolism, but am not sure if it started from deep vein thrombosis. The doctor compression socks are not mandatory since I am on Xarelto. However, I figured they can only help, even i...Details

Should I still wear a compression stocking 3 weeks after sclerotherapy treatment??
I was wondering if I should continue to wear my 18-24 mmHg compression stocking 3 weeks after my sclerotherapy treatment. I was told once that even if the condition improves, wearing stockings can pre...Details

I will have a surgery to repair my torn meniscus, how long after the procedure can I have EVLT?
I had vein stripping 10 years ago. I have venous insufficiency and stasis dermatitis. I wear compression hose. I will have orthoscopic surgery for a torn meniscus in March. How long should I wait for...Details

Will a run/hole in my compression stockings compromise my sclerotherapy results?
I recently had sclerotherapy & have been wearing my compression hose as directed. However, I noticed I got a small run/hole at the bottom of one of the feet (near the heel). Will this ruin the overall...Details

Will removing my compression stocking do harm?
I was told to wear a compression stocking for six weeks on my right leg after ankle surgery on my left. Will taking it off two days early do any harm?

How can someone have an easier time putting on and taking off her compression stockings?
My grandma is 93 years old, and my uncle who she cares for can't get the compression stockings on and off. How can this process be made easier?

How are my veins connected and will the ELA procedure benefit me?
I was diagnosed with venous reflux of the GSV, but my biggest varicose vein is on the other side of my leg. I am 23 y/o and I don't know if I should do the treatment or not. I do have some veins showi...Details

Why would my doctor recommend both RF and microphlectomy?
I am a big built, 6'2 healthy man. My right leg has large looking veins and after having an analysis, it was recommended that I have RF, followed by microphlebectomy. Is microphlebectomy really necess...Details

Can compression stockings cause headaches?
I have been asked by a dr. to wear compression stockings until we find out if I have a blood clot in my lower right leg. I wonder if a side effect of wearing them could be headaches. Thank you.

Can I use compression stockings for varicose and spider veins in the upper thigh?
I am a 42-yr-old male and have had a lot of spider veins and some mild varicose veins in my upper right thigh for more than 7 years. I once tried women's compression stockings and they relieved my dis...Details

Should compression stockings make your legs & feet ache?
I have compression stockings that are supposed to come up to my knees, but they come over my knees. Not only are they very difficult to get on & off, they cause my legs and feet to ache. Is this norma...Details

Is it safe to continue taking Beyaz post-ablation? Can the drug lead to DVT?
I had a venous ablation 7 months ago. I'm in pain again and am still wearing compression stockings. I'm seeing my doctor next week, but I was wondering if it's safe to continue taking Beyaz post-ablat...Details

I have permanent cramping after having an endovenous laser ablation, what should I do?
I had my greater saphenous and the vein around my calf closed a couple of years ago. Now, I get cramping that lasts for weeks after exercise. I've tried massaging the area, staying hydrated, and lower...Details

Why am I having pain and aches present so long after endovenous laser treatment?
I had slcerotherapy and an endovenous laser ablation on both my greater saphenous vein and lesser saphenous vein 7 months ago. Since then I have been more symptomatic and have continual aches/throbbin...Details

Would it be wise to wait on ELA to see if my leg symptoms ever get worse? Can I start with sclerotherapy for now?
I feel I'm being rushed into getting an endovenous laser ablation. I've been diagnosed with grade 2 venous problems. Also, my symptoms are mild and my reticular and spider veins are both less than 4mm...Details

After wearing thigh-high compression stockings, the skin that was in the hose is now lighter in color. Is this a problem?

Can you have isolated popliteal reflux of 2 seconds and have healthy veins?
I had an ultrasound that showed r>l spiders around ankle, 2 sec reflux rt deep popliteal, everything else OK. He said my veins are great. But, I read >.5 is a problem. Can you have isolated 2 sec refl...Details

Will my symptoms and venous problems clear up with endovenous laser ablation? Should I wait for treatment?
Bluish reticular veins have appeared over 1 year, just in the front and top of the right thigh. They travel in different directions. I was diagnosed with a grade 2, venous dilation, and venous insuffi...Details

If you wear thigh-high compression stockings, will it cause your overall body to feel cold? If so, is this OK?
I'm normally hot-natured. I wore compression stockings yesterday and felt cold. I took them off last night and felt my normal self this morning. Does this mean they're too tight? Or, does this mean it...Details

Could the endovenous laser ablation procedure be responsible for my DVT blood clot?
I had an endovenus laser ablation on both legs 2 weeks ago, and 5 days ago I started suffering from a constant cramp in my left calf which was just diagnosed as a deep vein thrombosis blood clot. Coul...Details

I had a VNUS closure, followed by sclerotherapy, but none of the original spider veins are gone. Why wasn't treatment successful?
I had a VNUS closure April 2013, followed by sclerotherapy. I've noticed clustering and that none of the original spider veins are gone. I can press on them and watch the blood flow return. I wore st...Details

Does sclerotherapy work on blue straight bulging veins on the front of your legs?

Can I remove my compression stockings to walk on the treadmill?
It's been 5 day since my 3rd session of sclerotherapy. Can I remove my hose to walk on the treadmill? Otherwise, they keep sagging around my knees. I've been measured for the compression stockings, b...Details

I had all of my veins treated with laser and sclerotherapy injections but my spider veins have come back, why is this happening?
I had all of my veins (big and small) treated with laser and sclerotherapy injections, but all of my spider veins have reappeared. Why is this happening? I feel like I spent a lot of money for nothing...Details

I have red streaks that look like scratches, could it be related to the endovenous laser treatment I had?
I had endovenous laser ablation performed on both legs. I flew 2 hours and the next day I was in the car for several hours. In both instances I wore compression hose. Now, however, I have red streaks ...Details

Is it OK for my parents to wear over-the-counter compression stockings/flight socks for their upcoming long distance flight?
My parents will be on a long flight (15 hours). My mother has diabetes and my father had an angioplasty earlier this year. Is it safe for them to wear over-the-counter compression stockings/flight soc...Details

Is it normal to have pain and other symptoms when returning to work three weeks after endovenous laser treatment?
I had endovenous laser treatment 3 weeks ago. On my first day back to work ( standing job), the pain set in. Is it normal to experience sore, shooting pain, tightness, stinging, and swelling this long...Details

How much pressure is needed at the ankle and calf area for compression stockings?

Should I continue to wear compression stockings when traveling and exercising?
I am a 37 yr old female who had a laser ablation performed on both legs, high ligation on the left leg, and still suffer from reflux. Sclerotherapy is the next form of treatment I am scheduled to have...Details

Why would cellulite develop after sclerotherapy? What should I do?!
I had one treatment of slerotherapy on both legs (actually I think it was a double treatment in one) about 8 months ago. Right after the procedure, I noticed patchy swelling. I thought it would get be...Details

How long does ankle and leg swelling last after endovenous laser ablation?
I had endovenous laser ablation done 3 weeks ago. There was no significant pain, and the follow up ultrasound that was performed a week later showed no signs of deep vein thrombosis. But, I am experie...Details

What time of day should a patient be measured for knee-high compression stockings?
I have a client whose legs increase in size during the day a lot. By the time I see him (around mid0day) he has 3 times the swelling. He just started to wear TED-like hose, but previously wore support...Details

My ankle is slightly puffy and cold after having two sclerotherapy sessions, what should I do?
After my 2nd sclerotherapy session my left ankle has been slightly puffy and feels cold. The cold goes up to the back of my lower calf. I wear compression hose daily, yet it doesn't seem to help the c...Details

My eye has been red ever since I started wearing compression stockings, is this normal?

Is a difference of 3 cm in the ankle too much for a compression pantyhose to remain effective?
I need to wear compression stockings and have been measured in a shop. They recommended a size small based on the size chart, but it will be too tight on my stomach. The medium, on the other hand, fit...Details

I had a pulomonary embolism, can I take my compression stockings off while I exercise?
I had a pulmonary embolism a month ago. I want to start exercising gradually (I'm an active young adult), but I think it'll be uncomfortable with the compression stockings. I know it can be difficult ...Details

How can I relieve the pain, tightness and pressure I'm experiencing after endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy?
Six months ago I had a five-inch section of my great saphenous vein treated with sclerotherapy. The procedure was done above the knee. On the same leg, I also had endovenous laser ablation performed o...Details

What should be done about veins that reopen or are partially occluded?
I am an active 45 year old who had endovenous laser ablation done on the great saphenous vein and lesser saphenous vein. After 4 months of complications, I had an ultrasound to determine the source. I...Details

I had vein stripping & endovenous laser ablation to get rid of my varicose veins, but neither have produced good results. Why is this?
I had vein stripping and endovenous laser ablation to get rid of my varicose veins, but both have failed to produce results. I've seen a cardiology doctor and had an ultrasound and vein mapping test. ...Details

Why are varicose veins appearing on the back of my leg following endovenous laser ablation of the greater saphenous veins?
I had ELA of the greater saphenous veins 5 months ago. Since then I have seen more varicose veins appearing on the back of my thigh. Ultrasound revealed that the treated vein has not reopened and ther...Details

I may have phlebitis and blisters 1 yr after endovenous laser ablation, are these complications of the procedure?
I have reddish-brown marks, which I suppose is phlebitis. I also have several blisters along my leg. All of this is happening one year after having endovenous laser ablation. Are these complications o...Details

More varicose veins appeared after having endovenous laser ablation, is this normal? Can the surfacing varicose veins be related to the procedure?
I am 28 years old and had endovenous laser ablation 4 months ago on both my long saphenous veins. For the past 2 months I have seen more veins appearing on the back of my thigh and feet. Is this norma...Details

Can full-length compression stockings cause pain in your feet and calves? If so, is that normal?
I wear full-length compression stockings that go above my waist for trunk and leg lymphodema, but I've been having pain in my feet and calves. Is this normal? Could the discomfort be caused by the sto...Details

Which of the three running compression socks are best.
I am considering three different types of running compression socks. One is around 20mmHg, but I don't know if they are graduated because that's the only number I got. The other pair is between 14-28m...Details

Why do varicose veins worsen during each pregnancy?

My knee-high compression stockings are hurting my upper thighs and groin. Is this normal?
I have venous insufficieny in both legs. I wear knee-high compression stockings, but now they are hurting my upper thighs and groin area. Is this normal?

My legs feel twice as heavy when I run with compression stockings, is this normal? Is there an adjustment period I need to push through?
I recently tried wearing compression stockings to run because my legs fatigue and become heavy. The odd thing is that when I wear the hose while I run, my legs feel twice as heavy than they did withou...Details

I have pain and swelling in my ankles/feet 5 months after endovenous laser ablation, is this normal?
I had endovenous laser ablation and sclerotherapy 5 mo ago. I have more pain and swelling in my ankles/feet than before treatment. I thought the treatments were supposed to help, but I feel like I am ...Details

I had a calf tear 6 weeks after my final sclerotherapy treatment, what precautions should I take?
I had a class 2 calf tear from playing kickball. This happened 6 weeks after my final sclerotherapy treatment. The pumping effect of my calf is important post-varicose vein treatment. I will be seeing...Details

Are control top pantyhose with medium toning sufficient for a person with venous insufficiency?
I have venous insufficiency in both legs and wear control top pantyhose with medium toning in the legs. Is this sufficient for a person with my condition?

Can wearing compression socks cause a red line on the back of your leg?
A patient of ours has wore stockings before and had just purchased a new pair. She wore them once and now has a red mark across her calf. Could this be caused by the stockings? She said they fit reall...Details

The compression stockings I have are giving me pain, what can I do about this?
I am wearing a 30-40 mmHg thigh-high compression stocking after having laser ablation. At the top of this stocking near the groin, it hurts so much from the tightness and elastic top. Is there anythin...Details

My husband is having pain in his heel after wearing compression socks, is this normal?
My husband started wearing compression socks. They were measured and seemed to be the correct fit for his legs, but then he started having pain in his heel from the socks. Is this normal? He needs to ...Details

I have clots in my left leg, can the right leg become affected too?
I have Factor V Leiden and now have two permanent clots in my left leg. I was also recently diagnosed with post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). My question is about venous insufficiency, as my legs are tir...Details

Is leg pain normal when wearing TED stockings?
I have soreness in my legs (inner calf area) when wearing TED stockings, is this normal?

Why can't I take ibuprofen during treatments?
I am having trouble walking without limping due to the soreness of the injection sites. If I take ibuprofen (400 mg) once or twice a day, it aids me in my walking. Otherwise, I just want to lie down a...Details

Can I wear 30-40 mmHg compression stockings 24/7?
I am a 62-year-old diabetic who wears knee-high 30-40 mmHg Juzo compression stockings for edema. I have no wounds and have not undergone surgery. I would like to sleep in my easy chair with my legs l...Details

I have spider veins and reticular leg veins, is jogging going to make the spider veins worsen or help?

What do I do about my ELA/sclerotherapy-related symptoms?
I had ELA & sclerotherapy on 4 saph veins same day. After a couple of weeks I started experiencing lots of varied burning, pain, pressure tingling, numbness, and throbbing in my legs/feet. The doctor ...Details

Do I have nerve damage? If so, can it be repaired?
On Jan 18, 2013, I had a varicose vein procedure done. Right after I got home, the pain was so debilitating. I had sharp shooting pain from my knee up to my thigh on my right leg. My doctor stated he ...Details

Are the green veins that I have throughout my body normal?
I have a lot of green veins on my legs, calves, even my arms and other parts of my body. Are those on my legs reticular veins, or could they be normal veins? They are very obvious. I never had them un...Details

Is intense cold laser therapy effective on varicose veins?

I've seen no change in my ELA-related symptom after taking Neurontin, is this normal?
Three years after having an endovenous laser ablation procedure that left my lower leg tingling, I have decided to take Neurontin 100mg 3 /day. It's been 4 days now with no change! Is it normal? I ...Details

How long does it take to see results from sclerotherapy? How can I tell if the treatment is working?
Nearly 3 weeks ago I had sclerotherapy performed on the reticular veins in one of my legs. The second leg was treated 1 week ago. How long should it take to see results and how do I tell if is working...Details

Why do I need to wait two weeks after EVLA to begin lifting heavy weights?
I understand that I should't be working out my legs (squats, etc.), but how would working my upper body have any affect on the success of the endovenous laser ablation? Does it have anything to do wi...Details

I have pain in my belly after wearing compression stockings, could the two be related?

I have burning pain at my incision site, is this normal?
I have burning pain at my incision site 3 weeks after endovenous laser ablation. It isn't constant, just when it is touched or rubbed. Could this be nerve damage or a hair follicle that is irritated f...Details

How do I prevent recanalization of large veins following sclerotherapy?
To treat my varicocele I had sclerotherapy with polidicanol 5% to close the large veins. Days later, I got the flu. I am worried that my heavy cough and anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet will cause th...Details

Which has greater compression, TED hose or running compression socks?

My compression stockings make me feel off balance, why is that?
I've recently been diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and have been advised to wear compression stockings. I purchased a pair of 8-15mmHg hose and I feel off balance. My a...Details

Which compression hose length and strength level is appropriate for a nurse with no known venous problems?
There are no medical problems, but I am wondering whether it is a good idea to wear knee-high compression stockings if I am a nurse who is on her feet for 13 hours a day. If so, what mmHg level is bes...Details

Can compression stockings cause nerve damage?
I wore knee-length compression stockings during a 15+ hour flight. Now I have a numb-feeling on a patch of skin on the outside of my leg, just above the knee. I get periodic tingling; there's no pain...Details

Can I wear compression stockings to bed?

I have poor circulation in my feet, would compression stockings help?
I'm 16 years old and have poor circulation in my feet, so they're always cold and sometimes they tingle. Also, cuts I get on my feet take forever to heal. Would compression socks help?

After wearing my Juzo compression stocking for an hour, I began to have pain and tightness in my chest. What should I do?
My Juzo compression stockings seemed too tight despite the fact I was measured and fitted for them by a doctor. After wearing the hose for an hour, I began to have pain and tightness in my chest, whic...Details

I still have pain 7 weeks after endovenous laser treatment and sclerotherapy, why is this?
I had EVLT on the saphenous vein in my thigh 7 weeks ago and schlerotherapy in my calf. I still have deep aching, burning, tightness in thigh and thrombophlebitis in my calf. Deep vein thrombosis was ...Details

After sclerotherapy, when can I switch to a lower grade compression stocking?
It's been 10 days since I had sclerotherapy. I have been wearing 30-40 mmHg compression stockings. When can I switch to 20-40 mmHg compression?

My compression stockings leave a line around my ankle, cut off circulation in my ankle/foot, and cause fluid to build in my foot. What should I do?

Is it normal to have progressive pain and tightness two weeks after EVLA?
I was told to wear compression stockings for two weeks after the endovenous laser ablation and now when I take them off the muscles are painful and there is tightness in one leg and a sharp pain behin...Details

How do I get rid of the bulging veins on the side of my forehead? Is microphlebectomy an option?

I recently had clots in my femoral and superficial veins, should I be worried?
I recently had clots form in my femoral and superficial veins, which was noted on my weekly follow up. Although I was given Lovenox injections, I'm still freaking out. Should I be concerned?

How soon can I resume physical activities after sclerotherapy?

Can I take off my compression stockings at night after 72 hrs?

How many foot veins are safe to inject at one time? Can too much sclerotherapy cause damage?

Should I wear compression stockings while exercising? I have a lot of spider veins and lift heavy weights.
I have a lot of spider veins on my legs. I lift heavy weights at the gym. Should I be wearing compression stockings while exercising to help prevent more veins, or does it matter? Thank you for your h...Details

Will knee-high support hose cause additional pain to my already painful legs?
I'm 84 yrs old. My diagnosis is stasis dermatitis with pigmentation and varicosities, though they aren't visible to me. The doctor cannot grasp my legs due to intense pain, also leg cuff. Will wearing...Details

Have I done any damage to my veins or have I affected the sclerotherapy procedure by being in the sun tanning?
I had my first sclerotherapy session 2 weeks ago. Everything is normal after the procedure; however, I just spent 2 days at the beach. Can tanning damage the treated veins or affect the results of the...Details

Why would my legs swell if I had a vein and artery (Doppler) ultrasound but no clots were found?

I have a varicose vein in my left leg and telangiectasia on my left foot, what should I do?
I have a varicose vein in my left leg and telangiectasia on my left foot. Other than that I have no complications. What should I do about these problems? How do I correct them?

Is it dangerous to wear compression stockings both day and night?
My calves are extremely painful. During the day I massage them or apply a lidocaine patch, and that helps a little. At night, I suffer severely. I found compression socks help a lot when I wear them b...Details

Why wouldn't my veins fully close after endovenous laser ablation?
I had EVLA 8 months ago. My legs are still sore from knee to ankle when light pressure is applied. I had a 7-month ultrasound which shows the veins failed to close from my knee to ankle. I'm 30 yrs ol...Details

After wearing compression hose my head hurts, I feel nauseous, and my teet hurt. Why?
I have leaking valves in the vein of my right thigh. I've been told to wear compression hose level 20-30 mmHg. For two days now, after 2.5 hours, I get a nasty headache in my left temple, my jaw hurts...Details

What are the pros and cons of having EVLA now versus later?
An ultrasound shows I have 5mm-7mm varicosities in my calf w/ reflux. I am mildly symptomatic (heavy, achy). Do I have endovenous laser ablation now, or wait until it gets worse? I would like to hear ...Details

How long should I take off work for the EVLA procedure? When can I resume sex?
I'm a very active 37-year-old female. I will be having bilateral endovenous laser ablation. I have a desk job and am wondering how much time I should take off work after the procedure. How long before...Details

If my problematic saphenous veins are treated, will my other bulging veins disappear as well?
I am a very active 37-year-old female. I am having bilateral endovenous laser ablation of my saphenous veins. Will my other bulging veins disappear as well? Or, will I need further treatment to remove...Details

I have cold spots and random aches 13 days after sclerotherapy, is this normal?
I had sclerotherapy 13 days ago. Since then, I've worn the compression hose as recommended, taking them off when I'm sleeping. I keep getting random aches at the ankle & lower calf and have cold spots...Details

Is it safe to wear compression stockings after you've had stress fractures on your feet? What if you also have neuropathy and leg swelling?

I have an enlarged lymph node in my groin that is 12 cm, are compression stockings advisable?

I had endovenous laser ablation 3 months ago but still have groin pain and some numbness after exercising, should I be concerned?
I had endovenous laser ablation 3 months ago but still have groin pain after I exercise. In addition, I also occasionally have a heavy or numb feeling in the leg. It goes away 1-2 days after the exerc...Details

I flew and now have pain in my leg, should I get compression stockings for the flight home?

Is intense pulsed light therapy appropriate if there is a blood clot in the surface vein close to the popliteal?
My doctor put me on Xarelto for 3 months. I am terrified of this fast-tracked drug and the possible non-reversal in case of a severe internal bleeding incident. Is IPL appropriate if there is a blood ...Details

If my compression stockings are causing my legs and ankles to swell even during elevation, what should I do?
I had a deep vein thrombosis. My legs and ankles have become swollen while wearing compression stockings, making getting shoes on and walking extremely uncomfortable. Elevating my legs with the stocki...Details

Why are compression stockings contraindicated for swelling caused by heart failure or pulmonary edema?

My compression stockings are too tight, is there a way to stretch them out?
Unfortunately I bought a pair of compression stockings that are too tight. I have worn them already and can't return them at this point. Is there a way to stretch them them out?

My varicose and spider veins look worse than they did before sclerotherapy, is this normal?
I had varicose and spider veins treated with sclerotherapy over 6 months ago. I still have dark pigmentation and bruising, and new veins have appeared near the injection sites. It looks so much worse ...Details

Can I remove my compression stockings while sitting?

Are large facial veins treatable with sclerotherapy?
I've been seeking out a laser center and plastic surgeon in Dayton who will treat my large facial veins, but with no success. They've informed me that operating on large veins near the eye socket/chee...Details

Are compression stockings advisable if you have a DVT and peripheral neuropathy?

I need EVLA, is it better to go to a group practice or an office with a single vascular surgeon?
I recently had an evaluation performed on my left leg by a vascular surgeon who is the only specialist in the office. Across the hall, however, is a group practice that is dedicated to vein removal. W...Details

I wore compression stockings to bed and now my right foot aches, is this normal? What should I do?

If my mom has heart problems will laser light therapy affect her health?
My mom is a heart patient who has varicose veins. She is considering laser light therapy to address them. Could this treatment affect her health?

Sclerotherapy did not work on my spider veins, is there another procedure that can rid them?
I tried sclerotherapy and saw no results. I never shorts, but would like to. Is there another procedure that could rid my spider veins?

After varicose vein surgery do I need to wear compression stockings for the rest of my life?
I have spider veins on my lower ankle, as well as below the knee. If I have surgery, will I need to wear compression stockings for the rest of my life?

Can veins become varicose again two years after having an endovenous laser ablation and varicocele embolization?
I had a varicocele embolization to treat pain due to a left-sided varicocele. Additionally, I had an endovenous laser ablation to treat painful varicose veins in my left leg. About two years later, I ...Details

Following endovenous laser ablation, does my blood clot risk increase if I am thin?
I would like to have endovenous laser Ablation.I have a thin leg. I am 5' 1" and weigh 90 lbs. My doctor said I have a blood clot risk of 1%. Does my blood clot risk grow higher because I am thin, or ...Details

Can I wear my compression stockings if I bumped my leg and have a bruise?

Should compression hose or wraps be used after sclerotherapy treatment?
I am preparing for my first sclerotherapy treatment. One doctor definitely believes in using some form of compression after the procedure, but another does not. What's your take? Should compression be...Details

After sclerotherapy my spider veins faded but not my varicose vein, is this normal?
I had sclerotherapy roughly 6 weeks ago. While the spider veins have all faded, the varicose vein did not. It's actually darker and more visible now. Is this a normal occurrence following sclerotherap...Details

How long can I expect to have bruises after an endovenous laser ablation?

I was given TED hose after hip replacement surgery, how often can I take them off?
I had a total hip replacement roughly a month ago and was given TED hose to wear. I'm a pretty active person. How long can I take the hose off? Do I need to wear them around the house if I am up and a...Details

Is it safe to take the morning-after pill (Plan B) one to two weeks after endovenous laser ablation or sclerotherapy?

I occasionally get cold toes, is it OK to wear compression stockings?
While driving to work and relaxing after work, my toes will get really cold . Sometimes, they get slightly pale. There is no pain or discomfort. Is it safe to wear 8-15mmhg compression stockings? They...Details

Years after having a sclerotherapy treatment, my leg constantly burns. Should I be concerned?
I had sclerotherapy four to five years ago. My leg is constantly burning and is further aggravated by being on my feet a lot at work. Should I be concerned?

After endovenous laser ablation, when can I resume my workouts on the treadmill, elliptical machine and stairmaster?

Is it common to only receive microphlebectomy and no ablation?
I just had venous ablation and microphlebectomy on my left leg. As for the right leg, I ONLY had microphlebectomy. The doctor did not perform a venous ablation on that leg because he does believe the ...Details

What are the long-term risks associated with sclerotherapy?
I read an article that stated that sclerotherapy used to treat spider veins could lead to valve incompetence in healthy veins as the sclerosant can leave the treated area and disperse throughout the v...Details

Is it OK to use an elastic bandage instead of compression stockings following sclerotherapy?
I had a sclerotherapy treatment, but instead of being prescribed compression stockings, my doctor advised me to use an elastic bandage. Is the bandage just as effective as compression stockings?

How long after laser ablation and microphlebectomy can I swim, shave and use self-tanner?
I had a laser ablation and microphlebectomy for a large varicosity from the inner thigh to the lower shin. When will I be able to shave my legs, go swimming and use lotion with a tanning agent?

A red spot and bump developed after I drove 24 hours without a compression stocking, could this be a blood clot?
In January I had an endovenous laser ablation and a phlebectomy. I was healing fine until I drove a total of 24 hrs in 2 weeks without wearing my compression stocking. Now, I have pain and a red spot/...Details

Is it normal to have pain in the lower left arm and numbness in the hands after endovenous laser ablation? Could it be a blood clot?

What do I do if my thigh-high stockings are digging into my groin?
I'm a few days out from a knee arthroscopy and manipulation. I have had the TED hose before when they did an ACL reconstruction and never had a problem. The stocking that was recently prescribed has b...Details

I have large ropey veins in the back of my knee following endovenous laser ablation, should I try sclerotherapy or microphlebectomy?

Can endovenous laser ablation be performed on varicose veins below the knee?

My new TED stockings hurt, is this normal?
I had acl surgery with a meniscus repair a week ago and left the facility with TED stockings on. I'm waiting for a call back from my surgeon but in the interim I purchased a pair at the local drug sto...Details

What are the alternatives to TED stockings for patients with very, very sensitive skin?
I have a patient who needs TED stockings post-hip replacement surgery, but she has very, very sensitive skin. Any type of textile causes redness and itching. Do you know of any alternatives?

Are my toes in danger if they are numb, stiff, and swollen after wearing compression stockings?

Are footless compression stockings just as effective as full-coverage hose following endovenous laser ablation?
My vascular surgeon did an ultrasound and prescribed endovenous laser ablation. She also suggested that I wear compression stockings after the procedure. However, due to severe psoriasis and eczema on...Details

My leg is extremely itchy and uncomfortable one week after endovenous laser ablation, what should I do?

How long does it take for a wound and scar to heal post-endovenous laser ablation?
I had a place on my leg that would profusely bleed before my endovenous laser ablation and phlebectomy. I was hoping that the scabbed area would go away, but it's been two weeks since my surgery and a...Details

How long will my feet and ankles be swollen after endovenous laser ablation?

It feels like I have pins and needles in my feet when I wear compression stockings, what should I do?

Are there any downsides to endovenous laser ablation?
I have chronic venous insufficiency and just learned I need a greater saphenous vein (GSV) ablation. Other than blood clots, are there any downsides or side effects associated with endovenous laser ab...Details

Why do my thighs get red and puffy after I take off my knee-high compression stockings?
About an hour after I take off my compression socks, I notice that my thighs will feel puffy and hot. Does this mean my socks are too tight? Thanks!

Can anticoagulants affect the outcome of my endovenous laser ablation procedure?
I plan to have endovenous laser ablation and scherotherapy. Over the years, I have had a few surface blood clots but no deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The doctor plans to have me take Lovenox injections ...Details

If I stop wearing compression stockings will my veins get bigger?

Can I tan post-radiofrequency ablation?
I had radiofrequency ablation recently - the last procedure was 3 weeks ago. I am now concerned about being in the sun. I have a trip to Mexico in 3 weeks and am concerned about how my skin will react...Details

Can I have endovenous laser ablation on both the greater and lesser saphenous vein?
I have extensive varicose veins on both legs. I've had them in my calves for years with no pain. Recently, high-impact exercise has resulted in bulging veins on my inner thighs and ankles, which can b...Details

If an EVLA procedure fails, should it be fixed free of charge?
I had endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) done 6 months ago and I am still suffering in pain. I believe the vein failed to close completely, as I had a large amount of blood removed 3 months after my pro...Details

How can one avoid varicose and spider veins?

Can wearing knee-length compression stockings cause the upper leg to grow in size by a few centimeters?

The leg that was treated with endovenous laser ablation falls asleep soon after sitting down, is this normal?
I am two weeks out from endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) and have had several complications that my physician has seen me for. A blood clot was ruled out but now the leg that had the procedure falls a...Details

Which type of compression stocking should be worn for travel and by someone who has postural tachycardia syndrome?
I am taking a long haul flight that is about 15 hours. I have postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and would like to wear a comfortable and effective compression stocking on the flight. Should I opt f...Details

What sensation or feeling should one expect after ELA of the saphenous vein and for how long?
Three weeks ago I had endovenous laser ablation of the saphenous vein. I have a pulling sensation. Is this normal? How long with the feeling last?

For a blood clot, do you wear compression stockings 24/7 or just during the day and take off at night?

Can sclerotherapy be performed on the varicose veins around my knees?

Can sclerotherapy be performed on large varicose veins?

What can I do for a second degree burn I received as a result of sclerotherapy?
A trainee performed sclerotherapy on my lower leg, while a PA injected my upper leg. Polidocanol was used. Though they worked simultaneously, they operated independently and without supervision. I now...Details

Can I cut the feet off of my compression stockings?
I just had the sclerotherapy procedure today. I would love to cut off the feet of my compression stockings. I feel like it would be much more comfortable. Would that defeat the purpose?

Can the same results be achieved if a microphlebectomy is done before endovenous laser ablation?
My doctor didn't notice the saphenous vein was abnormal until right before the microphlebectomy was to be done. He suggested that we could do the endovenous laser ablation later on. Will the same resu...Details

Which compression stocking would you recommend for a person with orthostatic hypotension?
I was diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension. Am I better off with knee-high or thigh-high stockings? Also, which part of the body needs the most compression (ankles, calves, or thighs)?

Should I have been given anticoagulants after sclerotherapy?
I was treated for a large vein that was pressing on the ankle region and causing a chronic ulcer. I have a history of bilateral deep vein thrombosis (DVT), post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) 80% occlusion...Details

Why am I still experiencing swelling more than two years after EVLA?
I had the endovenous laser ablation procedure over two years ago. Initially there was some swelling, but it improved with compression hose. I no longer wear the hose and today I measured my leg. The ...Details

Can compression stockings increase blood flow and warm up cold feet?
I suffer from chronically cold feet due to a HR of 45 and poor circulation. Do you think that wearing compression socks would increase the blood flow to my feet, therefore warming them up a little?

Which procedure works best for back veins?
I have these terrible veins on my back. I have had laser therapy 3 times, with very little fading. Getting ready for the 4th treatment. Do you have any suggestions on what I might try differently? Tha...Details

I had EVLA seven months ago and the doctor won't offer any solutions for my symptoms, what should I do?
I had endovenous laser ablation on both legs last August, yet the swelling and aching persists long after treatment. The MD who treated me is more or less ignoring the issues. I can't live like this, ...Details

How long will it take for my EVLA-related symptoms to go away?
I had endovenous laser ablation to the great saphenous vein in order to treat my varicose veins. Four months later, I still have some burning, stinging and bruising along the "track" area. Is this nor...Details

Why are my compression stockings causing unbearable pain?
I was fitted for compression stockings and when I would wear them, my circulation seemed to get worse. It felt like my toes were going to fall off because I couldn't feel them. When I take them off, t...Details

The "track" in my leg still feels bruised and stingy 4 months after EVLT, will this go away?
I had laser ablation of the great saphenous vein to help with varicose veins in my shin area. That was on 11/29/12. Nearly four months later, the "track" still feels bruised and stingy at times. Will ...Details

What kind of compression stockings should women wear after they've had their veins injected?

Is it normal to form a clot in the saphenous vein after EVLT?
I had an endovenous laser treatment ( EVLT) a week ago and today the doctor found a clot in my saphenous vein. It is pretty close to the saphenofemoral junction. They prescribed baby aspirin and a fol...Details

Why would compression stockings relieve pain in my upper legs but increase pain in my lower legs?
I have noticed that when I wear compression hose the back of my upper legs feel better but my calves and lower legs feel worse (burning and aching). I know compression stockings are supposed to help t...Details

Can sclerotherapy treat varicose veins that have been scarred due to old clots?
I have seen two vascular surgeons. Both said that my varicose veins have been scarred due to old clots and that EVLT or VNUS closure may not be possible. One suggested ligation, while the other recomm...Details

Can compression stockings cause a clot if they fit poorly?
My 30-40 mmHg strength thigh-high compression stockings roll down at the thigh and cause intense discomfort (like a tourniquet). The discomfort occurred repeatedly for 1.5 weeks and now I am having ri...Details

If I get the EVLA procedure, will my varicose veins get worse after I become pregnant?
I've had varicose veins since the age of 12. I am now 28 years old with an insufficient sapheno-femoral valve. If I get the EVLA procedure, will the veins get worse after I become pregnant?

Where does the blood go after the saphenous vein has been ablated?
How is blood drawn upwards if there is no superficial (saphenous) vein that would do that? What does this change mean to the body? Is all the blood transferred by the deep vein or the new collateral v...Details

I had an injury two weeks after endovenous laser ablation, will everything be OK?
I had the endovenous laser ablation done 14 days ago. Recently, I was playing around with my kids and stomped my foot really hard. Now there is a really sore spot and my leg has a burning sensation al...Details

Is it true that a person can develop lumps in their leg after endovenous laser ablation?

Is shin pain normal after wearing a full-length compression stocking?
After varicose vein surgery I have been experiencing pain in both shins. The surgeon said this is caused by the full-leg compression stocking I wore for 2 weeks. Is shin pain normal after wearing a fu...Details

Can smoking and drinking the night before a laser vein treatment affect my results?
I had a laser vein treatment today. The night before the procedure I could not sleep. I had 1 beer and 4 cigarettes. Over the weekend, I also had a few drinks. Will this negatively affect my results? ...Details

What is the difference between endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation? Which is best?

Is sclerotherapy safe during pregnancy?
While pregnant with my first child I've developed a large number of spider veins on my legs/thighs. Are spider veins more prevalent during pregnancy? Do they go away after delivery? Can I get scleroth...Details

I'm having severe pain following an endovenous laser ablation, is this normal?
I had the endovenous laser ablation procedure 10 days ago. Last night I got a stabbing pain and it felt like my skin tore from the inside. I thought after a night of sleep the pain would go away, but ...Details

Is sclerotherapy safe for patients with factor V Leiden?
If sclerotherapy is not safe for patients with factor V Leiden, then what what is the most effective way to treat reticular and spider veins on the lateral legs?

Is it OK to wear two pairs of compression stockings at the same time?
I have worn 20-30 mmHg thigh high compression stockings for 7 months due to a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) behind the right knee and now have inner thigh pain. If I don't wear them for a day the pain go...Details

What is the protocol regarding ultrasound after sclerotherapy and laser ablation?
Should ultrasound be done at regular intervals to ensure that treated veins have remained closed? What is the protocol regarding ultrasound after sclerotherapy and laser ablation?

Which is better, foam sclerotherapy or liquid sclerotherapy?
I am so excited to finally rid my hands and arms of bulging veins from thin skin. I understand some risks are involved bubbles from a small amount of sclerosant foam can appear in the heart or brain,...Details

Will untreated spider veins become leg ulcers?
I've heard spider veins will cause leg ulcers if untreated. Is this accurate?

Is it OK to wear compression stockings if I have severe leg pain due to thickening of the uterus?
I have been having severe leg pain from my hip down, especially in the knee area, due to thickening of my uterus. I am being scheduled for a hysterectomy. The compression stockings seem to give some r...Details

How long will it take for the veins in my legs to disappear after endovenous laser ablation?
I had an endovenous laser ablation procedure done 5 days ago. I am bruised and extremely sore, even when I walk. I am currently wearing support stockings. Will some of the ugly veins in my legs disapp...Details

How soon is it safe to have a fat reduction or skin tightening procedure after sclerotherapy?
There are treatments for fat reduction such as i-Lipo or CoolTec and body contouring such as laser rejuvenation body tightening. After one sclerotherapy session, when is it safe to have a fat reductio...Details

Is microphlebectomy safe for removing varicose veins near the inner ankle bone and foot?

Can endovenous laser ablation treat a vulvar varicose vein?
I have been to 2 vascular surgeons, but they only seem interested in taking care of the varicose vein in my leg that is causing pain to my ankle. My vulvar varicose vein is increasingly painful and sw...Details

What credentials do I look for in a doctor that performs sclerotherapy on hand veins?
I would rather a doctor instead of a MA perform sclerotherapy on the bulging veins in my hands. Are there many doctors that perform this procedure? If so, what credentials do I look for?

Should I still have pain one year after endovenous laser ablation?
I have a heavy feeling in my groin and legs since the endovenous laser ablation surgery I had a year ago. The pain can be severe on days where I am on my feet a lot. My feet also hurt. All symptoms st...Details

Could my inflamed gums be due to a recent endovenous laser ablation procedure?
I still have pain two months after having an endovenous laser ablation procedure. My doctor says it is inflammation. Could it be something else? What can I do? I have already tried two courses of pred...Details

Are compression stockings just as effective if worn inside out?
Are compression stockings still as effective if worn inside out? I am trying to avoid pressure points on my toes.

What's the best procedure to treat blue and bulging veins on my ankle?
What method of vein removal is ideal for the ankle area?

Could endovenous laser ablation get rid of the swelling I'm having?
I had deep vein thrombosis six years ago. What can I do to get rid of the swelling I still have because my valves are shot? I was told there was a procedure to close off that vein. Could endovenous la...Details

My hands are damaged, how do I get help putting on my compression stockings?
My hands are damaged, how do I get help putting on my compression stockings? Are there any out there that are easy to put on?

How can I prevent varicose veins?
How can I prevent having varicose veins? I am still at my age of 20, but yet my varicose viens are getting enlarged and more severe.

If I wear compression hose, can I forego the cotton balls and tape required after Sclerotherapy?
I get cuts/reactions to the tape, so I'd rather remove them when I get home a few hours after the sclerotherapy treatment, instead of after the recommended 24 hours. If I'm still wearing compression h...Details

I have rheumatoid arthritis, is it ok to wear compression socks?
I have rheumatoid arthritis and will be going on a 12-hour plane trip. It is not severe and I do not take medication except for aspirin occasionally. I cannot sit in one position for very long witho...Details

Is it okay to wear compression stockings when in atrial fibrillation?
Will compression stockings cause complications with heart conditions? I have a replacement tissue mitral valve and have had maze procedure and two cardio-versions, but still keep flipping back into at...Details

Why would I have moderate tingling in the bottom of my heel and foot after sclerotherapy? Is it permanent?
During the procedure my right foot/heel began to tingle. I noticed it was there on and off after the procedure, which was 4 days ago. Today it has worsened, and at times my heel is burning. It has bee...Details

Can I get sclerotherapy on the veins in my legs soon after breast augmentation?
I'm in a time crunch because I'm moving overseas next month. I wanted to do sclerotherapy on the veins in my legs, but I just had breast augmentation surgery three days ago. I feel fine and I have a c...Details

Can Endovenous Laser Ablation be done after a knee replacement?
My husband had 2 knee replacements and gets frequent cellulitis in his leg that has poor circulation. Is the Edovenous Laser Ablation procedure safe in these circumstances? Will it help reduce getting...Details

Is throbbing pain normal 10 weeks after EVL Ablation?
I had 2 separate EVL Ablations 10 weeks ago. I am now having the original achy/throbbing pain resuming in the back of my leg behind my knee. It's the same discomfort that the MD diagnosed as valvular ...Details

Is foot pain normal after Sclerotherapy?
I had sclerotherapy in the right leg 5 days ago. Last night I had foot pain and couldn't stand on the foot. Today is better but it still hurts. I called my doctor and he said the spider veins treated ...Details

What is the best treatment for venous ulcers?
What is the recommended procedure for treating leg ulcers?

How long after pregnancy should I wait to have treatments?
I have developed what I think are spider veins during my second and current pregnancy. I want to have them treated but I was wondering how long after delivery I should wait to seek treatment.

Are knee-highs effective enough to prevent spider veins in legs?
I'm a 25-year-old LNA. I don't have any pain in my legs, but I do have spider veins above my knees and cold feet. I hate hose. Would knee-high socks help at all? Would they make the spider veins abo...Details

Can you use sclerotherapy to get rid of dark under-eye veins?
I have very dark veins under my eyes and cannot seem to find a doctor who will use sclerotherapy to get rid of them. They either want to do lasers or surgery, which is too expensive! Do you recommend ...Details

How long does the effect last from endovenous laser treatment?

Can I take a long road trip after having ELA?
Can I drive for 9 hours a day for 2 days after having ELA, or would you advise against that?

Is it OK to take standard multivitamins during schlerotherapy?
Is it alright to take standard multivitamins during schlerotherapy, or will this affect results? (I read that Vitamin E is not good during treatment, and multi-vitamins contain some Vitamin E.)

How long should I wear compression stockings during pregnancy and a long flight?
I will be 35 weeks pregnant when flying long-haul (21 hours plus 7 hour lay-over.) I've been told by my ob-gyn to wear 30-40 mmhg full hose, but how long to wear them? Do I take them off at some point...Details

Can sclerotherapy cause an allergic reaction in the eyelids and create baggy eyes?
I had sclerotherapy one week ago and ever since then have woken up each morning with swollen eyelids and baggy eyes. It has gotten progressively worse. It would seem to be an allergic reaction. Is th...Details

Is Laser light therapy the best treatment to help a red blotchy face?
I was born with a small red birthmark about the size of a quarter on my face. Over many years it has grown and now covers half my face and some of my neck and chin. It looks like varicose veins on my ...Details

What is the best treatment for spider veins on the face?
I have tiny reddish spider veins under my eyes. I think they are caused by my swim goggles (they require a tight fit) and fair skin. What is the safest and most effective treatment to remove these?

Does the amount of time in between sclerotherapy treatments make a difference?
I've done a few treatments at one month apart each and would like to continue, but I have to go out of town for a while and must postpone my treatments until I get back (pushing the next treatment to ...Details

What age do you have to be to have a sclerotherapy treatment?

Can I have a vein ablation if I have a deep vein clot in the leg?
I have a deep vein clot and I was wondering if I can have an ablation to close the the vein on the inside of my leg?

Would laser light therapy help reduce superficial veins?
I had endovenous therapy on R and L leg a year ago,but I still notice visible veins on both legs. I think these may be superficial veins, which need another treatment. Would you recommend laser light...Details

How safe is endovenous laser ablation for a person aged 92?
My father has ulcers on his legs. He has had several over the past years that are very difficult to heal. His legs are brown in color and very swollen. The doctor wants to do Endovenous Laser Ablation...Details

When can I expect to see results from sclerotherapy?
I had sclerotherapy for spider veins and reticular veins behind the knees 16 days ago. My spider veins started to fade, but the reticular veins have not. When can I expect to see results?

What is the best compression appropriate for a nurse?
I am a 25-year-old nurse and I currently have some tiny spider veins on my ankles and have some visible veins on my calf. I want to prevent them from getting worse. My mom has swollen varicose veins. ...Details

How long does it take for telangiectatic matting to resolve following a sclerotherapy session?
I had a sclerotherapy procedure for spider veins on lateral upper thigh just over two weeks ago at derm dr. Since that time, have noticed an approx. 1" wide area of tons of tiny new vessels just dist...Details

Is there a connection between varicose veins and constipation?
I am a 25-year-old female, and I have spider veins and visible reticular veins behind knees. My ultrasound is normal. I have had chronic constipation for 10 years. Could it be the reason?

If ablation is done on the saphenous vein, are there other veins that may be used for future heart operations?
I have not had any heart problems other than high blood pressure, but family members have had heart catheters and heart surgery. I have leaking valves in the saphenous vein. If ablated, can other v...Details

Are there special compression hose that don't wrinkle behind knees?
Maybe with special elastic inserts? My present hose are already flat knitted to measure. I'm concerned about the wrinkles when one is not standing. Is there any manufacturer that provides special inse...Details

Can serrapeptase help resolve scar tissue after EVLT?
I am healing well after endovenous laser ablation (EVLT), except there is a small tender lump where vein was removed. My doctor said it is scar tissue they checked it on ultrasound. He recommends ma...Details

Is there any risk in not doing microphlebectomy after the closure procedure?
My leg feels a lot better after 2 months (not perfect) but some bulging veins remain. Could I worsen my condition if I don't remove the bulging veins? How would blood flow out?

Can you drink red wine after sclerotherapy?

Do you have to wear compression stockings on both legs if a procedure was on one leg?

Would it be better to wear compression hose with wrinkles or not at all?
My 100-year-old mom is on a plane from Denver to Alaska. Her hose have wrinkles in them. Does this indicate they are not fitting correctly, and would it be better to remove them? Or, is it better to h...Details

Can I heal from complete numbness?
Five days ago I had the greater saph and lesser saph veins treated. On the lesser saph vein I felt like my foot was on fire for a good five seconds two different times. Now my ankle, heel, and side o...Details

Is it safe to have Sclerotherapy treatments on a weekly basis?
Can patients overdose on the sclerotherapy injections?

Does having MS prevent me from having sclerotherapy?
I have MS and am totally fine but want to eliminate spider veins on my lower legs and behind my knees. Is sclerotherapy ok to do?

Which surgery is considered safer and better, endovenous laser ablation or radiofrequency ablation?

What should I do when sclerotherapy didn't work?
I have had $2000 worth of sclerotherapy done on my legs and I still have a ton of spider veins. I have not worn shorts or a bathing suit in seven years. What other options would you suggest for someon...Details

The vein I wanted treated is still bulging, tender, and painful after vein ablation. Is this normal two weeks after surgery?
The vein is on the side of leg near the knee crease. I was told that it was a varicose vein and ablation would fix the vein and improve its appearance. After two weeks it still hurts and bulges. My do...Details

Is it normal to have more veins appear around the area where I had sclerotherapy done?
I had sclerotherapy done five months ago. Now there are two dark dots from shots and more veins appeared around area with some discomfort. Is

How long after laser ablation and also sclerotherapy is it recommended to wait before resuming weight lifting (heavy weights)?

How is fluid injected into a vein prior to endovenous laser ablation?
How many injections are needed for this procedure?

Is it normal to get cold feet in one of legs with compression stocking (knee high), but not the other?
I'm a woman in my 20s and wear compression stockings for pain in my legs and because of a family history of varicose veins. While wearing the stockings, one foot and leg tends to get cold. Is this nor...Details

I have lots of veins on my heels and ankles. Are there any treatments that I can do that won't stain brown?
I have thin skin that bruises easily, and I have brown stains from previous sclerotherapy treatments that I did over 7 years ago.

Can I fly on plane for 2.5 hours three days after I've had endovenous laser ablation?

How long should I wear compression socks after a surgery in the abdomen?

Are bulging veins at the knee after GSV normal and will they go away?
I had GSV laser done eight days ago. Now there are bulging veins at the knee and below. Will these go away? I am scheduled for the lower SAF procedure as well.

How long should I wear 20-30g socks each day?
I have COPD and minor swelling in one ankle. I was prescribed 23-30 gauge socks. How long should I wear them each day? I find my ankle is sore when not wearing them even though the ankle is not swolle...Details

Is it normal for compression stockings to cause uncomfortable sleeping issues?
My mom had a total knee replacement five days ago and is now complaining of a lot of pressure/pain in her knee from the compression stockings. Is this normal? Would it be safe for her to take off the ...Details

Can the older "saline solution" be performed instead of Sclerotherapy for spider veins?
Does one need to have sclerotherapy done for spider veins? I had the older saline solution treatment and never had a problem. Can this method be used instead of the new one?

How do compression stockings affect a new tattoo?
I wear knee high compression stockings, 20-30 mmHg and am considering getting a tattoo on my lower leg. How will the stocking affect my tattoo's healing process and is this a bad idea with venous insu...Details

Is numbness after microphlebectomy normal?
Ten days after microphlebectomy I still have numbness and tingling on the top and medial aspect of my right foot and ankle. What is this from and will it resolve?

Vein did not close after laser ablation - what are the consequences?
I had a laser ablation on my left leg and the follow-up ultrasound after 2-3 days of surgery which showed that the vein did not close. The doctor said she had never seen this before. Is this dangerous...Details

What should I do if my ankle has been hurting for nearly two months?
Might I need Sclerotherapy?

Is pain two weeks after Endovenous Laser Ablation normal?
I still have pain, cannot take anti-inflammatory medicines and I have a leg ulcer at the site of the surgery. Is this normal? Since I can't take those types of medications, how should I handle this tw...Details

Which vein procedure would I need for varicose veins?
I am trying to find out which vein procedure would be best for me. I have had varicose veins for some time now and on my left legs I have two spiral veins that are more visible. What can I do?

Is there a non-surgical way to manage pain in my legs coming from veins?
I am 26 and have had premature ovarian failure since the age of 19. Since then I have also felt pain in my veins on the side of my thighs and behind my knees. It gets worse with long periods of sittin...Details

Is intense pain normal after laser ablation of great saphenous vein?
I had my GSV ablation done 13 days ago and still have intense pain in a segment on the inner thigh just above the knee. Is this level of pain normal and, if so, for how long? I have to take Advil for ...Details

What is the time-frame for DVT risk with laser ablation?
Is it true that blot clots relating to the endovenous laser ablation procedure are generally visible within the first 24 hours? Or, is this rather a long-term potential side-effect arising from the pr...Details

Can compression stockings cause pain?
I was just diagnosed with an SVT in L medial lower leg halfway down. My symptoms began about 1" below medial knee joint. I just started wearing my compression stockings (20-30 mmHg). There was some re...Details

Can you suggest pain relief for foot pain after vein surgery?
I had bilateral RFA of both greater saphenous veins in 2007 and am on coumadin for continued LE ulceration. I have significant foot pain, particularly when I first stand. I wear compression hose. Id...Details

Is swelling normal after closing veins with endovenous laser ablation?
I had swelling in my left foot and my doctor confirmed that the valves in two of my veins were not working properly. I had these veins closed with endovenous laser ablation, but four weeks later I st...Details

How many times does a physician have to do Endovenous Laser to be proficient?
I am trying to decide between a vascular surgeon within my insurance group who has done about 100-200 endovenous laser treatments versus paying cash for a well-known vein specialist who has done this ...Details

Can compression stockings cause weakness in the legs?
Can wearing compression stockings cause legs to become weak and difficulty in standing up or getting up and down?

Is wearing compression stockings during pregnancy safe?
I'm wondering if the pressure from compression stockings can harm the fetus?

How many hours a day do I have to wear a compression stocking after EVLT?
It has been a week since my EVLT procedure, and I am wondering if I should continue wearing the compression stocking?

What is the difference between sclerosants Used for sclerotherapy?
What is the difference between "Sodium tetradecyl sulfate" (Sotradecol) and Sodium Morrhuate (Scleromate)? Which of these sclerosants would you use, and why?

What can I do about a DVT after endovenous surgery?
My surgery was one month ago. I now have a large clinging DVT. I went yesterday for another ultrasound and it is larger and moving. I am taking aspirin as instructed. Too early for blood thinners. Whe...Details

Should my spider veins disappear after four sclerotherapy treatments?
I have had four treatments of sclerotherapy and one treatment of laser on my legs. One area on the inside of my knee still has dark red veins visible. Will this improve post-treatment? It has been 6 w...Details

How many treatments of Cool Glide Laser Light Therapy are needed for spider veins?
I have undergone 5 Cool Glide laser light therapy treatments in my legs for spider veins but I've seen very little improvement. I notice at the back of my left knee the spider veins have gotten worse,...Details

How long is the healing time after sclerotherapy?
How soon after sclerotherapy can I have Myofuscial Rolfing and Lympahtic massages?

Are knee high compression stockings ok for a male working on concrete?
My male friend wears knee high nylons for working his shift on concrete. Is this correct?

What does vein discoloration after sclerotherapy mean?
I had a foam sclerotherapy injection on a varicose vein two weeks ago. The vein is still very discolored, and there are still lumps. Does that mean it did not work?

Is there any harm if I removed my compression stockings before 48 hours after Sclerotherapy if I put them back on right away?
Is there any harm if I removed my compressions stockings before the 48 hour period after sclerotherapy treatment to dry my legs after a shower if I put them back on immediately?

Is swelling normal after wearing compression stockings?
I have had a fractured knee, ACL and MCL tear. Two weeks ago my doctor recommended compression stockings (TED hose), as I am not allowed to bear any weight on the right leg. When I don't have the TED...Details

Why are my legs so itchy after I take off my compression stockings?
I wear compression stockings for varicose veins during my pregnancy. They ease the pain and tiredness, but my legs get so itchy sometimes - especially after I take my stockings off. What can i do to p...Details

I can't get my compression stockings on. Is there a trick besides a big butler?

How long should I wear compression stockings after a C-section and when is it ok to take them off for a while?
I am wearing compression stockings and was wondering how long should I wear them? Six and a half weeks after my C-section, I am still not mobile much.

Do I need to stay out of the sun after laser spider vein treatment?
I am going on vacation at the end of June and wanted to know how far in advance I would need to receive laser spider vein treatment.

Is it normal for my legs to hurt after sclerotherapy?
I went to get a laser treatment, but the doctor said it was too painful and that I should have sclerotherapy instead. Two days after the procedure, my legs began hurting everywhere, especially in my a...Details

Should someone with a blood clot wear compression stockings?
I was wondering if someone who already has a clot wore compression stockings, would it be safe? Might this dislodge the clot? I only just learned about compression stockings and I'm not sure of these ...Details

Can compression stockings heal hyperpigmented marks caused by atopic dermatitis?

What kind of compression stockings should I wear after foam sclerotherapy?
Should they be 20-30mmHg or 30-40mmHg?

Are compression stockings contraindicated in my situation?
I have severe venous reflux in the right greater saphenous vein and a past history of heart attacks. I recently quit smoking and am being treated for high blood pressure. My cardiologist wants me to u...Details

Why did my toes hurt the first night after Sclerotherapy treatment?
I had my Sclerotherapy procedure yesterday and my toes hurt while I slept last night with the compression tights on. What does this mean? Should I be worried?

My OBGYN told me that it is dangerous to wear thigh-high compression stockings during pregnancy as it could cut blood flow at the groin area. True?
I was told that only full belly/closed-toe stockings were appropriate for pregnancy as thigh-high compression stockings could pinch blood flow at groin area. Is this correct info? Are there any dange...Details

Can laser light therapy repair a deep tissue bruise?
I have a deep tissue bruise on my leg just above my ankle that has been there for years. I have done red light therapy at the tanning salon and it has lightened up the bruise, but I want it gone. Do y...Details

Can I do yoga after the sclerotherapy?
I had sclerotherapy on 4.19.12 on both legs. I stopped wearing compressing stockings after 2 weeks as recommended by my doctor. I walk whenever possible but would like to do my yoga also. Will yoga be...Details

Are bruising and darker veins normal sclerotherapy results?
I have done my first sclerotherapy treatment two weeks ago. I have healed from most bruising but I feel that the veins are now darker and more visible. Is that normal? I had to be in the sun recently,...Details

Heart Failure after Laser Light Therapy?
Hi, I was dx with peripardom cardiomyopathy 2 years ago, my EF is normal, no dilation, clots gone, cleared by cardiologist to resume normal activity as of year ago. I want to get my varicose veins fix...Details

Can the blue tint in my leg still be a vein after microphlectomy?
A part that was left in my leg after microphlectomy looks blue but concave. Could the remainder of the space where the vein was taken out be a blue tint? I am paranoid there is still vein left.

Does EVLT reduce the chance of a future clot?
I developed clots due to the birth control pill and from a Factor V mutation (blood clotting disorder). Developed reflux as a consequence, and performed 4 EVLTs to treat the veins. Does EVLT reduce my...Details

Blood Poisoning/Nerve Damage from sclerotherapy
Following 2 recent sclero treatments for spiders, I have had horrendous backaches and numbness/tingling. This last time I have developed a large, bumpy, red groin rash. Any connection?

How long do I have to wear compression hose after microphlebectomy?
I am 6 days post op from microphlebectomy. How long should I wear compression hose? Everyone seems to really vary with this answer...

Should my legs ache 4 weeks after sclerotherapy?
I had sclerotherapy almost 4 weeks ago. My legs now ache and feel heavy as soon as I get up in the morning. I have been wearing support knee highs. How long should this last? Legs didn't feel this way...Details

Should I have Bruises from my compression stocking?
I am 16 years old and was put in a compression stocking on my right foot after fracturing my lisfranc joint in my foot playing hockey 3 months ago. I am now getting bruises on my mid foot where I inju...Details

My leg is swollen with compression stocking is this normal?
I have dvt in my right calf, it has only been 3 weeks since i found out. My leg still swells after 3 weeks even when i wear my compression stocking 20 -30. Is this normal. Should I be take it off and ...Details

Are long periods of standing after EVLA safe?
My job (bar manager) requires me to stand for long periods of time and occasionally lift heavy objects (but not for sustained periods.) I am 25 and in good shape, leg is healing with no pain after 2 d...Details

I have been having pain in my legs lately. Can it be from my spider veins?
I stand all day and have recently noticed a lot of pain in my lower legs. It looks like I might have spider veins. Can they cause pain?

Can I have an alcoholic beverage soon after I had scleortherapy on my spider veins?

When should I get Sclerotherapy if I also want to do laser hair removal?
I was planning to get laser hair removal on my lower legs but I also wanted to do sclerotherapy. I also previously had a DVT and PE. Do you suggest I have sclerotherapy done and, if so, when before o...Details

Is there a stem cell treatment for veins after EVLT?
I had gotten EVLT done on my right and left great saphenous veins. This was in 2009, and since then I am having so much pain on my lower calves and ankles, and i started to see some skin discoloration...Details

When can I start Bikram yoga again after endovenous laser ablation?
I am going to have endoVenous laser ablation treatment. I go to Bikram yoga where room temperature is 105 degrees. When can I start practicing again?

How many injections are needed per vein for Sclerotherapy?
I've seen advertising offering 50 injections for Sclerotherapy for what seems to be a very reasonable price. Since I don't know the surface area of veins that 50 injections could treat I can't ascerta...Details

Can someone have too many spider veins to be treated?
I have sooo many spider veins around my ankles that from a distance my ankles look purple. Would I not be a good canidate for this procedure?

Am I at high risk for varicose veins because I work on my feet all day? Might I need an Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I work on my feet all day. They often ache (including my calves) at end of day. Am I at higher risk for developing vein disease/varicose veins? What recommendations do you have to prevent onset?

Will it hurt me if I wear class II stocking with spider telangiectasia legs?

compression stockings for POTS
I am diagnosed with POTS (dysautonomia). What would be the proper compression? I am 106lb and think that 15-20 compression (recommended) is too low, since stockings do not stretch as they would on a h...Details

Why has EVLT not improved my chronic leg swelling?
It's been 4 wks since I had EVLT and Phlebectomy of my left leg. I continue to have the same chronic, daily leg swelling that I did before treatment. I have a follow-up appt in 3 mths but I am less th...Details

Does no compression hose after small microphlebectomy sound right?
I have 2 small reticular veins that are varicose. My doctor is going to do a Microphlebectomy. He said due to the size it won't even be necessary to wear compression hose after. He also stated ther...Details

Under eye veins
Is there any danger to having veins under the eyes removed? Should this procedure be avoided if the patient has circulatory problems? How wide are the incisions for removing under eye veins? What is t...Details

How long will I have scar tissue after Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I've read that after EVLT, the vein turns into fibrous scar tissue. How bad will it look and how long until my body absorbs it?

If there is no visible inflammation, did sclerotherapy work?
I had sclerotherapy in a vein on my calf 3 days ago. I thought the vein was supposed to look worse or that I should have some inflammation, but things have not changed much, except for a tiny dark spo...Details

Must bandages be used after procedure?
I have had Sclerotherapy done on my spider veins in my legs every year from 2004-2009. This was in AZ. After the procedure I would wear compression pantyhose (my own,support pantyhose) for 24 hrs. I h...Details

Why do my muscles hurt more in my legs?
I was measured for the stockings and need to use them during my pregnancy, but I find them uncomfortable, itchy and my leg muscles or calf muscles have been killing me since I started using these stoc...Details

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation necessary?
Originally went to get checked out about my spider veins & was told that I have 4 incompetent veins & need the laser treatment. Didn't give me any info/explanation of their findings. Not even sure wha...Details

Is it normal for my leg to look splotchy and purple? The injection bruises have faded but this large splotch is still there.
10 days ago my doctor injected glycerin in my thigh veins. At first it was swollen and now it's a solid pinkish-purple area about 6in wide with the spiders on top - darker and more numerous than befor...Details

Should I get a second opinion?
I have spider veins, but no bulging varicose veins whatsoever. Was told that I have 4 incompetent veins and need the laser treatment. Orig went for the spider veins. Is this necessary? Is there anothe...Details

Hardened veins after laser vein treatment?
I had laser vein treatment done 6 weeks ago and now there are a few places on the backs of my knees that are purple, puffy, and a little sore. There's also a hard vein going up the back of my thigh. I...Details

My doctor said my vein is too large to have sclerotherapy performed first, is this true?
I have a few visible spider veins on my lower leg that I want treated with foam sclerotherapy. However, the doctor wants me to do endovenous laser treatment before the sclerotherapy. According to him,...Details

How much is too much sclerotherapy
I've had laser treatment of my left and right front saphenous veins and my left back saph vein. The follow up to this is Sclerotherpy to close off some branches. I had three injections on the right le...Details

Compression hose
I bought compression hose online at a doctor recommended site. Does the tightness and compression in the stomach cause a problem from the hose? I thought you want to avoid tightness in the stomach a...Details

should I have muscular pain in my thight in the leg that I had the ablation done on and is there need to call my doctor?
should I have muscular pain in the thigh that I had my ablation done. Is there a need to call my doctor?

How long do the results from sclerotherapy last?

I have had the veins stripped in my leg, as well as saline injections.The buldging veins are gone but now I have reddish coloured spots on my leg.
As a result of the spots, I no longer wear shorts or skirts. Any ideas?

Is my ELA medically necessary? Cosmetically, I do not need it.
The duplex scan on both legs revealed a poor return of blood to the heart in one leg, but my doctor has recommended and scheduled ELA on both legs. I do not have any symptoms. Should I have ELA?

What are the short & long term risks of this procedure?
I had the Endovenous laser treatment on my upper leg,(long Saph?)Doctor wants me to do all four, I'm questioning if I really need all of that done. Can this cause me harm in the short or long term?

Will skipping the 2nd ablation harm the work done on the 1st leg?
I had my ablation about 10 days ago and I'm still sore. I was scheduled to have the second ablation this week but it's too early for my taste. If I do not have the second one done, do I risk unravel...Details

I have veins showing after surgery
I had long and short libation, strip and avulsions in both legs one week ago. The left leg has been done for the second time, I can see veins still, will they disappear wearing the support stockings?

bulging calve veins after 2 yrs intense leg workout
I have low body fat,several veins now pop-out in my calves all the time now for the past 2yrs, stopped working-out my legs as well. Will sclerotherapy guarantee me that those exact veins will not bulg...Details

What to do to speed up the resorbing of large lumpy sclerosed veins?
A month ago, I had scleropathy of very large varicose veins behind my knee, and am left with hard lumpy veins. My doctor doesn't want to drain them believing it is part of the healing process. Can I d...Details

what will be the cost of laser therapy application on face for hyperpigmentation and will it have any kind of side effects?
what will be the cost of laser therapy application on face for hyperpigmentation and will it have any kind of side effects?

Can compression hose cause bruising?
I am a nurse and only wore compression hose to prevent swelling and leg cramps/pain after work when I was pregnant. I just restarted using them but I am not pregnant, but I have noticed SEVERE bruisin...Details

I had ablation surgery 3 weeks ago on my right leg, am I okay to use the tanning bed?
I had ablation surgery 3 weeks ago on my right leg, am I okay to use the tanning bed?

Stopping wearing compression stockings, or wearing off and on.
If I start wearing compression stockings, and then stop, will my varicose veins get worse than if I had not started? What about if I wear them on some days and not others?

IPL laser - what keeps clot from embolizing?
With IPL laser it heats the small vericose vein and destroys the vein by clotting. What keeps that clot it made, from entering the blood stream and causing Embolism?

Fear of treatment
I have a small but bulging vericose vein behind my knee, it runs up my thigh about 6". I worry about how it bulges. I want to have the Vasculight laser done but I have 2 kids and am scared to death o...Details

What to do when compression stockings increase symptoms?
I had cramp for about a week in right let then swelling around ankle. Went to vein specialist, did ultrasound. No clots but could have been after the fact. Prescribed compression stockings because ...Details

Post Surgery
Is it OK to take Levitra after having this surgery?

My Dad is considering this procedure, but he is 87 yrs old. Should I be concerned with risks at his age?
My Dad is considering this procedure, but he is 87 yrs old. Should I be concerned with risks at his age?

I had knee surgery, and was wondering when can I stop wearing my compression socks?
I got knee surgery and have been wearin the socks for 3 weeks with some rests a day. I walk on my leg so blood circulates and crutches help me in public. Is it safe to not wear the stockings at all an...Details

I want to inject some minor veins/spiders, they are branches of a great sph. vein that is now closed; but doctor won't inject ANY veins before closing sph. vein on the calf first,but I prefer not to t...Details

Pain 5 weeks after phlebectomy?
I had some phlebectomy's 5 weeks ago (2 at the ankle, 1 over the knee, 1 medial superior calf). I have burning pain & tenderness over some of the remaining posterior veins in the calf. DVT was ruled o...Details

How long should you wear your compression socks a day?
And should you be physically active while wearing the crompression socks?

I think the compression hose is causing more pain?
I had EVLT greater saphenous vein on right leg in mid May 2011 and two phlebectomys on the ankle. I have A LOT of spider veins on the anterior dorsum of the ankle and it still aches daily. Why does we...Details

Sclerothrapy during menstrual cycle.
Is it ok to do sclerotherapy during menstrual cycle?

Post scleratherapy edema
I had 3 sclera sessions over 5 weeks. After the 3rd one, the saph vein in the lower leg was accidentially blocked. Now I am getting a large indentation, just above the ankle where the sock is. Why ...Details

My doctor uses the Vbeam for my spider veins but it dosen't work and causes brusing. Is it the right type of laser?
My doctor uses the Vbeam for my spider veins but it dosen't work and causes brusing. Is it the right type of laser?

Is EVLT painful? Does it leave scars?
Is there any kind of pain during EVLT treatment? Does this kind of treatment leave, touch, or scars on my skin?

Veins on my ankles and the back of my legs
About a year ago I have large veins taken care of and the scelerotherapy done on spider veins. Now I have bunch of veins all around my ankles and some back on my legs. Is it because I laid in the sun ...Details

Is it ok to have an MRI with contrast injection (for a torn hamstring) 2 weeks after receiving foam Asclera injections for spider veins in same leg?
I am scheduled for an MRI with contrast (by injection) for a hamstring tear and lesion, this will be done 10 days after I have Asclera Sclerotherapy injections in the same leg (thigh and calf). Is the...Details

I had knee surgery and the doctors put a stocking on my good leg.
I had knee surgey yesterday and they put a stocking on my good leg should i keep wearing it on the good leg?

Ankle swelling
Im wearing comprehension stockings for bilateral ankle swelling that began 3 months ago and only have a varicose vein in the left leg. My vascular surgeon doesn't think the surgery will reduce the swe...Details

Does a low pressure compression stockings helps to prevent leg cramps during sleep?
Does a low pressure compression stockings helps to prevent leg cramp during sleep?

EVT after varicose vein surgery
I had varicose vein surgery (ligation and stripping) 10 years ago. My problems came back and I've had many rounds of sclerotherapy. Now my doctor recommends EVT. Is that OK?

Trapped blood keep coming back in my varicose veins
I had EVLT followed by sclerotherapy for my variocose veins. I developed large amounts of trapped blood in the treated veins. How many times should you have to keep aspirating the blood. It keeps comi...Details

Will the general anesthesia used in laser vein surgery hurt my fetus?
I had a laser treatment done on a deep vein when I was 4 weeks pregnant and did not know I was. I am now 23 weeks and am nervous that the general anesthesia at such a early time in gestation will cau...Details

Should I be wearing compression stockings?
I am 21 years old and just bought some compression stockings but im not sure if thats what I need. My legs are always very tired, feel heavy, and also feel swollen around my ankles. I've also noticed ...Details

Is it dangerous to wear compression hose with a run in it?
One of my knee high hose has a run in the foot up into the lower ankle. Can wearing this be dangerous? My doctor advised to wear the hose for fluid retention. If it is not safe, can I wear just one l...Details

can sclerotherapy cause an eye infection?
I hand sclerotherapy on the backs of my hands. A few weeks after I got a really bad eye infection in both of my eyes that I have had for about 3 months and still have. Could it be related? Can the sol...Details

My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal?
My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal?

Swollen calves due to ruptured baker's cyst.
My calves are swollen due to a ruptured baker's cyst. The doctor's office said to wear TED hose. How do I know what kind and the proper fit?

When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago.
When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago.

What's the maxium size vien allowed for this procedure? Using the laser at 12 watts.
Should we increase the watts to compensate for a big vien?

Can laser light therapy be used when a person has DVT?
I'm suffering from chronic venous insufficiency due to DVT. My IVC and external iliacs are blocked. I'm wearing compession stockings at the moment, but varicose veins keep forming, even on my feet an...Details

what is considered 'normal' bruising 5 days post EVLT
EVLT 5 days ago GSV. No serious pain yet. Compression stocking to come off tomorrow, but bruising seems excessive with dark patches and tenderness to touch. I was told to use heating pad, and now I'm ...Details

My legs throb, twitch, and ache at night.
I am wearing thigh high compression stockings all day long and they are helping but as soon as I take them off at night to sleep my legs start throbbing, tingling, aching, jerking, etc. Should I cont...Details

How long does it usually take for the spider veins to go away?
I had injections done and it doesn't look like any of the spiders went away. This was a month ago. When can I expect to see a change. Also, is it safe to have this done while on Accutane?

A lot of pain after surgery on my calf.
I had my treatment done last week, and I have a lot of pain on my calf and tingling feeling from my lower calf to my ankle. Is this normal?

Wearing Ted Hose 24 hours?
My wife has no movement on her left side, therefore can not move her left leg and can not circulate the blood in that leg. Should she wear Ted Hose 24 hours a day?

ELA with Factor V Leiden disorder
Are there higher risks for a patient with Factor V Leiden during the endovenous laser ablation procedure?

What solutions are more likely to cause telangiectatic matting and hyperpigmentation?
I cannot tolerate STS due to severe telangiectatic matting that never goes away without treatment. Are there other solutions less likely to cause these problems?

After 2 weeks post EVLT, the doctor said I needed to redo the procedure?
I had EVLT preformed 3 weeks ago. When I went for the 2 week follow-up ultrasound it showed that the vein was still open and doctor said he needed to redo the procedure. Please advise - I thought this...Details

Which antibiotics should be avoided when getting Sclerotherapy?
Which antibiotics should be avoided when getting sclerotherapy? And how long before and after the procedure should they be avoided? Are tetracyclines the only ones that cause staining or do others?

When can I start running after I have this procedure?
I am 52 and 130 lbs. I have been running 2-3 times a week since 2006. I run between 5-26.2 miles at a time. I am healthy otherwise besides being on medication for high blood pressure.

Is this pain normal after EVLA and sclerotherapy? I have not been able to resume what I would consider normal activities.
Had EVLA on my right saphenous vein 3 1/2 weeks ago. After 1 week it started to feel good, then hurt for 2-3 days, then started to feel good again.I had foam sclerotherapy performed on the same leg/th...Details

PE after microphlebectomy
I've have PE after this procedure. I'm currently on Dabigatran 150 mg 2/day for 3 months. I never had DVT before and I'm very active . I'm very nervous how long I'm in danger of another PE related to ...Details

Tendon pain after ablation.
I've had ELA on both legs. I have some tendon pain on going up from my feet to the insides of each leg. Is this a side effect?

Could I have endovenous laser ablation?
I recently had massive blood clots in the left leg, becasue of inactivity in the other leg, it was in cast. My body has now absorbed the blood clots and i am still on comadine/warfin until December 2...Details

Are wearing compression stockings beneficial for my scenario?
I hurt my knee and I've been working on it while it's been sore. I thought I had a blood clot because the calf area was swollen so much, but an ultra sound ruled that out. Now I'm wearing stockings an...Details

Proceedure affected my large saphenus vein
I have the laser proceedure done on my small saphenus vein. The Ultrasound results shows there is reflux in my large saphenus vein which was not there prior to the proceedure. Should i have my large s...Details

Can I wear compression stockings during my menstrual period?
Can I wear compression stockings during my menstrual period?

Is is necessary to wait until warfarin dose is therapeutic before wearing compression stockings after diagnosis of DVT?
Is is necessary to wait until warfarin dose is therapeutic before wearing compression stockings after diagnosis of DVT?

Worried that removing a spider vein will affect other body functions?
I have big spider vein from the legs to breasts including arms and stomach. Doctors say they can be vanished. But, I'm worrying whether or not removing them will affect the other body functions and ca...Details

Compression Stocking and exercising, especially when jogging long distances?
Is it a good idea/ beneficial to wear compression socks/stockings when exercising? Especially when jogging long distances? I also already have vague signs of some spider veins.

I'm wearing stockings, but they don't seem to help.
If I'm wearing stockings and they don't help my weak legs, is surgery the next step?

What treatment would I need for veins in my cheeks?
I'm not sure what I need, what would you recommend for veins that are showing up in my cheeks?

Can i wear my TED stockings if my feet, ankles & calves are already swollen?
I have recently had surgery and was wearing TEDs while I was not mobil, I have had them off for about 4 days and done a lot of walking yesterday and now I have swelling in my feet, ankles & calves. Is...Details

Medical Data to support repeat ultrasound quided sclerotherapy
My insurance carrier recently changed its policy. It used to grant 3 sclerotherapy sessions, now they state repeat sessions are not medically indicated. However, this is not listed in their policy o...Details

Accutane and Yag laser legs (not face)
I have tiny veins on ym legs and I'm having yag laser treatment soon. Oneday after treatment I want to start with 40mg accutane. Is it safe to start taking 1 day after? And I want a second laser treat...Details

Endovenous Ablation and subsequent pregnancies.
I developed varicose veins during my 2nd pregnancy and have consulted with a physician regarding endovenous laser ablation. We would like to try for another baby after the procedure. How long should...Details

What can I do about the top of stocking digging into my calf?
The stockings fit but the tops of them dig into my skin and is painful. Is there anything I can do to stop it? Can I put an elastic bandage or something under them to help with that?

Muscle Pain, Tendernous, and Spasms after Sclerotherapy
I had my right leg treated 4 days ago & since day 1 I have experienced muscle pain & tenderness in my calf. Occasionally, I have muscle spasms & today my ankle hurts as though it is sprained. It has b...Details

Side effects of drinking after EVLA?
What are the side effects of drinking alcohol after my evla?

Should I be worried about a dark purple vein that's still active?
I received sclerotherapy from a plastic surgeon's office for spider veins. The lady said a very visible dark purple vein behind my knee could not be treated because it is still an active vein. Shoul...Details

Can compression stockings help a severe hematoma?
A car hit my leg and bruised it severely. I have some pain and some problems bending it back. It feels a little numb at times in one area. But I can still feel it.

Compression socks for long flights?
I am a healthy 45yr old with no circulation problems. I'll be taking long flights (Washing, DC, Bhutan) and wonder if I should wear compression socks as a precaution. would drugstore grade be adequat...Details

I had a large vein in my leg ablated 8 months ago and it still is ropey and painful. Is this normal?
It hurts when I sit or stand and is tender to touch. I had a blood clot in the vein when the procedure was done.

Is it okay if some of the clotted veins are not drained during sclerotherapy?
The doctor drained them, but there is one on my wrist that is hard and goes up my arm. Even though he meant to do just the wrist, this one is hard to see, but I can feel it. Is that okay?

How long after sclerotherapy can tissue necrosis occur?
Can a slough appear 1 week after sclerotherapy treatment, or would you see & feel signs of it sooner?

Will laser light therapy take care of varicose veins? If not, what will?
Will laser light therapy take care of any varicose veins? If not, what is the best treatment for varicose veins?

can I use compression stockings if I have an ulcer on my leg?
Can I use compression stockings if I have an ulcer on my leg? I've had surgery two years ago because of the ulcer. After a few months the ulcer healed but now it has coem back again. Would I need to h...Details

Is it ok to wear compression stockings on the plane?
Do you recommend wearing compression stockings on long flights? I have two flights: one 8 hours with a break of 12 hours and continuing another 12 hours after. I have store bought knee highs and thigh...Details

Driving after having endovenous laser ablation?
When may I start driving after my venous procedure? I had ELA 10 days ago on right leg.

How soon after microphlebectomy can sclerotherapy be begin?
How soon can sclerotherapy begin after a microphlebectomy?

How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis, run, and dance?
How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis? run? dance?

Sclerotherapy post ELA
I had endovenous laser ablation of saphenous vein, and now I'm told I need 3 sclerotherapy sessions. is this so? only one is covered by my insurance. I was told that only having 1 could be harmfull, ...Details

Double Saphenous Vein and EVLT.
I had EVLT done in March. I have a double great saphenous vein. They only did one of them. Now my legs feel (and look) worse than they did before the EVLT. I'm switching docs, but what are the cha...Details

Having big/swollen legs related to varicose veins?
Is the increase in size of my legs, particularly in my calves related to having varicose veins? How will I know? And if sclerotherapy will help?

How will I know if the vein will vanish or fade after sclerotherapy?
It's been two weeks and any bruising that I had has faded. My legs look like they did before sclerotherapy. The vein behind my knee still hurts when i stand. i had sclero before and there were more o...Details

Veins are still there after having sclerotherapy.
I have had 3 treatments of sclerotherapy at Kaiser because of leg pain associated with 22 years of teaching and standing. The ugly veins are still there and the doctor says to wear compression stocki...Details

Which veins get injected with sclerotherapy?
Which veins get injected with sclerotherapy for varicose veins treatment? Is it the bulging ones or the ones inside the leg that we don't see that are varicose? Thank you!

I had sclerotherapy treatment in Feb 2011. Despite following directions to the letter, my spider veins are back. Why?
I had sclerotherapy treatment in Feb 2011. Despite following directions to the letter, my spider veins are back. Why?

What are these gray patches all over my legs where I had injections and where I had telangiectatic matting?
They're not purple. They're not red. They're gray. No visible veins, just kind of cooky looking. Will they go away?

Are African Americans good candidates for intense pulse light therapy?
Are African Americans good candidates for intense pulse light therapy?

Is new vein development after sclerotherapy preventable?
After sclerotherapy, I always have a burst of new ones develop. Is this preventable? I used to have spider veins only on my thighs but they disappeared after having treatment only to be replaced by ne...Details

Vein Insufficiency and have received 3 different opinions. Is sclerotherapy a reasonable solution?
I was diagnosed with severe vein insufficiency but received 3 different opinions on how to treat it. My legs do not have visible varicose veins but I have a "mild" case of spider veins. Is sclerothera...Details

How long after treatment can I wait to have a second treatment?
My doctor told me not to wait longer than 5 weeks. I am going on vaction during that time and want to relax in the sun. Can I wait longer between treatments?

Bruising and staining after sclerotherapy treatment, will bleaching cream fade this?
Will a bleaching cream used twice daily (hydroquinone) fade the staining left after sclerotherapy ? How long will I have to use it? I have a few areas that are very, very noticeable after 4 months bru...Details

Enlarged greater saphenous around ankle, is EVLT a good option?
I have a painful/enlarged greater saphenous vein along its course to my groin, however most painful near my ankle bone, does EVLT take care of this distal location since the procedure is only done fro...Details

Do I have to wear compression stockings for a week after having poly sclerotherapy?
I have noticed more veins surfacing after wearing these uncomfortable compression stockings for 4 days. I had the poly sclerotherapy done not the foam sclerotherapy.

Does having EVLT for leg veins make dorsal superficial foot veins disappear as well?
Just wondering about this, since the greater and lesser saphenous veins seem to receive the superficial foot veins on top of the foot, and I have enlarged ones.Thank you!

Outcomes with Microphlebectomy/EVLT?
I have dorsal foot varicosities, as well as varicose GSV and LSV's receiving these veins. Has anyone done microphlebectomy of the foot veins (with/out EVLT) and had more good than bad experiences wit...Details

Should I avoid taking Adderall prior and after Sclerotherapy?
Should I avoid taking Adderall prior and after Sclerotherapy?

Foam sclerotherapy following EVLT
I've had EVLT performed on both GSV's and both LSV's. How do you know if you need sclerotherapy foam on other veins and tributaries. Do these have to be incompetent to have this done? The EVLT was n...Details

Need to decide between VNUS closure and Endo Laser Ablation
I had my large saphenous vein removed and now I need my smaller saphenous vein removed in R/L and large saphenous in L/L. I Have 2 good doctors and have read that vnus has less bruising. Is it better ...Details

Sciatic issues?
Someone posted about buttock/leg/foot numbness after EVLT. In someone with venous hypertension is it possible that removing superf. veins can increase vein pressure in the deep veins, causing pressur...Details

Is it possible to only do a partial ablation of the greater saphenous vein?
Is it possible to only do a partial ablation of the greater saphenous vein?

Broken Capillaries on my Nose
I have large pores, blackhead. An aesthitician used a tool to remove blackheads and sold me Clarisonic and Obagi products. The Pores/blackheads increased in size/number and sudden broken capillaries a...Details

How soon after sclerotherapy for spider veins can you safely treat those same areas with a laser?
I've had four sclerotherapy treatments for clusters of spider veins that have not improved. I was wondering if laser therapy would be more beneficial, but I did not want to go too soon after my last s...Details

EVLA during pregnancy
What is the risk of performing the procedure while pregnant. I am a surgeon pregnant (2nd tri) with my second. The pain is so great from LSV reflux that I cannot stand or operate. I am looking for a...Details

Vein removal with EVLA?
I have a bulging vein around my knee, and I have a beauty on my calf, plus a another around my groin area, can they be removed with EVLA?

Painful spot and hematoma
I had sclerotherapy 1 week ago. Painful, swollen, hematoma(black) is blood trapped? There is also redness and new blue veins around the spot. Went to a dermatologist and he said it would take 2 months...Details

Is laser therapy used on larger veins as well?
My daughter had a very large vein and laser light therapy was done 4 weeks ago. She has lumps down her leg. Is this ok?

Ankle redness and pain after EVLT
I had an ablation done on my right gr. saph. vein 1 month ago. Symptoms before were swelling with the gr.saph. vein and others. After having the ablation, I still have some swelling, pain, and also ...Details

Can I still use Veingogh or do I have to use Veinwave?
On 18th April 2011, RefineUSA LLC, the makers of VeinGogh, were issued with a warning letter from the FDA instructing them to cease the promotion and marketing of VeinGogh IMMEDIATELY. I was wondering...Details

What is the cost, and how many treatments are needed?
I had schlerotherapy done and my veins have returned a year later so I am looking for new options. Also is light therapy permenant or will it eventually reappear as well? Thanks Melissa

Different causes for bulging veins?
I had minor vein reflux. My veins stand out at the end of the day in several spots in front of thighs (look like cellulite but are not) After 4 EVLTs two months ago on both legs, the swelling is still...Details

Will the spider veins come back?
Approximately how long after treatment do your legs stay clear of spider veins?

I have a multi colored bruise after heart ablation
I have a big multi color bruise from cardiac ablation but it seems to be traveling down my leg and I have some swelling as well. Is this normal?

can you go in a hot tub after sclerotherapy and how long do you have to wear the stocking for?
Can you go in a hot tub after sclerotherapy and how long do you have to wear the stocking for?

Is it safe to do sclerotherapy in the summer?
Is it safe to do slerotherapy in the summer?

At home remedies for pain in legs?
I had large veins done and also spider veins with 3 or 4 treatments about 1 year ago.
Now I am having sharp pains in the veins in my legs everyday. My legs are still very tender.
Any at ...Details

Can you explain the cause of two phenomena that occur during the endovenous laser procedure?
What causes the "garlic taste" in your mouth during the endovenous laser ablation? What causes the "water dripping sensation" when the doctor is doing the tumescence?

Thoughts on going to the tanning salon before this procedure?
Is it ok to go to a tanning salon before this procedure? I use the stand up bed, I have arthritis, and find that the tanning makes me feel a lot better.

Is it safe to have endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy on the same leg on the same day?
Is it safe to have endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy on the same leg on the same day? Do two procedures carry more risk if carried out on the same day?

Is it normal for new veins to appear in my leg after endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy?
I had endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy but I keep spotting new veins appearing in my leg. Is this normal? I should mention that I suffered from phlebitis in this leg following surge...Details

Post sclerotherapy, extreme pain, posterior knees
If there was an untreated, localized ameoba infection, at the time of sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins, could this have caused ameoba cysts in knee, thus reason for ongoing pain still felt aft...Details

can you tan after having the Sclerotherapy procedure?
I had the procedure done, but I was not told if I could tan.

Doesn't seem ike the Sclerotherapy process is working lately
I've been to two vein removal places in Dallas for sclerotherapy. Lately, the process is not working. The area has become darker and used to really only show up during my period. Now it's there all...Details

Sharp stabbing pains in my leg!
I have sharp stabbing pains in my leg. It's very painful and the Motrin did not help. I was in tears! This went on for a couple of days. The pain is on my right leg and my left leg isn't painful at al...Details

Should a diabetic wear compression stockings 24 hours daily?
Should compression stockings be worn 24 hours per day continuously or not just worn at bedtime?

Will vein reappear with a second pregnancy?
After my first child, I suffered from varicose veins. I didn't gain much weight during the pregnancy, but it was mostly due to hormones.
After having EVLA and sclero treatment, I am afraid to ha...Details

Is this signs that Scelerotherapy did not work?
I had sclerotherapy on several reticular veins for the 2nd time about 1 month ago. At times the veins bulge during the day, but other times look flat. Is this part of the healing process or does this ...Details

Why can't you get sclerotherapy done when pregnant?
Why can't you get sclerotherapy done when pregnant?

I developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my great saphenous vein in my calf.
I developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my great saphenous vein in my calf. Why does my leg still ache several months after? Foam was accidentally injected into my great saphenous vein (...Details

Chaps style for the wrong leg?
Is it alright to use chaps style compression stockings that state they are for one leg on the other? I have right leg chaps, but want to wear them on my left leg? Can they be turned inside out and w...Details

How long until I can resume aerobic exercise and light weight lifting?
I had an hour of laser therapy for my spider veins yesterday. The technician who did my procedure was not sure how long I needed to wait until I resume aerobic exercise and light weight lifting. Any s...Details

Airplane Travel
My wife always has swelling at the ankles when we are on a commercial carrier flight of any distance. Will compression stockings help this? If so , what strength?

How long after the procedure do I have to wait before I can tan?
How long after the procedure do I have to wait before I can tan?

Restless's hard to walk without my legs giving out
I have real bad veins under my legs. Some times they bleed and I have restless syndrome. It's hard to walk without my legs giving out. Can you help me?

Sciatica pain. Will compression stockings help with the pain?
I presently suffer from a sciatica for the 1st time. Lots of pain in my calf area and particularly in one pinpoint spot in the calf along with hip/groin pain.
I wonder if stockings will help my c...Details

Does this procedure involve penetration of the skin?
I am a severe needle phobic. Does any part of this procedure involve penetration of the skin?

I now have brown lines on me from the needle insertion. Why did this happen?
After having scerotherapy, I now have brown lines on me from the needle insertion. Why did this happen? The brown lines are the length of a needle

I quit with the procedure, I don't kno...Details

Can this surgery be done without a catheter fast closure?
CATHETER FAST CLOSURE 7F 60CM. Can this surgery be done without a catheter fast closure? My medical aid will not pay for this item.

Does it work on tiny spider veins on legs?
Is intense pulse light therapy successful for capillaries on the legs? I have quite a lot on the top of my legs that are too small for schelotherapy.

Is the endovenous ablation a good alternative to correct poor circulation in the legs after having a DVT?
I am on Coumadin and since I had the DVT in June 09, my quality of life has diminished. If I sit down for an hour and intend to stand u I look like very old lady. It is painful and so tired of my legs...Details

I had EVLT nearly 2 yrs ago on my left GSV. I now have pain & swelling in my left calf. Why?
Could my surgeon have performed surgery on the wrong vein, or has it reopened or do I now have a new insuff.? I am 44, active, slender, healthy, and lately my left calf has begun to swell toward the ...Details

How long does it take for the hard spots and bruising to go away after sclerotherapy for spider veins?
How long does it take for the hard spots and bruising to go away after sclerotherapy for spider veins? I was told there would be minimal bruising and it would go away in six to eight weeks. Is this...Details

Bulging veins in my legs. Wearing compression socks, but legs tend to jerk
I am waiting on surgery for my leg veins and started wearing compression socks again after not wearing them for years. I have only been taking them off when I bathe. My legs have started feeling rest...Details

Is Microphlebectomy always needed after EVLT ?
How long should I wait to see if the veins in my calf will diminish after EVLT? I would like to avoid Microphlebectomy if possible, but will have it done if necessary ?

After sclerotherapy treatment more spider veins appeared
It's been 2 weeks since my first sclerotherapy treatment, and the area that was injected has new spider veins?

Can you do both legs at the same time? Is it advised? Why?
My wife (age 26) has post pregnancy (1.5 years ago) bad veins with:
Rt leg:
great saphenous- moderate reflux
popliteal - light reflux
Lt leg:
great saphenous- Sever reflux

Can compression stockings help with severe leg pain?
After working a 12 hour shift, my legs hurt so bad I can't sleep. I have tried several name brand shoes and support hose. Is it possible that compression hose might help this?

How long does pain after EVLT last?
I am just over 2 weeks post EVLT and still have pain. As long as I take an anti-inflammatory the pain subsides. Visually the inner thigh looks good. How much longer will the pain last?

Is this procedure appropriate for large varicose veins?
My legs look as if they have snakes under the skin from the groin area through the calves. I have had these for many years and would like to have them taken care of before I reach age 65. I fear inv...Details

Which is good? NdYag 1064nm or 1320nm for my varicose veins?
One facility is advocating 1064nm NdYag. Other facility is advising 1320nm for my varicose veins(endo venous). What is good?

Hemosiderosis and Venous Insufficiency or Stasis Dermititis?
I have seen two different doctors for my ankles and shins, one of them diagnosed me with hemosiderosis and venous insufficiency. The other said I had Stasis dermititis. Should I see another doctor. Th...Details

Is this varicose vein treatable?
I have nerve damage from endovenous ablation. Around my ankle is highly sensitive and it hurts to touch. I had this treatment in June 2010 and still having a lot of problems. Is this treatable?

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