I had foam sclerotherapy and the foam has partially occluded my previously healthy great saphenous vein.

My great saphenous vein which was healthy has become occluded in small segments running down from my groin after having foam. What should I do? Will it start to reflux and cause problems in the coming months? How did this happen and is it common?

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Replied on 5/30/2011

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

After foam sclerotherapy the foam can migrate into the saphenous and cause clotting of portions of the saphenous vein. Fortunately, this happens infrequently. Segmental occlusion of the saphenous should not cause reflux or future problems. I periodically see patients with your exact problems occurring without foam and they do not develop any problems from segmental saphenous vein occlusion.

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I had foam sclerotherapy in my left leg a couple of months ago and now my great saphenous vein has become partially occluded with the foam.

My great saphenous vein was healthy. Foam accidentally occluded my great saphenous vein 10cm down from the groin and more of the vein is occluded in my calf. Will I need to have this vein obliterated with a laser or will it die off naturally?

Are the foam sclerotherapy treatments working like they should? (4 answers)
I have had foam sclerosants injected into three veins, two of which have gone hard. The last vein in the back of my thigh feels the same as before and it disappears when I lie down, as if blood is still traveling in it. Does that mean it was missed, or should I give it time?

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What concerns should be considered for a Sjogrens Syndrome patient seeking Foam Sclerotherapy treatment?

Can large, bulging veins be treated on feet? (3 answers)
I have many bulging veins on both feet. Duplex ultrasound showed no reflux or insufficiency and that veins are not varicose. It was recommended that I do nothing since there is no need. If want to fix them for cosmetic reasons, can they be treated? If so, what's the best procedure?

Is it common for ultrasound guided foam slcerotherapy to travel into healthy veins by accident? (3 answers)
Is ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy accurate/safe in treating small reticular veins on the surface or does it often shoot off into the great saphenous vein during this procedure? This has happened to me and I am worried about the implications.

My leg feels heavy and aches continuously (3 answers)
I had endovenous laser ablation for my great saphenous vein and foam sclerotherapy on the same day 6 months ago. I got phlebitis and now my leg aches

My leg has new veins where I had phlebitis and my leg feels very heavy and aches continuously day and night. What could be causing this and how long before I could consider a re-treatment for reflux? Should I continue to wear the compression stocking?

Does this mean the deep veins will become incompetent now? (3 answers)
I have developed inflammation in my deep veins after foam sclerotherapy injections. Does this mean the deep veins will become incompetent now?

I do not have a dvt just deep vein inflammation. Will this damage the valves in the longer term causing incompetence of the deep veins and post phlebitic limb?

Will this damage the valves and create bulging blue veins? (3 answers)
I have developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my healthy veins. Will this damage the valves and create bulging blue veins?

Does phlebitis cause the limb to continually ache and create heavy leg cramps at night resembling Restless Leg Syndrome? Does phlebitis cause neovascularization?

What solutions is used in foam scherotherapy? (3 answers)
What solutions is used in foam scherotherapy?

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My leg aches continually especially in warm weather. Can this be eradicated with more foam to reduce the refluxing veins? What are my chances of getting phlebitis again in this leg and how long should I leave it before having more treatment?

Advantage over Asclera? (3 answers)
what are the advantages (if any) over Asclera and also, must a compression stocking be worn after the proceedure AND EXACTLY for how long?

How can I remove stains created by injections? (2 answers)
I have done several procedures Foam Sclerotherapy, injections, etc. This has caused those areas to stain. Also the pain continues especially when I'm on my mentral cycle, which causes it to be even more pruple and almost black in color.

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How effective is foam sclerotherapy in eliminating the underlining cause? Whereas, I have read that the regular schlerotherapy does not treat the cause?

Sclerotherapy after EVLT (2 answers)
I had EVLT in Sept 2009, and since, I cannot get my doctor to treat reticular veins on the lateral sides of my calf on one leg. He tells me to exercise my calves. Why won't he do sclerotherapy on them? Is this an uncommonresponse?

Leakage of foam sclerotherapy (2 answers)
I have read on your site that it can be common for sclerotherapy to cause a clot or even possibly travel down the leg into the foot. How common is this? I have had sclerotherapy in the past, but now am apprehensive.

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I have aching/bulging veins around my calf and ankle. What treatment would be best to eliminate these permanently?

Can most veins be treated successfully? (2 answers)
I have no great saphenous vein in my right leg from my ankle to groin and in my left leg vein is partially occluded. I still have many visible veins. Can they be treated so I don't have the appearance of many blue veins like pen marks on my legs?

Can sclerotherapy have a rebound effect and not only cause more spider veins, but also make the treated ones more prominent? (2 answers)
I've had four rounds of sclerotherapy over the course of a year. Now they're much much worse, and there are new clusters of veins around the injection site. Is it possible sclerotherapy just doesn't work for me?

Does foam sclerotherapy shut down any veins in the legs? (2 answers)
I had foam sclerotherapy for reticulars which accidentally travelled into my great saphenous (calf and thigh) and small saphenous. Will they shut down eventually? Will this cause varicosities now that I no longer have a once healthy truncal system?

Can prominent blue veins in the foot/ankle be injected? (2 answers)
I had phlebitis which has left my short saphenous vein distended and aching around the foot, ankle, and calf. How is this problem best treated?

How long after foam sclerotherapy should you wait between sessions? (2 answers)
I had foam sclerotherapy in February and developed phlebitis in my ankle and calf. The veins now look flacid and are refluxing with a dull ache. Can I have the foam re-done to eliminate these veins? the foam killed off my long great saphenous vein.

My deep veins are not compressible after foam sclerotherapy and phlebitis. (2 answers)
Should the inflammation settle and correct itself or could the deep veins be damaged causing post phlebitic limb? There was no sign of a clot although a lack of compressibility is worrying. My leg aches and I have night cramps.

Is it normal for new spider veins to form after sclerotherapy? What should I do? (2 answers)
I had sclerotherapy on a medium enlarged blue vein a week ago. I removed the compression stockings to bathe and noticed bruising and red spider veins along the length of the veins treated. These spider veins are new. Is this normal? Is it possible for new spider veins to form after sclerotherapy? What should I do?

Is it normal for a ropey vein to appear 9 days after foam sclerotherapy? (2 answers)
I never had a varicose vein in this area.It's an area around the injections so I'm wondering if it could be a new vein, or a treated vein because of the texture.It's in the area where ankle meets foot and I noticed it because stockings aggravated

I have developed livedo reticularis after having foam sclerotherapy. Is this a normal reaction? (1 answer)
Should livedo reticularis be indicative of a a condition called Lupus or is it common after sclerotherapy as the blood is re-routing?

I have developed phlebitis in my great saphenous vein in my calf after foam slcerotherapy. This vein was healthy before and had competent valves. (1 answer)
I have developed phlebitis in my great saphenous vein in my calf after foam slcerotherapy. This vein was healthy before and had competent valves.

My leg and ankle ache continually and I have large flaccid ugly damaged veins in this area. Can I have these veins treated/corrected once the phlebitis settles. How long before I can have safe treatment to eradicate these aching bulbous veins?

What is decreased vascularity due to sclerotherapy? (1 answer)
What is decreased vascularity due to sclerotherapy?

I was wondering how long it takes for 'skin lightening' to go away post sclerotherapy? (1 answer)
I was wondering how long it takes for 'skin lightening' to go away post sclerotherapy? Thanks so much!

Can foam sclerotherapy be performed on the chest area? (0 answers)
I have thin skin and prominent blue veins on my chest that make me feel self-conscious. Can foam sclerotherapy be used on the chest? If so, would the treatment rid the ugly blue veins? I want to feel more beautiful wearing the wedding dress of my dreams.

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