I have a varicose vein in groin and under the navel.

I have varicosed vein in my left groin and under my navel. It expands toward my left leg. What is the best treatment for me? And does excercise help me to reduce my varicosities?

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Replied on 6/3/2012

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

Exercise will not reduce varicosities. The distribution of your varicose veins suggest venous hypertension, which could be a result of a reflux problem either at the level of the left groin or possibly even higher in the iliac or pelvic veins. You should have a full venous evaluation including a lower extremity venous ultrasound as well as a CAT scan or MRV of your pelvic and iliac veins.

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

Depends on the source of this vein. In some cases this may represent blockage of other veins and sometimes these should not touched.
I really depends on the individual patient, you should see your provider if you wish treatment.
Michael D. Ingegno, MD

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Angelo N. Makris MD   |  Angelo N. Makris, M.D. Interventional Radiology Center
Oak Brook, IL

These are not typical locations for varicosities. I suggest you schedule a consult with a vein specialist.

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l had my varicose vein surgery done three weeks ago. There is a lump that is sore to touch and can be a little painful. Is this normal?

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I have a large vein that may need removal, what are my treatment options? (9 answers)
A vein in my right leg was stripped out 25 yrs ago, on inside from ankle to groin. Now, a large vein has appeared, running across the thigh above the right knee up into groin and tracking down under the right knee. Which vein(s) is this? What are my treatment options?

Are bruises and lumps normal two weeks after vein stripping surgery? (9 answers)
I had my right leg stripped of veins in a clinic in Switzerland two weeks ago. It is very bruised and lumpy. Is this normal?

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I am 21 years old and recently I have developed a varicose vein on my penis. The vein gives me slight discomfort. I am not sexually active. How can I fix this vein? Is there any medication or procedure which can fix it? I don't like the look of the vein.

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What is the name of the special hooks in Varicose Vein Surgery? (9 answers)
It is the tool used to pull veins through microincisions. What are these called?

What can I do to reduce pain from labia veins during pregnancy? (9 answers)
I had vulvar/labia veins during my third pregnancy and had to spend a lot of time in bed with pain/heaviness etc. That continued three years postpartum so I had varicose vein surgery. Nine months ago, the doctor said I had pcs and removed some huge veins. I am now 6 mos pregnant and the veins are back. Help!

Will varicose vein surgery help the red sploochy marks on my leg? (9 answers)
I had my vein stripped in my right leg 5 years ago. Soon after, I developed a scabby red spot (where there had been a small unexplained hole post-surgery). That spot eventually spread and developed into a series red spots.I have seen several!

Is pain and bruising normal 12 weeks after varicose vein surgery? (8 answers)
I had varicose vein surgery done on both legs 12 weeks ago and I've got a lot of bruises and it hurts. Is there something wrong? I had about 6 veins taken out from ankle to groin.

I have friend who has dark pigmentaion (8 answers)
I have friend aged 34, modestly built. He travels all day by 2 wheeler. He has dark pigmentation of both legs. It started around ankles and is now spreading up. No veins are visible. Feet are spared. Doctors suggested varicose vein surgery. Does it help?

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I am only 21 years old but I have painful veins on my left leg. I have had them since I was very young, and they only become worse. They are only on one leg. What is the best option to treat the appearance? Thank you.

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Do Varicose Vein Surgeries hurt? (8 answers)
Do they use local anesthesia?

How effective is Diosmin in treating varicose veins? (8 answers)
Is Diosmin effective for varicose veins as an at home treatment?

Is bruising typical after the varicose vein surgery called vein stripping? (8 answers)
Is bruising normal after vein stripping? The bruise is nowhere near the incision sites, so i was wondering if that is normal or not? The bruise is on my inner thigh, and the incisions are below the knee and one in my groin.

Is embolization a good treatment option for venous malformations in the labia? (8 answers)
Embolization has been recommended to treat venous malformations in the labia. What can be expected after the procedure besides three weeks of pain? How soon will the venous malformations return? Is it possible that the venous malformations can reoccur in other areas?

I have a red bump and tender spot following varicose vein surgery, is this normal? (8 answers)
I just had varicose vein surgery on my right leg. This is the first of two procedures. It's been about five days and a red bump/extremely tender spot has formed a couple inches away from the treatment site. Is this normal?

What are the long-term effects after treatment or removal of deep varicose veins? (8 answers)

How long after surgery on your leg will the numbness and aches last? (8 answers)
This pain occurs after I have been active on my legs. My varicose vein surgery was about five months ago.

Do I have reticular veins, or are they normal? (8 answers)
I have many green, visible veins all over body. Could these be normal veins, or are these reticular veins? I've had them since my pregnancy, but I was always a quite veiny person anyway.

My mother's doctor recommended an iodine therapy to treat her varicose veins, is this the appropriate treatment or is there something better? (8 answers)
My mother has been suffering from varicose veins since she was born. She is now 49 years old. We are Chinese. The Chinese doctor we consulted with suggested a therapy using iodine, but my mother has thyromegaly (an enlarged thyroid gland). Is this the appropriate treatment for her or are there better therapies? Please advise.

My wound is running after having varicose vein surgery, is this normal? (8 answers)

Can I live safe with compression if I have deep vein reflux? (8 answers)

Should I get varicose vein surgery (EVLA)? (7 answers)
What happens if I don't close the vein on the back of the leg (front vein is shut)? My doctor says it's also refluxing, but I have only mild symptoms and no visible veins there.There is not much in the front either, but I do have a small varicose in groin area.

Can varicose vein removal cause the treated leg to become fatter and discolored? (7 answers)
I had a varicose vein removed from my right leg 22 years ago. That leg is fatter than the left leg (which was not treated) and is a different color. Is this common?

Can I have an ugly, but 'normal' vein removed from my bicep for cosmetic reasons? (7 answers)
I've always had a very ugly vein on my right bicep. I am sure it is perfectly normal and not varicose. It does not protrude, but is a very dark blue and is just below the surface. Would it be possible to remove this 'normal' vein for cosmetic reasons?

How can Varicose Veins develop? (7 answers)
What causes varicose veins?

Do tight fitting clothes contribute to varicose or spider veins? (7 answers)
I wear a lot of tight compression shorts and bike shorts when I exercise (running, biking, etc.). Could these choices lead to varicose veins later in life?

Will significant weight loss alleviate varicose veins naturally? (7 answers)
I’m scheduled for weight-loss surgery, and I have large varicose veins on both legs. Will losing the weight change the pressure in my legs enough to make the varicose veins go away, or will I need surgery or other treatments?

When to consult a specialist? (7 answers)
I have been having pain associated with clotting on my right shin. Is the best course of action to just get one of those tight fitting socks?

Can Varicose Veins reappear/reoccur? (7 answers)
Will Varicose Veins reappear? Do i have them for life even after treatment?

What is the difference between PAD & Varicose Veins? (7 answers)
Is there a difference between PAD & varicose veins, and are there tests to confirm? Also can you have Venous closure surgery done if you have PAD?

What is the recovery procedure after the vein is removed ? (7 answers)
What is the recovery procedure after the vein is removed? For example, do I have to sit and rest it and how long will i need off work?

Varicose veins in the same leg (7 answers)
How many times can you safely have your veins done in the same leg?

What should I try next if sclerotherapy and touch laser didn't work? (7 answers)
If sclerotherapy and cool touch laser didn't work what should I try next?

Can someone on blood thinners have vein surgery? (7 answers)
Can someone on blood thinners have vein surgery?

Any treatment for a superficial blood clot when 32 weeks pregnant? (7 answers)
I am 32 weeks pregnant with bad varicose veins on both legs. I wear compression hose and take baby aspirin daily. I was diagnosed with a 4.1 cm superficial thrombosis on posterior thigh of left leg. No DVT. Is there anything that can be done for this? How dangerous?

Are there any dangers of being pregnant after been diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome? (6 answers)
I was diagnosed with pelvic congestion syndrome 4 years ago. I have had many problems with it and am in pain pretty much everyday. I am 6 weeks pregnant and it is already getting worse. I was wondering if there were any dangers to being pregnant when I have this condition?

Treatment options for Vein Removal (6 answers)
Which is a better option for vein removal (vein stripping or laser treatment/ELA) in the presences of a varicose ulcer around the size about 5cm? The patient is known to have hypertension which is under control.

Is varicose vein surgery and possibility after someone has had a DVT? (6 answers)
Can someone who has had a DVT ever have varicose vein surgery?

Lumps in leg after VNUS and phlebectomy (6 answers)
Had a phlebectomy and VNUS done 4 weeks ago. I have lumps all along where the vein used to be (ranging from pea size to walnut size). They were painful & had them drained twice now. I still have lumps. What can be done? Will these resolve?

Is surgery the best treatment at this point? (6 answers)
I am a 52 year old female and had varicose vein surgery in the early 80's. I tried knee high comp stockings, and I'm on my feet a lot, working 12 hour shifts. My right leg is swelling still. It was recommended that I have surgery again, is this the best option?

Have heart problems with clots. Dangerous to have varicose vein operated on? (6 answers)
Is there any danger if I've recently had a clot in a heart artery and I want to get rid of varicose veins in my legs?

Can someone on blood thinners have the greater shpenuos vein removed from left leg? (6 answers)
I take wafrain and I need my greater shepnous vein in my left leg tied off at my groin and behind my knee and some varicose veins removed. Is it safe since I take blood thinners?

Prominent veins are showing up on pelvic scan. Is this something to worry about? (6 answers)
Hello, my daughter has just had a pelvic scan and examination and it revealed several large, prominent veins. Can you please tell me what this is and is it something to worry about? She is only 21 and has bouts of severe pain and loose stools.

What types of excercise are best for venous reflux? (6 answers)
I had reflux of my saphenous vein & an ablation was done 1 yr ago. No improvement. Today, I had another f/u & ultrasound showed reflux of deep femoral vein of same leg. I'm 40 yrs old, normal weight, active. What exercise is best to delay progression?

When stents are used for leg surgery, do they come in only one length or does the doctor add several stents? (6 answers)

Should I have my varicose veins looked at again? Which procedures might be recommended? (6 answers)
I have very ugly varicose veins on my upper thigh that sometimes look tinted. I was told they are too old. Should I have them looked at again? Which procedures might be suggested?

Why do I have a shooting pain in my leg one month after varicose vein surgery? (6 answers)

Will varicose vein surgery prevent me from getting blood clots? (5 answers)
Will varicose vein surgery prevent me from getting blood clots? I've had two blood clots in my leg. As we speak, I have chronic blood clot in my right arm. I need some advice; I don't want to die.

I have severe pain below my knee when after running, is this normal following laser vein surgery? (5 answers)
I had laser vein surgery two months ago and it went well. There were no problems until now. I have been having a lot of pain below my knee after running, and it gets so bad I can't walk. Is this normal?

A vein surgeon found 5 areas of my leg that require treatment, but he plans to treat them one at a time. Is he trying to cheat me? (5 answers)
I visited a doctor today and he found five areas (mostly on the same vein) of my leg that require treatment. He wants to treat each area one at a time, which would mean 5 separate surgeries. It appears that he wants to schedule as many surgeries as possible because that would increase my tab. Is he trying to cheat me?

What could be causing my symptoms? (5 answers)
My left leg started with this numb feeling, now it is also throbbing in pain. It gets so tight and it feels like it's on fire, but it's cool to the touch. I cant sleep anymore because I awake in such severe pain. I also noticed that the top of my right foot hurts. What could be causing this?

What could be the cause of numb face, arm and neck after varicose vein surgery? (5 answers)
I had varicose vein surgery 12 days ago and my face, arm and neck now go numb. I had the surgery with a spinal injection. Could this be the cause of the numbness?

Can Deep Vein Insufficiency be treated? (5 answers)
If so, which options are available? Success rate? If not treatable, what options aside from compression stockings are available? Most superficial veins have been closed yet I still have pain/burning in both legs and cannot sit or stand for long.

Can the veins come back after the surgery? (5 answers)
If someone has had varicose vein surgery, can they come back? At any time? What are the odds of this?

Is local anesthesia used with all varicose vein treatments? (5 answers)
My mother had ELA performed and they only gave her oral sedation. She had extreme pain and less than great results. I need treatment for my veins and I am afraid of this treatment because of her experience. What type of anesthesia is usually used?

Two weeks post op Phlebectomy (5 answers)
I had the procedure done nearly 2 weeks ago, In 2 or 3 of the incisions it feels like a knot, 1 of them seems like a large lump about size of a quarter - kind of hurts - will they get smaller and go away and is this a normal?

Why do they have to do the entire leg from top to bottom, when the veins are just below my knee? (5 answers)
I only have the veins below my knee he is doing my whole leg for 3400 cash, is this an accurate price?

How do you get rid of varicose veins? (5 answers)
What treatment is needed to get rid of painful and unsightly varicose veins?

Is there a possibility to cure or remove the varicose veins in my arms? (5 answers)
Is there a possibility to cure or remove the varicose veins in my arms? I had the schlero therapy procedure done already.

How do you treat Varicose Veins due to slow valves & reflux? (5 answers)
I have varicose veins due to slow valves and reflux. How can it be treated? How long it will take? How much it will cost?

Is it unusual to have discomfort in my leg years after having some varicose veins removed (5 answers)
I had surgery about 6 years ago and just recently noticed tightness in the treated leg. Touching my toes seems more impossible now on that leg in the leg is too tight to be successful in the stretch. There is also discomfort and aching.

Can leg crossing lead to Varicose Veins? (5 answers)
Is it harmful to your leg circulation to sit with your legs crossed?

How long should I wait after Varicose Vein Surgery to fly? (5 answers)
How long should I wait after varicose vein surgery to take an airplane trip, or does it matter?

Is leg pain a common side effect after varicose vein surgery or sclerotherapy treatments? (5 answers)
I had a phlebectomy that was not successful, then laser ablation and sclerotherapy within 2 months of each other. I now have shooting pains in my leg... is this something that is normal?

Wife had a superficial blood clot, now she is dead? (4 answers)
My wife had superficial blood clots in leg. They took ultrasound and she just collapsed 13 days ago in my arms and died in the hospital of a blood clot in the lung. She was healthy and young. No history, sickness, fever. How can this happen?

Skin pigmentation after EVLT and ambulatory phlebectomy. (4 answers)
I recently had EVLT and an ambulatory phlebectomy done to my leg. Now there is some darkening to my skin in between my incisions. Is there a cream that can help with this hyperpigmentation from the surgery?

What can help if after treatment I'm left with a rash, like raw meat and painful? (4 answers)
I had laser treatment on my left leg, and I've been left with a rash, sort of like raw meat, which is very painful all the time. I have tried many creams, and they just burn. HELP!

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I'm having spasms and numbness in my untreated leg one week after having a varicose vein removed from the opposite leg. Is this normal? (4 answers)
I had a varicose vein removed in my left leg seven days ago. Everything seems to be healing, but I recently started feeling spasms & numbness on my right leg (outside thigh). This is weird because that leg wasn't operated on. Also, I can't lift my leg much whilst laying on the bed. Is this normal? Should I return to my doctor for a examination of that leg?

Can a single, large varicose vein located on the shaft of the penis be treated? (4 answers)

Why are my mother's feet unresponsive and rock-like after having DVT? What are her treatment options? (3 answers)
My mother had DVT in her right leg in 2009 and has had 2 further ballooning surgeries. However, the feet in both legs continue to be unresponsive and feel rock-like and heavy. Recently, she's also started feeling as if she has rocks in her soles. What could be causing this? What are her treatment options?

Should my leg hurt half a year after varicose vein stripping surgery? (3 answers)
I had varicose vein stripping surgery on both legs last November.. I has been half a yer now and I still feel pain and chills in both legs. Also, some parts of my legs feel hard and numb. I'm confused. I felt fine during the first month after the procedure. Is what I'm experiencing normal? If not, what might have gone wrong and what should I do?

Can bulging penis veins be treated with surgery? If so, what would that procedure be and is it safe? (3 answers)

Sometimes my leg collapses, could it be because I have really bad varicose veins? (3 answers)

Can I have varicose vein surgery in both my legs done at the same time? (3 answers)
I am planning on having the VENOUS procedure soon. Can I have both my legs done at the same time?

What can I do in getting my legs back to normal color? (3 answers)
Last year, I had surgery for varicose veins. This resulted in making both of my legs below the knee look as if I had been in some horrible accident. The skin is stained and I am looking for somthing which get the color of my legs back to normal...

How long do you have to wear compression stocking after vein ligation? (3 answers)
What is the recommended amount of time to wear compression stockings after having a vein ligation?

Does surgical removal of veins hurt? (3 answers)
I had a doplers test and the report suggests varicose vein surgery. The doctor said he will decide which type of surgery he will use once he begins operating on my leg. I am just worried about the pain. Is there a lot of pain involved with varicose vein surgery as well as with laser?

On October 18, 2011 I had endoluminal ablation performed on my left calf. During the procedure a nerve was struck. (2 answers)
Several days after the procedure I noticed numbness in my heel as well as the back part of my leg where it bends (behind the knee) is very tight. It is uncomfortable to walk. Is this typical? Thank you.

Is the stab-phlebectomy operation ok to do after varicose vein surgery? (2 answers)
The varicose vein operation did not help, will the stab-phlebectomy operation will help?

Should my leg still be hurting 7 months after having varicose surgery? (2 answers)
I had varicose surgery 7 months ago on my left leg. All of a sudden the vein behind my knee is starting to hurt. I get a burning sensation like my skin is on fire, and it is red and swollen. When I touch that certain area it hurts. Is this normal?

Is there anything I can do to prevent developing varicose veins during future pregnancies? (2 answers)
In my first pregnancy I did not have varicose veins. Now, in my second pregnancy, I've had moderate varicose veins since the fifth week of pregnancy. Will they go away after delivery? Is there anything I can do to prevent them from coming back again in the future if I choose to have more children?

Can you fly safely with a superficial vein? (1 answer)
Can you fly safely with a superficial vein? I had some bleeding under the skin and I'm taking antibiotics. I fly on Friday and have a surgical stocking to wear. Is this OK?

When will I be able to walk without pain? (1 answer)
I had a superficial vein removed from the groin to my ankle. It's been 6 days now since surgery and I still have terrible pain near my ankle where four cuts were made. I also have pain inside my leg where the vein was removed. I cannot even take a single step without having discomfort. Is this normal? When will I be able to walk without pain?

Is it possible to have pain years after vein stripping? (0 answers)

Why is Medicare making me wait several months for varicose vein treatment when my leg is in pain now and has been for some time? (0 answers)
I have Medicare. For years I've been suffering from leg pain, burning, heaviness, etc., but was only recently diagnosed with varicose veins. The pain is debilitating at night. Why do I have to wait many months before I can have treatment? The pain is bad now and there is a history of this dating back several years.

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