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Is EVLT or RFO the same as Vein Ligating?
I want to know if the 2 procedures listed above is technically the same as ligating?

EVLT and RFO are not the same procedure as ligation. They are minimally invasive procedures that are an alternative to ligation and stripping.

Other Answered Questions

Are bruising and darker veins normal sclerotherapy results?
I have done my first sclerotherapy treatment two weeks ago. I have healed from most bruising but I feel that the veins are now darker and more visible. Is that normal? I had to be in the sun recently,...Details

Heart Failure after Laser Light Therapy?
Hi, I was dx with peripardom cardiomyopathy 2 years ago, my EF is normal, no dilation, clots gone, cleared by cardiologist to resume normal activity as of year ago. I want to get my varicose veins fix...Details

Can the blue tint in my leg still be a vein after microphlectomy?
A part that was left in my leg after microphlectomy looks blue but concave. Could the remainder of the space where the vein was taken out be a blue tint? I am paranoid there is still vein left.

Is it normal to lose feeling in the bottom of your leg after having varicose veins removed?

Does EVLT reduce the chance of a future clot?
I developed clots due to the birth control pill and from a Factor V mutation (blood clotting disorder). Developed reflux as a consequence, and performed 4 EVLTs to treat the veins. Does EVLT reduce my...Details

Blood Poisoning/Nerve Damage from sclerotherapy
Following 2 recent sclero treatments for spiders, I have had horrendous backaches and numbness/tingling. This last time I have developed a large, bumpy, red groin rash. Any connection?

How long do I have to wear compression hose after microphlebectomy?
I am 6 days post op from microphlebectomy. How long should I wear compression hose? Everyone seems to really vary with this answer...

My leg is swollen with compression stocking is this normal?
I have dvt in my right calf, it has only been 3 weeks since i found out. My leg still swells after 3 weeks even when i wear my compression stocking 20 -30. Is this normal. Should I be take it off and ...Details

I have been having pain in my legs lately. Can it be from my spider veins?
I stand all day and have recently noticed a lot of pain in my lower legs. It looks like I might have spider veins. Can they cause pain?

Can I have an alcoholic beverage soon after I had scleortherapy on my spider veins?

I have severe pain in my legs. Is Radiofrequency Occlusion right for me?
Several years ago I had laser treatment on my left leg. Three years ago I had RFO on the same leg. I still get searing pain in left inside thigh at least once a week from just above knee to just below...Details

Is there a stem cell treatment for veins after EVLT?
I had gotten EVLT done on my right and left great saphenous veins. This was in 2009, and since then I am having so much pain on my lower calves and ankles, and i started to see some skin discoloration...Details

When can I start Bikram yoga again after endovenous laser ablation?
I am going to have endoVenous laser ablation treatment. I go to Bikram yoga where room temperature is 105 degrees. When can I start practicing again?

How many injections are needed per vein for Sclerotherapy?
I've seen advertising offering 50 injections for Sclerotherapy for what seems to be a very reasonable price. Since I don't know the surface area of veins that 50 injections could treat I can't ascerta...Details

Dimpling after EVLT
I noticed a large dimple on my leg after deep EVLT. Is this common and will it go away? The Dr. had a difficult time with the vein because it was so deep, and he struggled getting me numb. I bruised ...Details

Can someone have too many spider veins to be treated?
I have sooo many spider veins around my ankles that from a distance my ankles look purple. Would I not be a good canidate for this procedure?

Am I at high risk for varicose veins because I work on my feet all day? Might I need an Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I work on my feet all day. They often ache (including my calves) at end of day. Am I at higher risk for developing vein disease/varicose veins? What recommendations do you have to prevent onset?

Do I need an Endovenous Vein Ablation for severe edema?
I went to my doctor for severe edema, and after a duplex screen, he suggested I have an edovenous vein ablation. Is this necessary? He stated I had reflux that was causing the swelling. I don't have v...Details

Why has EVLT not improved my chronic leg swelling?
It's been 4 wks since I had EVLT and Phlebectomy of my left leg. I continue to have the same chronic, daily leg swelling that I did before treatment. I have a follow-up appt in 3 mths but I am less th...Details

Does no compression hose after small microphlebectomy sound right?
I have 2 small reticular veins that are varicose. My doctor is going to do a Microphlebectomy. He said due to the size it won't even be necessary to wear compression hose after. He also stated ther...Details

How long will I have scar tissue after Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I've read that after EVLT, the vein turns into fibrous scar tissue. How bad will it look and how long until my body absorbs it?

Following a vein stripping performed in 1960, I developed an infection which complicated into a DVT in the left leg. For the years since, I have had poor circulation and accompanying adema. Would it...Details

Must bandages be used after procedure?
I have had Sclerotherapy done on my spider veins in my legs every year from 2004-2009. This was in AZ. After the procedure I would wear compression pantyhose (my own,support pantyhose) for 24 hrs. I h...Details

My doctor said my vein is too large to have sclerotherapy performed first, is this true?
I have a few visible spider veins on my lower leg that I want treated with foam sclerotherapy. However, the doctor wants me to do endovenous laser treatment before the sclerotherapy. According to him,...Details

How much is too much sclerotherapy
I've had laser treatment of my left and right front saphenous veins and my left back saph vein. The follow up to this is Sclerotherpy to close off some branches. I had three injections on the right le...Details

Compression hose
I bought compression hose online at a doctor recommended site. Does the tightness and compression in the stomach cause a problem from the hose? I thought you want to avoid tightness in the stomach a...Details

should I have muscular pain in my thight in the leg that I had the ablation done on and is there need to call my doctor?
should I have muscular pain in the thigh that I had my ablation done. Is there a need to call my doctor?

Is my ELA medically necessary? Cosmetically, I do not need it.
The duplex scan on both legs revealed a poor return of blood to the heart in one leg, but my doctor has recommended and scheduled ELA on both legs. I do not have any symptoms. Should I have ELA?

Any treatment for a superficial blood clot when 32 weeks pregnant?
I am 32 weeks pregnant with bad varicose veins on both legs. I wear compression hose and take baby aspirin daily. I was diagnosed with a 4.1 cm superficial thrombosis on posterior thigh of left leg. N...Details

Will skipping the 2nd ablation harm the work done on the 1st leg?
I had my ablation about 10 days ago and I'm still sore. I was scheduled to have the second ablation this week but it's too early for my taste. If I do not have the second one done, do I risk unravel...Details

Can I have varicose veins removed without stripping?
I had varicose vein surgery a few years ago on my left leg. After the surgery, it was painful. I may need to treat my right leg but I don't want to go through that again. What would be the best altern...Details

bulging calve veins after 2 yrs intense leg workout
I have low body fat,several veins now pop-out in my calves all the time now for the past 2yrs, stopped working-out my legs as well. Will sclerotherapy guarantee me that those exact veins will not bulg...Details

I had ablation surgery 3 weeks ago on my right leg, am I okay to use the tanning bed?
I had ablation surgery 3 weeks ago on my right leg, am I okay to use the tanning bed?

Karate & kickboxing after EVLA and Sclerotherapy
I had EVLA done on 3 veins recently. I know 1 was the small saph., the other two names I am not sure. Also had sclerotherapy on both legs. When can I go back to karate and kickboxing. We do kick p...Details

Fear of treatment
I have a small but bulging vericose vein behind my knee, it runs up my thigh about 6". I worry about how it bulges. I want to have the Vasculight laser done but I have 2 kids and am scared to death o...Details

What to do when compression stockings increase symptoms?
I had cramp for about a week in right let then swelling around ankle. Went to vein specialist, did ultrasound. No clots but could have been after the fact. Prescribed compression stockings because ...Details

Post Surgery
Is it OK to take Levitra after having this surgery?

My Dad is considering this procedure, but he is 87 yrs old. Should I be concerned with risks at his age?
My Dad is considering this procedure, but he is 87 yrs old. Should I be concerned with risks at his age?

I had knee surgery, and was wondering when can I stop wearing my compression socks?
I got knee surgery and have been wearin the socks for 3 weeks with some rests a day. I walk on my leg so blood circulates and crutches help me in public. Is it safe to not wear the stockings at all an...Details

Internal hemoroids, and am in need of blood tranfusion every 4-6 months.
I'm scared of surgery, and have been to 2 doctors which one recommended surgical removal and the other one banding. Is there any medication that can help?

Lumps in leg after VNUS and phlebectomy
Had a phlebectomy and VNUS done 4 weeks ago. I have lumps all along where the vein used to be (ranging from pea size to walnut size). They were painful & had them drained twice now. I still have lumps...Details

Is surgery going to help?
I have severe reflux on both saphenous veins and Femoral vein. Doctor says surgery on saphenous veins is going to help but I don't see how since I still have valve problem on femoral vein, and blood i...Details

Should I get varicose vein surgery (EVLA)?
What happens if I don't close the vein on the back of the leg (front vein is shut)? My doctor says it's also refluxing, but I have only mild symptoms and no visible veins there.There is not much in th...Details

Pain 5 weeks after phlebectomy?
I had some phlebectomy's 5 weeks ago (2 at the ankle, 1 over the knee, 1 medial superior calf). I have burning pain & tenderness over some of the remaining posterior veins in the calf. DVT was ruled o...Details

Sclerothrapy during menstrual cycle.
Is it ok to do sclerotherapy during menstrual cycle?

Is EVLT painful? Does it leave scars?
Is there any kind of pain during EVLT treatment? Does this kind of treatment leave, touch, or scars on my skin?

Can vena saphena magna and parva be ablated in one procedure?
can vena saphena magna and parva be ablated in one procedure? Or do they need to be treated separately?

Veins on my ankles and the back of my legs
About a year ago I have large veins taken care of and the scelerotherapy done on spider veins. Now I have bunch of veins all around my ankles and some back on my legs. Is it because I laid in the sun ...Details

Ankle swelling
Im wearing comprehension stockings for bilateral ankle swelling that began 3 months ago and only have a varicose vein in the left leg. My vascular surgeon doesn't think the surgery will reduce the swe...Details

EVT after varicose vein surgery
I had varicose vein surgery (ligation and stripping) 10 years ago. My problems came back and I've had many rounds of sclerotherapy. Now my doctor recommends EVT. Is that OK?

Will the general anesthesia used in laser vein surgery hurt my fetus?
I had a laser treatment done on a deep vein when I was 4 weeks pregnant and did not know I was. I am now 23 weeks and am nervous that the general anesthesia at such a early time in gestation will cau...Details

Should I be wearing compression stockings?
I am 21 years old and just bought some compression stockings but im not sure if thats what I need. My legs are always very tired, feel heavy, and also feel swollen around my ankles. I've also noticed ...Details

Is it dangerous to wear compression hose with a run in it?
One of my knee high hose has a run in the foot up into the lower ankle. Can wearing this be dangerous? My doctor advised to wear the hose for fluid retention. If it is not safe, can I wear just one l...Details

can sclerotherapy cause an eye infection?
I hand sclerotherapy on the backs of my hands. A few weeks after I got a really bad eye infection in both of my eyes that I have had for about 3 months and still have. Could it be related? Can the sol...Details

My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal?
My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal?

When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago.
When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago.

I had 3 scleratherapy treatments over about a 5 weeks time frame. I developed severe leg pain near the inner ankle after the third treatment.
I went back to the doctor and he did an ultrasound. He said the saphenous vein was completely blocked in the lower area. He said some of the small veins that were treated were connected, so that is ...Details

What's the maxium size vien allowed for this procedure? Using the laser at 12 watts.
Should we increase the watts to compensate for a big vien?

What can help if after treatment I'm left with a rash, like raw meat and painful?
I had laser treatment on my left leg, and I've been left with a rash, sort of like raw meat, which is very painful all the time. I have tried many creams, and they just burn. HELP!

Skin pigmentation after EVLT and ambulatory phlebectomy.
I recently had EVLT and an ambulatory phlebectomy done to my leg. Now there is some darkening to my skin in between my incisions. Is there a cream that can help with this hyperpigmentation from the s...Details

My legs throb, twitch, and ache at night.
I am wearing thigh high compression stockings all day long and they are helping but as soon as I take them off at night to sleep my legs start throbbing, tingling, aching, jerking, etc. Should I cont...Details

ELA with Factor V Leiden disorder
Are there higher risks for a patient with Factor V Leiden during the endovenous laser ablation procedure?

What solutions are more likely to cause telangiectatic matting and hyperpigmentation?
I cannot tolerate STS due to severe telangiectatic matting that never goes away without treatment. Are there other solutions less likely to cause these problems?

When can I start running after I have this procedure?
I am 52 and 130 lbs. I have been running 2-3 times a week since 2006. I run between 5-26.2 miles at a time. I am healthy otherwise besides being on medication for high blood pressure.

Is my compression stocking not allowing a bruise on my foot to heal?
The top of my foot feels bruised and has felt that way for awhile. I wear a compression stocking daily because I did Thrombolysis to clear out a clot. I am 26 yrs old so I usually heal fast. Is the co...Details

Numbness and Pain
I have pain in my calf ,numbness in my ankle, and also get sharp elecrical-like pains down my achilles tendon when I kick my leg. I had the procedure 3 weeks ago. I also have horrible discoloration ...Details

Proceedure affected my large saphenus vein
I have the laser proceedure done on my small saphenus vein. The Ultrasound results shows there is reflux in my large saphenus vein which was not there prior to the proceedure. Should i have my large s...Details

Is it possible the procedure would fail because the vein is thin or curved?
Could it be possible to not get through the vein because of it being thin or curved?

Compression Stocking and exercising, especially when jogging long distances?
Is it a good idea/ beneficial to wear compression socks/stockings when exercising? Especially when jogging long distances? I also already have vague signs of some spider veins.

Post phlebitic syndrome 35 years later?
Can you develope post phlebitic syndrome 35 years after having a blood clot in the deep vein?

What are the side affects after the treatment? I have a fever, losso f appetite, and pain in my back.
I don't have any pain in my leg after the procedure, but I began having other symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, pain in my back and fight shoulder area

Side effects of drinking after EVLA?
What are the side effects of drinking alcohol after my evla?

What can I do in getting my legs back to normal color?
Last year, I had surgery for varicose veins. This resulted in making both of my legs below the knee look as if I had been in some horrible accident. The skin is stained and I am looking for somthing w...Details

Is it ok to wear compression stockings on the plane?
Do you recommend wearing compression stockings on long flights? I have two flights: one 8 hours with a break of 12 hours and continuing another 12 hours after. I have store bought knee highs and thigh...Details

Driving after having endovenous laser ablation?
When may I start driving after my venous procedure? I had ELA 10 days ago on right leg.

How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis, run, and dance?
How soon after sclerotherapy can I play tennis? run? dance?

How soon after microphlebectomy can sclerotherapy be begin?
How soon can sclerotherapy begin after a microphlebectomy?

I have a varicose vein in groin and under the navel.
I have varicosed vein in my left groin and under my navel. It expands toward my left leg. What is the best treatment for me? And does excercise help me to reduce my varicosities?

Sclerotherapy post ELA
I had endovenous laser ablation of saphenous vein, and now I'm told I need 3 sclerotherapy sessions. is this so? only one is covered by my insurance. I was told that only having 1 could be harmfull, ...Details

Can Deep Vein Insufficiency be treated?
If so, which options are available? Success rate? If not treatable, what options aside from compression stockings are available? Most superficial veins have been closed yet I still have pain/burning i...Details

Double Saphenous Vein and EVLT.
I had EVLT done in March. I have a double great saphenous vein. They only did one of them. Now my legs feel (and look) worse than they did before the EVLT. I'm switching docs, but what are the cha...Details

Bruising and staining after sclerotherapy treatment, will bleaching cream fade this?
Will a bleaching cream used twice daily (hydroquinone) fade the staining left after sclerotherapy ? How long will I have to use it? I have a few areas that are very, very noticeable after 4 months bru...Details

Enlarged greater saphenous around ankle, is EVLT a good option?
I have a painful/enlarged greater saphenous vein along its course to my groin, however most painful near my ankle bone, does EVLT take care of this distal location since the procedure is only done fro...Details

What is the best level of compression for a RN?
I would like "save" my legs and buy compression stockings. I dont have any other medical problems that would require me to use the stockings other that I am a nurse and am on my feet a lot. What lev...Details

Is your leg supposed to hurt when you wear compression stockings?
Around my knee was hurting, and the doctor said I'm now getting varicose veins. Current treatment is to wear stockings and take Daflon, but now when I wear the compression gd 2 stockings, my entire le...Details

Does having EVLT for leg veins make dorsal superficial foot veins disappear as well?
Just wondering about this, since the greater and lesser saphenous veins seem to receive the superficial foot veins on top of the foot, and I have enlarged ones.Thank you!

Need to decide between VNUS closure and Endo Laser Ablation
I had my large saphenous vein removed and now I need my smaller saphenous vein removed in R/L and large saphenous in L/L. I Have 2 good doctors and have read that vnus has less bruising. Is it better ...Details

Sciatic issues?
Someone posted about buttock/leg/foot numbness after EVLT. In someone with venous hypertension is it possible that removing superf. veins can increase vein pressure in the deep veins, causing pressur...Details

Treating an open wound from schlerotherapy
The Dr. re-injected a vein, and the solution didn't enter. The next day the injection site had blisters and then later drained onto the stockings. Two weeks later the open wound was treated with antib...Details

How long before you see the results with ELA?
Had the procedure Friday. Removed the stocking Monday evening. I still see bumps in my leg. Will that get better?

How do you treat Varicose Veins due to slow valves & reflux?
I have varicose veins due to slow valves and reflux. How can it be treated? How long it will take? How much it will cost?

How soon after sclerotherapy for spider veins can you safely treat those same areas with a laser?
I've had four sclerotherapy treatments for clusters of spider veins that have not improved. I was wondering if laser therapy would be more beneficial, but I did not want to go too soon after my last s...Details

Vein removal with EVLA?
I have a bulging vein around my knee, and I have a beauty on my calf, plus a another around my groin area, can they be removed with EVLA?

Is surgery the best treatment at this point?
I am a 52 year old female and had varicose vein surgery in the early 80's. I tried knee high comp stockings, and I'm on my feet a lot, working 12 hour shifts. My right leg is swelling still. It was ...Details

Where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station?
Any recommendatinos on where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station?

Can someone on blood thinners have vein surgery?
Can someone on blood thinners have vein surgery?

I have a multi colored bruise after heart ablation
I have a big multi color bruise from cardiac ablation but it seems to be traveling down my leg and I have some swelling as well. Is this normal?

Will the spider veins come back?
Approximately how long after treatment do your legs stay clear of spider veins?

Is it safe to do sclerotherapy in the summer?
Is it safe to do slerotherapy in the summer?

can you go in a hot tub after sclerotherapy and how long do you have to wear the stocking for?
Can you go in a hot tub after sclerotherapy and how long do you have to wear the stocking for?

At home remedies for pain in legs?
I had large veins done and also spider veins with 3 or 4 treatments about 1 year ago.
Now I am having sharp pains in the veins in my legs everyday. My legs are still very tender.
Any at ...Details

What should I try next if sclerotherapy and touch laser didn't work?
If sclerotherapy and cool touch laser didn't work what should I try next?

Confused, not noticing improvement
I had minor reflux, but my reticular leg veins swell especially late in the day. I had 4 EVLTs, and the swelling is still there. The doc said I don't need sclero because the branches aren't open and d...Details

Thoughts on going to the tanning salon before this procedure?
Is it ok to go to a tanning salon before this procedure? I use the stand up bed, I have arthritis, and find that the tanning makes me feel a lot better.

Is an interventional radiologist ok in my case?
I am a 54 year old female approximately 75 pounds overweight. Had a spontaneous dvt in my left leg 16 years ago. I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus 1.5 yrs ago in my right leg, after that I ...Details

Is thera any chance of getting traveling blood clots after this procedure??
Is there any chance of getting traveling blood clots after this procedure?? I had this procedure done in March. My leg feels better, even though I know I'm still healing. But the past couple of da...Details

Is it safe to have endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy on the same leg on the same day?
Is it safe to have endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy on the same leg on the same day? Do two procedures carry more risk if carried out on the same day?

Is it normal for new veins to appear in my leg after endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy?
I had endovenous laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy but I keep spotting new veins appearing in my leg. Is this normal? I should mention that I suffered from phlebitis in this leg following surge...Details

Is varicose vein surgery and possibility after someone has had a DVT?
Can someone who has had a DVT ever have varicose vein surgery?

Post sclerotherapy, extreme pain, posterior knees
If there was an untreated, localized ameoba infection, at the time of sclerotherapy treatment for spider veins, could this have caused ameoba cysts in knee, thus reason for ongoing pain still felt aft...Details

can you tan after having the Sclerotherapy procedure?
I had the procedure done, but I was not told if I could tan.

Doesn't seem ike the Sclerotherapy process is working lately
I've been to two vein removal places in Dallas for sclerotherapy. Lately, the process is not working. The area has become darker and used to really only show up during my period. Now it's there all...Details

Sharp stabbing pains in my leg!
I have sharp stabbing pains in my leg. It's very painful and the Motrin did not help. I was in tears! This went on for a couple of days. The pain is on my right leg and my left leg isn't painful at al...Details

Two weeks post op Phlebectomy
I had the procedure done nearly 2 weeks ago, In 2 or 3 of the incisions it feels like a knot, 1 of them seems like a large lump about size of a quarter - kind of hurts - will they get smaller and go a...Details

Will vein reappear with a second pregnancy?
After my first child, I suffered from varicose veins. I didn't gain much weight during the pregnancy, but it was mostly due to hormones.
After having EVLA and sclero treatment, I am afraid to ha...Details

Should a diabetic wear compression stockings 24 hours daily?
Should compression stockings be worn 24 hours per day continuously or not just worn at bedtime?

I developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my great saphenous vein in my calf.
I developed phlebitis after foam sclerotherapy in my great saphenous vein in my calf. Why does my leg still ache several months after? Foam was accidentally injected into my great saphenous vein (...Details

Why can't you get sclerotherapy done when pregnant?
Why can't you get sclerotherapy done when pregnant?

Does grade 1 Venous Reflux need to be treated with EVLT?
I was recently diagnosed with Venous insufficiency of 0.7s. My understanding is that this is grade 1 venous reflux. Does this need to be treated with EVLT? Will it get worse if left untreated?

How long until I can resume aerobic exercise and light weight lifting?
I had an hour of laser therapy for my spider veins yesterday. The technician who did my procedure was not sure how long I needed to wait until I resume aerobic exercise and light weight lifting. Any s...Details

Airplane Travel
My wife always has swelling at the ankles when we are on a commercial carrier flight of any distance. Will compression stockings help this? If so , what strength?

How long after the procedure do I have to wait before I can tan?
How long after the procedure do I have to wait before I can tan?

Is local anesthesia used with all varicose vein treatments?
My mother had ELA performed and they only gave her oral sedation. She had extreme pain and less than great results. I need treatment for my veins and I am afraid of this treatment because of her exp...Details

Restless's hard to walk without my legs giving out
I have real bad veins under my legs. Some times they bleed and I have restless syndrome. It's hard to walk without my legs giving out. Can you help me?

Sciatica pain. Will compression stockings help with the pain?
I presently suffer from a sciatica for the 1st time. Lots of pain in my calf area and particularly in one pinpoint spot in the calf along with hip/groin pain.
I wonder if stockings will help my c...Details

Can this surgery be done without a catheter fast closure?
CATHETER FAST CLOSURE 7F 60CM. Can this surgery be done without a catheter fast closure? My medical aid will not pay for this item.

Is the endovenous ablation a good alternative to correct poor circulation in the legs after having a DVT?
I am on Coumadin and since I had the DVT in June 09, my quality of life has diminished. If I sit down for an hour and intend to stand u I look like very old lady. It is painful and so tired of my legs...Details

I had EVLT nearly 2 yrs ago on my left GSV. I now have pain & swelling in my left calf. Why?
Could my surgeon have performed surgery on the wrong vein, or has it reopened or do I now have a new insuff.? I am 44, active, slender, healthy, and lately my left calf has begun to swell toward the ...Details

Bulging veins in my legs. Wearing compression socks, but legs tend to jerk
I am waiting on surgery for my leg veins and started wearing compression socks again after not wearing them for years. I have only been taking them off when I bathe. My legs have started feeling rest...Details

Will insurance cover Varicose Vein Surgery? Pain is getting worse..
I have spider veins and varicose veins. Will my insurance ppo bluecross pay for it? I was told by my insurance co they would pay if it is medically necessary, they hurt and are getting worse, I am ...Details

Is Microphlebectomy always needed after EVLT ?
How long should I wait to see if the veins in my calf will diminish after EVLT? I would like to avoid Microphlebectomy if possible, but will have it done if necessary ?

After sclerotherapy treatment more spider veins appeared
It's been 2 weeks since my first sclerotherapy treatment, and the area that was injected has new spider veins?

Can you do both legs at the same time? Is it advised? Why?
My wife (age 26) has post pregnancy (1.5 years ago) bad veins with:
Rt leg:
great saphenous- moderate reflux
popliteal - light reflux
Lt leg:
great saphenous- Sever reflux

Can compression stockings help with severe leg pain?
After working a 12 hour shift, my legs hurt so bad I can't sleep. I have tried several name brand shoes and support hose. Is it possible that compression hose might help this?

How long should I wait after the procedure before I start lifting weights and running?
I had the procedure done on one leg 2 weeks ago and the other leg 1 week ago. I usually go to the gym 3 times a week but I haven't gone since I had the 1st procedure done. When is it safe to begin h...Details

Varicose veins in the same leg
How many times can you safely have your veins done in the same leg?

How long does pain after EVLT last?
I am just over 2 weeks post EVLT and still have pain. As long as I take an anti-inflammatory the pain subsides. Visually the inner thigh looks good. How much longer will the pain last?

Is this procedure appropriate for large varicose veins?
My legs look as if they have snakes under the skin from the groin area through the calves. I have had these for many years and would like to have them taken care of before I reach age 65. I fear inv...Details

Which is good? NdYag 1064nm or 1320nm for my varicose veins?
One facility is advocating 1064nm NdYag. Other facility is advising 1320nm for my varicose veins(endo venous). What is good?

Is this varicose vein treatable?
I have nerve damage from endovenous ablation. Around my ankle is highly sensitive and it hurts to touch. I had this treatment in June 2010 and still having a lot of problems. Is this treatable?

What is the recovery procedure after the vein is removed ?
What is the recovery procedure after the vein is removed? For example, do I have to sit and rest it and how long will i need off work?

I have friend who has dark pigmentaion
I have friend aged 34, modestly built. He travels all day by 2 wheeler. He has dark pigmentation of both legs. It started around ankles and is now spreading up. No veins are visible. Feet are spared. ...Details

When to consult a specialist?
I have been having pain associated with clotting on my right shin. Is the best course of action to just get one of those tight fitting socks?

What is the difference between endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation? Which is best?

Lasers for perforators?
Is it is possible for ablating perforators by endovenous lasers?

What can I do to reduce pain from labia veins during pregnancy?
I had vulvar/labia veins during my third pregnancy and had to spend a lot of time in bed with pain/heaviness etc. That continued three years postpartum so I had varicose vein surgery. Nine months ago,...Details

Should my legs look worse after Sclerotherapy?
I had 6 treatments of sclerotherappy one week apart. Much of the treatments were injecting "feeders". It's been over 2 months since my first treatment and my veins look worse. I have new quite dark ...Details

Is the correcting reflux veins an urgent procedure??
My vein mapping test showed reflux and weak veins. The test was done because of pain in leg and varicose veins. I had a DVT in that leg 2 yrs ago. Is the procedure to correct this urgent? Can it be...Details

Will sclerotherapy treatments stop restless leg syndrome?
Will this procedure stop restless legs and is it possible I will be able to do without the medication for restless legs?

Can Endovenous Laser Ablation be used on a Vulvar Vericosity?
Can Endovenous Laser Ablation be used on a Vulvar Vericosity?

How long does it take to see spider veins vanish after Sclerotherapy?
How long does it take to see spider veins vanish after Sclerotherapy? Is there any hope the veins will disappear after more time has gone by?

Why is it necessary to wear Compression Stockings after Sclerotherapy?
Why is it necessary to wear Compression Stockings after Sclerotherapy?

Do Compression Stockings help with Hemosiderosis and Venous Insufficency?
Do Compression Stockings help with Hemosiderosis and Venous Insufficency?

Are there any complications involved with Sclerotherapy?
Are there any complications such as skin wounds after Sclerotherapy?

Can Varicose Veins reappear/reoccur?
Will Varicose Veins reappear? Do i have them for life even after treatment?

How many months after sclerotherapy is it safe to become pregnant?
How long do sclerotherapy chemicals stay in the bloodstream?

My Compression Stockings hurt the back of my knees because of wrinkling fabric, what can I do?
My compression stockings really hurt the back of my knees I cannot get my compression stockings to not have wrinkles. These wrinkles gather around the back of my knee and really hurt. How do I overco...Details

Should I wait until after pregnancy to treat a venous insufficiency in the lower leg?
I have had two prior pregnancies but am planning another soon, so should I wait to have EVLT until after? My insufficiency is in a small saphonous vein in the left calf area. I have minor pain and var...Details

When undergoing Varicose Vein Surgery I was wondering if they could numb my leg instead of giving me anesthesia?
I was wondering if they could numb my leg because I don't like Anesthesia and want to be awake during the surgery. Or are there alternatives for treating varicose veins so I won't have to have surger...Details

Is it safe to have VNUS surgery if there is a blockage in the groin area?
Is it adviseable to have VNUS surgery when there is blockage in the groin area? I am very healthy, not overweight & not diabetic.

How much bleeding is expected after ELA?
I just had Endovenous laser ablation and some of my bandages are blood soaked. Is this normal or is something wrong?

What is the name of the special hooks in Varicose Vein Surgery?
It is the tool used to pull veins through microincisions. What are these called?

I have a DVT in my left leg and have to wear a compression sock because the valve is broken. Is there a surgical treatment to fix this?
I have to wear a compression sock because I had a DVT and the valve in the vein that runs behind my knee is broken. I am still young and would like this fixed so I don't have to wear the sock. Is ther...Details

Does Endovenous Laser Ablation hurt?
Does this procedure hurt?

I have bruising from an EVLT treatment from a year ago, is this normal?
It's been a year since my surgery and I still have bruising. Does that mean it's permanent?

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation effective in treating lipodermatosclerosis?
Is EVLT recommended for lipodermatosclerosis (LDS)?

Can Sclerotherapy make a difference on the spider veins in the ankle area?
My doctor, during the screening, just said I had lots of veins and it would take at least 4 treatments. I specifically asked him about the ankle area and he just said "how afraid of needles are you?"...Details

Can veins come back after Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I had a prominent but otherwise normal blue vein under my right eye removed, and the results were great. I only got one treatment, and then a few weeks later it seems like the blue vein is getting dar...Details

Will I have to avoid hot or cool water after Sclerotherapy?
Could hot water from a jacuzzi or hot shower, or cold water in a swimming pool, negatively affect my vein treatment results? How long should I refrain from the hot tub and pool?

Can you do Sclerotherapy on veins on the hands/wrist/arms?
Is it possible to do sclerotherapy on veins on the hands/wrist/arms?

Do you offer a Vein Surgery/treatment under sedation?
What is the most effective surgery that is least painful?

What type of Compression Hose should i choose?
I have spider veins in my both thighs.what type of compression hose should i wear? Below knee or above knee?

Do I need a general practitioner referral to have Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I'd like to have the treatment for my varicose veins. Will I need a referral? Will insurance cover the treatment if my GP isn't involved?

Is blistering around the injection site a side effect of Sclerotherapy?
My friend had sclerotherapy a few days ago, and now she has blisters around the area that was treated. Is this a normal side effect? She said her specialist never mentioned anything about possible bli...Details

Why do Varicose Veins get worse during pregnancy?
Is the association between Varicose Veins and pregnancy because of the weight gained during pregnancy? Or are there other factors involved?

Does Laser Light Therapy treat all varicose veins?
I have spider veins and more visible thicker veins that are not bumpy but painful doctor suggested laser therapy and said it would treat both.From what I have read, laser treats spide...Details

Should I wait to have Endovenous Laser Ablation until I'm finished having kids?
I have varicose veins that get worse when I'm pregnant. I want to have endovenous ablation, but should I wait until I'm finished having children (my husband and I want at least one more)?

Can you get bone irritation after the Endovenous Laser Ablation?
Is this a normal side-effect?

What level of compression stocking I should get?
I have been running lately and while I run, my left foot gets tingly and wants to fall asleep and then throughout the day from my knee down to my toes it tingles off and on. I believe compression sto...Details

Should I have pain 1 week after Radiofrequency Occlusion surgery?
I had this procedure 1 week ago and am having more pain than the surgical procedure itself.

Is it normal to have a Phlebectomy in the doctor's office and not a hospital?
I just consulted with a doctor about my large varicose veins. He advised me that he could take them out by phlebectomy in his office under local anestic. Is this normal or should I find a doctor to ...Details

Can Radiofrequency Occlusion be used to treat spider veins?
Is Radiofrequency Occlusion good to treat spider veins?

Should I wear compression stockings at night?
I had the procedure this morning and wore the compression stockings all day but I can't remember if the Dr. said to wear them when I sleep?

Are Venous Reflux Exams also used for wound care?
I have a slow-healing wound on my foot and my wound care center specialist recommended some vascular testing. Are the same venous reflux exams used to evaluate legs with varicose veins also used in pe...Details

What kind of anesthesia is used in Radiofrequency Occlusion?
Is anything used to numb the area?

Why do varicose veins usually appear in the legs and nowhere else in the body?

Are there any risks to leaving Varicose Veins untreated?
Will the veins get bigger over time?

What kind of Varicose veins are best treated with Microphlebectomy?
I have some smaller, superficial varicose veins (they aren't as small as spider veins), and also two larger, more ropy varicose veins, all on the same leg. Can microphlebectomy treat both types of vei...Details

Can wearing Compression Stockings improve varicose and spider veins if they are not too bad?
I'm hoping to only have to wear them for several months. If there is improvement will discontinuing their use make the vein problems come back?

How do you treat perforator problems with Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I have distended, ropey veins on the anterior surface of my left calf and have been told that my problem involves the perforator veins. How would you treat this? Would you use traditional laser or "c...Details

Where can I get a Venous Reflux Exam?
I have a few visible varicose veins, and general heaviness. I think I may need a Venous Reflux Exam. Can they be performed at a general practitioner's office, or should I go to a vein specialist or a ...Details

Will being on birth control pills affect Sclerotherapy treatments?
I've heard that birth control pills can have an effect on the vein walls, softening them and causing problems. Is this true? Could being on the pill then create problems with sclerotherapy?

How long before I will see an improvement in the ropey appearance of the treated varicose veins?
I have just had the endovenous laser ablation procedure. A lot of the leg discomfort I had before the procedure is gone. How long after treatment will I see an improvement in the ropey appearance of t...Details

Is it all right to shower the day after a Sclerotherapy treatment?
When can I remove the bandages?

What treatment options do I have with Deep System Reflux?
I just had a venus reflux exam indicating I have superficial & deep system reflux which has changed from a year ago. I'm concerned about my leg's future if the superficial cannot be treated because it...Details

How should I choose my Endovenous Laser Ablation provider?
I'm pretty sure I want to have my moderate varicose veins treated with ELA. What should I base my choice of a specialist on? Degrees earned, years of experience, before-and-after pictures, equipment u...Details

I have no varicose veins, but should I get a Venous Reflux Exam?
Ever since my last pregnancy (1 year ago) I have had aching and heaviness in my lower legs, but no visible varicose veins at all. Should I get a venous reflux exam to find out what's going on, or is t...Details

How long does it take to show an improvement after the Sclerotherapy is performed?
How long does it take to show an improvement after the Sclerotherapy is performed?

Can dermatologists perform Sclerotherapy?
Or only Phlebologists? What kind of certification is required?

How is polidocanol related to Sclerotherapy?
I've heard conflicting accounts. What exactly is polidocanol?

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation better long term than Radiofrequency Occlusion?
Is it true that radiofrequency occlusion is associated with a higher recurrence rate of varicose veins than endovenous laser ablation? I heard that there's a greater chance the vein would re-open with...Details

How can you distinguish spider veins from varicose veins?

Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area?
Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area? Is there a better procedure for this area of the body?

How does Radiofrequency Occlusion use sound to close veins?
I've read that RO uses sound waves to heat and close the vein. Can you hear it working? What affect do sound waves have on a blood vessel? I'm not sure I understand how this works.

How does Microphlebectomy work?
How can the large veins be pulled out of such small little incisions?

Can I have Sclerotherapy on my nose?
I have a lot of redness and small veins on my nose. Is sclerotherapy the best option?

Why doesn't Endovenous Laser Ablation laser the lower leg?
If the evlt procedure doesn't alleviate problems in the lower leg do /can you laser the lower leg?

How do I put on Compression Stockings?
I'm pregnant, and already have varicose veins, but I don't want them to get worse. What is the best way for me to put the stockings on? Are there any tricks for getting around a pregnant tummy?

What kind of anesthesia is used during Varicose Vein Surgery?
Would I be put under, or is just a local used?

I have been having foot problems after Sclerotherapy, couldit be related to the procedure?
After having sclerotherapy 6 weeks ago, now I am having intense pain in my foot and am having trouble walking on it. is this normal? The physician says it is not related to the sclerotherapy or vein...Details

Is the Venous Refulx Exam the proper vein problem detection method?
I was wondering what test can be performed to detect which veins in the pelvis are refluxing. I am having a hysterectomy and have been told if we know which veins are refluxing they can be taken care...Details

What kind of anesthesia is used during Microphlebectomy?
Will I be put under? What is typically used for pain?

Should I get a Venous Reflux Exam for my spider veins?
I have a lot of spider veins on my legs, but no pain and no visible varicose veins. However, if I get bruised it takes months to heal and my feet are always cold, even in the summer. Should I get a re...Details

Can spider veins cause the feeling of heaviness in the legs?
What options are available for the treatment of spider veins?

Should I still have bruises (that never disappear) on the leg that had Endovenous Laser Ablation 10 months ago?
Is this normal?

Can radiofrequency occlusion cause surrounding veins to collapse or become varicose?
Wouldn’t eliminating certain veins put too much pressure on the surrounding ones?

What machine is used in Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy?
Is it the same one used to view babies in the womb?

How long before Microphlebectomy should I stop taking aspirin?
I’ve heard that taking aspirin could complicate the procedure. I take aspirin daily, but I want to make sure it doesn’t affect my vein procedure. What is a safe period of time to allow for the drug to...Details

Can Sclerotherapy cause blood clots?
I’ve heard that occasionally, small lumps of clotted blood can be felt after sclerotherapy. Aren’t blood clots quite dangerous?

Why do I need to wear eye protection during Endovenous Laser Ablation?
They’re treating the veins on my legs, nowhere near my face. I have severe claustrophobia and am hoping they can treat me without my needing to wear anything on my face.

Will I be able to drive home after endovenous laser ablation?
What is recovery like for the first 24 hours after the procedure?

Is sclerotherapy safe for those with Celiac Disease?
Does the sclerotherapy solution contain any gluten? I want to avoid any bad reactions.

Can sclerotherapy be used on all skin types?
I have medium toned skin. Will sclerotherapy work on the backs of my knees?

Will I be able to exercise soon after Radiofrequency Occlusion?
I love to work out, and am in an athletic training program that requires I stay in good shape in the off-season. How much time should I expect to refrain from exercise after Radiofrequency Occlusion?

Will a Venous Reflux Exam tell me if I have venous insufficiency?
I can see that I have varicose veins. Are all varicose vein sufferers diagnosed with venous insufficiency? How are these two conditions related?

Should I take ibuprofen after Endovenous Laser Ablation, or not?
I’ve heard conflicting recommendations.

Will alcohol affect my upcoming sclerotherapy?
I've heard that drinking can dilate blood vessels. Will this affect my sclerotherapy procedure? Should I stay away from alcohol for a certain amount of time? I normally have 1 or 2 drinks 3 or 4 times...Details

Does intense pulse light therapy work on vascular birthmarks?
I have a birthmark on my leg I have wanted to remove for years. I'm in my 20s, with fair skin and the birthmark is quite dark, about 2x3 inches. Would IPL be an effective treatment? I'm looking for so...Details

Is RF Occlusion a more advanced treatment with better outcomes than EVLT?
Is this true?

Will I need to take antibiotics after my Microphlebectomy procedure?
Is the risk of infection very high?

Will compression stockings cut off my circulation?
It seems like tight clothes wouldn’t benefit circulation.

What kind of anesthesia is used during EVLT?
Is local, topical, or general anesthesia typically used during this procedure?

What is the recurrence rate of varicose veins after endovenous laser ablation?
What are the odds the veins will come back after treatment?

What qualifications are required for a specialist performing endovenous laser ablation?
I'm interested in having the procedure done. What should I look for in a specialist? What kind of training and/or degrees are required to be qualified to perform vein procedures?

Do tight fitting clothes contribute to varicose or spider veins?
I wear a lot of tight compression shorts and bike shorts when I exercise (running, biking, etc.). Could these choices lead to varicose veins later in life?

Is sclerotherapy best treatment for a bunch of spider veins?
My thighs are basically covered in a network of spider veins. If I choose sclerotherapy, will each tiny vein have to be injected? Are there any other options?

Is sclerotherapy safe to have while pregnant?
I have a spider vein on my cheek, can I get it treated now or should I wait until I have the baby?

What are the types of venous reflux exams?
I've heard there are different types of venous reflux exams. What are they?

Will endovenous laser ablation really destroy the greater saphenous vein?
Is that going to affect my circulation?

Is there a way to prevent spider veins?
My mother and sister both have spider veins on their thighs and knees. Is there anything I can to do prevent spider veins as I get older?

I have pain after EVLT, is that normal?
I had EVLT about 10 days ago , now I have a big knot on my inner thigh and when I touch it, it still hurts , I had a lot of pain the day after the surgery and I couldn't bend my leg. Is this normal?

Is there an age limit with Endovenous Laser Ablation?
My mother is 82 and she has varicose veins that have gotten progressively worse in the past 2 years. She complains that they are painful and make her legs feel heavy. She's in good health and active, ...Details

Will Radiofrequency Occlusion require a long down time?
How long should I estimate for recovery? Will repeat treatments be required?

When should one have microphlebectomy versus endovenous ablation procedures?
I want to have my varicose veins on my legs addressed. Are there certain circumstances where microphlebectomy is better than endovenous ablation? Or vice versa?

Is radiofrequency occlusion the same procedure as VNUS?
How are they different?

Is it possible to remove too many veins with varicose vein surgery?
I have a large number of varicose veins covering both legs. I want to get them treated but I'm afraid I won't have many veins left! Is there a point where you shouldn't have them all removed/injected ...Details

Are venous reflux exams required before varicose vein treatment?
Do I need to have a venous reflux exam before endovenous ablation procedures? I have very obvious varicose veins on one leg, and already know i want to have them treated with ELA.

Can one have EVLT done while pregnant or trying to get pregnant?
Is it possible to have my veins treated with EVLT and phlebectomies and possible foam sclerotherapy now if I am planning to get pregnant again in the future? Do I have to wait until I decide not to ha...Details

Who benefits from wearing Compression Stockings?
What devices are available to help me put on my compression stockings?

What is the recovery and post-operative care like after microphlebectomy?
What is the length of recovery?

Do Varicose Vein Surgeries hurt?
Do they use local anesthesia?

What can a Venous Reflux Exam tell me?
How does this treatment measure my veins effectiveness?

Can I have Laser Light Therapy while pregnant?
I have 6 week of pregnancy, and i have varicose veins , they are causing me a lot of pain ,and i have a spot that it always feels hot .Can i have laser therapy now during pregnancy?

Does endovenous laser ablation require multiple treatments?
Or will just one treatment do the trick? Could the varicose veins come back?

What is the approximate time that Varicose Vein Surgery takes?
How long does the procedure itself take, and how much time should I expect for recovery?

Can compression stockings help my bruised varicose veins?
I have varicose veins in my leg. I hit my leg on the vein and now it is swollen, bruised, and sore. Is this dangerous? What are my options?

How does Ultrasound Guided Sclerofoam differ from a Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy?
What are the things they have in common?

Is Vein Ligation and Stripping safe?
Is this procedure safe or is it risky?

Will the ultrasound in a Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy be harmful for a pregnant woman?
Will the ultrasound waves damage the unborn fetus? Could the sclering chemicals hurt the mother or baby?

Are Venus reflux exams painful?
Does either version of the exam hurt? What should I be prepared for?

I have visble veins on my legs that are not bulging out like Varicose veins and I don't think they are Spider Veins. What are they?
I am 24 yrs old, and after i had my daughter i noticed my legs are veiny. The veins don't bulge out nor are spidery. i was wondering what are they? How should I get rid of them?

How long will it take for me to recover from Sclerotherapy?
Will the length of time be longer then two weeks?

How costly is the Radiofrequency Occlusion procedure?
Will insurance cover the cost? Does the procedure involve an overnight hospital stay I will need to budget for?

Can I expect a lot of bruising after Microphlebectomy?
How bruised will my legs be after the Microphlebectomy procedure?|

Is it true that there is little pain associated with the Endovenous Laser Ablation procedure?
It seems like the laser would hurt.

Are Compression Stockings available in different colors?
What about sheer?

Can EVLT cause nerve damage?
I had EVLT done about three months ago..right after the EVLT procedure i started feeling weird sensations in my ankle and now the pain seems to get worse every day? Could this pain be associated with...Details

will insurance cover sclerotherapy?
Could some or all of the cost be covered?

Can high blood pressure affect varicose vein surgery?
Could elevated blood pressure increase risks during microphlebectomy or other varicose vein surgery or procedures? Is there a recommended treatment for those with HBP?

Does radiofrequency occlusion heat the vein?
Is there a chance of burning?

Could sclerotherapy be used for vascular lesions?
Is it possible to use sclerotherapy to treat vascular lesions like hemangioma? Seems like it'd be safer than surgery.

When should one get a venous reflux exam?
And when is it unnecessary? I already know I have varicose veins, so what are the benefits of having a venous reflux exam?

Can compression stockings be used routinely?
Is there any danger in wearing compression stockings daily for a long period of time?

Is varicose vein surgery a better choice for someone who is overweight?
I am significantly overweight and have very painful varicose veins in my legs. Is it better for me to have surgery or endovenous laser treatment?

Should I get Microphlebectomy and Endovenous Ablation to ensure my varicose veins do not come back?
I have multiple large superficial veins on my legs. Should I get microphlebectomy to get rid of the veins themselves, and then ELA so they don't come back? Or will ELA be enough that I wont need micro...Details

I have bruising from Sclerotherapy injections that I had 8 weeks ago is this normal?
It has been 8 weeks since I had spider and 1 surface blue vein injected by vein surgeon. I still have black blue spots and the surface vein looks worse, will this correct itself or do i need more trea...Details

what can I do to reduce varicose veins in my wife's legs?
Would elevating her legs to my shoulders while lying in bed and massaging her legs from ankles to thighs help at all?

When should radiofrequency occlusion be performed over ELA?
Radiofrequency occlusion and endovenous laser ablation sound almost the same. What are the differences and when should one be used over the other?

Is there an age restriction with endovenous laser ablation?
Is it better to get the procedure when you're young? I'm 68. Are there more risks involved as you get older?

How long do I have to wear compression stockings?
How long are stockings required after endovenous laser ablation? How do they help?

Is bruising typical after the varicose vein surgery called vein stripping?
Is bruising normal after vein stripping? The bruise is nowhere near the incision sites, so i was wondering if that is normal or not? The bruise is on my inner thigh, and the incisions are below the kn...Details

Are compression stockings from the drug store okay or do I need prescription?
What are the differences? Is it worth the additional cost?

Can ultrasound guided sclerotherapy cause ulcers?
After receiving Vnus laser ablation with ultrasound guided schlerotherapy I developed several large ulcers BELOW the knee area.
Any explanation for what could have happened?

Is sclerotherapy safe during pregnancy?
While pregnant with my first child I've developed a large number of spider veins on my legs/thighs. Are spider veins more prevalent during pregnancy? Do they go away after delivery? Can I get scleroth...Details

What can be done to treat lipodermatosclerosis?
I am about two months into treatment for chronic venous insufficiency? I have had laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy with very little results. Can anything be done to treat lipodermatosclerosis aft...Details

Will Endovenous Laser Ablation improve my circulation?
I have perpetually cold feet and occasional tingling in my feet and ankles. I also have a number of large varicose veins in each leg, so do you think that my circulation in my feet will improve if I h...Details

Large varicose vein
Would a large varicose vein on the side of my leg get better with weight loss? Would it disappear or get smaller?

Can sclerotherapy be used on the wrists?
I have large, purple veins on the underside of my wrists that I'd really like to get rid of because they really show my age. Is there a safe way to do this?

Can laser light therapy help varicose veins long term?
if I have problems that originate in my deep veins, will I always have problems with varicose veins? and in the future (I'm only 27 and have had veins rupture-very painful to walk) am i at risk for DV...Details

Can endovenous laser ablation cause Leg Ulcers?
After having the endovenous laser ablation on both legs, I developed large ulcers on one of my legs.
What could have caused this? This has been a very long & painful experience.

How should one go about buying Compression Stockings?
I want to purchase knee-high stockings. How do you know which type/gauge/size etc, of over the counter stocking to buy?

Can intense pulse light therapy treat light colored spider veins?
From what I understand, IPL works by targeting the dark veins against lighter skin. I have spider veins that are a light pink/red. Is the lack of contrast a concern?

Can sclerotherapy be performed on hemorrhoids?
Is this a possible treatment method for hemorrhoids?

Is intense pulse light therapy non invasive?
I am looking for more natural treatment options for my varicose and spider veins. Is IPL non-invasive? Are there other non-invasive treatment options or holistic/herbal therapies that can improve circ...Details

Can sclerotherapy cause clotting?
If the chemical is injected directly into the vein and stops it up, couldn't the blood clot and cause problems? Is sclerotherapy safe if someone has a blood clotting disorder?

Do Varicose Veins cause you to have severe leg cramps?
Is this a side effect of having varicose veins and can varicose vein surgery effectively treat this condition?

Does microphlebectomy require a longer recovery time than endovenous ablation techniques?
Do the incisions take longer to heal?

Is it better to get full-length compression stockings or knee-highs?
The knee highs are so much more comfortable. Are they effective enough?

When would microphlebectomy be used instead of ELA?
It seems like ELA is less invasive.

What kind of painkillers are you given before the procedure?
How much ibuprofen or other pain killer is used before the procedure?

Is endovenous laser ablation more painful than radiofrequency occlusion?
I've heard that ELA hurts more than RO. Is this true? They sound like sort of the same thing; why would one hurt more than the other?

Is intense pulse light therapy for veins safe when pregnant?
I just found out that I am pregnant and have an IPL treatment coming up that I scheduled before I knew I was pregnant. The IPL is for broken capillaries/spider veins on my cheeks. Is it safe to have w...Details

Can laser light therapy treat facial redness and veins?
I'm only 16, and I have lots of small veins and redness on my nose and cheeks. Is laser light therapy good for this? Are there any age restrictions, and how much downtime is needed after each procedur...Details

When is varicose vein surgery the best treatment option?
From what I see online it seems that minimally-invasive options like endovenous ablation are always being recommended for varicose veins, and I can see why, but is there ever a time where surgery is p...Details

Can intense pulse light therapy damage skin?
Does intense pulse light affect the surface skin? Could it cause skin damage or melanoma?

Does endovenous laser ablation remove veins?
Are the problem veins removed after ELA or are they just left there? Is that bad for the body to have dead tissue laying around?

Is laser light therapy internal or external?
Does laser light therapy involve a laser being put in the vein or is the laser shone on the vein externally?

Can endovenous laser ablation treat my venous insufficiency?
Is Endovenous Laser Ablation or VNUS Closure Fast a more effective way to treat a dilated greater saphenous vein with gross incompetence from the saphenofemoral vein down the lower leg, contributing t...Details

What Compression Stocking Devices can help me?
What devices are available to help me put on my compression stockings ??

What is in the saline solution they use in Sclerotherapy?
What chemicals are in the saline solution and does it have mercury in it and if not what is in it? what are the side effects if any.

What can i do about difficulties associated with undergoing Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I had evlt done back in may all of the sudden just recently my leg has a lot of aching and pain where it was done its sore to touch its tender. There is also numbness in that spot of leg very achy whe...Details

Is laser light therapy a good option for broken capillaries on the face?
My husband has lots of tiny little veins on his nose and cheeks. What are the best ways to treat these, making them look less red and noticeable?

Can sclerotherapy effectively treat facial veins?
There is a large vein on my face that doesn't appear to be a broken capillary or spider vein. Could sclerotherapy be used to treat it, or would something else be better?

Are varicose vein surgery procedures used to treat varicoeles?
I think I have a variocoele. It's not very painful, but occasionally feels uncomfortable and it's ugly, so I'd like to have it removed. What are the recommended treatment options? Isn't it just a vari...Details

When are venous reflux exams helpful?
I have a few varicose veins on my legs, which I'd like to have removed. My doctor suggested I might have a venous reflux exam, as well. I already know I have varicose veins, so why would I need an exa...Details

Can endovenous laser ablation treat spider and varicose veins?
I have both spider veins and varicose veins. Will endovenous laser ablation treat both of these problems?

Is microphlebectomy the same thing as ambulatory phlebectomy?
I have large varicose veins on both legs and am trying to figure out what the best treatment is. Microphlebectomy and ambulatory phlebectomy both are surgical procedures, and they sound kind of the sa...Details

Can endovenous laser ablation techniques be used on any vein?
Can endovenous laser ablation be used to treat multiple veins, or only the greater saphenous vein? Will it take care of varicose veins that are closer to my ankles?

What is the difference between these two varicose vein surgical procedures?
What is the difference between ambulatory phlebectomy and transilluminated powered phlebectomy? What would each be used for?

How long will I have to wear compression stockings after varicose vein surgery?
And, are there any options in terms of colors or styles?

What kind of laser is used for endovenous laser ablation?
The idea of a laser in my leg sounds a little scary. Is there a risk of getting burned during the procedure?

Does microphlebectomy cause scarring?
I've heard microphlebectomy described as minimally invasive, but from what I understand it's still surgery. Wont there still be scars?

Is there a treatment for spider veins on the hands and facial areas?
I have spider veins on multiple areas of my body, and I’d really like to have more than just the ones on my legs treated. Can spider veins on the face/neck area, hands, and arms be treated, and what ...Details

Is microphlebectomy effective in treating varicose veins?
I’ve heard microphlebectomy is a newer surgical treatment method for varicose veins. What exactly is it, and is it as effective as other surgical or minimally-invasive treatment options?

What is the reasoning behind waiting to resume more vigorous physical activity after varicose vein surgery?
Does it have to do with the pounding or impact of the leg to the ground, or does it have to do with your blood flow or the increased heart rate?

What is the recovery time after cauterizing veins with microphlebectomy?
How long does it take one to recover after vein surgery?

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