Is it dangerous to wear compression stockings both day and night?

My calves are extremely painful. During the day I massage them or apply a lidocaine patch, and that helps a little. At night, I suffer severely. I found compression socks help a lot when I wear them both day and night. I can actually get some rest now. Is it dangerous to wear them all the time?

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Replied on 8/19/2013

By: The Sheen Vein Institute  |  Vidal T. Sheen, M.D., RVT, RPVI
St. Louis , MO

It is not typically dangerous to wear compression stockings day/night provided that you have no evidence of peripheral artery disease or any other medical condition that would warrant you not wearing the stockings at all. That being said, if your legs are hurting you all the time, you really should have someone look into why your legs are bothering you. Do you have a peripheral neuropathy, vein disease, etc? Each cause requires a unique treatment.

Replied on 8/18/2013

By: Vein Clinic of North Carolina  |  Scott W. Baker, MD
Winston-Salem, NC

It is not harmful to wear compression stockings at night, but you should be out of them approximately 2 hours a day.

Replied on 8/14/2013

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: Bella MD Laser Vein and Aesthetic Center  |  David A. Engleman MD, FACC
Dallas, TX

If the compression stockings make your calves feel better and they fit properly, there is no danger.

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: Vein Specialties of St. Louis  |  Norman Bein, M.D.,FACS,RVT
Creve Coeur, MO

Wearing compression hose at night will not be harmful as long as they are measured and fitted correctly. You could actually wear a lighter compression at night than you need during the day if they provide the relief you need.

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: Laser Vein Center  |  Thomas Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P., R.V.T.
O'Fallon, MO

No, it is not dangerous to wear compression stockings both day and night. It is only necessary to wear them when upright but if they help you when you are in bed there is no harm with that.

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

I am not aware of any dangers associated with wearing compression stockings day and night.

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: Heart and Vein Center  |  Rodolfo D. Farhy, MD, FACC, FAHA
Lathrup Village, MI

There is no danger in wearing compression stockings day and night; however, you should take them off for a few hours a day to avoid skin irritation. On the other hand, if you are so symptomatic, you should consult a vein specialist and get a complete evaluation. You could get a more permanent relieve of your symptoms with some of the new procedures available to treat vein disease.

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

Compression stockings function by compressing the leg muscles to squeeze the blood out of the veins. This improves venous return and decreases the venous pressure. There should be no problem wearing them day and night; however, they may become uncomfortable after several days. You may want to try to find the right combination, such as 2 or 3 days on and one day off, etc.

Replied on 8/12/2013

By: Vein Center of Orange County  |  Alan Kanter, MD, RVT, FACPH
Founder and Medical Director

Irvine, CA

What's not clear from your question is whether you have a vein problem or a calf problem. Without this information, and without having examined you, it's difficult to say. Generally speaking, it is dangerous only if you are older with blocked arteries and wear high compression stockings (30-40 mm). If you have no arterial blockage, there should be no problem. Consult with your treating physician to be sure.

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After varicose vein surgery I have been experiencing pain in both shins. The surgeon said this is caused by the full-leg compression stocking I wore for 2 weeks. Is shin pain normal after wearing a full-length hose?

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What is the best level of compression for a RN? (11 answers)
I would like "save" my legs and buy compression stockings. I dont have any other medical problems that would require me to use the stockings other that I am a nurse and am on my feet a lot. What level of comrpession would you recommend I start with?

How long do I have to wear compression stockings? (11 answers)
How long are stockings required after endovenous laser ablation? How do they help?

Can wearing Compression Stockings improve varicose and spider veins if they are not too bad? (11 answers)
I'm hoping to only have to wear them for several months. If there is improvement will discontinuing their use make the vein problems come back?

Can compression stockings help with severe leg pain? (11 answers)
After working a 12 hour shift, my legs hurt so bad I can't sleep. I have tried several name brand shoes and support hose. Is it possible that compression hose might help this?

I have a DVT in my left leg and have to wear a compression sock because the valve is broken. Is there a surgical treatment to fix this? (11 answers)
I have to wear a compression sock because I had a DVT and the valve in the vein that runs behind my knee is broken. I am still young and would like this fixed so I don't have to wear the sock. Is there a procedure to fix this?

My Compression Stockings hurt the back of my knees because of wrinkling fabric, what can I do? (10 answers)
My compression stockings really hurt the back of my knees I cannot get my compression stockings to not have wrinkles. These wrinkles gather around the back of my knee and really hurt. How do I overcome that?

Do Compression Stockings help with Hemosiderosis and Venous Insufficency? (10 answers)
Do Compression Stockings help with Hemosiderosis and Venous Insufficency?

What type of Compression Hose should i choose? (10 answers)
I have spider veins in my both thighs.what type of compression hose should i wear? Below knee or above knee?

Airplane Travel (10 answers)
My wife always has swelling at the ankles when we are on a commercial carrier flight of any distance. Will compression stockings help this? If so , what strength?

Will compression stockings cut off my circulation? (10 answers)
It seems like tight clothes wouldn’t benefit circulation.

Will Compression Stockings help with leg pain? (10 answers)
I am experiencing extreme pain in both calf muscles and have egg size swelling on each outer leg. My GP has recently told me to just go to the drug store and buy support hose because I have symptoms of varicose veins. What are my options?

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I am a healthy 45yr old with no circulation problems. I'll be taking long flights (Washing, DC, Bhutan) and wonder if I should wear compression socks as a precaution. would drugstore grade be adequate or should i order medical quality?

Swollen calves due to ruptured baker's cyst. (10 answers)
My calves are swollen due to a ruptured baker's cyst. The doctor's office said to wear TED hose. How do I know what kind and the proper fit?

How long should you wear your compression socks a day? (10 answers)
And should you be physically active while wearing the crompression socks?

Can I remove my compression stockings while sitting? (10 answers)

Abdominal pain while wearing compression pantyhose? (10 answers)
I'm a RN in my 20s and wear 15-20 mmHg compression pantyhose for my 12.5 hour shifts. I have some spider veins on my thighs and the pantyhose prevent them from feeling bruised. However, the pressure hurts my stomach. What can I do to stop this?

Can compression stockings help with varicose veins on the tops of my feet? (10 answers)
I have mild varicose veins in both my legs and on the tops of both feet. From what I've read, compression stockings can help with stabilizing veins in my legs, but what about the veins in my feet?

Do you have to wear compression stockings on both legs if a procedure was on one leg? (10 answers)

How do compression stockings affect a new tattoo? (10 answers)
I wear knee high compression stockings, 20-30 mmHg and am considering getting a tattoo on my lower leg. How will the stocking affect my tattoo's healing process and is this a bad idea with venous insufficiency in the legs?

My compression stockings are too tight, is there a way to stretch them out? (10 answers)
Unfortunately I bought a pair of compression stockings that are too tight. I have worn them already and can't return them at this point. Is there a way to stretch them them out?

I have an enlarged lymph node in my groin that is 12 cm, are compression stockings advisable? (10 answers)

Which compression hose length and strength level is appropriate for a nurse with no known venous problems? (10 answers)
There are no medical problems, but I am wondering whether it is a good idea to wear knee-high compression stockings if I am a nurse who is on her feet for 13 hours a day. If so, what mmHg level is best?

Can I wear 30-40 mmHg compression stockings 24/7? (10 answers)
I am a 62-year-old diabetic who wears knee-high 30-40 mmHg Juzo compression stockings for edema. I have no wounds and have not undergone surgery. I would like to sleep in my easy chair with my legs lower than my heart because raising my legs is too uncomfortable. Is it OK to wear the hose 24/7? Can I alternate with another pair to clean daily?

My knee-high compression stockings are hurting my upper thighs and groin. Is this normal? (10 answers)
I have venous insufficieny in both legs. I wear knee-high compression stockings, but now they are hurting my upper thighs and groin area. Is this normal?

How much pressure is needed at the ankle and calf area for compression stockings? (10 answers)

What time of day should a patient be measured for knee-high compression stockings? (10 answers)
I have a client whose legs increase in size during the day a lot. By the time I see him (around mid0day) he has 3 times the swelling. He just started to wear TED-like hose, but previously wore support hose. What time of day should I measure him for knee-high stockings?

Should I continue to wear compression stockings when traveling and exercising? (10 answers)
I am a 37 yr old female who had a laser ablation performed on both legs, high ligation on the left leg, and still suffer from reflux. Sclerotherapy is the next form of treatment I am scheduled to have. Should I continue to wear support hose when traveling, exercising, etc since it seems to reoccur?

Can full-length compression stockings cause pain in your feet and calves? If so, is that normal? (9 answers)
I wear full-length compression stockings that go above my waist for trunk and leg lymphodema, but I've been having pain in my feet and calves. Is this normal? Could the discomfort be caused by the stockings?

My legs feel twice as heavy when I run with compression stockings, is this normal? Is there an adjustment period I need to push through? (9 answers)
I recently tried wearing compression stockings to run because my legs fatigue and become heavy. The odd thing is that when I wear the hose while I run, my legs feel twice as heavy than they did without them. Is this normal? Is there an adjustment period I need to push through?

The compression stockings I have are giving me pain, what can I do about this? (9 answers)
I am wearing a 30-40 mmHg thigh-high compression stocking after having laser ablation. At the top of this stocking near the groin, it hurts so much from the tightness and elastic top. Is there anything I can do or a purchase I can make so that the hose is more comfortable?

Can wearing compression socks cause a red line on the back of your leg? (9 answers)
A patient of ours has wore stockings before and had just purchased a new pair. She wore them once and now has a red mark across her calf. Could this be caused by the stockings? She said they fit really well.

Why are compression stockings contraindicated for swelling caused by heart failure or pulmonary edema? (9 answers)

Is it normal for compression stockings to cause uncomfortable sleeping issues? (9 answers)
My mom had a total knee replacement five days ago and is now complaining of a lot of pressure/pain in her knee from the compression stockings. Is this normal? Would it be safe for her to take off the stockings at night and put them back on in the morning?

Is it normal to get cold, sweaty feet while wearing compression stockings? (9 answers)

I occasionally get cold toes, is it OK to wear compression stockings? (9 answers)
While driving to work and relaxing after work, my toes will get really cold . Sometimes, they get slightly pale. There is no pain or discomfort. Is it safe to wear 8-15mmhg compression stockings? They make my legs feel great. Haven't noticed yet if they affect my cold toes or not.

Why do my thighs get red and puffy after I take off my knee-high compression stockings? (9 answers)
About an hour after I take off my compression socks, I notice that my thighs will feel puffy and hot. Does this mean my socks are too tight? Thanks!

Can wearing knee-length compression stockings cause the upper leg to grow in size by a few centimeters? (9 answers)

Can compression hose cause bruising? (9 answers)
I am a nurse and only wore compression hose to prevent swelling and leg cramps/pain after work when I was pregnant. I just restarted using them but I am not pregnant, but I have noticed SEVERE bruising developing. Could it be caused by the hose?

Is it dangerous to wear compression hose with a run in it? (9 answers)
One of my knee high hose has a run in the foot up into the lower ankle. Can wearing this be dangerous? My doctor advised to wear the hose for fluid retention. If it is not safe, can I wear just one leg until my new hose arrives tomorrow?

Compression Stocking and exercising, especially when jogging long distances? (9 answers)
Is it a good idea/ beneficial to wear compression socks/stockings when exercising? Especially when jogging long distances? I also already have vague signs of some spider veins.

Is is necessary to wait until warfarin dose is therapeutic before wearing compression stockings after diagnosis of DVT? (9 answers)
Is is necessary to wait until warfarin dose is therapeutic before wearing compression stockings after diagnosis of DVT?

Are wearing compression stockings beneficial for my scenario? (9 answers)
I hurt my knee and I've been working on it while it's been sore. I thought I had a blood clot because the calf area was swollen so much, but an ultra sound ruled that out. Now I'm wearing stockings and the swelling is down, but am I doing more damage wearing them? Deb

Can anyone use Compression Stockings? (9 answers)
I don't have spider or varicose veins (yet), but my feet and lower legs are chronically cold and "fall asleep" giving me a tingly feeling at least three or four times per day. Should I try compression stockings to help improve my circulation?

Should I wear compression stockings at night? (9 answers)
I had the procedure this morning and wore the compression stockings all day but I can't remember if the Dr. said to wear them when I sleep?

Do Compression Stockings have to be worn on both legs? (9 answers)
If I have problems with just one leg, can I wear one compression knee high or should I wear both?

Sciatica pain. Will compression stockings help with the pain? (8 answers)
I presently suffer from a sciatica for the 1st time. Lots of pain in my calf area and particularly in one pinpoint spot in the calf along with hip/groin pain.
I wonder if stockings will help my calf pain and is it safe at 20/30 compression?
Thank you

Who benefits from wearing Compression Stockings? (8 answers)
What devices are available to help me put on my compression stockings?

I wear compression Stockings since my pulmonary embolism, do I need to wear these stockings during sport & exercise? (8 answers)
Is this necessary?

Is your leg supposed to hurt when you wear compression stockings? (8 answers)
Around my knee was hurting, and the doctor said I'm now getting varicose veins. Current treatment is to wear stockings and take Daflon, but now when I wear the compression gd 2 stockings, my entire leg is hurting.

Compression hose (8 answers)
I bought compression hose online at a doctor recommended site. Does the tightness and compression in the stomach cause a problem from the hose? I thought you want to avoid tightness in the stomach area.

Why do my muscles hurt more in my legs? (8 answers)
I was measured for the stockings and need to use them during my pregnancy, but I find them uncomfortable, itchy and my leg muscles or calf muscles have been killing me since I started using these stockings. I'm thinking it's not worth it!

Will it hurt me if I wear class II stocking with spider telangiectasia legs? (8 answers)

My leg is swollen with compression stocking is this normal? (8 answers)
I have dvt in my right calf, it has only been 3 weeks since i found out. My leg still swells after 3 weeks even when i wear my compression stocking 20 -30. Is this normal. Should I be take it off and elevate my leg or leave it on?

Are footless compression stockings just as effective as full-coverage hose following endovenous laser ablation? (8 answers)
My vascular surgeon did an ultrasound and prescribed endovenous laser ablation. She also suggested that I wear compression stockings after the procedure. However, due to severe psoriasis and eczema on my feet, I cannot wear full-coverage stockings that cover them. They must always be in wet dressings, but cannot be fully covered. Would footless compression stockings be just as effective as full-coverage hose following the procedure?

What are the alternatives to TED stockings for patients with very, very sensitive skin? (8 answers)
I have a patient who needs TED stockings post-hip replacement surgery, but she has very, very sensitive skin. Any type of textile causes redness and itching. Do you know of any alternatives?

What do I do if my thigh-high stockings are digging into my groin? (8 answers)
I'm a few days out from a knee arthroscopy and manipulation. I have had the TED hose before when they did an ACL reconstruction and never had a problem. The stocking that was recently prescribed has been digging into my groin, causing it to become raw and painful. What can I do to fix this?

Is it common to have a bad experience wearing the Ted stocking? (8 answers)
I had total hip replacement on the left side and after surgery wore thigh-highTed stockings on both legs. I woke up in the middle of the night with stinging pain in one leg above the knee. My stocking had rolled down. The doctor did ultrasound and there was no clot. My leg hurts and then goes numb. Is this normal and what should I do?

Is it safe to wear compression stockings after you've had stress fractures on your feet? What if you also have neuropathy and leg swelling? (8 answers)

Should I wear compression stockings while exercising? I have a lot of spider veins and lift heavy weights. (8 answers)
I have a lot of spider veins on my legs. I lift heavy weights at the gym. Should I be wearing compression stockings while exercising to help prevent more veins, or does it matter? Thank you for your help!

Can compression stockings cause nerve damage? (8 answers)
I wore knee-length compression stockings during a 15+ hour flight. Now I have a numb-feeling on a patch of skin on the outside of my leg, just above the knee. I get periodic tingling; there's no pain but tingling like when a limb goes to sleep. Do socks cause nerve damage? It doesn't bother me but it feels weird.

Which has greater compression, TED hose or running compression socks? (8 answers)

Can compression stockings cause headaches? (8 answers)
I have been asked by a dr. to wear compression stockings until we find out if I have a blood clot in my lower right leg. I wonder if a side effect of wearing them could be headaches. Thank you.

My eye has been red ever since I started wearing compression stockings, is this normal? (8 answers)

Is a difference of 3 cm in the ankle too much for a compression pantyhose to remain effective? (8 answers)
I need to wear compression stockings and have been measured in a shop. They recommended a size small based on the size chart, but it will be too tight on my stomach. The medium, on the other hand, fits but not on the ankle. There is a +3cm difference. Can I still wear the medium and get the same benefits?

I had a pulomonary embolism, can I take my compression stockings off while I exercise? (8 answers)
I had a pulmonary embolism a month ago. I want to start exercising gradually (I'm an active young adult), but I think it'll be uncomfortable with the compression stockings. I know it can be difficult to put them on again and that I should wear them all day. What do you recommend? Is it OK to take them off when I exercise?

If you wear thigh-high compression stockings, will it cause your overall body to feel cold? If so, is this OK? (8 answers)
I'm normally hot-natured. I wore compression stockings yesterday and felt cold. I took them off last night and felt my normal self this morning. Does this mean they're too tight? Or, does this mean it's helping my circulation and I'm not used to it? Thank you

My compression stocking is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks, should I continue to wear it? (8 answers)
The knee-high compression sock is pinching the top of my knee and leaving sore marks (indentations). My job requires me to stand all day. I have spider veins in my ankles and on the side of my outer calf. Should I continue to wear the stocking even though it's uncomfortable?

Can wearing compression stockings do more harm than good or cause more damage? (7 answers)
I feel when I wear compression stockings my legs get worse.

Had a pulmonary embolism, should I wear compression stockings? (7 answers)
I had a pulmonary embolism, but am not sure if it started from deep vein thrombosis. The doctor compression socks are not mandatory since I am on Xarelto. However, I figured they can only help, even if only a little. What are your thoughts? Are compression stockings safe for me to try? I just want any additional benefit I can get.

Can you have isolated popliteal reflux of 2 seconds and have healthy veins? (7 answers)
I had an ultrasound that showed r>l spiders around ankle, 2 sec reflux rt deep popliteal, everything else OK. He said my veins are great. But, I read >.5 is a problem. Can you have isolated 2 sec reflux and not be pathologic? Should I wear compression hose?

My compression stockings leave a line around my ankle, cut off circulation in my ankle/foot, and cause fluid to build in my foot. What should I do? (7 answers)

After wearing compression hose my head hurts, I feel nauseous, and my teet hurt. Why? (7 answers)
I have leaking valves in the vein of my right thigh. I've been told to wear compression hose level 20-30 mmHg. For two days now, after 2.5 hours, I get a nasty headache in my left temple, my jaw hurts and I feel nauseous. Why is this happening? Is this dangerous?

I wore compression stockings to bed and now my right foot aches, is this normal? What should I do? (7 answers)

If my compression stockings are causing my legs and ankles to swell even during elevation, what should I do? (7 answers)
I had a deep vein thrombosis. My legs and ankles have become swollen while wearing compression stockings, making getting shoes on and walking extremely uncomfortable. Elevating my legs with the stockings on doesn't help either. It is only when I take them off and elevate my legs do I feel relief. What should I do?

My husband is having pain in his heel after wearing compression socks, is this normal? (7 answers)
My husband started wearing compression socks. They were measured and seemed to be the correct fit for his legs, but then he started having pain in his heel from the socks. Is this normal? He needs to keep wearing the socks.

Which of the three running compression socks are best. (7 answers)
I am considering three different types of running compression socks. One is around 20mmHg, but I don't know if they are graduated because that's the only number I got. The other pair is between 14-28mmHg and is reversely graduated. The last is graduated and between 24-38mmHg. Of the three, which would you recommend?

I have clots in my left leg, can the right leg become affected too? (7 answers)
I have Factor V Leiden and now have two permanent clots in my left leg. I was also recently diagnosed with post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). My question is about venous insufficiency, as my legs are tired and weak. Even though the clots are just in the left leg, can the right become affected too?

Is leg pain normal when wearing TED stockings? (7 answers)
I have soreness in my legs (inner calf area) when wearing TED stockings, is this normal?

My compression stockings are too tight, how can I stretch the area? (7 answers)
I have worn new compression stockings that are too tight just below my knee. Is there a method to stretch this area?

I have pain after taking off compression stockings, is this normal? (7 answers)
After wearing my stockings all day, I come home and take them off after supper. After I remove them, I feel the pain happening right away. Is this normal?

Where does the excess fluids go when wearing compressoin stockings? (7 answers)
I have edmema, most likely caused by my beta blocker. If I wear the compression stockings (knee highs), where does the fluids go? Do they really get rid of fluids, or just spread it more evenly?

Can compression stockings cause pain? (7 answers)
I was just diagnosed with an SVT in L medial lower leg halfway down. My symptoms began about 1" below medial knee joint. I just started wearing my compression stockings (20-30 mmHg). There was some relief for 9 hours, but I have much pain just below the medial knee again. Suggestions?

I was given TED hose after hip replacement surgery, how often can I take them off? (7 answers)
I had a total hip replacement roughly a month ago and was given TED hose to wear. I'm a pretty active person. How long can I take the hose off? Do I need to wear them around the house if I am up and about?

A year ago I had stents insterted into both legs. I will be flying long haul soon, should I wear compression socks? (7 answers)

I have veins showing after surgery (7 answers)
I had long and short libation, strip and avulsions in both legs one week ago. The left leg has been done for the second time, I can see veins still, will they disappear wearing the support stockings?

compression stockings for POTS (7 answers)
I am diagnosed with POTS (dysautonomia). What would be the proper compression? I am 106lb and think that 15-20 compression (recommended) is too low, since stockings do not stretch as they would on a heavier person. Is it safe to switch to 20-30?

What to do when compression stockings increase symptoms? (7 answers)
I had cramp for about a week in right let then swelling around ankle. Went to vein specialist, did ultrasound. No clots but could have been after the fact. Prescribed compression stockings because there is so much pain. Unfortunately no health insurance.

Ankle swelling (7 answers)
Im wearing comprehension stockings for bilateral ankle swelling that began 3 months ago and only have a varicose vein in the left leg. My vascular surgeon doesn't think the surgery will reduce the swelling in the affected leg. What to do?

Does a low pressure compression stockings helps to prevent leg cramps during sleep? (7 answers)
Does a low pressure compression stockings helps to prevent leg cramp during sleep?

I had knee surgery and the doctors put a stocking on my good leg. (7 answers)
I had knee surgey yesterday and they put a stocking on my good leg should i keep wearing it on the good leg?

Can i wear my TED stockings if my feet, ankles & calves are already swollen? (7 answers)
I have recently had surgery and was wearing TEDs while I was not mobil, I have had them off for about 4 days and done a lot of walking yesterday and now I have swelling in my feet, ankles & calves. Is it okay to put my TED stockings back on?

Should I be wearing compression stockings? (7 answers)
I am 21 years old and just bought some compression stockings but im not sure if thats what I need. My legs are always very tired, feel heavy, and also feel swollen around my ankles. I've also noticed a couple of spider veins on my legs.

How long does it take Compression Stockings to work? (7 answers)
How long after starting to wear these, will I see results?My calve has improved, but the ankle is still huge and the foot quite puffy.

How much pressure should a Compression Stocking have? (7 answers)
How does one calculate the compression in stocking?

What level of compression stocking I should get? (7 answers)
I have been running lately and while I run, my left foot gets tingly and wants to fall asleep and then throughout the day from my knee down to my toes it tingles off and on. I believe compression stockings will help.

What material are Compression Stockings made of? (6 answers)
I'm confused which compression stockings to get because when I try to buy online they ask what material.

Where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station? (6 answers)
Any recommendatinos on where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station?

Should a diabetic wear compression stockings 24 hours daily? (6 answers)
Should compression stockings be worn 24 hours per day continuously or not just worn at bedtime?

Bulging veins in my legs. Wearing compression socks, but legs tend to jerk (6 answers)
I am waiting on surgery for my leg veins and started wearing compression socks again after not wearing them for years. I have only been taking them off when I bathe. My legs have started feeling restless and jerky when I lay or sit. When I take the compression socks off they don't jerk. What can I do in the meantime until the surgery?

My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal? (6 answers)
My legs feel colder now that I'm wearing my compression stockings; is this normal?

Can I wear compression stockings during my menstrual period? (6 answers)
Can I wear compression stockings during my menstrual period?

Can you use body lotion on your legs before you wear TED stockings? (6 answers)
Can you use body lotion on your legs before you wear TED stockings?

Wearing Ted Hose 24 hours? (6 answers)
My wife has no movement on her left side, therefore can not move her left leg and can not circulate the blood in that leg. Should she wear Ted Hose 24 hours a day?

My legs throb, twitch, and ache at night. (6 answers)
I am wearing thigh high compression stockings all day long and they are helping but as soon as I take them off at night to sleep my legs start throbbing, tingling, aching, jerking, etc. Should I continue to wear them at night or take them off?

I think the compression hose is causing more pain? (6 answers)
I had EVLT greater saphenous vein on right leg in mid May 2011 and two phlebectomys on the ankle. I have A LOT of spider veins on the anterior dorsum of the ankle and it still aches daily. Why does wearing 15-20mmHG hose make it hurt worse? Is this normal?

Are my toes in danger if they are numb, stiff, and swollen after wearing compression stockings? (6 answers)

How long should I wear compression socks after a surgery in the abdomen? (6 answers)

Is it dangerous if your compression stockings are too tight? (6 answers)
I'm a 27-year-old nursing assistant who is on her feet for 7-8 hours. I wear compression stockings due to fatigue and varicose veins I've had since adolescence. I also wear them to delay the progression. The stockings I have are 15-20 mmHg. Occasionally, I'll have mild calf pain. Does this mean they are too tight? If so, is it dangerous if they are tight?

Unbearable itching while wearing compression stockings, what do I do? (6 answers)
My legs are extremely itchy when I wear Medi compression stockings. In fact, it's almost painful. When I apply grease and creams, the discomfort only goes away temporarily (approx. 2-3 hours). I've even changed detergent (Medi approved or "for kids" labeled) and rinsing time, but to no avail. I don't understand what's going on. I've worn hose before with no problem. What should I do? Do you know what might be causing the irritation?

Is a blood clot in a gastronemius vein considered a DVT? Is it serious? (6 answers)
Should I be concerned about a blood clot in my gastronemius vein? Is this considered a deep vein thrombosis? Is this something I should be worried about? What should be done about it?

My compression stockings make me feel off balance, why is that? (6 answers)
I've recently been diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and have been advised to wear compression stockings. I purchased a pair of 8-15mmHg hose and I feel off balance. My ankles also feel weird when I walk. Is this normal?

I have poor circulation in my feet, would compression stockings help? (6 answers)
I'm 16 years old and have poor circulation in my feet, so they're always cold and sometimes they tingle. Also, cuts I get on my feet take forever to heal. Would compression socks help?

After wearing thigh-high compression stockings, the skin that was in the hose is now lighter in color. Is this a problem? (6 answers)

Can support hose cause bruising and leg cramps? (6 answers)
I was prescribed compression stockings yesterday after being diagnosed with chronic venous insufficiency with hypopigmentation. Today, I have new bruising on my legs and am having charlie horses. Can this be caused by the stockings? Thank you!

Am I in the beginning stages of developing varicose veins? (5 answers)
I have noticed blue veins in both legs that have never been there before. They run up the calf and behind the knee. When I'm on my feet all day, some of the veins become very blue and others almost purple. They don't bulge. Is this the start of varicose veins?

Will removing my compression stocking do harm? (5 answers)
I was told to wear a compression stocking for six weeks on my right leg after ankle surgery on my left. Will taking it off two days early do any harm?

Why are my compression stockings causing stiffness & mild pain in my knees? (5 answers)
I have stiffness & mild pain in my knees when wearing 20-30 mmHg thigh-high compression stockings. Why is this? Can pressure on the knee caps cause osteoarthritis of the knee caps & knees over a period of time? Most knee braces have a hole over the knee caps for safety.

Is it normal to get cold feet in one of legs with compression stocking (knee high), but not the other? (5 answers)
I'm a woman in my 20s and wear compression stockings for pain in my legs and because of a family history of varicose veins. While wearing the stockings, one foot and leg tends to get cold. Is this normal?

Should I have Bruises from my compression stocking? (5 answers)
I am 16 years old and was put in a compression stocking on my right foot after fracturing my lisfranc joint in my foot playing hockey 3 months ago. I am now getting bruises on my mid foot where I injured my foot and on the sides. Is this normal?

My new TED stockings hurt, is this normal? (5 answers)
I had acl surgery with a meniscus repair a week ago and left the facility with TED stockings on. I'm waiting for a call back from my surgeon but in the interim I purchased a pair at the local drug store because the others felt dirty after 7 days. The new ones hurt, is this normal?

What is best treatment for lipodermatosclerosis? (5 answers)
For 4 yr I have had inflamed nodules turning into sclerotic tissue. Biopsy first interpreted as Erythema Nodosum, then another path calls it LDS. Full venous studies negative for CVI-perfect veins.Is it reasonable to continue taking Trental..or what?

I'm wearing stockings, but they don't seem to help. (5 answers)
If I'm wearing stockings and they don't help my weak legs, is surgery the next step?

Post phlebitic syndrome 35 years later? (5 answers)
Can you develope post phlebitic syndrome 35 years after having a blood clot in the deep vein?

Chaps style for the wrong leg? (5 answers)
Is it alright to use chaps style compression stockings that state they are for one leg on the other? I have right leg chaps, but want to wear them on my left leg? Can they be turned inside out and worn?

I have a multi colored bruise after heart ablation (5 answers)
I have a big multi color bruise from cardiac ablation but it seems to be traveling down my leg and I have some swelling as well. Is this normal?

Does wearing compression stockings during pregnancy prevent vein problems? (5 answers)
I really don’t want to end up with vein problems once my daughter is born. Can wearing compression stockings during pregnancy prevent varicose veins?

Can compression stockings help a severe hematoma? (4 answers)
A car hit my leg and bruised it severely. I have some pain and some problems bending it back. It feels a little numb at times in one area. But I can still feel it.

What can I do about the top of stocking digging into my calf? (4 answers)
The stockings fit but the tops of them dig into my skin and is painful. Is there anything I can do to stop it? Can I put an elastic bandage or something under them to help with that?

Is my compression stocking not allowing a bruise on my foot to heal? (4 answers)
The top of my foot feels bruised and has felt that way for awhile. I wear a compression stocking daily because I did Thrombolysis to clear out a clot. I am 26 yrs old so I usually heal fast. Is the compression stocking keeping the bruise from healing?

What if Compression Stkgs are making my legs hurt worse? (4 answers)
Does this mean that there is something wrong other than varicose veins? It's mostly in my right leg. They make my legs itch, and I get burning sensations. It drives me so crazy I have to take them off! They are 15-20 mmHg and I was measured.

Painful/Sensitive skin after removing stockings? (4 answers)
I wear knee-high compression stockings occassionally for swollen ankles and feet. Why is the skin on my lower legs VERY painful/sensitive to the touch after removing the stockings. Stays painful for about a day. Is this even normal?

When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago. (4 answers)
When I remove stockings to bathe, the foot of the affected leg is much much pinker. Is that normal? I had knee surgery several weeks ago.

Which is better for SCI/para injuries, TED stockings or compression stockings? (4 answers)
I have worn a thigh-high TED stocking that is open toe for 20 yrs. I am wondering if being used on a paralyzed leg with moderate DTD activity (as can be), if switching to a compression stocking would be better for regular use & circulatory & DVT risk/care?

How can someone have an easier time putting on and taking off her compression stockings? (4 answers)
My grandma is 93 years old, and my uncle who she cares for can't get the compression stockings on and off. How can this process be made easier?

I recently developed spider veins, should I wear compression stockings all of the time? Will they prevent more spider veins from developing? (4 answers)

Is intermitent pneumatic compression therapy safe for the treatment of lymphedema when old blot clots are present? (4 answers)
I'm concerned that pneumatic compression therapy might dislodge an old clot. I have read the compression stockings are a good treatment, but I find that they are not easy to put on and take off. I'm looking for an alternative. Can you suggest something?

I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Can thigh-high stockings make pain worse? (4 answers)
The pain in my knees seems to be getting worse ever since I started wearing thigh-high compression stockings. I purchased them because I have osteoarthritis in my knees. Are these stockings OK for me? Or, should I discontinue them?

How do compression stockings afect the venous capacitance? (4 answers)
Can you explain how compression stockings work and how they affect the venous capacitance? Thank you

After wearing my Juzo compression stocking for an hour, I began to have pain and tightness in my chest. What should I do? (4 answers)
My Juzo compression stockings seemed too tight despite the fact I was measured and fitted for them by a doctor. After wearing the hose for an hour, I began to have pain and tightness in my chest, which got worse quickly. I removed them and the symptoms settled down. Why would this happen and what should I do?

What's the right way to put on thigh-high, open-toe compression stockings? What's the max strength that should be worn? (4 answers)

My compression stockings don't feel tight but they cause my lower calf muscle to get tight and sore, is this normal? (4 answers)
I recently bought a pair of grad compress socks (15-20 mmgh). They feel great on and don't feel too tight but I do notice that my lower calf muscle gets a bit tight & sore wearing them. The socks do not feel tight when they're worn. Is this normal?

Is there a way to prevent thigh-high stockings from sticking to my pants? (3 answers)
I find when wearing full-length or thigh-high compression stockings, they cause my thighs to stick to my pants and my pants to ride up higher. They also bunch up at the knees. This mostly happens with tight or light dress pants and when going up stairs. How can I prevent this from happening?

My compression stockings fold at the ankles, causing pain, dizziness and nausea. How can I prevent this from happening? (3 answers)
I have stage 3 lipedema. I was professionally fitted for compression stockings on two separate occasions, but they continue to be uncomfortable. My compression stockings wrinkle at the ankles, causing pain, dizziness and nausea. The stockings always slip and cause this pain. As soon as I fix the fold/wrinkle, the dizziness and nausea stops. When the fold occurs again, the symptoms return. How can I prevent this from happening?

Where can I get custom fit compression hose? (3 answers)
Where can you have custom compression hose made? When I first get hose, they are fine, but within 3 days they seem to stop fitting right and cause my lower legs to be irritated. I've already checked my measurements and have been remeasured. Where can I get custom fit compression hose?

I am a smoker, can I safely wear compression stockings? (3 answers)

I had injections in my veins and since then, I have had bad pains and weakness in my right leg. Why is this? (3 answers)
I had injections in my veins and since then, I have had bad pains weakness in my right leg. Why is this?

Why am I bruising from my compression stockings? (2 answers)
I'm on Plavix for heart Issues but my vascular doctor prescribed compression hose for the pain, varicose veins, discoloration and swelling in my legs. Since wearing them I am bruising badly when taking them off. 26 bruises. Are they too tight or what's the problem?

Must I wear two compression stockings for unilateral edema? (2 answers)
I have unilateral edema. I am also diabetic. Must I wear two compression stockings? Also, if my edema is better after wearing the hose, may I skip wearing them till the edema returns?

Do compression stockings cause bruises on the mid-foot? (2 answers)
I am a 16 years old and have been put in compression stocking after a severe midfoot fracture I recived playing hockey. I have only been in it for two days and have started to get brusing on my midfoot where I fractured it. Is that normal?

Why do I get intense burning & pain in my feet when I fall asleep while reclining?) (2 answers)
Sometimes when I recline while watching TV in the evening, I fall asleep with my knee-high, open-toe compression stockings on. I'm awakened by intense pain on the sides of my feet within 3 hours. Why? Is this an indication of something serious?

I have Factor V Leiden, calf pain and horrible varicose veins, should I be wearing compression stockings all the time? (2 answers)
I have Factor V Leiden but don't know if I have one or two gene mutations. I have pain in my calves often and horrible varicose veins. I only wear compression stockings when flying and I fly often. I'm 53 years old and not overweight. I'm devastated to learn about my condition and think it is related to the knot-type varicose veins in my feet and ankles. What should I do? Should I be wearing compression stockings all the time? Treatment?

Can I use compression stockings for a hemangioma located in my right leg? (2 answers)

How can I get my leg to stop swelling? (1 answer)
I have chronic DVT in my left leg. I had my 4th clot just recently. I also have an IVC filter in and I cannot get my leg to go down; it's still swelling and I wear compression socks all day but not for bed. I just don't know what else to do. Can you help me?

Are my compression socks too tight? (1 answer)
I purchased my compression stockings from a sports store. I have spider veins and am on my feet many hours at my place of work. I get red marks and indentations at the top of my knee-highs after wearing them for 8 to 10 hours. Are my compression socks too tight?

What degree of compression do I need? (1 answer)
I had total knee replacement surgery one week ago today. I would like to purchase a second pair of compression stockings. What degree of compression do I need? I am a female, 69 years old.

Why is my ankle getting smaller but the swelling in my foot getting worse with the compression sock? (1 answer)
I was dx with phlebitis. The phlebitis is gone but the swelling did not go away. An u/s was negative for clot. I was fitted for 30-40 knee-high compression socks. The sock is pushing and causing swelling in my foot. My ankle was swollen but is back to normal; my foot is worse. Why is this happening? What should I do?

Can you suggest a brand of compression stocking that is comfortable to wear and easy to put on? (1 answer)
The compression stocking suggested for me is very, very tight. It's also very difficult to put on. Do you know of a compression stocking I wear comfortably and that is easy to put on?

Which type of compression stockings work best when exercising? (1 answer)
I'm 2 weeks post-ablation/microphlebectomy. I want to start back up at the gym, but am unsure of what type of compression to use while working out. Socks/sleeves/pants? Medical grade? Brands? Thanks!

I've experienced severe itching after removing my compression socks, am I caring for the problem appropriately? (1 answer)
I had severe itching after removing my compression socks. The scratching would cause a reaction in the form of inflamed, burning bumps. I now wear knee-high hose under my socks and treat myself with Benadryl tablets and Cortison cream. Am I doing the right thing?

Can my husband cut the bottoms of his compression stockings without them losing their effectiveness? (1 answer)
My husband's compression stockings fit well but become uncomfortable at the ankle with hours of wear. Is it possible to cut the stockings off at the lower ankle area? Would that have an impact on the effectiveness of the stockings?

I have Factor V Leiden and have had multiple DVTs over the past year, which grade of compression stocking is best? Should I wear them all the time? (1 answer)
I developed several DVT's from a 2 wk hospital stay 1.5 yrs ago. I wear 15-20mmHg knee-high compression stockings. Additionally, I take Warfarin & was diagnosed w/Factor V Leiden. My legs swell w/o compress. Should I wear compression all the time? Is the compression I'm currently using appropriate? Will my legs ever improve enough to discontinue the stockings?

Are compression sleeves best for me? (1 answer)
I have just heard of the compression leg sleeves. I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my left thigh about a year and a half ago. I have the stockings and while they are very attractive, I was wondering if the sleeves would work?

What could be causing the pain in the back of my knee? (0 answers)
I have poor circulation and wear compression hose. Also, I notice pain on the outside of my leg when I am laying down. I had a stroke 10 years ago. What could be causing the pain in the back of my knee? I recently had a sonagram at my vein doctor's office and nothing was found.

My compression stockings are too tight, what should I do? (0 answers)
Due to itchy red spots on my left shin, the clinician measured me up for pressure stockings, which give me red marks above the knees and feel too tight as if the bloodflow is cut off. The spots have stopped itching, but they are still there. I am 65 and living in the UK. What should I do?

Can compression calf sleeves worn all day and taken off while resting before bed, give me leg cramps? (0 answers)
I have varicose veins and am 53 years old. I only had Charlie horses as a teen, during sports in school. Today I am an active person. I've been experiencing leg cramps after wearing compression calf sleeves during the day and taking them off while resting before bed. Could my compression socks be the source behind my leg cramps? If so, what can I do to prevent the cramps from occurring?

How can my husband keep his compression socks from creasing at the ankle? (0 answers)
I just purchased some knee-high compression stockings for my husband. They fit very well but begin to crease at the ankle within a few hours of movement. They also give him pain at the ankle. How can this be avoided?

Is it safe to increase the grade of my compression stockings to 70 mmHg? (0 answers)
I'm a medical student with severe chronic venous reflux due to a proximal DVT secondary to a hypoplastic IVC. I wear compression 40-50mmHg, but it's still insufficient as my legs swell and tire easily. Can I increase the grade to 70mmHg? My BP is 120/80.

Can tight knee pad straps cause DVT and varicose veins? (0 answers)
I have knee pads I use for kneeling on concrete, etc. The velcro bands are very tight around my leg. Could this cause deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins in my lower leg?

Why do my legs feel like cold water is rushing through them? (0 answers)
I was prescribed thigh-high 20-30 mmHg compression stockings that were fitted by a professional. Minutes after putting them on, my legs felt as if cold water was rushing through them, mostly from the knee down. Is this normal? If not, what could be going on?

How do you know the right compression to wear? (0 answers)
I have a blood clot with a "basket" that has been inserted to catch it. I was told by a PA that I should be wearing a compression stocking to the knee. How do you know the right compression to purchase?

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