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Is PAD different from venous reflux?
If a patient has PAD, is that different from venous reflux?

PAD stands for peripheral artery disease, and as such, involves arteries and plaque build-up, similar to coronary artery disease (blockage in heart arteries).
Venous Reflux is a disease of veins, which use valves to help return blood to the heart for re-circulation. The treatment for venous reflux is very different than that for PAD and you should certainly seek evaluation from a vascular specialist to determine which problem you have. Some people have both, and other neither.

Other Answered Questions

How do I prevent recanalization of large veins following sclerotherapy?
To treat my varicocele I had sclerotherapy with polidicanol 5% to close the large veins. Days later, I got the flu. I am worried that my heavy cough and anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet will cause th...Details

Can I wear my compression stockings if I bumped my leg and have a bruise?

Do I have to be put to sleep during the VNUS closure procedure?
I have a VNUS closure next week and the paper work says they will put me to sleep. Is that really necessary? Could I request to stay awake during the procedure? Also, when will I be able to use the el...Details

If I stop wearing compression stockings will my veins get bigger?

Can vomiting reopen a closed vein?
A day after having radiofrequency ablation of the greater saphenous vein in my left leg, I became ill and vomited. I heard that vomiting can reopen the closed vein. It wasn't excessive, but is this so...Details

I have an ulcer on my ankle. Should I use an ACE bandage?
I have an ulcer on my ankle. The doctor said not to wear compression hose because it could make it worse. Should I use an ACE bandage?

Will successfully treated spider veins just come back again?
I understand that it's possible to develop NEW spider veins in time, but I'm wondering if the spider veins you already treated successfully will simply come back again (i.e. schlerotherapy isn't perma...Details

Am I a good candidate for radiofrequency occlusion?
I am 25-year-old female, and 3 years ago I started having spider veins on my thighs and blue slightly bulging veins behind my knee on both legs. I have no symptoms, but had ultrasound done, and found ...Details

Would it be better to wear compression hose with wrinkles or not at all?
My 100-year-old mom is on a plane from Denver to Alaska. Her hose have wrinkles in them. Does this indicate they are not fitting correctly, and would it be better to remove them? Or, is it better to h...Details

Is it right to use general anesthesia for RF Endovenous ablation instead of local anesthesia?
If the patient can tolerate the pain during the RF endovenous ablation of varicose veins, is it possible that they can use conscious sedation for the procedure? Is it also possible that the procedure ...Details

My compression socks make my legs hurt more and they become swollen when I wear them. Is that normal?
How big of a size do compression stockings come in?

Do I need prescription to get compression stockings?
I've been wearing Futuro compression knee highs for years. I now find the elastic below the knees which holds them up is tight and makes an indentation. I have venous insufficiency with mild leg edema...Details

Is there a certain weight of a patient a doctor would not on do needle VNUS closure on?

Is there a non-surgical way to manage pain in my legs coming from veins?
I am 26 and have had premature ovarian failure since the age of 19. Since then I have also felt pain in my veins on the side of my thighs and behind my knees. It gets worse with long periods of sittin...Details

Are there long-term side effects or considerations in removing the saphenous vein?
I am 34 years old and want to proceed with VNUS and phlebectomy as a treatment for saphenous vein reflux. I have unsightly red, blue, and brown spots and enlarged veins on my feet. Are there any long-...Details

Is there any harm if I removed my compression stockings before 48 hours after Sclerotherapy if I put them back on right away?
Is there any harm if I removed my compressions stockings before the 48 hour period after sclerotherapy treatment to dry my legs after a shower if I put them back on immediately?

What is the recovery time?
I had the venous doppler ultrasound done and I have a vein leaning against another causing numbness feeling and foot swelling b/c of the reflux. I am on warfarin and have a vena cava in already. This...Details

If there is no visible inflammation, did sclerotherapy work?
I had sclerotherapy in a vein on my calf 3 days ago. I thought the vein was supposed to look worse or that I should have some inflammation, but things have not changed much, except for a tiny dark spo...Details

Does no compression hose after small microphlebectomy sound right?
I have 2 small reticular veins that are varicose. My doctor is going to do a Microphlebectomy. He said due to the size it won't even be necessary to wear compression hose after. He also stated ther...Details

Will it hurt me if I wear class II stocking with spider telangiectasia legs?

How many injections are needed per vein for Sclerotherapy?
I've seen advertising offering 50 injections for Sclerotherapy for what seems to be a very reasonable price. Since I don't know the surface area of veins that 50 injections could treat I can't ascerta...Details

I have severe pain in my legs. Is Radiofrequency Occlusion right for me?
Several years ago I had laser treatment on my left leg. Three years ago I had RFO on the same leg. I still get searing pain in left inside thigh at least once a week from just above knee to just below...Details

I have been having pain in my legs lately. Can it be from my spider veins?
I stand all day and have recently noticed a lot of pain in my lower legs. It looks like I might have spider veins. Can they cause pain?

Do compression stockings cause bruises on the mid-foot?
I am a 16 years old and have been put in compression stocking after a severe midfoot fracture I recived playing hockey. I have only been in it for two days and have started to get brusing on my midfoo...Details

Blood Poisoning/Nerve Damage from sclerotherapy
Following 2 recent sclero treatments for spiders, I have had horrendous backaches and numbness/tingling. This last time I have developed a large, bumpy, red groin rash. Any connection?

How long do I have to wear compression hose after microphlebectomy?
I am 6 days post op from microphlebectomy. How long should I wear compression hose? Everyone seems to really vary with this answer...

Should I wear my compression stockings for 2 weeks or more after spider vein treatment?

Can I do yoga after the sclerotherapy?
I had sclerotherapy on 4.19.12 on both legs. I stopped wearing compressing stockings after 2 weeks as recommended by my doctor. I walk whenever possible but would like to do my yoga also. Will yoga be...Details

Are compression stockings contraindicated in my situation?
I have severe venous reflux in the right greater saphenous vein and a past history of heart attacks. I recently quit smoking and am being treated for high blood pressure. My cardiologist wants me to u...Details

Why did my toes hurt the first night after Sclerotherapy treatment?
I had my Sclerotherapy procedure yesterday and my toes hurt while I slept last night with the compression tights on. What does this mean? Should I be worried?

Would a nurse practitioner be authorized to perform the VNUS procedure?
I need to have the VNUS procedure done, and the doctor I was referred to said they have a nurse practitioner who does this VNUS procedure. Is that safe? Is that legal? I thought only physicians (MD...Details

Should someone with a blood clot wear compression stockings?
I was wondering if someone who already has a clot wore compression stockings, would it be safe? Might this dislodge the clot? I only just learned about compression stockings and I'm not sure of these ...Details

I can't get my compression stockings on. Is there a trick besides a big butler?

Why am I bruising from my compression stockings?
I'm on Plavix for heart Issues but my vascular doctor prescribed compression hose for the pain, varicose veins, discoloration and swelling in my legs. Since wearing them I am bruising badly when taki...Details

Is swelling normal after wearing compression stockings?
I have had a fractured knee, ACL and MCL tear. Two weeks ago my doctor recommended compression stockings (TED hose), as I am not allowed to bear any weight on the right leg. When I don't have the TED...Details

Why are my legs so itchy after I take off my compression stockings?
I wear compression stockings for varicose veins during my pregnancy. They ease the pain and tiredness, but my legs get so itchy sometimes - especially after I take my stockings off. What can i do to p...Details

Effectiveness of Asclera vs saline injections?
Does Asclera work better than saline injections? I had saline injections 6 weeks ago and there was no improvement in my spider veins. The Dr. suggested using Asclera.

can you tan after having the Sclerotherapy procedure?
I had the procedure done, but I was not told if I could tan.

What is the best level of compression for a RN?
I would like "save" my legs and buy compression stockings. I dont have any other medical problems that would require me to use the stockings other that I am a nurse and am on my feet a lot. What lev...Details

Is your leg supposed to hurt when you wear compression stockings?
Around my knee was hurting, and the doctor said I'm now getting varicose veins. Current treatment is to wear stockings and take Daflon, but now when I wear the compression gd 2 stockings, my entire le...Details

Is early VNUS treatment better?
Recently my greater saphenous veins have become noticeably enlarged at my ankles. Exercise now causes previously invisible calf veins to show. Does early treatment result in significantly better out...Details

How soon after microphlebectomy can sclerotherapy be begin?
How soon can sclerotherapy begin after a microphlebectomy?

I had sclerotherapy treatment in Feb 2011. Despite following directions to the letter, my spider veins are back. Why?
I had sclerotherapy treatment in Feb 2011. Despite following directions to the letter, my spider veins are back. Why?

Is it ok to wear compression stockings on the plane?
Do you recommend wearing compression stockings on long flights? I have two flights: one 8 hours with a break of 12 hours and continuing another 12 hours after. I have store bought knee highs and thigh...Details

can I use compression stockings if I have an ulcer on my leg?
Can I use compression stockings if I have an ulcer on my leg? I've had surgery two years ago because of the ulcer. After a few months the ulcer healed but now it has coem back again. Would I need to h...Details

Compression socks for long flights?
I am a healthy 45yr old with no circulation problems. I'll be taking long flights (Washing, DC, Bhutan) and wonder if I should wear compression socks as a precaution. would drugstore grade be adequat...Details

Should a diabetic wear compression stockings 24 hours daily?
Should compression stockings be worn 24 hours per day continuously or not just worn at bedtime?

I have a multi colored bruise after heart ablation
I have a big multi color bruise from cardiac ablation but it seems to be traveling down my leg and I have some swelling as well. Is this normal?

Where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station?
Any recommendatinos on where do we buy stockings locally to Huntington Station?

How long after the Sclerotherapy treatment will I see the results?
Would I see the results right away after Sclerotherapy treatment? If not, when wil the bruises go away? Is it normal to still see all my treated veins after 10 days?

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