Leg disoloration

I was diagnosed with venous insufficiency which was treated, but left me with scars from the sores and leg discoloration. I wonder if there is anything with lasers perhaps which can eliminate the scars and at least lighten the discoloration.

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Replied on 7/3/2012

By: Advanced Vein Center  |  Bruce R. Hoyle, M.D.
Orange, CA

Unfortunately, your question is somewhat vague.I don't know exactly what kind of treatment you've had and when it was done. This would affect recommendations. Probably seeing a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic disorders would be your best bet.

Replied on 7/3/2012

By: VeinCare Centers of Tennessee  |  Stephen F. Daugherty, M.D.,F.A.C.S.
Clarksville, TN

If the venous insufficiency underlying the skin changes is corrected, and if you wear medical-grade elastic compression stockings daily and achieve near-normal weight, the skin changes often will improve tremendously over the course of a year or so.

Replied on 7/3/2012

By: Heart and Vein Center  |  Rodolfo D. Farhy, MD, FACC, FAHA
Lathrup Village, MI

If the discoloration is from the chronic venous insufficiency (venous stasis dermatitis) it might never clear. If the discoloration is due to the procedures themselves, then just be patient. It might take several months to a few years sometimes to resolve. There is no laser that will help.

Replied on 5/15/2012

By: Intermountain Vein Center  |  
Provo, UT

It would be a good idea to have another ultrasound to make sure all of those refluxing veins were treated first, then I'm sure there are treatments available for skin discoloration, most likely at a clinic that does cosmetic laser treatments.

Replied on 4/23/2012

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

Lasers will not lighten the skin nor eliminate the scars. If you have underlying superficial reflux that has not been treated, treating this may help to improve the texture of the skin and may achieve some improvement in the skin color. Bleaching agents such as hydroquinolone and retin-A may also help. An emollient called Bag Balm has also been shown to improve skin texture and color.

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My ultrasound showed no reflux, so why am I experiencing a lot of pain? (8 answers)
Compression stockings seem to help some, but there are days where I am not sure. I have classic vein symptoms, such as pain in the calves and the back of the upper thigh. However, after a duplex ultrasound at Mayo Clinic, no reflux was found. I was in a standing position during the exam. If no reflux was found, should I be experiencing so much pain? I have to sit down and elevate my legs constantly, as it's hard to stand up.

Is it common to have an exam that show deep vein reflux but no superficial varicose veins or swelling? (8 answers)
Having had two separate exams done, one showed deep vein reflux and one showed nothing. I have no superficial varicose veins and no swelling, but do have pain in my legs and burning in my feet on and off. Any suggestions in terms of the next steps I should take? I am confused. Thx.

When is swelling above the knee a concern? (7 answers)
I have swelling above the left knee, which was noticed 3 months ago. I had an ultrasound that revealed no deep vein thrombosis (DVT), just vein reflux and stasis. I've been wearing compression stockings, but the swelling is still there. I'm worried. Should I have further testing?

Are Venous Reflux Exams also used for wound care? (7 answers)
I have a slow-healing wound on my foot and my wound care center specialist recommended some vascular testing. Are the same venous reflux exams used to evaluate legs with varicose veins also used in people with non healing wounds?

Does grade 1 Venous Reflux need to be treated with EVLT? (7 answers)
I was recently diagnosed with Venous insufficiency of 0.7s. My understanding is that this is grade 1 venous reflux. Does this need to be treated with EVLT? Will it get worse if left untreated?

Why is a duplex ultrasound necessary before vein treatment? (7 answers)
An in-office hand-held Doppler ultrasound found bilateral venous reflux. Despite wearing compression stockings, I have significant pain each night after work (sitting, standing for long periods). Why is a duplex ultrasound essential before any treatment? Thank you.

Are venous reflux ultrasounds more accurate if performed while standing up? Is venous color duplex ultrasound diff from venous reflux ultrasound? (6 answers)
All of my ultrasounds have been done while lying down. I am concerned that the test results may not be as accurate because of that. Can you clarify whether it is best to have a venous reflux exam performed when lying down or standing?

Does consuming caffeine cause less venous reflux to be found on an ultrasound? (6 answers)
Hello, I am interested in radiofrequency ablation of my greater saphenous veins. Last month an ultrasound showed continuous reflux at both greater saphenous junctions. I had no caffeine that day. I had another ultrasound today (after having 4 cups of coffee), and there was no reflux! Can consuming caffeine change the results of a person's reflux exam?

DVT and issues afterwards. (6 answers)
I was on blood thinners before and have tried compression stockings too. They don't seem to work or alleviate the pain that comes after athletic activity. I had a DVT from my groin to my ankle. Are there any procedures that could alleviate this?

Can severe reflux in common femoral vein be caused by obstruction in the pelvic veins? (6 answers)
I'm 24 weeks pregnant and had venous doppler of low extremities to rule out DVT due to swelling in left thigh. It showed no clots, but showed that I have severe reflux in common femoral and femoral veins. Could this be due to a clot that was missed?

Why would my greater saphenous vein and the veins in the back of my thighs bulge if my ultrasound was normal and no reflux was found? (6 answers)
I am thin and have had prominent calf veins for years without pain. I began working out and now my greater saphenous vein and the veins in the back of my thighs bulge. I have pain in my legs that I feel is due to these veins. My ultrasound was normal and no reflux was found. What's going on?

Ankle swelling after VNUS closure in 2010 (5 answers)
I had VNUS closure in 2010 and my ankles still swell. I asked my doctor who did the procedure and he said he didn't know who. Do I need more sclerotherapy and another ultrasound to see if more work needs to be done? I still have some bulging veins.

Can venous reflux exams predict future spider or varicose veins? (5 answers)
What exactly causes varicose and spider veins to develop, and can venous reflux exams tell me if I am going to have them now or later in life?

What are the types of venous reflux exams? (5 answers)
I've heard there are different types of venous reflux exams. What are they?

My wife's ultrasounds are inconsistent, what should we do? (5 answers)
My wife has had multiple ultrasounds. One ultrasound tech found a bad perforator at 5mm, but they wanted to do open surgery. Another ultrasound tech from the Dr she wanted to use who does laser and RF could not find the perorator. What to do?

Can a leaking leg vein cause me to have irregular periods and affect my fertility? (5 answers)
For 4 years I've had swelling & pain in my left leg & lower back. I had a venous reflux text which showed that there is leakage in my leg. Around the same time I started having irregular periods and have been unable to get pregnant. Could the 2 be related? I have yet to have a subsequent appointment with the doctor.

Is aspirin a valid treatment for Lipodermatosclerosis? (5 answers)
A dermatologist diagnosed my 79 yr old mom with Lipodermatosclerosis and recommended she see her primary care physician. He told her only to take aspirin and elevate her legs 3 times a day for 15 minutes each time. Should I be concerned about this?

Can you help me understand my venous reflux exam? (3 answers)
Just got reflux report back. 7000 ml of fluid in left leg only. Have dr apt next week. Can someone tell me what this would be? Swelling and pain in left leg.

Is treatment possible if I have venous reflux and chronic DVT? (2 answers)
I have been diagnosed with reflux; it was confirmed by in-office Doppler/Duplex ultrasound. The findings show chronic deep vein thrombosis in my right leg, common femoral and external iliac vein. I'm having significant leg pain at night. Is treatment possible given chronic clot status? Stent?

Should I be concerned about the findings of my venous reflux exam? (2 answers)
I had a venous reflux study, which found an area of reflux, obstruction with collaterals via epigastric veins. The doctor says there is nothing to worry about, but I have pain at night. Hx of chronic dvt x 2, stent in left CIV. I thought any reflux was of concern. Should I be worried? Any insight you can provide is appreciated.

I've been diagnosed with meralgia paresthetica, could chronic DVT cause this? (2 answers)
A venous return exam discovered that I have two chronic DVTs in my common femoral and iliac veins (right side). I have had many cath's and, more recently, stenting of left common iliac vein. Now, I've been dx with meralgia paresthetica on the right side. Could chronic dvt cause this?

Can a L4-5, L5-S1 injury restrict the blood flow in my left leg? Is there treatment to fix this? (2 answers)
Can a L4-5, L5-S1 injury restrict the blood flow in my left leg? When I received an injection in my hip for the inflammation associated with my back, the blood flow started to backup in my lower leg. Is there treatment to fix this? There is reflux present within the left common femoral vein.

Does a deep vein valve reflux indicate there was a clot ? (2 answers)
I'm worried about DVT. I take bc pills and sit for long periods of time. I had pain in my knee and thigh so i had an ultrasound but it did not indicate thrombosis, however, it did indicate deep vein valve reflux in the femoral and superficial. Could this be from a clot?

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