Dr. wants to remove large leg vein with Ambulatory Phlebectomy.

Had treatments recently to internal veins. My doctor wants to remove large leg vein with Ambulatory Phlebectomy, but I'm not having problems with the vein or pain. Is it necessary?

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When do legs start to look normal after vein stripping? (1 answer)
I've had a vein stripping surgery at both legs one and a half months ago. There is like a dip or a hollow all along the leg (in the place of the vein that was removed). When will this go away? When will the scars become less visible? (They are red now.)

I have experienced some effects after vein stripping surgery, is this normal? (1 answer)
I had veins in both of my legs stripped from the groin down to the calf. The left leg is worse than the right. Three weeks after surgery, I've lost nearly 5 kg, have little to no appetite, feel nauseous when standing or walking, and still have pain in the left leg. Is this normal?

Can my leg veins be treated with a laser or is vein stripping the only way? (1 answer)
My great saphenous valve was diagnosed as insufficient, and as a result I have visible varicose veins from the knee and up. Can this issue be treated with laser or is vein stripping the only way? Thank you in advance.

How many times can you repeat vein surgery on the same leg? (1 answer)
I had a vein stripped in April of 2012. Following the procedure, I continued to have major pain. An ultrasound found that another vein has varicosed in the same area (behind my knee). I was told that it has refluxed. How many times can you have the same leg worked on?

I had the vein stripping procedure 3 weeks ago and the incision on my ankle still really hurts. (1 answer)
I had the vein stripping procedure 3 weeks ago and the incision on my ankle still really hurts. I feel like my bone was cut, is this a normal feeling?

Vein ligation after having a baby? (1 answer)
How long do you have to wait to do a vein ligation after having a baby?

Three weeks after vein stripping I still have a sharp pain from my ankle to calf, is this normal? (1 answer)
I had vein stripping in my R leg 3 weeks ago and all but my ankle to calf area feel much better. Pain is so sharp and throbbing at times; it comes out of nowhere, regardless of if I'm sitting or standing. Is this normal? When should I expect to see an improvement in my pain?

What can I do about the symptoms caused by my TED stockings? (1 answer)
I had my leg veins stripped 9 days ago. I was told to wear TED stockings 24/7 for the next 2 weeks. Am 43 170cm & 115kg and long legs, particularly hip to knee. I have a "pins and needle" feeling in my leg, along with pain, red marks and indentations around the thigh. All of this is occurring because of the stockings, is this normal?

I experience pain in my legs when I wear compression stockings, can I discontinue wearing them? Will any problems occur if I do this? (1 answer)
My left vein was ablated and my right vein was stripped. I have no varicosities, but the Doppler report says that I now have deep vein insufficiency. I'm comfortable without stockings. I have pain in my legs when I wear them. Can I discontinue stockings? Will there be any problem?

I will be flying to Cuba about a month after my vein procedure, are there any precautions I should take? (1 answer)
I'm going to Cuba to see my daughter get married. I'm set to have a vein procedure on July 13th. My flight is on August 15th. Are there any precautions I should take? Are there any complications that could prevent me from taking the flight?

What happens to veins after loss of muscle mass? (0 answers)
For many years I did squats with heavy weights leading to muscular legs & glutes. I had to stop due to back problem. I lost 40 pounds in 6 months, mostly due to muscle atrophy. What happens when veins are no longer needed, atrophy? hemorrhoids?

Now that I don't have a saphenous vein in my lower leg am I suceptible to superficial phlebitis? (0 answers)
I was born with a vascular mass and AV malformation. My leg has had extreme superficial veins my whole life. It never hurt or affected me until I had my saphenous vein removed. I had it removed for cosmetic reasons. Am I at risk for phlebitis, now?

How strongly would you recommend this procedure pre-pregnancy? (0 answers)
During my last pregnancy I had severe varicose veins & got a few superficial blood clots in my right leg. I had the veins removed. Now, I am starting get another large but painless varicosity in my left leg. Should it be removed before another pregnancy?

What was used 40 years ago for venous surgical clips? (0 answers)
I had a varicose vein ligated in 1971 and the surgeon left 4 metal clips behind. There are no medical records available. I have never had an MRI and need to know if an MRI study of the same area is safe.

I have severe pain in my shin and ankle/heel, what should I do? Are my symptoms normal? (0 answers)
I went 8 days post-surgery w/out redressing thanks to conflicting instructions I rec'd. Now, 11 days post-surgery I feel a tightening pressure in my shin when I stand, and I have shooting pain in the side of my foot where the skin is numb. The surgeon said not to worry, but I am. What should I do? Are my symptoms normal?

I have a number of big veins on my hands, what can I do to stop them? (0 answers)
I have a lot of big veins on my hand. They make me very shy. Is there anything I can do to stop them from getting worse?

How can I get rid of or stop the visible veins on my hands? (0 answers)

Is it normal to feel tightness 11 days after vein stripping? (0 answers)
It has been 11 days since I had the veins in both legs stripped from my groin to my ankles. The procedure was performed on both legs at the same time. I have some soreness as expected, but the last few days the inside of one thigh seems to "tighten." I stand and stretch a minute and the tightness seems to go away. Is this normal?

Is bruising normal after varicose vein stripping? (0 answers)
I had varicose veins stripped from my left leg 18 months ago, but a long (5 inch) bruise remains on my inner thigh. It is painful when I press it, and occasionally it causes me pain when I am walking too. Should I be concerned?

Is it normal to have leg and ankle swelling after vein stripping surgery? (0 answers)
Thirty-seven days ago I had my left popliteal vein removed. I also had a ligation and stripping of some or part of the GSV that did not close adequately. I am still having severe swelling (1.5 inches larger at the ankle) D-dimer elevated greater than 1.0 but neg doppler. Is this normal? What should I do next?

I have swelling in my ankle and foot six months after vein stripping, is this normal? What do I do? (0 answers)
I had my vein stripped in March, 6 months later my ankle/foot is swollen and sore. When I wear my running shoes my foot feels fine but when I walk barefoot or with flip flops, my foot and ankle is quite sore. I am healthy and have NEVER had swelling before. Is this normal following vein stripping? What do I do?

Treatment For DVT (0 answers)
A friend of mine is suffering from DVT as a hereditary problem below knee, and has been taking medication. But, it only reduses the problem. How can the disease be permanently cured?

I have CCSVI, would a stent or taking other veins to create new jugular veins work? (0 answers)
I have chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) and am wondering if it is recommended to stent or even take other veins to create new jugular veins when they get smaller again after a lot of angioplasty procedures.

After taking off compression stockings, is it normal for the leg to burn and tingle? (0 answers)
I had a vein ligation done on the saphenous vein about 2 months ago. Since then, I've worn compression stockings every day. The problem is that when I take them off or do not wear them for a period of time, my post-op leg burns, tingles, and aches. Is this normal?

Can you explain what it means when I'm told the arteries in my legs need work? (0 answers)
My veins seem to be in good shape, but I am told my arteries may need work. Can you provide an explanation of the meaning of "arterial work" on my leg arterial systems?

Is continued pain four months after vein ligation leg stripping normal? (0 answers)
Four months ago I had vein stripping and ligation on vein behind knee, and EVLT on other leg. After surgery, I have been wearing compression stockings during the day, but I remove them at night. When I awake, my ankles in both legs are swollen. Also, I continue to have a lot of pain behind the stripped knee. Is this normal?

Can a purple-blue vein near eye safely be removed? (0 answers)
I have a large purple-blue vein near my left eye that puffs out. I am wondering if there is any way to safely remove it without hurting my eye?

When is Vein Ligation and Stripping used? (0 answers)
In what situations is this used?

Is Vein Ligation the best option for vericose vein treatment? (0 answers)
If not, what is a better option?

Is my leg supposed to be sore six days after ELA and some stripping? (0 answers)
How long should pain last before subsiding?

Why do some varicose veins bleed? (0 answers)
I have a small vein on the front of my leg that, on occassion will bleed, like a fountain. It stops w/compression & elevation. Why does this occur?

How long does it take to recover from Vein Stripping procedures? (0 answers)
I have recently had Vein Stripping Surgery and was wondering if the dark purplish area where my ulcers were will ever return to normal color?

What is the best treatment for Venous Insufficiency? (0 answers)
When the valves don't close in your veins, what are the treatments?

Is it normal to be in pain 2 weeks after vein stripping? (0 answers)
I had vein stripping done on both legs 2 weeks ago. My right leg is numb from my knee to my ankle & I'm having severe pain in my ankle that shoots up my leg. The doctor has me on percocet, it's NOT helping. I can barely walk or drive. Is this normal?

Does stripping cause blood blotches in legs? (0 answers)
Does stripping the veins cause spots of blood accumulation on the legs usually in the morning when rising?

The legs were stripped from the ankle to under the very top of the leg. Legs have spots of blood blotches under the skin. Surgery was performed 20 years ago.

Should I wait after pregnancy to have surgery? (0 answers)
My right leg GSV is damaged and I have lots of pain. I am aware that if I have surgery before getting pregnant, more veins may appear afterwards. I am just worried that I will suffer a lot during pregagncy if I do not do anything. What are my options?

Pain in outer right ankle and lower leg up to hip, but not in area of ablation and on outer part of leg? (0 answers)
Almost 3 weeks out of EVLT, I have the same pain I had 3 weeks before. My outer left ankle and up to the hip and must sit frequently. The pain takes my breathe away, the ablation was on inner leg, why the great pressure on the outer leg? Also, there's a lump near my left ankle.

How do I remove a broken blood vessel or vein by the opening of my nose? (0 answers)
How do I remove a broken blood vessel or vein by the opening of my nose?

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