What are the side affects after the treatment? I have a fever, losso f appetite, and pain in my back.

I don't have any pain in my leg after the procedure, but I began having other symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, pain in my back and fight shoulder area

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Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Angelo N. Makris MD   |  Angelo N. Makris, M.D. Interventional Radiology Center
Oak Brook, IL

You need to make the treating physician aware of your symptoms.

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

Not sure the cause of these, see your provider. These are not usual symptoms post ablation. There may be something else going on.
Michael D. Ingegno, MD

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Heart and Vein Center  |  Rodolfo D. Farhy, MD, FACC, FAHA
Lathrup Village, MI

It is very unusual to have systemic symptoms after sclerotherapy. I would advise you to go back and discuss your symptoms with the physician that did the procedure.

Dr Farhy

Replied on 1/10/2012

By: Vein Specialists  |  Joseph G. Magnant, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Fort Myers, FL

You should see your vein doctor to discuss these symptoms.

Replied on 9/12/2011

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

Ultrasonic guided sclerotherapy can be done for many different types of veins-saphenous. reticulars, spiders or perforators. I doubt that your symptoms are related to an ultrasonic guided treatment. How long after your treatment did the symptoms begin and what veins were treated and what was used to treat them? All of these questions are important. You should follow up with your treating physician.

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