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What can I do about constant pain with varicose veins?
I have a patch of veins on my left leg which keeps in my constant pain on the outer part of my leg. I hurts when I try to walk up or down steps what can I do about this situation?

If the pain is due to the veins, then the pain can be remedied by treating these vessels. Whether they are big or small they can be effectively treated by various methods with the end result being legs that look better and feel better.

Other Answered Questions

Vein removal with EVLA?
I have a bulging vein around my knee, and I have a beauty on my calf, plus a another around my groin area, can they be removed with EVLA?

Lasers for perforators?
Is it is possible for ablating perforators by endovenous lasers?

What is the difference between endovenous laser ablation and radiofrequency ablation? Which is best?

Will sclerotherapy treatments stop restless leg syndrome?
Will this procedure stop restless legs and is it possible I will be able to do without the medication for restless legs?

Is there a treatment to diminish the appearance of dark blue veins in the chest and arms?
i have very prominent dark blue veins that appear across my chest and my arms. they do not cause pain but i find them very unsightly and wanted to know if there is any treatment or procedure that can ...Details

How long after Sclerotherapy can you get in the sun?
How long after Sclerotherapy can you get in the sun?

How many months after sclerotherapy is it safe to become pregnant?
How long do sclerotherapy chemicals stay in the bloodstream?

Should I wait until after pregnancy to treat a venous insufficiency in the lower leg?
I have had two prior pregnancies but am planning another soon, so should I wait to have EVLT until after? My insufficiency is in a small saphonous vein in the left calf area. I have minor pain and var...Details

Should I avoid any specfic vitamins/supplements before or after Sclerotherapy?
Should I avoid any specific vitamins/supplements before or after sclerotherapy?

What are the resrictions after Endovenous Laser Ablation?
Can you please detail some of the restrictions after EVLT?

I have bruising from an EVLT treatment from a year ago, is this normal?
It's been a year since my surgery and I still have bruising. Does that mean it's permanent?

Can you do Sclerotherapy on veins on the hands/wrist/arms?
Is it possible to do sclerotherapy on veins on the hands/wrist/arms?

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation effective in treating lipodermatosclerosis?
Is EVLT recommended for lipodermatosclerosis (LDS)?

I have a DVT in my left leg and have to wear a compression sock because the valve is broken. Is there a surgical treatment to fix this?
I have to wear a compression sock because I had a DVT and the valve in the vein that runs behind my knee is broken. I am still young and would like this fixed so I don't have to wear the sock. Is ther...Details

Can Sclerotherapy make a difference on the spider veins in the ankle area?
My doctor, during the screening, just said I had lots of veins and it would take at least 4 treatments. I specifically asked him about the ankle area and he just said "how afraid of needles are you?"...Details

Does Endovenous Laser Ablation hurt?
Does this procedure hurt?

Is Foam Sclerotherpy risky if you have diabetes?
Are there any dangers having this procedure if you are a diabetic with varicose veins?

Will I have to avoid hot or cool water after Sclerotherapy?
Could hot water from a jacuzzi or hot shower, or cold water in a swimming pool, negatively affect my vein treatment results? How long should I refrain from the hot tub and pool?

What type of Compression Hose should i choose?
I have spider veins in my both thighs.what type of compression hose should i wear? Below knee or above knee?

Do I need a general practitioner referral to have Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I'd like to have the treatment for my varicose veins. Will I need a referral? Will insurance cover the treatment if my GP isn't involved?

Is blistering around the injection site a side effect of Sclerotherapy?
My friend had sclerotherapy a few days ago, and now she has blisters around the area that was treated. Is this a normal side effect? She said her specialist never mentioned anything about possible bli...Details

Should I wait to have Endovenous Laser Ablation until I'm finished having kids?
I have varicose veins that get worse when I'm pregnant. I want to have endovenous ablation, but should I wait until I'm finished having children (my husband and I want at least one more)?

What level of compression stocking I should get?
I have been running lately and while I run, my left foot gets tingly and wants to fall asleep and then throughout the day from my knee down to my toes it tingles off and on. I believe compression sto...Details

Are risks of complications during pregnancy higher after having endovenous laser ablation?
I had this surgery a year ago, then again 4 days ago because the first one was not successful. I would like to get pregnant in the next could of months, but an worried about clots. Should I be, or a...Details

How do you treat perforator problems with Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I have distended, ropey veins on the anterior surface of my left calf and have been told that my problem involves the perforator veins. How would you treat this? Would you use traditional laser or "c...Details

Is there a risk to the fetus if we did endovenous ablation while patient was 4-5 weeks pregnant?
The patient was unaware she was pregnant. Also is it protocol to do pregnancy tests on everyone prior to laser?

Is it all right to shower the day after a Sclerotherapy treatment?
When can I remove the bandages?

Can I take allergy medicine after Sclerotherapy?
I had the procedure 2 days ago. Today my GP prescribed MethylPrednisolne, 4mg for allergies. Is this safe to use?

How long before I will see an improvement in the ropey appearance of the treated varicose veins?
I have just had the endovenous laser ablation procedure. A lot of the leg discomfort I had before the procedure is gone. How long after treatment will I see an improvement in the ropey appearance of t...Details

Can wearing Compression Stockings improve varicose and spider veins if they are not too bad?
I'm hoping to only have to wear them for several months. If there is improvement will discontinuing their use make the vein problems come back?

How much pressure should a Compression Stocking have?
How does one calculate the compression in stocking?

Should I wear compression stockings at night?
I had the procedure this morning and wore the compression stockings all day but I can't remember if the Dr. said to wear them when I sleep?

Are Venous Reflux Exams also used for wound care?
I have a slow-healing wound on my foot and my wound care center specialist recommended some vascular testing. Are the same venous reflux exams used to evaluate legs with varicose veins also used in pe...Details

When will Asclera, the new Sclerotherapy treatment, be available?
I heard that Asclera (Polidocanol) was recently FDA approved. When can patients expect this sclerant to be widely available in the US?

Will being on birth control pills affect Sclerotherapy treatments?
I've heard that birth control pills can have an effect on the vein walls, softening them and causing problems. Is this true? Could being on the pill then create problems with sclerotherapy?

Where can I get a Venous Reflux Exam?
I have a few visible varicose veins, and general heaviness. I think I may need a Venous Reflux Exam. Can they be performed at a general practitioner's office, or should I go to a vein specialist or a ...Details

I have been having foot problems after Sclerotherapy, couldit be related to the procedure?
After having sclerotherapy 6 weeks ago, now I am having intense pain in my foot and am having trouble walking on it. is this normal? The physician says it is not related to the sclerotherapy or vein...Details

How do I put on Compression Stockings?
I'm pregnant, and already have varicose veins, but I don't want them to get worse. What is the best way for me to put the stockings on? Are there any tricks for getting around a pregnant tummy?

Can I have Sclerotherapy on my nose?
I have a lot of redness and small veins on my nose. Is sclerotherapy the best option?

What kind of machine is used in Ultrasound Guided Sclerofoam?
Is a smaller ultrasound used to be able to see tiny spider veins? What if the veins are on my cheeks, can I still have them use an ultrasound?

Is Endovenous Laser Ablation better long term than Radiofrequency Occlusion?
Is it true that radiofrequency occlusion is associated with a higher recurrence rate of varicose veins than endovenous laser ablation? I heard that there's a greater chance the vein would re-open with...Details

Is Sclerotherapy safe for people who bruise easily?
I haven't had it evaluated by a doctor, but I do bruise extremely easily and the bruise usually stays for at least three weeks, even for a minor bump. Is this something I should have checked before un...Details

How should I choose my Endovenous Laser Ablation provider?
I'm pretty sure I want to have my moderate varicose veins treated with ELA. What should I base my choice of a specialist on? Degrees earned, years of experience, before-and-after pictures, equipment u...Details

I have no varicose veins, but should I get a Venous Reflux Exam?
Ever since my last pregnancy (1 year ago) I have had aching and heaviness in my lower legs, but no visible varicose veins at all. Should I get a venous reflux exam to find out what's going on, or is t...Details

How is polidocanol related to Sclerotherapy?
I've heard conflicting accounts. What exactly is polidocanol?

Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area?
Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area? Is there a better procedure for this area of the body?

Should I get a Venous Reflux Exam for my spider veins?
I have a lot of spider veins on my legs, but no pain and no visible varicose veins. However, if I get bruised it takes months to heal and my feet are always cold, even in the summer. Should I get a re...Details

Is it safe to breast feed while undergoing Sclerotherapy?
How long does the Sclerosing agent remain in bloodstream after procedure? I had it done while breast feeding and was told to just disregard and continue. How long does sclerosing agent remain in blood...Details

Can sclerotherapy be used on all skin types?
I have medium toned skin. Will sclerotherapy work on the backs of my knees?

Will a Venous Reflux Exam tell me if I have venous insufficiency?
I can see that I have varicose veins. Are all varicose vein sufferers diagnosed with venous insufficiency? How are these two conditions related?

Are only phlebologists allowed to perform Foam Sclerotherapy?
I’ve seen the procedure advertised at medspas, and wondered who is qualified to perform it legally.

Should I take ibuprofen after Endovenous Laser Ablation, or not?
I’ve heard conflicting recommendations.

Can Sclerotherapy cause blood clots?
I’ve heard that occasionally, small lumps of clotted blood can be felt after sclerotherapy. Aren’t blood clots quite dangerous?

Why do I need to wear eye protection during Endovenous Laser Ablation?
They’re treating the veins on my legs, nowhere near my face. I have severe claustrophobia and am hoping they can treat me without my needing to wear anything on my face.

What machine is used in Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy?
Is it the same one used to view babies in the womb?

Does wearing high heels result in spider veins around the ankles
I’m worried about my circulation.

Should I still have bruises (that never disappear) on the leg that had Endovenous Laser Ablation 10 months ago?
Is this normal?

Will I be able to drive home after endovenous laser ablation?
What is recovery like for the first 24 hours after the procedure?

Is sclerotherapy safe for those with Celiac Disease?
Does the sclerotherapy solution contain any gluten? I want to avoid any bad reactions.

Will compression stockings cut off my circulation?
It seems like tight clothes wouldn’t benefit circulation.

What kind of anesthesia is used during EVLT?
Is local, topical, or general anesthesia typically used during this procedure?

What is the recurrence rate of varicose veins after endovenous laser ablation?
What are the odds the veins will come back after treatment?

How is veinwave different from endovenous ablation?
What makes this product unique?

What qualifications are required for a specialist performing endovenous laser ablation?
I'm interested in having the procedure done. What should I look for in a specialist? What kind of training and/or degrees are required to be qualified to perform vein procedures?

Is sclerotherapy safe to have while pregnant?
I have a spider vein on my cheek, can I get it treated now or should I wait until I have the baby?

Is sclerotherapy best treatment for a bunch of spider veins?
My thighs are basically covered in a network of spider veins. If I choose sclerotherapy, will each tiny vein have to be injected? Are there any other options?

I have pain after EVLT, is that normal?
I had EVLT about 10 days ago , now I have a big knot on my inner thigh and when I touch it, it still hurts , I had a lot of pain the day after the surgery and I couldn't bend my leg. Is this normal?

Is there a way to prevent spider veins?
My mother and sister both have spider veins on their thighs and knees. Is there anything I can to do prevent spider veins as I get older?

Is Sclerotherapy safe while taking Accutane?
Does the drug affect this procedure?

Is there an age limit with Endovenous Laser Ablation?
My mother is 82 and she has varicose veins that have gotten progressively worse in the past 2 years. She complains that they are painful and make her legs feel heavy. She's in good health and active, ...Details

Does foam sclerotherapy have to be performed with ultrasound?
Or can it be done without?

I wear compression Stockings since my pulmonary embolism, do I need to wear these stockings during sport & exercise?
Is this necessary?

Are there certian medications I should avoid before Sclerotherapy?
I am taking a number of medications for high blood pressure and was wondering if it is safe to have sclerotherapy or if another treatment would be better.

Can varicose veins come back after endovenous laser ablation?
Or does the treatment permanently remove them?

What can a Venous Reflux Exam tell me?
How does this treatment measure my veins effectiveness?

Does endovenous laser ablation require multiple treatments?
Or will just one treatment do the trick? Could the varicose veins come back?

How does Ultrasound Guided Sclerofoam differ from a Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy?
What are the things they have in common?

Are Venus reflux exams painful?
Does either version of the exam hurt? What should I be prepared for?

How long will it take for me to recover from Sclerotherapy?
Will the length of time be longer then two weeks?

Is it true that there is little pain associated with the Endovenous Laser Ablation procedure?
It seems like the laser would hurt.

Is Foam Sclerotherapy the best procedure for the removal of spider veins?
Is Foam Sclerotherapy the best procedure for the removal of spider veins? Or are others more recommended?

will insurance cover sclerotherapy?
Could some or all of the cost be covered?

Could sclerotherapy be used for vascular lesions?
Is it possible to use sclerotherapy to treat vascular lesions like hemangioma? Seems like it'd be safer than surgery.

When should one get a venous reflux exam?
And when is it unnecessary? I already know I have varicose veins, so what are the benefits of having a venous reflux exam?

What is used to create the foam in foam sclerotherapy?
Is the foam a separate ingredient? What are the chances of an allergic reaction?

Can compression stockings be used routinely?
Is there any danger in wearing compression stockings daily for a long period of time?

How long do I have to wear compression stockings?
How long are stockings required after endovenous laser ablation? How do they help?

Is there an age restriction with endovenous laser ablation?
Is it better to get the procedure when you're young? I'm 68. Are there more risks involved as you get older?

Are compression stockings from the drug store okay or do I need prescription?
What are the differences? Is it worth the additional cost?

What can be done to treat lipodermatosclerosis?
I am about two months into treatment for chronic venous insufficiency? I have had laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy with very little results. Can anything be done to treat lipodermatosclerosis aft...Details

Can sclerotherapy be used on the wrists?
I have large, purple veins on the underside of my wrists that I'd really like to get rid of because they really show my age. Is there a safe way to do this?

Can endovenous laser ablation cause Leg Ulcers?
After having the endovenous laser ablation on both legs, I developed large ulcers on one of my legs.
What could have caused this? This has been a very long & painful experience.

Is it better to get full-length compression stockings or knee-highs?
The knee highs are so much more comfortable. Are they effective enough?

Is endovenous laser ablation more painful than radiofrequency occlusion?
I've heard that ELA hurts more than RO. Is this true? They sound like sort of the same thing; why would one hurt more than the other?

What kind of painkillers are you given before the procedure?
How much ibuprofen or other pain killer is used before the procedure?

Does endovenous laser ablation remove veins?
Are the problem veins removed after ELA or are they just left there? Is that bad for the body to have dead tissue laying around?

Can endovenous laser ablation give me deep vein thrombosis?
I've heard that ELA can result in deep vein thrombosis. Is this true, and how common is this complication? Is there any way to prevent it?

Can foam sclerotherapy be toxic?
Is it bad for your health to have sclerotherapy? It seems dangerous to inject chemicals like that directly into the bloodstream. Couldn't they spread and cause damage to other veins/areas of the body?

What is in the saline solution they use in Sclerotherapy?
What chemicals are in the saline solution and does it have mercury in it and if not what is in it? what are the side effects if any.

What can i do about difficulties associated with undergoing Endovenous Laser Ablation?
I had evlt done back in may all of the sudden just recently my leg has a lot of aching and pain where it was done its sore to touch its tender. There is also numbness in that spot of leg very achy whe...Details

Is ultrasound guided sclerofoam used for spider veins?
Is it common to use sclerofoam to treat spider veins? I've heard conflicting answers.

What kind of laser is used for endovenous laser ablation?
The idea of a laser in my leg sounds a little scary. Is there a risk of getting burned during the procedure?

Can endovenous laser ablation techniques be used on any vein?
Can endovenous laser ablation be used to treat multiple veins, or only the greater saphenous vein? Will it take care of varicose veins that are closer to my ankles?

Can endovenous laser ablation treat spider and varicose veins?
I have both spider veins and varicose veins. Will endovenous laser ablation treat both of these problems?

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