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Ultrasound Guided Sclerofoam
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Are veins ever too large for ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy?
(3 answers)
Endovenous laser treatment has been pushed on my by most doctors, but the procedure is expensive and out of my budget. Are veins ever too large for ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy? I'm afraid I can't get a honest answer.
Have you ever heard of anyone having long-term dizziness/light sensitivity after sclerotherapy?
(3 answers)
About 4 days after sclerotherapy I started feeling dizzy. My vision wasn't as good and my eyes were really sensitive to light, especially fluorescent lighting. Have you heard of this before? Is this a side effect from the sclerotherapy? I had a MRI and EKG but nothing showed up.
What kind of machine is used in Ultrasound Guided Sclerofoam?
(5 answers)
Is a smaller ultrasound used to be able to see tiny spider veins? What if the veins are on my cheeks, can I still have them use an ultrasound?
Does ultrasound guided sclerofoam hurt?
(2 answers)
Does the procedure hurt more due to the foam expanding in the vein?
Does ultrasound guided sclerofoam cost more?
(4 answers)
Is there an added fee for the ultrasound technology when using ultrasound guided sclerofoam compared to regular foam sclerotherapy? Is the extra monitoring worth the extra trouble and possibly cost? Thanks
Is ultrasound guided sclerofoam used for spider veins?
(7 answers)
Is it common to use sclerofoam to treat spider veins? I've heard conflicting answers.

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