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Why do my thighs itch when I'm not wearing jeans?
(1 answer)
When I wear my jeans, I don't feel any itchiness. But whenever I open my jeans, it starts to itch like crazy. This only happens when I'm not wearing the jeans. Why is that?
Will compression socks help reduce the pain and swelling in my legs?
(1 answer)
I had an accident several years ago and hurt my ankle badly. To this day it is not fully cured and my legs often hurt a lot. Sometimes it also gets swollen. I am also diabetic. Can I wear compression socks to lower the pain?
I have deep vein thrombosis, coupled with a nagging cough and numbing pain in my left arm, could they all be related? What could be wrong?
(0 answers)
I'm a 30-year-old woman who has been diagnosed with DVT. The docs are baffled because I have no risks for this condition. I'm confused because lately my left arm is hard to lift and I have a numbing pain. Also, out of nowhere, I start coughing crap up. Are all of these things related to one another? What could be going on?
How can I prevent my wound from opening back up?
(0 answers)
I have been seeing a surgeon for wound care. As many times as they get it healed, it subsequently opens up again within 2-3 weeks. How can I prevent this from happening?
My femoral artery and other veins in my inner thigh are swollen and enlarged after an intense workout, should I seek treatment?
(1 answer)
After a pretty intense lower abdominal workout (trying to rehab a lower back injury), I noticed that my femoral artery and other veins in my inner thigh were swollen and enlarged. There is no associated pain, though there is a faint testicular ache. Should I be seen and treated by my doctor? What could possibly be going on?
My abdominal wound is changing color and there is less serum, is this good or bad?
(1 answer)
I've been packing an abdominal wound for over a month. Tonight I noticed gray patches on the packing and less serum. Is this good or bad? There is also some odor.
Am I suppose to still have these bruises?
(2 answers)
A month ago I ended up with two bruises on my left thigh: one on my right thigh and one that covered half of my left foot. The one on my foot still hurts to touch and if I catch my foot at the right angle, there's tiny dimples. Any explanations?
If you sweat excessively, can a stubborn wound become infected?
(2 answers)
I've had a wound for 5 years despite wound vacs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and antibiotics. I've seen 12 different doctors about this matter. My main concern is wearing an unna boot in the summer. Because the leg will be encased in the boot, it may cause a lot of moisture. If I sweat excessively, could the wound become infected.
What can be done about the petechiae on my legs and face?
(3 answers)
I recently started getting petechiae (red or purple spots on the body that are caused by a hemorrhage or broken capillaries) on my legs. The doctor gave me compression stockings. They have helped my legs, but now I have petechiae on my face. Do you have any suggestions? I am a 34-year-old female.
I have an ulcer on my ankle. Should I use an ACE bandage?
(4 answers)
I have an ulcer on my ankle. The doctor said not to wear compression hose because it could make it worse. Should I use an ACE bandage?
Can aspirin be used to prevent deep vein clots?
(1 answer)
I have a deep vein clot and have taken warfarin for 6 months and I am still on warfarin because I am scared of getting another clot. Can aspirin and fish oil help to prevent new blood clots in the leg veins if I go off warfarin?
Is a doctor visit necessary after a blood clot or abscess has been "drained" at home?
(3 answers)
My husband had what appeared to be an abscess on his upper inner thigh. He squeezed it and a blood clot, along with pus, came out. It also started squirting blood. He feels he does not need to see a doctor. I am concerned due to the clot. Do you think he should consult a doctor?
Knee pain/complex regional pain disorder
(0 answers)
8 yrs ago I fell on my knee, which had recovered from 2 orthoscopic surgeries. I have had abcess-like pain ever since. 3 spinal blocks have failed, and the doctor wants to do a nerve ablation through my knee? I cannot find any info, how successful is this?
I have a numbness and tingling feeling in my foot.
(0 answers)
last year on 6/29/2010 I fractured my ankle.It is may 2011 and I have a bad numbness and tingling feeling in my foot and toes. I didn't get my ankle operated on. What could this be?
What may be causing bruises appearing on my knee, thigh and ankle three weeks post-arthroscopic knee surgery?
(0 answers)
I had arthroscopic knee surgery three weeks ago. Two weeks post-surgery, a large bruise appeared on my knee. Bruises have continued to appear all over my leg from top to bottom. I have no fever. Could this be phlebitis?
Sciatic Nerve flairing up when I run
(0 answers)
I am running the Boston Marathon next week and I am concerned about my sciatic nerve that usually flairs up after mile 17. What can I do to help me with the race?
Wound care advice for leaking fluids...
(0 answers)
I have an infection in my knee and am taking antibotics. It's leaking fluid..what can I do to avoid ruining my clothes and furniture ?
Ablation of the saphenous nerve
(0 answers)
I've had 20 knee surgeries including a total knee replacement. My pain level has never subsided and my Dr. now wants to do an Ablation of the saphenous nerve. Have you heard of this as a way to relieve medial knee joint pain? Thanks, Jeff Jensen
Ulcers and lasers
(0 answers)
What is the best method for treating perforators in an ulcer bed?
Will bruised veins in inner thigh stay this way or will they heal over time?
(0 answers)
I think I bruised my viens by going horseback riding. I want to know if my viens are going to remain looking like what they look now.

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