Patients Experiencing Less Pain, Physicians Retaining More Profits with ThermaLite 1470 from Total Vein Systems!

?The last thing I wanted was to purchase another laser,? stated Dr. Kenneth Jesser of Palm Desert, CA, ?but after comparing the results and talking to my patients, I could not help but buy it. While closure rate is excellent and predictable, the post-procedural complaints and bruising are markedly less than my previous laser system.? ?We are excited about the popularity of the ThermaLite? 1470,? stated David Centanni, co-owner of Total Vein Systems. ?As the number of studies being published on the 1470 wavelength grows, so does the interest in our laser system.? ?Most physicians use only 4-5 watts with the ThermaLite? 1470 (25-45 J/cm) and patients are experiencing no post operative pain, bruising or swelling.? The 1470 nm wavelength targets the water in the vein wall instead of hemoglobin, allowing for operation at much lower energy densities, resulting in a more comfortable procedure for patients. David Centanni stated ?performance plus price has increased demand for the 1470 nm wavelength laser. Many physicians are requesting the higher wavelength to offer superior results to their patients. In addition, the low cost of the ThermaLite? 1470 allows an economical option, including laser fibers with a per procedure cost of only $52.? For more information, contact Total Vein Systems, 901 Yale Street, Houston, TX 77008, 888 868-8346,
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