VEINWAVE Celebrates its 10th Anniversary by Offering Discounted Pricing

Updated on: August 18, 2014
Launched in 2001, Veinwave now dominates in the provision of treatment for the removal of spider veins and telangiectasia. Conceived by eminent Vascular Consultant Surgeon, Mr Brian Newman MD FRCS, and jointly promoted by UK based Medical Innovations and Sovereign Medical Health, Veinwave is now sold and used in 31 countries across the globe. In June 2009, Veinwave received 510k clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Veinwave in United States of America. There are many hundreds of vascular surgeons and specialized venous centers in the USA across some 36 States already using Veinwave with tremendous success as well as Aesthetic offices and clinics. According to numerous testimonials, Veinwave has transformed the lives of so many of their patients. To celebrate their milestone in achieving 10 years of success with a product which stands alone in terms of its efficacy, safety and reliability, Adam Rubens of Sovereign Medical Health and his counterpart at Medical Innovations, Laurence Newman, are personally subsidizing the price of Veinwave units in order to offer their US customers an incredible deal to purchase this remarkable device. Laurence Newman, speaking at last weeks ACP Congress in Orlando, said that ?this is a good time to give something back to an industry which has made Veinwave the success it is today, particularly given the tough economic climate we find ourselves in ? what these Doctors and Aestheticians need today is some assistance in reducing costs whilst generating new income?. CEO of Sovereign Medical Health, Adam Rubens, added ?by taking this move to reduce the price of Veinwave to a level which is affordable for any office offering, or seeking to offer vein treatments, we are providing an opportunity for everyone to join in our success and grow with us as personal spending comes back into the economy?. This offer is only available in the USA. Veinwave utilizes the safe and reliable technology known as ?thermo-coagulation' which eradicates spider veins and telangiectasia instantly. For more information call FREE on 1-888-902-7876 to order your Veinwave at the special offer price.
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