A Closer Look at Syris Scientific

Updated on: August 18, 2014
There are many different aspects of the vein treatment industry which are important to take a look at if you are going to have a thorough understanding of what the entire field is all about. You'll want to know about the medical treatments that are available for problems such as varicose veins. You will want to learn about doctors who stand out in the field of vein treatment. You'll want to learn about resources for gaining ongoing information about vein treatment. And you'll want to learn about the companies that are making technological advances in treating vein treament problems. One of the businesses that falls into the latter category is Syris Scientific. As you will learn from the video below, this business creates products that are designed to allow vein treatment doctors to do their jobs more efficiently and mroe effectively. For example, they have a hands-free headset which lets doctors look one mm below the skin while removing the reflective glare off of the skin. This lets doctors better target the vascular structures under the skin using cross-colorization, magnification and illumination technology. As a result, doctors using this product are more likely to quickly and efficiently do their work and get patients the vein treatment results they want. Question of the Day: What aspect of vein treatment information interests you most? photo link
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