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Why choose the Northeast Vein & Laser Center for vein treatment?
  • Dr. George Cooper is an experienced and highly respected board-certified cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, with over 20 years of experience in the specialty that treats symptomatic vein disease.
  • A faculty member at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Dr. Cooper is an expert in all the newest and most advanced treatment methods for varicose veins, spider veins and other vein problems.
  • Treatments are always performed by Dr. Cooper himself, assisted by a cardiac intensive care nurse
  • Our office at the Northeast Vein & Laser Center welcomes patients in Providence, Warwick and surrounding communities with comfort, convenience and privacy
  • Dr. Cooper and the rest of our staff are committed to helping you understand your specific vein problem and the best treatment approach for it
  • Most procedures are covered by insurance

Physician Profile

George N. Cooper Jr. M.D. F.A.C.S.

Dr. George Cooper is a leading RI vein doctor who is board-certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Thoracic Surgery. Dr. Cooper is currently licensed in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. A preferred vein specialist for patients in Providence, Warwick, and throughout all of Rhode Island, George Cooper received his medical degree from Seton Hall College of Medicine in Jersey City, New Jersey, and interned at St. Francis Hospital in Trenton, New Jersey. Dr. Cooper completed General Surgery training at Milwaukee County Hospital in Wisconsin, followed by Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery training at the Medical College of Wisconsin While there, he was affiliated with several hospitals in and around Milwaukee. He is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS).

One of Rhode Island's most experienced vein specialists, Dr. George Cooper has taught at the Brown University School of Medicine since 1983. As a surgeon, Dr. Cooper is affiliated with the Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island in Providence, Kent County Memorial Hospital in Warwick, and Miriam Hospital. He currently is president of Kent Hospital PHO and holds memberships in numerous professional societies including the American College of Surgeons, New England Surgical Society, and the Society for Thoracic Surgeons. He has published articles on thoracic and cardiovascular surgery in leading professional journals. Dr. George Cooper is also a member of Vein Affiliates, an organization of vein specialists which only accepts Fellows of the American College of Surgeons.

Services Provided

In the past, an invasive surgical procedure called "vein stripping" was commonly used to treat varicose veins. Fortunately, today, vein specialists have a host of minimally-invasive treatment options that feature little if any discomfort and fast recovery times. Dr. Cooper has the expertise to determine the best course of action to help you get rid of varicose veins, spider veins and other vein problems. EVLT (Endovenous Laser Treatment) Often considered the "gold standard" for treatment of varicose veins, endovenous laser treatment, or EVLT, is minimally invasive and highly effective. The physician makes a very small nick and the skin and inserts a catheter through it. Targeted laser energy is directed through the catheter to shrink the unhealthy vein until it eventually closes itself off.

The body then naturally redirects blood flow to healthier veins. With a success rate of up to 98%, EVLT patients experience minimal discomfort and can resume normal activities within days. Duplex ultrasound Duplex ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that will help Dr. Cooper and his staff identify the location of your problem veins. It allows the physician to view ultrasound images of veins not visible on the surface of the skin. Unlike some vein clinics in which this procedure is done by assistants, Dr. Cooper conducts every duplex ultrasound procedure himself, so that he has the clearest possible picture of your veins and what their problems are. Sclerotherapy Spider veins, the cobweb-like veins often visible on the head, neck, chest or arms -- respond very well to sclerotherapy, in which a chemical agent is injected into a vein. The vein responds by closing itself off, and blood is redirected to healthier veins while the body eventually absorbs the faulty vein.

The procedure involves very little if any discomfort, and patients can return almost immediately to regular activities. Laser treatment of spider veins using the 940 Dornier Laser Providence-Warwick area patients with spider veins can also benefit from the 940 Dornier Laser, the only one of its kind in Rhode Island. Often used in conjunction with sclerotherapy, the 940 Dornier Laser is considered the most effective treatment available for spider veins. Laser therapy for spider veins is almost always accompanied by sclerotherapy. In most spider vein cases, significant resolution is seen but often 3 to 5 sessions are necessary, along with significant patience. Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy Veins that are too deep below the skin to respond to traditional sclerotherapy are often treated with ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy, in which the physician uses ultrasound imaging to aid placement of the needle in the vein. Once the vein has been located using the image, a sclerosing agent can be injected and the vein will consequently seal itself off, as with regular sclerotherapy. Ambulatory phlebectomy For varicose veins closer to the surface of the skin, ambulatory phlebectomy is often the treatment of choice. The physician numbs the skin and then makes a tiny incision, through which the problem veins are drawn out. The use of compression bandages for up to two weeks is usually recommended to promote healing. Compression therapy Some varicose veins respond well to compression therapy, which is the use of specially designed compression hose to provide varying amounts of compression at different locations on the legs. The amount of pressure called for varies depending on the patient's specific situation.

If this appears to be the best treatment for your varicose veins, Dr. Cooper and his staff can help with an evaluation of how compression therapy can help you, followed by custom-fitting of compression stockings and recommendations for usage. Call Northeast Vein & Laser Center today to schedule your consultation and learn about the best treatment options for your problem veins

Northeast Vein and Laser Center performs varicose vein treatment in the Warwick area.

Board Certifications

American College of Surgeons, American Board of Surgery and American Board of Thoracic Surgery

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