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Dr. Richard Kimmel, DO, FACOS, RPhS

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The Kimmel Institute offers treatments to patients with various types of vein disorders. While many vein centers may offer similar services, we believe only board-certified vascular surgeons are qualified to treat your veins.

Dr. Kimmel has successfully treated patients in South Florida for all aspects of their vein related issues for more than 20 years. He now uses his expertise as a vascular surgeon to diagnose and treat varicose and spider veins.  

Don't be fooled by other "specialists" who want to treat your veins. If you want an expert in vascular issues, The Kimmel Institute offers you a beautiful, comfortable, private and secure environment for all your vein care needs along with the experience of a true vascular specialist. The Kimmel Institute also expanded its services, by adding advanced laser/IPL and aesthetic skin care treatments. Free Screening! Call today and find out if you qualify for a free, no obligation screening evaluation at our office. Most major insurance plans accepted.

Services Offered


Indications for this include venous dilation and documented venous reflux in a symptomatic patient.  Conservative therapy prior to the procedure includes compression hose for at least 3 months, weight loss, mild exercise and avoidance of prolonged dependency of the limb.  Optional sedation for the procedure consists of a prescription for either ATIVAN or XANAX.

In the office setting and using local anesthesia, the refluxing vein is accessed with the help of ultrasound guidance.  A small introducer sheath is inserted and then the flexible fiber-optic laser fiber is advanced to the proper position.  Tumescent anesthesia is then injected around the vein with US guidance, and the laser slowly withdrawn.  This results in closure of the vein internally.  The procedure takes about 30 minutes, and is usually covered by insurance.  Recovery includes ambulation, no strenuous exercise for 2 weeks, use of compression hose for 7-10 days, NSAIA for 5 days (if able to) and no driving the day of the procedure.  Return to work the following day is allowed if tolerated.


Small spider and reticular veins can be treated with injection sclerotherapy.  The area is cleaned and using very small needles (27-30G) a solution is injected and a pressure dressing may be applied.  As this is cosmetic, it is not covered by insurance, and payment is based on the amount of solution that we use (each vial has 2cc, and we charge per vial).  No more than 6-10 cc are used at any one setting.  The number of treatments will be determined by how the patient responds, and in some cases, re-treatment of dense areas of spider veins is not uncommon.


Indications include symptomatic large bulging veins, often with reflux, anywhere on the lower limb.  This procedure is usually done simultaneously with or 2-3 days after an EVLA if there is underlying reflux in the saphenous system.   The anesthetic and sedation are very similar to the above procedure.

In the office setting, the patient’s bulging veins are mapped with a topical marker.  Using local and tumescent anesthesia, the marked areas are anesthetized and tiny 2mm incisions are made along the course of the vein to be excised.  The veins are then ‘hooked’ and pulled out through these access sites.  We expect about 80-90% of the vein to be removed; some parts of the vein break and get reabsorbed by the body over the ensuing 6-12 weeks.  Depending on the extent of involvement of the veins, the procedure can take about an hour and is usually covered by insurance.  Recovery includes ambulation, no strenuous exercise for 2 weeks, use of compression hose for 7-10 days, NSAIA for 5 days (if able to) and no driving the day of the procedure.   Return to work the following day is allowed if tolerated.


For short segment, deeper or tortuous veins with reflux, ultrasound guided chemical ablation is a simple procedure in the office.   It is often covered by insurance in conjunction with the need for additional treatment like those above.  It is usually the last procedure of these to be done, after correcting the other problems.

After proper documentation of incompetence, the vein is identified with US and a guided needle is inserted into the vein.  A solution of either polidocanol or sotradocal is used for the ablation.  The strength (dilution %) and consistency (straight or foam) is determined by the vein size, degree of incompetence and location.  A pressure bandage is applied under a stocking and the patient may return to work the same day.


We have two different lasers to choose from when treating cosmetic surface spider veins.  A topical anesthetic can be applied at the patient’s request 30-60 minutes prior to treatment.  A single session lasts 15 minutes and we will treat as many areas as we can in that time.  Pain sensation is variable, but many patients report that if feels like a rubber band snapping on their skin when the laser is fired.  Compression hose are not required after these laser treatments.

Vascular Ultrasound

The Kimmel Institute has two Certified Vascular Ultrasonographer (RVTs) who perform all of our US studies and assist in various procedures.  With their extensive experience and Dr. Kimmel's training, we maintain a superior level of expertise to meet our patients' needs.


 Other areas on the body that we commonly treat for cosmetic improvement includes the face, forehead, chest, breasts and hands.  Symptomatic labial veins are also treated in women who may have pelvic congestion syndrome.  Scrotal veins and hemorrhoids are not treated here but referred to a Urologist or a General Surgeon.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings can be a significant part of your treatment and recovery. We offer reduced rates on stockings that we custom fit for you in our office.

Smoking Cessation

Using a "cold laser" on numerous acupuncture sites, the cravings associated with nicotine addiction are treated.  This natural therapy without the use of drugs or nicotine replacement, is highly effective for patients who are motivated to quit smoking.

Other Aesthetic Treatments

Due to patient requests, the Kimmel Institute also offers aesthetic services including skin care and anti-aging treatments. These treatments include laser hair removal, fractional skin resurfacing, microneedling, IPL, chemical peels, brown spot removal, scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, facials and more!


Dr. Richard D. Kimmel, DO, FACOS, RPhS

Dr. Kimmel is a board-certified cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon who has been in private surgical practice in South Florida since 1991. After completing his training at the world renound Deborah Heart and Lung Center (Browns Mills, NJ), Dr. Kimmel began his practice in Boca Raton where he remains today.

·         Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons

·         Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians

Dr Kimmel is a past Chairman of the Cardiothoracic and Vascular Division of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons ACOS). He's also served on the Board of Governors of the ACOS beginning in 2005, and ultimately becoming President in 2013.

Dr. Kimmel is on the medical staff of Boca Raton Community Hospital, and has held numerous committee appointments over the years. By always putting his patients first, Dr. Kimmel is filling a need in South Florida for an experienced, compassionate and highly qualified vascular surgeon to manage your vein treatments.

Dr. Kimmel had performed thoracic and vascular procedures for more than 20 years and now works exclusively with a variety of vein issues throughout the body. The Kimmel Institute offers you the most effective, personal, and friendly vein care in South Florida. Call today so that you, too, can EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE. 

The staff at The Kimmel institute include Julie Foster, R.N., who has been with the facility since 1994 and is directly involved with all clinical care. Next up are Clara Lingerfeldt, RVT, and Melissa Briggs, RVT who conduct vascular ultrasound studies and help with vein treatments overall. We are all committed to giving you the best quality care possible in a warm, friendly environment.

Dr. Kimmel  has performed thoracic and vascular procedures for more than 20 years, and works with variety of vein issues. The Kimmel Institute strives to offer you the most effective, personal, and friendly vein care.


A graduate of The Lawrenceville School, Emory University and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr Kimmel has maintained his Thoracic and Vascular Surgical practice in Boca Raton since 1991. His credentials and experience have made The Kimmel Institute a designated training center for other physicians and staff in the use of the Dornier Laser System for vein treatment.


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