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Nationally recognized, The Vein Specialists of Carolina Vascular are board certified, fellowship trained vein specialists who offer laser therapy and other new revolutionary treatment options to restore the health and beauty of your legs.
Forget the stories you’ve heard about vein treatments. Today’s treatment options are minimally invasive. After a professional evaluation, our Vein Specialists will provide you with detailed descriptions of treatment options that will allow you to walk out of the clinic after the procedure. The Vein Specialists at Carolina Vascular are a division of Asheville Radiology and have full privileges and credentials at Mission Hospitals. They are trained in state-of-the-art vascular care and are one of the most respected vascular teams in the country. Our office is located at 1091 Hendersonville Road. We are pleased to have acquired new signage this year for increased visibility for our patients.  Our office includes six exam rooms, two procedure rooms, and a newly renovated front office and lobby space.  

NEW PAYMENT OPTION: CareCredit We’re proud to offer CareCredit, the leader in patient financing options. CareCredit offers clients and patients a wide range of no-interest and low-interest payment plans with low monthly payment options. Applications can be submitted from the privacy of your own home by visiting and processed over the phone, fax or online – allowing for almost instantaneous approval. Visit or call our office for more information.  

Physician Profile

Richard W. Bock, M.D.
Vascular Surgeon, Medical Director
of Mission Hospitals Vascular Center
Medical School - University of Virginia
Internship & Residency - University of Louisville Fellowship University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) 

Services Provided

WHAT ARE VARICOSE VEINS? Varicose veins are abnormal, superficial veins that usually appear to be swollen and knotted and develop in the soft tissue beneath the skin. Because they do not transport blood back to the heart efficiently, their removal causes no problem, and may improve venous circulation. Superficial veins are usually affected by varicosities because they have little external support. When varicose, they are visible through the skin. Contributing factors to the development of varicose veins include heredity, age, and gender.

TREATMENT OPTIONS The Vein Specialists will select an appropriate treatment based on the size of the veins involved and the severity of your problems. Your overall health also factors into the decision. Most varicose veins respond to one of the following procedures:


Sclerotherapy is a treatment where a chemical solution is injected through a tiny needle into a varicose or cluster of spider veins. The solution irritates the wall of the vessel, causing it to collapse. Over time, treated veins are gradually absorbed back into the system.


EndoVenous Laser Treatment is a laser procedure designed for larger veins. A local anesthetic is applied and a thin laser fiber is inserted into the affected vein. The laser energy seals and shrinks the vein, diverting blood into healthy leg veins. Clinical studies have shown that EVLT has a 98% success rate and excellent long-term results.


During Microphlebectomy, varicose veins are removed through tiny incisions. The treatment causes minimal discomfort and patients may walk immediately afterward.
Carolina Vascular’s nationally recognized vein specialists are board-certified in the treatment and care of veins. Their distinguished team combines the expertise of the vascular surgeon with the interventional radiologist to provide patients with the most innovative vein care available in Western North Carolina.

Dr. Bock, Dr. Brown, Dr. Cole, and Dr. Field all  perform Vein procedures at The Vein Specialists of Carolina Vascular in North Carolina.

Photos from Of Carolina Vascular
Andy P. Brown, M.D.
Interventional Radiologist,
Medical School - University of Mississippi Medical Center
Residency - Mississippi Medical Center
Fellowship - Duke University Medical Center

Toby C. Cole, Jr., M.D.
Interventional Radiologist,
Medical Director of Carolina Vascular
Medical School - Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Residency & Fellowship - Vanderbilt University

James R. Field, M.D.
Interventional Radiologist
Med. School & Residency - University of Texas Southwestern
Fellowship - Alexandria Hospital

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