Finding Out More About the Prevention of Spider Veins

Updated on: August 18, 2014

Throughout the course of a lifetime, the legs of a female undergo a significant amount of wear with running, walking, and carrying weight. While women are usually very diligent about the appearance of their legs, sometimes hidden lifestyle choices can hamper their overall appearance.

This is why more women need to be aware what is necessary in the prevention of spider veins. So that a woman prevent them, it is important to understand what is going on anatomically that causes them in the first place. The veins serve as a network for the heart to pump blood all over the body. However, when excess pressure is put on the veins, they start to expand in an effort to accommodate the extra blood, and spider veins are often the visual result.

Prevention of spider veins first and foremost starts with controlling weight gain. Women will find that maintaining a healthy weight that does not fluctuate a lot is key in the prevention of spider veins because the veins are therefore far less strained. Of course, rapid weight gain is part of pregnancy, so pregnant woman need to make a special effort to wear shoes that have the proper support.

While wearing the right shoes is very important, it is also equally important when it comes to prevention of spider veins to not sit for long periods of time with the legs crossed. Women who do so might find that one, or both, of their legs fall asleep, which actually is indicative of slowed circulation.

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