Finding the Source: Why a Person Might Need Spider Vein Treatment

Updated on: August 18, 2014

People are active longer these days. Part of the reason is that thanks to added nutrition available in foods, as well as healthier lifestyles, people are living to amazingly old ages. However, the active lifestyle sometimes comes with a price, especially if a person does not wear the right footwear.

So, a person with an extensive amount of spider veins because of this or other medical problems will most likely need spider vein treatment. These veins can sometimes occur on a person's face, but most often they can be seen on a person's legs. Sometimes the veins are just a result of hormone changes, but spider vein treatment becomes necessary when the veins become painful and stiffness becomes evident.

Other factors that might cause these veins and thus lead to needing spider vein treatment? Well, first of all, age is a significant factor, as it is with many other medical conditions. As a person's body ages, so does their circulatory system. Thus, when that system is not working as diligently as it used to, blood can pool in the veins, thus resulting in spider veins.

Another contributing factor is genetics. If you are a younger person who is wondering whether or not you will be in need of spider vein treatment, find out if there is a history of vein problems in your family. Also, find out if your have weaker vein valves (people will generally be born with this condition). This can all be very enlightening, because if you find out that there is a significant chance that you will get these kinds of veins, then you can work towards trying to prevent them earlier.

Sometimes, hormones are the main cause. Hormonal changes are especially prevalent throughout a woman's life, starting with puberty. Then, if the woman becomes pregnant, the added weight plus the hormonal changes can trigger these kinds of veins to appear. Of course, as a woman enters menopause, the hormonal changes are evident all over again, and more veins might appear.

Speaking of hormones, the changes in them are not always just caused by life changes, they (and subsequently the veins) can also occur via various different kinds of medicines that include progesterone or estrogen. So, if you are curious how at risk you are for getting these kinds of veins as a side effect of medication (such as birth control, which is known for having this listed as among the side effects experienced by women) that you are taking, ask your doctor.

One of the most common causes of these kinds of veins requiring subsequent treatment has to do with obesity. Many people around the world are obese today, and if you are a part of that category, it is important to be aware of the health risks. Because all of that extra weight is putting pressure on your heart, you are thus at risk for impeded circulation, and the cycle begins again. Treatment is mainly in the form of medicinal injections given over a period of weeks, which improve blood flow and collapse the vein.

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